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My Sweet Virgin Sister
01-06-2013, 02:34 PM
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My Sweet Virgin Sister
Hi I am Rahul, 22 yrs old student from Pune. I live with my parents and elder sister. My sister Nisha is 25 yrs old working in an MNC.She is fair,5’2″ tall with short brown hair and has a great body (34 28 34). I used to fantasize her since I was 18- 19 old. Initially I thought I should not fantasies her as she was my sister but later I realized that there’s nothing wrong in it.

I sometimes masturbated imagining her and sometimes even looking at her when she was sleeping. I often get a glimpse of her boobs when she bends. I can easily notice if she’s not wearing a bra as her breast loosen without a bra. She’s a real booby girl. During college days she was a simple girl who had many male friends but didn’t have any intimacy with them (at least I thought so).

Now I realize why there were so many guys around her. Recently I have noticed some strange changes in her overall behaviour. She started chatting a lot on internet and talking on phone till late night. I even observed her staring at guys with well built body while we went for shopping. I sensed something. Something was going on. I wanted to find out what was going on.I thought for long hours what could be the reason for this behavior.

Soon I realized my sister was not as simple as I thought. She’s a girl of 25 who never had physical relation with any guy. No doubt she was desperate to have one. I thought she might be having sex chat on net and on phone. I decided to spy on her. I stay awake till late night to listen to her phone talk with my ear to her door. I even got her e-mail password from her diary. One day I logged on her mail with the password and found some porn photographs in her mail.

The thought of my sister feeling desperate for sex turned me on. Initially I was shocked but soon realized that its natural and even she should enjoy. A person named Raj had mailed her those photos. I tried to find out if there some person named Raj in her company but there wasn’t. I wondered who this Raj is. May be he is her net friend. May be she is having some physical relation with him. In that case he is damn lucky.

I found that I was enjoying all this thing and I wanted more fun. I wanted this to continue. So I continued spying on her and discovered a lot more things. Now one thing was for sure, she was sex starved and desperately needed sex. To make her feel more horny I put some porn movies in ‘recent documents’ of our PC. As no one other than us uses the PC I was sure she will find it and enjoy it. And it happened as I thought. She found the location of those files and watched the movies every time she used the PC. This didn’t just made her horny but also convinced her that

I am not a simple guy either and have a lot of porn on my PC although she didn’t say a word about it to me. Now when I stared at her she knew my intentions very well. She just used o smile at me when she caught me staring at her. Initially I felt shy but later I got used to it and continued staring at her body even when she noticed it. The things that made me horny most were her big boobs, fair skin and her brown hair. Although I didn’t have courage to make any move or even talk to her about it.

My next move was spying her when she was in her room. I made a small hole near the latch of her door and got a clear view of her bed. She used to talk on phone for an hour around 11pm. When I peeped through the hole I was surprised to see her masturbate while talking on phone. It was the first time I saw her bare naked. She had pink fresh pussy which can arouse any man as it did to me. She had phone in one hand and the other hand was fingering the pussy and the look on her face was so ecstatic.

I could not resist myself masturbating at that scene. I desperately needed to find out who the person on phone was. Next day early morning I got her phone when she was in her bathroom. I found the number she received previous night. It was from Delhi. It must be her chat friends. She was just fantasizing someone to satisfy herself which was so impractical. I wanted her to have real sex. I wanted someone to fuck her hard. I was so desperate to see her being fucked that I really started to think of some way to do so. In fact she was so horny that all I needed to do was arrange I for her.

I started thinking for options. If she had sex somewhere outside it wouldn’t be in my interest as I couldn’t see it. I wanted I to happen at home so that I may enjoy watching it. Soon I remembered of Vishal. Vishal was a guy from neighborhood who worked in a cyber café. We just knew each other but were not close buddies. He was strong, handsome and experienced in sex. He was always desperate to screw sexy girls. And my sister was one hell of a bomb. I never thought some day I would like him to have sex with my sis.

So somehow I wanted to introduce my sister to Vishal and the rest would take care of itself. Nisha has to check her mail every evening after returning home. I disconnected the internet cable from my PC and told her that there’s some problem in the connection and it will take few days to rectify it. She said she has to check her mail, its very important. I told her she could go to a cyber café near by to check her mail. I took her to the café and introduced her to Vishal as my friend. Both Vishal and Nisha were pleased to meet each others and so was I .

I couldn’t wait any more. I was already imagining Vishal fucking my sister hard. So the first step was taken. She started visiting the café (Vishal) every evening. I observed Vishal being more friendly to me since then. He started meeting me casually ask me about my sister. I knew what his intentions were. Even my sister often enquired about Vishal. So the scene was set. I was keeping a close eye on Nisha’s every activity. I read every mail in her inbox and every message in her mobile.

She started meeting Vishal outside in the evening. The kind of guy Vishal is, I knew they were having physical relations. I desperately wanted to see them in action. I knew he took girls to a lodge outside the city to fuck. It was not possible for me to go there and spy. Although I could have directly spoken to Vishal about it, I didn’t have that much courage. One Sunday my parents were going to Mumbai. Me and My Virgin would be home alone. I thought it would be a great chance to make them have sex. I told Nisha that I would be going out with my friends and will return in the evening.

Without asking a single question Nisha agreed. I could see the excitement in her eyes. I took the spare keys to open the door when I return and left. I was damn sure she would call Vishal. I kept watch on Vishal in his café. At around 11 am he engaged one of his friend in the café and left. I knew where he was heading. Straight to my sexy booby sister Nisha. He was such a lucky guy who was going to fuck a desperate young woman with a tight pink pussy.

My house is just few minutes away from the café. I waited for some half an hour and slowly reached our door. I peeped through the key hole to make sure no one is in the living room. I opened the door and entered. I could hear my sister giggling in her room. I moved towards her room. The door was closed but I could see all the action through the hole that I made. Both were semi-undressed. Vishal had a strong body with cuts everywhere. The thing that drives Nisha crazy and Nisha was in Bra and Panty with her boobs firminside. A thing that can drive any guy crazy.

Vishal was smooching Nisha like anything. He cupped her head with his hand and smooched on her lips. My dick was erect and hard at this site. For around half an hour the smooched each others. Vishal was in his underwear. She took his dick in her hand and started moving it. I was surprised to see such horny side of my sister. Vishal gently took off her bra and sucked her boobs. He then started caressing her brown silky brown hair. Seemed to be fond of her brown hair as I am.

He then moved to the bottom and removed her panty and saw her pink pussy. Even he must be surprised to see a virgin pussy at 25. He then insisted on oral sex. Nisha was a little shy but willingly took his big 8” dick in her mouth. Her watching porn movies finally paid off. She was on her knees, Vishal was in ecstasy. Then without wasting any time he wanted to insert. Nisha refused as he wasn’t wearing a condom. He didn’t get a condom as he was not knowing of this chance. He requested and pleaded but Nisha was not ready for it. He started working his finger and tongue on her pussy. After about half an hour when Nisha couldn’t control any more she gave in and agreed for insertion.

Pehli baar sex karne ki wajah se meri Virgin Sister Nisha ka shareer kaanp raha tha aur Vishal is an expert one. Vishal got her laid on Bed with legs spread, caught both of her hand & inserted his long dick in her tight pussy. She screamed with pain "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh nnnoooooooooooooooooo pleasssssssssssssssss. Visssshhhaallll, pls bahar nikaalo mar jaungi...plss.." But Vishal was in Mood of Screw her more badly. He asked with a cruel smile, 'how are you feeling inside?" My silly Sister was aching in Pain. She just said "plssss bahaaar nikaaloooo" to which Vishal's dick Replied by entering fully in her tiny Virgin and now Wide Pussy.

By this thrust, she was completely broken.She started Crying. "uh uh uh,,, Vishaaalll... pls bahar Nikaalo pls.....meri Fat jaayegi.....pls" Vishal asked, "Kya fat jaayegi, apne muh se bol" "Vishal pls nikaalo isse" "Muh se Bol"...."CHUT."

By this word, i thought my Dick will explode. I thought 'u wanted to get fucked na, now take this horse dick'

Instead of Stopping, Vishal started pumping heavily. Nisha was screaming in pain. I was proud of Vishal that he Fucked my Horny Virgin Sister so Cruelly.

What I think is there is once in ur life u loose ur Virginity. SO why not bear the pain, you can enjoy your sex afterwards.

This continued for around 10 mins and he was about to cum. He started pumping Heavily and Nisha again started screaming. And then, he came inside my sister's pussy. There was a flood in her womb.

Altough Vishal was done, Nisha wasn’t. She went to Bathroom, cleaned her blood and lied on the bed. They chatted for half an hour and Vishal insisted on another round. Nisha hardly got convinced. She handled his dick and it was erect in no time. This time he didn’t waste much time in foreplay. He inserted his dick and started moving. He then changed position and placed her on top and started pumping harder. Nisha started screaming but he didn’t care. He was in his own mood and he had hall of stamina.

He pumped her mercilessly for few minutes while she was screaming. He then sensed that she was nearing orgasm. He came back to normal position and gave her some long deep strokes. She held her head in her arms and closed her eyes. She gave a long moan as she experienced her first real orgasm. Both were quite for few moments and then Vishal continued to finish his own job. His own orgasm.

He pumped vigorously for five minutes and again Came inside the Womb of my Sweet Sister. It was 2pm. Both started dressing. Nisha was hardly able to walk and walking like a Zombie with both legs wide open. I left the spot knowing the game was over. Soon Vishal left our house and I returned back in the evening. Nisha pretended as if nothing had happened. Even I did the same. Everything was normal. Next day I visited Vishal. He had smile on his face.

He thought I am a stupid guy whose sister is being Tore Apart and who knows nothing about it. My sisters life got better since then and so did mine. I knew this was just the beginning. She had just tasted the nectar. There’s a lot to follow stay tuned to listen from me.

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