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My Rebel Part 2
07-15-2011, 01:55 AM
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My Rebel Part 2
“Possibly, did it make your day?” He asked.

I said, “That was nice of you but I should pay you back for it.”

“Why, if I wasn’t here in front of you wouldn’t have known who did it, it would have been just a random act of kindness”, he said.

I was at a loss not just for words, he was right if he hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have known it was him, and how do I get out of this situation, did I even want to after all he was the biker I always lusted after. I did have myself in a little bit of a spot though because the way he stood my car was on one side and the car door on the other. He was right in front of me so I had no where to go without having to step closer to him. I was getting excited with the thought I was so to speak captured and at his mercy.

“Listen,” he said “do you want to pay back that debt” the whole time looking me up and down.

“ummm, I think it depends what you have in mind” I replied.

He leaned in and said “come with me for the afternoon and we will call it square.”

My knees almost collapsed under me. What should I do this was sort of a fantasy of mine but I don’t know this guy at all, no one would know I went with him or how to find me if something went wrong. But looking into his eyes, I at the same time felt I could trust him.

I nodded, “I will go with you,” I said.

He helped me lock up my car and walked me over to his bike. He handed me the spare helmet, helped do it up and then got on the bike. He took my hand, helping me on the bike. I climbed on; with my short skirt and the fact I had no panties my pussy was up against the leather of the seat. He started the bike and we pulled out on the highway. I had put my hands on his waist as we had started moving and he took first on hand, then the other pulling them around him so I was hugging him from behind.

The vibrations of the bike were getting to me; my pussy was getting moist from the stimulation. I let go with one hand, reaching between us I undid my shirt, pulling it to the side my breasts were now pushed against his leather jacket. He was caressing my leg with his had as we drove. After a little while he pulled off on a little used rode, following it we came to a clearing near a stream, we stopped and he helped my get off the bike.

I left an obvious wet mark on the seat. He helped me remove my helmet, and then massaged my breast one in each hand. Taking my hand we walked over to the soft grass near the stream. He took off his jacket and laid it on the ground and helped me to a sitting position. He sat down beside me and gave me a deep kiss, laying me back. His hand went to my already naked breasts and rubbed them gently while kissing me. He moved down and took first one nipple then the other in his lips, flicking the nipples with his tongue while his hand moved further down to my wet pussy and rubbed it gently. If this is what he wanted for payment I was all for it.

He rubbed my clit until I was wiggling in pleasure then slid his fingers one at a time into my wet pussy. He had all 4 fingers in my wet pussy and was rubbing my clit with his thumb while he licked, kissed and nibbled my breasts and nipples. He took his fingers out of my pussy and undid his pants sliding them down then slipping between my legs. His hard cock slid very easily in between the lips of my pussy. He stopped and asked if “I was enjoying his pay back for the gas.”

I reached up, wrapping a hand around his head and pulled his head down to me, kissing him deeply, playing with his tongue with mine. While I did this he trust his cock into my pussy causing me to gasp in his month from the pleasure of my pussy giving way for his cock. After a few minutes I was getting so into it I attempted to push him over so I could ride him. “Not yet darling” he said “you will have more than enough time for that.” He continued to thrust is cock in and out of my pussy, until he pause just briefly then thrust hard. I could feel his cum unload into my pussy mingling with my juices.

He rolled of to the side taking me with him so we were laying by side each other. He caressed my breasts for a few minutes then his hand went back down to my pussy. He followed his hand down my body with kisses until he came to my pussy. He starting lapping up our juices, I felt him take some of the juices and spread them down to my bum hole. He rubbed it and while he was kissing and licking my pussy and clit I could feel his finger slowly and gently push against my bum hole. It felt so good; it didn’t take long for my body to tingle, followed by an amazing climax.

My Rebel let me relax a few minutes, and then it was time for me to pay him back the way I wanted. I pushed him on his back, taking his cock in my hand I stroked up and down until I say the pre cum form on the tip. I leaned down and licked the pre cum off the tip of his cock the licked all around the tip. I took the head in my mouth, starting to suck it down; I lightly scrapped my teeth down his cock. I was able to take it all in my mouth with a little difficulty. While I continued, I reached down and massaged his balls. He thrust his hips up towards my mouth; I decided I was going to do some riding this time. I moved up so my pussy was over his cock, slowly lowering myself onto it.

I could feel my pussy spreading to fit his cock. I rode his cock up and down. He reached up and massaged my breasts pinching and pulling my nipples. I leaned over so he could suck on my nipples while I rode his cock. I could feel his cock thickening as he was about to cum. I sped up riding him hard and fast as he pinched and pulled at my nipples I could feel the familiar tingling in my pussy as I also got close to coming. I reached down and rubbed my clit I wanted to cum riding my rebel. With a shudder I say down hard on his cock my pussy pulsating around his cock which started to shout.

He pulled me down onto his chest as we came tighter. I laid there for a while just on the verge of sleep. He kissed the top of my head then whispered, “your debt has been paid sweet baby, time for me to take you back.” We got up and straighten up, climbed back on the bike. I left me shirt open if this day was ending I wanted to remember everything through ever sense. He didn’t have to move my hands this time I hugged him tight as we drove back to the car.

When we got back he parked in such a way that when I got off he was protecting my bare chest from prying eyes until I could button up just enough. He kissed me deeply while he took off the helmet, said good bye and was gone. I walked back to the car with the biggest smile on my face.

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