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My Neighbour Sharmila
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My Neighbour Sharmila
We were shifted to our new house three years back. It took around 2 month to settle down in new premises. Me my wife both were working those days. We had taken huge lone to buy out this new house. We were working very hard to repay the loan early. I was working till late night in the office for getting good increment and bonus. Wife was managing her office and house. Our life in new house started very smoothly. We were not aware who was staying in our neighboring flat.
Two months after, one Sunday early morning our door bell was rang. I had opened the door, one female was standing in front our door holding few envelopes in her hand. It was my mobile bills and some bank statements.
She : I’m Sharmila, staying in your neighboring flat.
I : Yes
She : Yesterday postman gave these packets to me, as no one was there at your home.
I : Yes.
She : These are mobile bills and bank statements. You are Mr. Arjun na?
I : yes
She : You can’t speak other than Yes? (she was smiling naughtily)
I : Not like that, I have never met you so don’t know about you.
She : Ok, take these letters, me and my husband Sudhir going out for day picnic, so come early in the morning, else we could not give letters till next Sunday.
I: Ok, Thanks very much. At last out addresses are changed at bank and mobile company. Bye.
She said bye and left.
I had closed the door and went to kitchen to have some water. I could not forget her face from my sight. She was so beautiful and fair. She was wearing tight jeans and red top with light makeup. I rushed to balcony to see her again. She and Sudhir came out of building and went in their Pajero jeep. They must be rich as having so expensive car. Sudhir is tall and bulgy gye with fair screen. He has habit of chewing guthaka.
We were busy entire day, completed house cleaning and preparation for next week.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** First Touch *****
In the evening I was going out to purchase some house hold things. As lift was under maintenance there was not choice other than staircase to go down. When I had reached first floor Sharmila was coming up. She was tired and was not in full control. I thought she must be tired due to day picnic.
I : Hi
She did not reply and went ahead. Suddenly she turned around and replied me…
She : Hi… Actually I was in deep thoughts so could not listen you. How are you Mr ……. Forgot your name…
I : Arjun … Your neighbor.
She : Yes, Yes .. my new …. Neighbor. Bye sweet will catch you after some time.
She was not able to talk properly.
I : I think you are tired and cannot carry your bag. Do you need any help?
Saying this I tried to take her bag from her hand. During this my hand was brushed to her hand. I was so soft that I felt that I have touched the soft butter. She refused for help and pulled the bag again and started walking. I could not control my emotions and found some erection in my pant.
I : Byeeee
I was staring at her till she reached second floor. Till now her husband came in front of me.
Sudhir : Hi, How are you man? You are Arjun na? Sharmila told me about you. You are our new neighbor.
I : Hi.. How are you? I think Sharmila is not well and could not walk properly.
Sudhir : She is ok.. we are coming from picnic.. She had lot of fun today and tired now. Chalo by .. will see you soon.
I said by to him and left to market to bye some vegetables and grocery.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** Caught while watching *****
While coming back from market, I had looked at her balcony. She was standing in her balcony in same costumes, which she was wearing when she returned from the picnic. She was looking very beautiful. She was staring at me only. When I had caught her sight she turned her face.
I was feeling better with her behavior. When I had reached our floor, she was standing in her main door talking on her cell phone. Same time her husband called her from behind. She had suddenly cut the call and put the mobile in her top.
Sudhir : kya kar rahee ho idhar. Change kar lo jaldi. Khana khake so jayenge. Kal subah jaldi nikalana hai mujhe. Come on fast.
Sharmila : han jee.
Sudhir : Jab dekho cell phone pe lagi rahati ho.
She left the place and shut the main door. I could her loud voice inside her house but could not get the words. I guess Sudhir was still shouting on her.
When I turned to ring my door bell, one uncle came and told me that this family keeps on fighting. The family staying in your flat left the house due to their fighting only. You keep yourself and your family away from them. God bless you.
I had kept all vegetables and grocery in the kitchen and went to balcony. Our balcony was attached to their balcony and their bedroom was diagonally next to balcony. I could see in their bed room. The lights were on and curtains were open. Sharmila entered in her bed room with yellow nighty. I became cautious and imagining about her body.
She had started removing her clothes one by one. First she had removed her top. Woh … what a beautiful she was. Her skin was glowing in the light. She had removed her jeans. Now she is in bra and panty only. What a scene it was……… I had erection in my pant. Then she had removed her bra. Her boobs were like big mangos, and well in shape. I had looked around if some is not looking at me while watching her in that situation. No one was there in the society. Now she had picked up the nighty and looked up. We caught each other’s sight, she smiled forcefully. There were tears in her eyes. I got afraid she caught me watching her while changing the clothes and she was fully necked. I had moved my face to other direction and behaved like innocent and went inside my house.
After an hour our extension intercom had rung. I thought security guard must have called me to move my car as there was parking problems in our society. I picked up the call and said hello with very irritating sound.
I : Hello
One female was on other side.
She : Hello, I am Sharmila. Sorry to disturb you by calling you this time.
My breaths had stopped, I could not say anything. I was totally shocked. I thought she would scold me or complain to my wife.
My wife : Arjun, who is this? These guys do not allow staying peacefully in this society. Every second minute this security guy call and sk to move the car.
I : No problem dear, I will manage.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** Wet with tears *****
I was talking on intercom with her. She was talking in very convincing voice and low voice.
She : Sorry for calling this time.
I : No problem. It was not my intention to see you.
She : Don’t worry, I will not tell anybody. Look I know it was not intentional but you can avoid such things near future. It was my mistake, I forgot to set curtains before changing my clothes.
I : I’m sorry for that, I could not control myself. I will take care.
She : Keep it with yourself, this may damage my image in the society. Bye.. Good Night.
I : Sorry again. Good Night.
I went to bed with confidence. My wife asked about the call. I had managed her by good answers. The days passed normally, I could not get chance to think about Sharmila due heavy schedule. The week end came. It was Sunday earlymorning, I was thinking about the last Sunday touch with Sharmila. I was having my morning tea in balcony. Suddenly I saw Sudhir rushed out of our building and went out in his car. I tried look inside their house but had not seen any movement.
My wife was sleeping as she had long working hours in last week and could not rest a single day. I told my wife, I’m going out to bought some and something for breakfast. I left the house around 7:00 AM. I bought milk, bread and butter. While returning back the main door of Sharmila’s was open. As I reach to floor she came out and called me.
Sharmila : Arjun.
I : Yes
Sharmila : Please come in. I want to talk to you.
I : Let me keep the things inside. I will join in 5 minutes.
Sharmila : Ok
I went to my house and kept the milk and breakfast in kitchen and went to her house.
Sharmila : Come in, come in.
I : Yes
Sharmila : Let’s have a tea together while discussing.
I: Ok
She left the room and went to kitchen. She had prepared nice tea with some good masala.
I : Thee taste is good. You have prepared it so nice.
Sharmila : Thanks. You want something with tea?
I was thinking about her and murmured “You”
I : No thanks.
She started with very low voice. She wanted to convince on something.
She : Sudhir left early today, he got call from his partner. He used to be very busy with his work. I stay alone whole day alone. I have seen going out so had thought to call for tea. Where is your wife, she is not coming.
I : She is still sleeping, she was too busy entire week, so not waked up.
She : Ohh.. So nice. She is also working. I wish to do something, but Sudhir don’t allow me to do anything. We have 3 servants for cleaning, cooking and other work. I get bored as not having anything to do.
I : What about your kids?
She : We do not have any kid. I told you na Sudhir is so busy with his work. He does not give enough time to talk. Leave about other things and kids. I wish to have at least a kid, But …
I had seen tears in her eyes. She controlled her emotions that time and laughed force fully. I felt very bad. The we went to her kitchen and continued talking.
She : I asked Sudhir many times for kid. He told me that he cannot give the same to me. There are some problems with him. We have consulted many doctors but could not get result. We had fights many times and due that there is bad image about us in the building as fighting family.
Again I saw some tears in her eyes.
I : Please control yourself madam.
I hold her shoulders to give her confidence. Her skin was so smooth and soft I got movement in my pant. But she started crying like small child. She kept her head on my chest and continued crying. I hold her and was asking her to control.
She : No, no, no. Let me cry today, I don’t have anybody here with whom I can share my sorrows. We have all with us, but no kid. I want to become mother. I want kid. I want kid. I want kid.
I : Trust the GOD. Some miracle will happen. One day you will become mother.
She moved her head from my chest and looked at me thirst looks. I could understand the feeling but had controlled my emotions. I was also busy to hide the bulge inside my pant.
She : I’m also waiting for the miracle.
She wiped her eyes and smiled. She had seen the bulge in the pant and smiled again. She made my t-shirt wet.
She : I’m sorry. I made your t-shirt wet.
I : It’s ok. At least you got friend to share your sorrows. May I leave now madam?
She : Ok. Bye, but not madam. Only Sharmila.
I : Ok. Bye Sharmila.
I left her flat with different mood and entered to my flat.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** First Lips lock *****
I cannot forget that day in my life. It was long week end as public holiday came on Monday and we both were home only. We had planned for movie in the afternoon after that shopping and then dinner. We were ready at 11:00 AM and about to leave the house, the door bell rand. My wife opened the door and shouted like crazy.
Wife : Wow … What a surprise!
My elder sister-in-law was arrived to our home first time after we had shifted here. There was big question mark on face as I had booked only 2 movie tickets and it was running house full across all the theaters, had not chance getting a single ticked at that movement.
Wife : Arjuuun. See who is come? Our plan is cancelled today. We will go out some other day. You go and cancel the tickets.
Sister : What was the plan? Have I disturbed you ?
I : No, not at all. It was not big plan. We had just planed for movie and some shopping. We can do later on also. We will have good time today. You came to our house first time. We will have lunch together (I thought she would leave in the evening)
Sister : No problem. We will have good time 2-3 days. I came to stay with you people as it is long week end.
Wife : Arjun, you go with your friend to watch the movie and buy the essentials while returning back.
I : Ok.
I left the house with the item list to purchase, as it was 11:45 AM and movie timing was 12:30 PM. I thought will go to one of my friend’s house and will give him surprise. As I closed our main door, I saw sharmila’s main door was open. I just looked inside to wish her and stood there like a rock.
Sharmila just came out from bath room after her bath. She was looking amazing. I could not move my sight on her. She was wearing light colored designer nighty which was not completely transparent. But as she was standing near the balcony I could view the body curves through that nighty. Her hairs were wet and water droplets were running on her shoulders and her nighty became wet in upper side. Her skin was glowing like anything.
I : Hi Sharmila, had your lunch?
She turned around with fear.
Sharmila : oh, you. No re. just had bath now. I had prepared the food in morning only. Will have after some time. Where r you going?
I : We had planned for movie today, but my sister-in-law came few time before. So cancelled the plan. Now I am going with my office friend.
Sharmila : When he is coming here?
I : No, I am going to his house. Will pick him and go to watch the movie.
Sharmila : He must be waiting for you. Go fast.
I : I haven’t informed him. I want to give him surprise.
She was laughing at me naughtily. I could not understand the meaning of that behavior.
Sharmila : Why don’t you stay back here. We will have lunch together. Any and how your wife will not come to know.
I got the point and meaning of that laugh. When I said yes, I don’t know. I had closed the main door and bolted it. She had prepared some basic food.
Sharmila : You are ok with this or should I prepare something for you?
I : Ok. I like simple food.
We went to their dining room. I was going there first time. It is big room with dining arrangement at center. It is well designed place. There was one small bar also. I could see different variety of wine and scotch there.
I : you have good collection.
Sharmila : Yes. It took 7 years to bring it to this level.
I : Your husband drinks daily?
Sharmila : Nooo, we drink once or twice a month. Majorly we have it when we go outside for picnic. That day you asked to help me, that day we had a bottle of scotch. After that hadn’t touch. We hardly have our dinner together. Daily he eats outside only. So we go for outing once in a month. What about you?
I was shocked hearing a bottle in day.
I : I…. some time in office party .. not more than 2 pegs.
She laughed loudly and offered me. i could not control myself and ready for it. She had opened a drawer and picked up a glass for me.
I : you will not have ?
Sharmila : I never had with unknown here before.
I : I’m unknown for you? Then I will not have. It doesn’t look good to have it alone.
Sharmila : ok ….. but not more that a single peg.
We had an agreement not to have more than a single peg. She had prepared a peg for me with soft drink and finished her in 2 sips.
I : what is this? How can you have without soft drink adding to it.
Sharmila : I burn my sorrows in this way.
I hardly finish my peg in 10 minutes. I had some feeling by finishing so fast.
Sharmila : you want one more? You can have.
I : not alone. If you will have with me in my way then only.
Sharmila : Ok baba.
Then she had prepared one more peg for us. We took more time to finish it. I was on seventh heaven after finishing second peg. She was behaving like normal routine. She gave me chilled water with few ice cubes in it.
Sharmila : Drink some water. You will feel better.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** First Lips lock *****continue

I had finished that chilled glass of water in few seconds and felt better.
Sharmila : can we have lunch now?
I : now so early? It is just 12:30 PM.
Sharmila : Ok.
I had asked her one more peg, but she refused to give me as I was already on.
Sharmila : enough.. no more drinks. We will do something else. We will talk some time and then have lunch.
I : Ok.. Sharmila, you are so beautiful. Your husband is not enough time to spare with you. Don’t you have feeling about other males around you? How can you control yourself ?
Sharmila : I have feeling for you. Will you give me?
After finishing this line, she came near to me and asked again. I was expecting similar approach from her but not so direct and fast.
I : yes, why not. I will give you good time.
She came more close to me and put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me on my chicks. I felt some erection in my pant. I hold her shoulders and pulled her toward me. She had applied some erotic perfume on her body. I could not control myself and hold her face in my hand. I started kissing her madly. She stopped me.
Now both were standing near the bar counter. She came into my arms and hold me tightly looking at me. She had hold her back and kissed gently. Now our tongs were exploring each other’s mouth. I had moved my hands to lower side. Hold her butts and pulled her up. She came up and hold my waist with her legs. I had made her sat on counter and continued kissing her. We were kissing each other for 20 minutes.
Suddenly we had separated from each other and came to our senses.
Sharmila : Let’s have lunch now.
I : ok
I followed her to the kitchen. She was arranging the food in bowls to take it to dining room. I went to her back side and put my arms around her waist. She had stopped there itself. I had moved my hands upwards and hold her boobs. She had not wearing bra inside the nighty. I pressed her boobs in gentle manner. I heard moan from her moth. Then I had opened all the buttons of her nighty and inserted my hand inside. Hold her nipples. They are already became tight. Her boobs were big and I could not hold in my hand. I was pressing then in circular manner and she was moaning loudly. Then we again started kissing each other. She was finding difficult to kiss in that position.
I sat on chair and pulled her towards me. She had lifted her nighty upwards till the knees. Now she was sitting on my laps and my felt my hardness near her crotch. She had held my penis by inserting her hand inside my pant. We started again kissing each other. She was stroking me with her hands.
The peak had came and I ejaculated in my pant. Her hand became wet with my sperms. She had removed her hand from my pant and went to was it. Her panty also became wet. She asked me to remove my cloths and gave me one new shorts of her husband. I hand nodded my head and requested to have lunch with bare body. She had washed my under ware. We had our lunch naked by mouth to mount feeding each other.
It was 4:00 PM, my cell phone started ringing. I had checked it. It was my wife.
Wife : Hello, show must be over now. Just remember to buy the items from the list.
I : Show is just over now. We are coming out. I will bring whatever I will get.
I hanged up the phone.
Sharmila : What you want to purchase? Where you will go now? Your inner ware is still wet. Show me the list.
She checked the list. All the items were there at her house with same packed quality. She put all the items in same department bag. She ironed my under ware and gave back to me. I wore all my clothes and got ready to leave the place.
Sharmila : It is only 4:30 PM. Wait for 30 minutes more, then go.
I : What is the cost of all these items. How much I have to pay.
She started laughing.
Sharmila : you will pay me for this? Tomorrow you will ask for other things also. We have just started enjoying. Many things are yet to start. For what you will pay me?
She became angry on me. I hold my hands over her shoulders and kissed again.
I : Sorry .. will not ask you again. Now we are beyond that relation. Please forgive me.
It was 5:00 PM. I had picked up the bags and opened the door. I went to my flat. Sharmila was standing there on her main door. I had rand my door bell. My wife had opened the door and I went inside. Sharmila had also closed her door and went to her bedroom. I kept the bags and went to balcony to take chance. Sharmila was standing there in her bedrrom. We had exchanged flying kiss and went inside.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** In the Shopping Mall *****
That day I had started early from the office, as wanted to attend one function. It was 3:00 PM. I thought to go to nearby mall to buy some gift and directly go to the function. I had informed my wife, I would not be there for dinner. I had hired a cab and went directly to mall. As I had entered the mall, I saw the car entering to mall parking. It was Sharmila’s car. Her driver was driving the car. He had entered the parking and asked me what I’m doing here at this time. I told him about my plan about function. He had informed me that Sharmila just went inside for shopping and is in good mood. I ran to the mall entrance. She was wearing red saree and looking gorgeous. Sharmila was doing check in to the mall. I had entered the mall and touch her back lightly and called from near her ear. She got scared and turned around and got shocked seeing me there.
Sharmila: Hey, what are you doing here?
I: Come to purchase some gift to attend one function.
Sharmila: Nice to see you here at this time. Now help me for my shopping.
I: I have to leave the place immediately and wanted to attend the function.
Sharmila: Ohh, really. You will not help me (naughtily).
I: Actually I want, but function..
She kept her forefinger on my lips, hold my hand looked in my eyes.
Sharmila: Leave the function. We will have good time today.
I: But I have committed my friend. I have to go.
Sharmila: He is so close to you, more than me? Then you can go. I will ask my driver to drop you there.
I: No thanks, I will go. Please help to purchase good gift so I can go early.
Sharmila: Ok (sadly)
We went to one domestic appliances shop.
Sharmila: Show us something to gift.
Shop keeper: What function is this?
I: It is marriage reception.
Sharmila: Show us something in cookery or dining set or whatever is the trend.
Shop keeper: Ok, you check this new arrival. It is electronic plate. Not costly.
Sharmila: Cost is not issue. Give us something good so that couple will always remember us.
Shop keeper: This item is very good and recently launched in the market. You can gift it to couple. Cost is only Rs. 5000.
Sharmila: this is nice. Wrap in gift paper.
I: It is too costly. Show something cheaper.
As I said this, Sharmila hold my hand and rub her finger on my palm.
Sharmila: Don’t worry. I will pay. You wanted to attend the function then it should be remember able.
I: But, why you will pay.
Shop keeper: Madam, gift is ready. You will pay by cash or card?
Sharmila: Cash..
Shop keeper: you will get cash discount of 5%.
She had paid the bill and we left that shop. She was holding my hand. When I had asked her to give the pack to me she gave that to me.
Sharmila: You are leaving Arrjuun?
I: Yes.
I came out of mall and waiting for taxi. Her driver came to me and asked me to sit in the car.
Driver: Sir, madam asked me to drop where you wanted to go.
I: Ok
We started from that place. The marriage hall was 50km away from that mall. Our car reached to one signal. I took out my cell phone and called her.
I: Hello, why you are doing all this for me?
Sharmila: you know it, Arjun.
I: What?
Sharmila: That you will tell me.
Sharmila: What should I tell you? Why I’m doing all this for you?
I: Please madam, don’t do this again.
Sharmila: Madam? Call me with my name.
I: I can’t do it from here.
Sharmila: Then come to me now.
I: Driver, take turn from next signal. We are going back to mall. I had forgotten something in mall.
We took turn on the way and reached the mall. She was waiting for me on the entrance. She became very happy seeing me there back.
Sharmila: Thanks for coming back. I guess you have dropped you plan to attend the function.
I: Yes.
Sharmila: now will do shopping for me.
We went to one female garment shop. There she bought some designer wares. Then we went to other section. She was checking for inner wares and nighties. She had chosen a pair of inner ware. That was red and some design on that. I had nodded to cancel that pair. She had selected some 5-6 pairs. I did not like any of them. Then she asked shop keeper to show some more designs and brands. Then she picked up one transparent white pair with some red flower. I liked that very much. I had put my on her hand press it and rub my forefinger on her forearm. Then we had selected some 2-3 pairs more in different patterns.
We had left the shop. She took me to mal garment shop.
I: you want to buy something fro your husband?
Sharmila: No re. He don’t like my choice. We will buy some shirts for you.
I: Please don’t. I will ask you later. Last week only I bought 4 shirts.
Sharmila: Then what happened. Tell your wife it is gift.
I: No. not now. Let’s go from here.
Sharmila: where you want to go? My home? Want to do today?
I: No. I want it now. Can you give me? (I asked her by teasing her)
She hold my hand pulled me to that male garments shop again. I wanted to see what she is doing. We entered into the shop. Still she was holding my hand firmly. I could see anger on her face.
Sharmila: Show us some kurtas.
Shop keeper: Ok madam, Check this one latest designer kurta.
I murmured in her ear.
I: I don’t want clothes now. I want something else from you
Sharmila: hold on. You will get it in next 15 minutes. HERE ONLY.
She has selected one white designer kurta for me.
Sharmila: just go to trial room and check the fitting.
I went to trial room and came back after changing the shirt with kurta.
Sharmila: You don’t know how to wear it. Come inside the trial room.
We went inside the room. She took out her mobile and checked for any camera installed in the room. No camera was installed there. The room was very small. We were standing very close to each other. She asked me to remove the kurta. I had remove the kurta and standing with bare chest in front of her. She put her hands on my chest came more near to me. She put her lips on my lips and started kissing me. She had moved one hand down and hold my cock and started rubbing me. I was shocked with this behavior. I pulls her near to me and started rubbing her ass.
I: not here.
Sharmila: you wanted it now, and then have it. I can give you anywhere and anytime.
I: Let’s go from here.
She had applied lipstick on her lips. We came out of trial room after wearing the shirt.
Sharmila: pack this. The trial room is very small. Very difficult to make movement in the room.
Shop keeper: It is for single person only.
We left the shop and came out of mall. She called her driver and asked to come to main entrance. We had started from there. Both were sitting on back seats. She was sitting on left side and I was sitting on right side.
Driver: Where to go madam?
Sharmaila: Home. Arjun, you wanted to go somewhere?
I: No, let’s go home.
Driver had started the car and we started our journey to home. The car glasses were coated with UV protection and one cannot see inside the car easily. As car took a speed she put her hand on my thigh and moved upside. Now she was holding my cock with her right hand. I looked at her, she was seeing straight from front glass and no expression on her face. With that her action I was charged up but did not show and expression. I had moved my hand towards he moved to her back. She moved little ahead so that I can move my hand from back to other side. She had moved again and shifted more towards me. Now her shoulder was touching me. She had adjusted her pallu so that driver could not see anything. She started again rubbing my cock with her right hand. I throat became dry. I asked driver for water bottler kept near the gear shaft. He took the water bottle and gave it to back side. She took the bottle and opened it and gave to me. I took the bottle in right hand as my left hand was locked behind her. I had few sips of water and kept that bottle in door rack. She was rubbing my cock very gently and seeing out. I had inserted my hand from her left side and kept on her left boob and started massaging it. Then moved my hand downside and moving on her bare belly. Now I had inserted my finger to her naval. She got charged and I could feel the increased pressure on my penis. Then I had moved my hand up again can was trying to open her blouse. She had stopped rubbing my penis and looked at me and nodded her head. She moved her finger on thigh like writing something. She had write like NO BRA. I had said her OK by patting on her boobs. We had started again. It was very good time. I could not understand how the time had passed. When we reached to our society I got down saying to buy milk. I went to dairy and bought milk and some snacks. Then I had smoked one cigarette and went to our building. I looked at their flat. She was wearing new nighty and standing in the balcony. We gave nice smile to each other. I went to my home.
I had entered into my house. The extension rang. I know, it must be Sharmila.
I: Yes.
Sharmila: You forgot your gift in my car. I had taken it my house. Come and collect it.
I went to her house. She opened the door and I went inside. The nighty was semi transperant and she hadn’t wearing anything inside her. I had closed the door and pulled her near me and started kissing her very badly. I was crushing her ass as well. Then I had moved my hand to her boobs and pressing them madly. I had pulled up her nighty and started fingering her cunt.
Sharmila: hold on, don’t get so excited. It is 7:00 PM. Your wife will come any time. We will have some other time.
Hearing wife word, I came to my senses. She handed over the gift pack to me. We had a gentle kiss after that I left her house. It was 7:15 PM, my wife reached home and surprised seeing me home that time.
Wife: You did not go to attend the function?
I: No, feeling headache.
My wife had changed her dress. I put my head on her lap and she wad rubbing a balm on my head. I was thinking about the journey from mall to home.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** An unplanned date *****
That was first day of week and I was very much busy in office. I got a call from Sharmila around 4:00PM. She asked me about my health and other things. Suddenly she started like
Sharmila : How was out shopping?
I : Good..
Sharmila : Only good? You did not like my company ?
I: It is not like that. I can’t speak to you now on this.
Sharmila : Can you meet me today?
I: No. I have too much work today. Don’t know when I will start. We can meet on week end.
Sharmila : Week..end? I need to wait more 6 days. I can’t wait so long. I want to meet you today. I will wait for you in my balcony. Once you come I will come down. Then we will go out for some time. Understand me pls.
I: I can’t do it today. It may come at mid-night.
Sharmila : ooook.
After that call I became busy with my work. I could not understand when time got passed. I had already informed my wife about late sitting for the week and was thinking about dinner outside. It was 9:00PM and I had started from office to have something.
When I had reached the office gate, Sharmila was waiting for me with her car. Driver was not there with her. She came alone. She called me
Sharmila: Arjun
I: Sharmila, what r u doing here.
Sharmila: I told you na, I want to meet you today. So I come here.
I: But I cannot come home with you now. I have lot of work.
Sharmila: I am not here to take you home. Let’s have dinner together, then I will go back.
I: Ok, where to go.
Sharmila: Come on, I have already booked a table for us.
I: Where is your husband?
Sharmila: He went out for 3 days. I was alone, so come here.
We went to a good restaurant near our office. Few office friends were already there. They knew my wife, after seeing Sharmila with me they were staring at us. We had some SMS conversation on mobile and I had told them she is my neighbor. She met me outside so we came together. They went after their dinner. We ordered some food and were talking with each other.
Sharmila: So, you have finished your work so early. You told me that you will come by mid-night.
I: No, just come out for dinner. I need to go back. Now I will start after mid-night. I had planned to have something and go back so that can start early. Now after spending some time with you I need to go back.
Sharmila: So I will make you late.
I: not like that, but…..
Sharmila: Leave it, you have food. I’m going back. You go and work. Call me when you will have some time for me. (she became angry)
I: Do yaar… understand me. I’m not rich like you people. I am servant of one company. I have some responsibilities towards my company.
I hold her hand very tightly and was trying to convince her.
Sharmila: I came here just for you. I wanted to give you surprise and you scold me fo coming here and showing your attitude. What u think we are not responsible towards our business? if someone else would be at your place, would share some god movement and would come back office early tomorrow rather giving me lecture.
I: Ok … I will do that only. I was thinking on that only.
I hold her hand again and slide my hand towards her shoulder. She stopped me putting her other hand on my sliding hand. She asked me to wait for some time and she went to get fresh.
She came back and sat beside me. She had adjusted her pallu to cover her above waist part. She asked me to put my hand around her waist. She had kept her head on my shoulder and sat by closing her eyes. I was moving my hand over her belly. When I had moved my hand on her blouse, I got socked by knowing that she was not wearing bra inside. I asked her about that very low voice. She told me that she had removed the same when she went to get fresh. When I had tried to open the blouse buttonshe stopped me asked me to wait till dinner get over. I was rubbing my hand on her belly and also pressing her boobs.
Waiter came with the order placed for dinner. We had adjusted ourselves to start the dinner. It was very simple and healthy food. After dinner we have scoop of ice cream. We were feeding each other and also leaking each other’s spoon by leaving our saliva on that. She paid the bill and we had started to leave.
Waiter : Bhabhi, fir aao bhaisaab ke saath.
She winkled her eyes and we left that place.
Sharmila: where to go?
I: office.. ( I had replied naughtily.)
After my word we started laughing very loudly in hotel corridor.
Sharmila: let’s go for long drive.
I: it is 11:00PM. We will go for long drive some time later.
Sharmila: At least we can take long route to go home.
We were agreed on that and started from that place. After some time the lonely road had started. I was new to that road. She was driving a car. She had stopped the car near one small departmental store and asked me to get some soft drinks. When I returned from that store, she was not in the car. After 2-3 minutes she came back. We had had started again by sipping a soft drinks. On the way there was on patch where road lights were not there. She had stopped the car again and pulled the hand break. I asked her what happened. She put on the light inside the car and nodded her head. She had removed her pallu from her shoulder. Now she was not wearing blouse also. I could see her naked boobs in that dim light. She had pulled the key and pushed her seat back. I had started pressing her boobs very badly. She started moaning. The car was full of her aaahhhh sound. I could not control myself and started kissing her. Same time I was pressing her boobs very strongly. Our lips were locked with each other’s lips and our tongs were exploring each other’s mouth. Then we went to back seats amd put off the car light. She had inserted her hand inside my pant was trying to pulls out my cock. Then I had opened my zip and pull out my cock. She went mad by seeing my cock.
Sharmila: So big. I don’t have habit to see such a big cock.
I: What you r thinking now. Go ahead..
She put her rosy lips on cock and started leaking my cock. I was seating on the corner seat of the car and she was lying on her stomach on remaining seat. She was leaking my cock like lollypop and current was passing through out my body. After enjoying my precum, she stopped and took a pack condom from her bag. She had opened the pack and took out the condom and put on my cock. I was busy with her boobs. I was still pressing her boobs. Now she had pulled up her saree and sat on my cock. Now she had started moving up and down. I was holding her from bottom and controlling the pressure on my cock. She had removed my shirt and hugged my while giving me strokes. Her boobs wwere getting pressed against my chest and our lips were locked again. What a pleasure it was. She was moaning very loudly aaahhhhh… and shouting also.
Sharmila: come on darling.. fuck me.. fast .. fast… do it … do it… fuuucccck me.
Hearing these words I had stopped her there. Now we came out of car and I laid her on ca bonnet and started giving her good strokes. We had lost ourselves in our activity and forgot the place and time. When we had finished, it was 12:15AM. We had dressed up ourselves and went to our building. Entire building was sleeping. We went directly inside the building. When we reached our floor I was waiting till she goes inside. She went inside and invited me with her forefinger. As I entered she locked the door and started again. She pulled down my pant and started sucking my cock again. I was already ready to give her a blowjob. I was fucking her mouth. Within 15 minutes I had released my load in her mouth. She had gulped entire inside and laughing at me.
Sharmila: Ahhhh. Now I am full of my stomch.
I had kissed her on her chicks and pressed her boobs again and left her home.

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RE: My Neighbour Sharmila
***** My dream *****
It was Sunday early morning. I could not come out of the dreams of Sharmila. Completed week we (me and sharmila) had many round of sex in car and on the way. My wife tried to woke me up at 5:30 AM form morning walk, but sorry… my brain was not ready to come out of it. My wife is beautiful, nice and pretty woman but my attention was on that buttery skin. Sharmila could be dream girl of nay handsome person, but now she was mine. I had sense of keeping her body in mind and her every touch like to be preserved like anything. I was haapy with my wife with all my aspects but …. She was extra ordinary. I was involved in her for her body but never thought on differences on two different minds/brains/thoughts/…. My wife is ideal wife…. Loves me more than her life, very beautiful and tries to be more for me, for her me as a good and kind hearted husband. I’m, but don’t know what was that pulling towards Sharmila.
Sharmila. ….. Sharmila. ….. Sharmila. … Sharmila…. Sharmila…. Can not forget this name..
Sharmila. Was an idol for me.. I did not know but I got attracted towards her…. I could not be stopped by any other force but she was dream of mine.
I woke up at 10:00AM in the morning. My wife was little scared .. I was well but shown to be a not well.
Wife : Aruj…darling what s wrong with you (little scared).. you did not come for jogging.. Are u well?
I: yes..darling.. was feeling little weak.. not had enough rest in last week and needed some rest. How can leave jog with u dear..
Wife: I was scared.. DARLING.. now a day’s u don’t feel to talk to me
I: please…. Don’ feel that.. u know .. I was very busy last week nad could not get rest enough to accompany you to jog in garden.
Wife: Sharmila aunty.. was with me…she was asking abt u… I told her abt ur bust schedule and late working habbits.. she had shared some tips to attract u towards me… heee (wife was laughing a me)
With these words I was in deep trouble. I woke up completely..
I : Ahhhh … what happened?
Wife: you like me like nagel in ur life.. U can forget whole world for me… u can do anything for me… I’m ur dream girl… U told all these to aunty but never dared to shared with me… never talk like this with me.. but already shared these with aunty..
I: Aunty ? who aunty?
Wife: Sharmila anuty … She told me .. she picked u up last week while returning from office.. and u had shown you desired abt me to her…
I: She met u?
Wife: from last week we (wife and sharmila) are partner for morning walk.
I: Hmmmmmm.. I told her troughth.. what was wrong..
Wife : u love me so much.. never told me… aunty was telling me..
I kept my finger on her lips.. nad pulled her towards me.. She got excited and he had one round ther only. My wife was very much happy with me.. I never said NO to her for anything..
I came out of bedroom and went straight to balcony. I knew, where to stand to see sharmila in good pose. Sharmila came to bedroom after seeing me in balcony..She had opened all her clothes and send me flying kiss.
I went back in my house and had one more round with my wife..
bWife: what r u doing? Today is Sunday.. let me sleep.. get some milk and break fat to us..
I came out for my bed…. My shorts was wet … full for my cum..
It was my dreaming for my wife

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