My Mom's Hidden Desire
Once the final taboo was broken, there was no looking back. Mom & Me made many passionate love session while dad was away (& even when he was in office).Need non mention that I did badly in my exams.

After exams, I had 40 days leave. Dad forced me join a computer course ( I wished I could just keep my hardware in my mom's software). One day, I went to the comp. institute & found that there was no power in the building. So no course was possible. I came back home, thinking I could get some nice cosy moment with my Mom & was dreaming of tasting her pussy.I was in for a shock.

At the gate of our house, I noticed my friend Abbas's Bike was parked there.I was curious. Abbas was a classmate of mine & does poorly in studies. Both of us had applied for same computer course but somehow Abbas had decided to take evening batch & not mine. I think I was getting the idea now.

I decided to check out for myself what the matter was. There was a separate entrance from terrace to our house via our boundary wall. I pulled myself through it & made it tip toed to Mom's Bedroom backyard. We had left space all around our house for gardening & I could reach the window of my mom's room.What I saw left me awestuck.

Abbas was completely nude & was fondling my Mom's breasts. My mom was only in her black lacy panty (I have never seen it before). Abbas is a well built guy. 5'9 tall, broad shoulder but what stuck me was his massive 8 circumcised dick. It must have been 2 thick & hard as rock. My 6 dick with 1.5 thickness will look like a miniature in front of Abbas tool. I could not believe my eyes. My ***** Brahmin married Mom getting horny with a ****** guy who is same age as her son. Abbas by now was kneeling in between Mom's thigh & with his teeth on mom's panty lace. He pulled the panty down with his teeth, my mom gave out a giggle.Throwing the panty over his shoulder, Abbas parted mom's leg & started licking her shaven cunt. Was I dreaming ? My mom has shaven her cunt for this guy ? Abbas said Aunty, u look beautiful without hair at your pussy . Mom said I could not wear your small panty with all this hair hanging out. Abbas lifted the bum of my mom & gave it a lite bite. Mom moaned in pleasure. Ahhhhh….. Abbasssss.

I was geeting hard now. I was also angry, that my friend is screwing my Mom, but somehow the whole scene was very arousing. Abbas pushed mom on the bed. He climbed on mom's breast & started humping her breast. Mom was able to lick the tip of his massive dick. It was glistering with saliva. What a whore, I thought. Abbas was also moaning & taking my Mom's name, Asha Aunty, I luv ur choot, U r the bestetc. Then he stiffened & shot his cum all over Mom face & plenty in my Mom's mouth. Mom started giggling like a small schoolgirl. What a slut ? Abbas took the remaining cum from Mom's face & spread it over mom's breast & belly. He then started licking that. Mom was laughing uncontrollably because of tickle. What will happen next? Will he screw the hole, which I thought was mine alone.The best was yet to come?

Abbas kissed my mom's lips deeply for about a minute & then said You promised we will do it today
Mom replied No I am scared.
Abbas: Don't worry. It will be fun
Mom: OK. But be gentle
Abbas gave a deep & passionate kiss to my Mom. What were they up to? Mom got up & went to dressing mirror & took out Vaseline. Abbas asked for Moisturizing lotion also. I was totally clueless.Abbas asked mom to turn around & lift her abdomen. Mom was in doggy postion. Oh my god ! A pious ***** wife getting rammed from behind by a ****** guy ! The virgin hole which was denied even to her Hubby & Son. I was extremely angry & at the same time hugely aroused.He took a big lotion of vaselin in his figure & started inserting in my Mom's fat ass. She sqimmed with pain. Ahhhhh Abbas careful. Slowly. Abbas kissed the bum of my mom & said don't worry, I will take care honey. My dick was now throbbing.Next time he took a big portion of vaselin into his thumb & started inserting into her ass.By now mom was bit relaxed.He inserted the whole of thumb. He was making circular motion with his thumb.It was I guess broadening her asshole. Abbas gave a final thrust .Mom let out a loud moan. Ohhhhhhh. He then withdrew his thumb very slowly & opened the moisturizing lotion bottle & poured a good quantity in her open asshole. Boy this guy was an expert.

Abbas now postioned his dick in front of my mom's mouth. She was still in all four. She took half of the dick into her mouth.Poor thing, she was chocking with it. Abbas was running his figures through mom's hair & was calling out all obscenity. Raand, Choose mera lauda(Whore, suck my dick). My Mom was getting humiliated in this manner & all I could do was feeling aroused by it. Abbas now took position behind my Mom's virgin ass. The first thrust was gentle. He held mom's belly with his hand. Then instead of he pushing forward, he pulled Mom back towards her in one quick motion.Mom let out a loud cry. She was obviously in pain. Abbas was not to loose this opportunity. He thrusted his huge dick again onto her ass.Abbas was enjoying him self. Inspite of a fan running overhead, I could see my Mom & Abbas sweating.In next 10-12 thrust, Abbas was inside her.Just when Mom thought it was over, that bastard took out the entire dick at one shot. Mom shouted out in agony. She wanted to run but, Abbas held her belly on both sides firmly. Being a strong guy, Mom could not do a thing. Then Abbas repeated the thrusting.Mom seems to enjoy her this time. Once the huge dick of Abbas was inside, he started playing with her pussy. He fingered her pussy & pressed her nipples. Mom was escatic.She was clearly on a high. Abbas now started slow rhythmic thrusting.Mom was moaning with pleasure. Abbasssss…my luvvvvv. You are my dear hubby. Abbas was now thrusting vigorously & was uttering something which was not understandable. He had closed his eyes & was clearly enjoying himself.

Abbas came after about 5-6 minutes of thrusting & collapsed on her. Both were exhausted & drenched in sweat.My mom turned around & hugged Abbas tightly & planted a tight kiss on his lips.They were lip locked for over a minute & then Abbas got up & took a look at the wall clock.
Abbas: Aunty, time to go.
Mom: You go so soon. Ok.You will come tomarrow again naa
Abbas: I am addicted to you
Mom: And I am addicted to this saying this mom kissed abbas now placid dick & gulped the whole thing inside. At placid 5' it was easy to mouth.

This went on everyday. I will go for my Classes at 11.00 AM & within half an hour Abbas will be in my house, enjoying with my Mom's body. I will be back by 1.30PM (actually I never went, I use to hide & watch). After Lunch, Mom will come to me in my room & make passionate love to me. She was a changed person now. An tigeress, who is on prowl. Who was to blame ?

My impotent dad ?
Me, for giving her forbidden pleasure
My friend, abbas for taking advantage
Or my slut Mom.

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