My Mom Forced to have sex
MERA NAAM RAMAN HAI,, this goes back 2years my father was abroad me and mom were at home I was in college . After sometime passed I was in habit of watching ladies wit big boobs I use to masturbate a lot as my college was college was closed I use to stay in home one day suddenly I was about to go bathroom I saw my mom bathing I was shocked to see mom bathing it was shocking I was able to see her big boobs and ass her nipples were large and were erect my mom was a social lady her figure was 42 34 38 her big boobs were lying down and I stated masturbated and I masturbated twice I was gone mad and days passed I use to see her every time she use to bath and change clothes as days passed

I wanted to see her getting raped I thought a lot but she was social lady I was knowing that as days passed we stared our house repairing and three labor were ask to do the work and suddenly one I saw that one binary labor was watching mom every time she use to bend and one day as mom was bathing I heard some noise as I went out I was shocked to see the labor standing on window and watching mom I acted and went near him he about 65 but his cock was great I pulled him and slapped him and asked him what his this he came to my foot and started crying and I warned him not to do again but I was happy and I had a plan days passed I again saw him watching mom with lust one more thing I found that another labor of same age was doing the same I was more happy.

One day in afternoon I saw mom closing the door and told me to stay quiet I saw three persons coming to my gate and rang the bell after 5-10min they returned and I went to mom and said who were they then she told me that they were from bank and my father had taken 20.000 loan which he didn’t returned now they are asking me to pay within two days or they will sell our house, was happy to take my plan I asked her what will we do, she said she has already asked relatives and family friend but no one is there to help her she sat silently and I was not knowing how to ask her what I want ,she started crying and in meantime both the labors came inside and asked her madam jee sab theek ha naa roaiya mat and asked me what happened I said nothing its money problem mom head was down and I went to take water from when I returned I saw that both the man were trying to see little bit of her big boobs both were hungry after a min one of them said madam jib agar aap chaiyo toh hum kuch 15,000 tak kar sakta ha

Mom immediately stood up and said what in the meantime I told them to get lost and they out for the work, and mom told why is he doing so we take money from labors and will returned after sometime I said no she again said why after 2 -3 time I was angry I said u know what they want in returned she said loudly, I replied they want to have sex with you she became angry and hot and slapped me and stared crying and went out and after sometime and called raju the labor and said he in angry mood what he want first he was very scared and after sometime I asked him again softly he immediately went to my foot and said sahib ek baar aunty ka mamma dika do aur hamara unsa hila do bhagwan kasam yeh baat humara beech ma he rahagi

I was very happy and said him ok wait and just do what I will tell you and he went to his work after an hour I went inside and mom was ok and doing work and phone rang she picked and it was branch manager of the bank and he said to mom dear sister please pay the money tomorrow or bank will take action as he was mom cousin brother

Mom said she will try her best dropped the phone and came near to me and said son do something I said fast what we don’t have choice mom you have to compromise after something she said she does not have choice and said remember this is first and last time and I was about to jump she said and no intercourse if this ok I can call the biahri and started crying I went near her and said don’t worry mom I know you are doing all this family and I will not misunderstand you she was happy and said call them ,but one thing she was doing all this for family but my cock was jumping I told her I have to talk with them on all this give me some time and told her don’t worry I will be there she was shocked but agreed and asked me what she has to do I told her u have to suck and expose your upper body to both of them after thinking she said in low voice ask them to bring money I said ok and went out and it was 5; o’clock I called all three and asked them to leave and signaled raju he was happy and after few min both of them came back with money and handed to me

I said them sit and came only when I will call you I went inside and told mom that this is the money she was little happy and I told her there is little problem they want you to suck 2 times and want you to eat semen’s he was very sad and said ok beta I will have to do as I m in problem and call them and they came in seconds and came in and sat near mom after two min other old man put his hand on mom left boob and stared squeezing and then he made mom left boob out and it was lying out was white with black nipple then he made his finger on her nipple and then he inserted his tongue and nipple became hard and tight and I was stunned to see her boob becoming swallowed suddenly raju went near mom and stared kissing her as time I went to lock all the doors and window as I came inside I was stunned to see two cock waiting and the old man hand his tough on nipple he was really sucking it and stroking his cock it black and large and then they were both trying to take her clothes but mom was not ready

He told me sahab aunty ko bolo I went near mom and said mom please cooperate she made her hand easy and I took her kammeez in the meantime I lightly touched her nipple both of them smiled and ok she was now only in bra and panty I was shocked to see her boobs my cock was fully erect and raju came near and took her bra and panty mom in low voice please leave me I don’t want money please leave me intercourse then the old man said sorry behanji aab kuch nahi ho sakta now other old man who was around 70 had a lager cock he went near mom and told her aunty ji thoda hilaya do aur phir chus lo mom was not responding and was crying and raju teared her bra I became control less as mom head was down I went near her and signaled them to keep silent and took big mama in my mouth and stared sucking it and her nipple was erect

I was enjoying and raju took his cock and inserted in her hand and forced her to stroke it then he forcefully stated stroking mom suddenly opened her eyes and was shocked to see me sucking her nipple and she kept quiet she started crying but of no use and the old man said behanji chuslo warna maa marjauga mom made her boobs to cover and suddenly the old man made her mouth open by hands and forcefully inserted his cock and he was inserting his cock inside

I told him please slow he said sahabji kuch mat karo aaj then raju made his seemen on her boobs and he started sucking her other boobs and he bitted on nipple mom was in pain he stared stroking his cock on her boobs I told them to stop as I was dyeing with the scene mom said beta ma teri maa hu mujha chod da

I said ek bar mera chus lo and I inserted my cock in her mouth her toughed was touching my cock head I was becoming mad after 5 minutes I also loaded my semen’s in her mouth and I was enjoying and suddenly old man took his cock out and mom mouth was full with semen’s and then she said please stop or I will slap you on it she was now masturbated twice she said just stop now then the old man said aapka mamma ko aaj kat duga and went near her and took her both boobs in mouth as she was trying to free herself raju took her cock and entered in her big ass she screamed and said no plz pzl leave me but I could see a big cock entering her ass it was not going in then by force he entered it and she screamed then raju inserted his cock in her mouth

I was enjoying the scene very much as he was fucking her her boobs and ass was shaking then old man loaded his load in her ass and raju immediately inserted his cock now she was silent and raju cock was large he also inserted and stroked for 15 min then both of them sat on bed and rested I was watching her ass with eager and I went near her and asked her to suck my cock she said enough leave me as she stood up I inserted my cock she again screamed and I also fucked her for 15 min now here whole body was full with semen she went to bathroom and started bathing and I heard raju calling a person and he gave my address to a person and asked to bring wine and after 10 min I opened the door and was surprised to see four men entering my house I asked raju this is not fair and then he told me don’t worry we will just drink I said ok but I again touched my cock it was standing now I wanted to see four of them fucking her this will be told in next part till then bye bye and wait for me.

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