My Mentor - Part 9
I had been training for a year in preparation for this day, and had spent an even greater deal of time fantasizing about it. My master had come to me last night with the news, “My dear, tomorrow you will have finally earned your collaring”. Only now, after all the other participants had left, did he come back into the warehouse. Standing there over me, he slowly untied the hood from my head and removed the duct tape and funnel. I took huge gulps of the crisp cool air wondering what was to come next. A short time passed and finally my Master said, "Time for your sponge bath." He rubbed away on my back, arms and chest, apparently paying no special attention to my breasts. They got washed too. Cleaning away all the dried cum and urine from my exhausted limp body. Then he rolled me over half way while he washed and dried my back. I felt the sponge as it glided over my stomach, and then down between my thighs to my aching pussy. He gave me a good wash, and much to my delight was arousing me once again. Moving me gently back into a sitting position, my Master dried me completely and took the towels away.

“Please stand, my dearest slave whore”, he spoke so quietly I could barely make out the words.

“You have proven your dedication, willingness to serve and your eagerness to submit over the last year, and after tonight’s session, you will receive your long awaited prize.” “Until that time, you are still not allowed to speak unless spoken to, and you are not allowed to cum unless you are told to.”

At his nod, I rose gracefully then moved to kneel before him. I placed my hands flat in front of his feet followed by my forehead as I acknowledged his domain over me. I did not wait long before I felt my Master's hands lifting me for a kiss, first a soft one on my head, then another- deeper and more demanding- on my lips. I felt myself quiver with need as our mouths parted, a small chuckle escaping from deep within his chest.

From the corner of my eye I saw that he flipped a switch, lighting a long sturdy table a short distance away. Here he laid out the implements for tonight's use. My suspense was indescribable as he picked and chose his items carefully from the cabinet. I squeezed my eyes shut and didn't hear his approach until my nipple felt the sudden bite of a clamp placed upon it. My other nipple is quickly treated to the same stinging bite as the other is attached. With practiced ease he tightened each slowly, watching my eyes, until each nipple pulsed and throbbed, swelling to fill the clamp more, blood starting to seep around the clamp edges. Light fingers trailed between my legs, finding my clit swollen and begging for attention. He lingered there, rubbing my nub slowly in small circles as his free hand tormented my nipples further, flicking the clamps randomly. He seemed pleased as my body jumped and quivered, each flick sending electrical shock waves deep into my belly. When he finally stopped, I was moaning in pleasure and need, my juices running down my thighs. He loves bringing me to the point of surrender- holding me on its edge until I can do nothing but plunge into the void. Shivers coursed through me as my Master whispered soft words of praise in my ear.

"Stand, my slave"

He told me to place my hands together at the small of my as he raised his hand over his head and brought it down savagely on my right cheek. Immobilized, I surrendered to his strokes, which were hard, deliberate, and quick. Within moments, my ass was stinging and I was moaning quietly trying not to cry out. Master was not pausing to caress or scratch my ass, but continued to assail it with strike after strike. After covering the area of both cheeks, he landed some fierce slaps on my thighs. I tensed and struggled, but he continued with renewed passion. When he was finished, the soft caress of his hand examining the marks on my bottom startled me. Strong fingers knead the raised welts- spreading the pain. A soft moan slid from between my lips. The tension inside of me was unbearable. I wanted to beg for the release of my passion but my mouth couldn't form the words. My back arched in silent entreaty but my Master would not be swayed this time.

"Please, Master," I beg, "make me whole."

"Now", He said as his fingers ever so lightly brushed my clit. Suddenly, I felt myself spiraling towards ecstasy and with a shuddering cry I released my orgasm, my body shuddering blissfully as the waves of pleasure spread throughout my entire being. My eyes rolled back in my head and my leg muscles tightened up. He worked deeper into my soaking pussy, sending my hips bucking, my cunt throbbing.

Oh yeah!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! dont stop that feels good!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I couldn't breathe, the air in my lungs coming out as I gasped and writhed as my body was rocked orgasm after orgasm under his masterful hands.

Afterwards, he brought the black silk band out of his pocket. "This is your slave collar. It identifies you as my willing slave. When you wear it, you must either obey my commands, or take off the collar. If you ever take off the collar without my permission, you may never wear it again. As we kissed, he slipped the silk collar around my neck and fastened it. "You have passed your tests and earned your collar, my pet." He said, and kissed me again. I fell back on the floor, tears dripping down my cheeks. I realize now that my true decision to be his slave is not about losing control. It's about being truly free in my captivity rather than enslaved in so-called freedom. It felt so natural, so obvious that this man was dominant to me. I love surrendering myself to him. His wants, his needs, his slightest whim. It stimulated me sexually to obey him. I laid in his arms and cried myself to sleep. He is my MASTER, I am his slave.

"I will obey you Master, always."

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