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My Mentor - Part 6
02-02-2013, 01:47 AM
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My Mentor - Part 6
I must have slept soundly. Passed out may have been more like it. When I awoke it was dark outside of the high warehouse windows but it wasn’t the same darkness, it was new darkness, as if a new night had just fallen and I’d been unconscious through out the day. I wondered if maybe he hadn’t put something in that cold oatmeal he fed me, something to help me sleep. If he had, I was grateful.

“Come on, time to make me proud, whore.” He held the cage door open and I crawled out on my knees, struggling to balance. He helped me to my feet. I winced as sore crouched muscles stretched. I was so relieved to see him I forgot to be scared.

“See, that’s imprinting.” he said. “Its only contact with the world is with me, so I am the sun and the moon to this whore, instead of her captor or owner.”

I realized he wasn’t speaking to me, and tried to turn to see who else was there but the mask wouldn’t allow it. He got close to my face and pulled a strap from the back of the mask forward, staring into my eyes he said, “Be an obedient little whore and I will reward you later. Piss me off and you will never be through paying for it. Understand me?”

His voice was gentle, almost a whisper. I nodded since I couldn’t speak, my mouth filled with the mouthguard inside of the gag. After I nodded he pulled the strap all the way around, and let the thick elastic band cover my eyes.

My head was encased. I couldn’t see, I knew I didn’t look human, and my mouth was full and gagged. the mesh cover to the mouth and the nose holes were all that allowed any air inside. The tight thick collar held my head in place, erect and still, and reminded me that too much struggling would make it too hard to breath.

I felt my hands behind me become uncuffed, and I knew he was still standing infront of me. This was a very unnerving feeling. I didn’t know who was behind me, or how many, or what they would do to me. All I knew was that He was in front of me. And that He needed to be pleased.

Quickly my arms were lifted over my head, and tied together with a tight rope that was then tightened upward toward the ceiling. I could hear the sound of a mechanical crane or something as I was pulled upright tightly, almost to tippy toes. Whoever was pulling the crane made 3. There were at least 3 men there.

I felt my chastity belt unlatch and fall to the floor. Somehow I knew it was Him. I was naked, hooded, dehumanized, stretched by my bound arms upright. I felt His hand, runnin over the face of the mask, over my neck, down over my chest, over my stomach, to my pussy.

“Now I will demonstrate what I’ve been explaining. Pain without pleasure can be excruciating, and unbearable. But pain when enticed, when the cunt is horny and the whore is begging to be fucked, that’s entirely different. The sensations are fused. Watch.”

I could hear Him taking a few steps away from me. I waited, nervously, unable to see anything. And then I heard the whip crack. For a split second I didn’t feel anything. And then the slice rifled through my flesh like a vicious burn. My body jolted and tried to make sense out of what was happening. He was whipping me.

The first gash fell on the front of my thigh. The second on my stomach. I began to cry out into the hood, biting down on the mouth guard, drooling and screaming inaudibly. My body convulsed as the third slash landed on my back. He was pacing around me. I could feel the welts swelling and pulsating. My cries became more intense. I began frantically pulling at the ropes over my head, twisting and fighting. He whipped me again, and again. My ass, the back of my leg, my shoulder. As he paced slowly around me I became disorientated. I couldn’t tell if I’d turned or twisted, or where anyone was. Another gash to my abs. Then one to my tit meat. Then one right into the manicured hair of my pussy.

I was writhing. My legs were shifting, one to the other, trying to pull away, trying to escape. I could hear this horrible scream, muffled but all-encompassing. And then I realized, it was me. I was still screaming. I began crying harder, begging inaudibly: Please, please no more. Please. I’m begging. No more.

I had to fight to unclench enough to get my feet on the floor underneath me again. I was hysterical, flinching, waiting. My welts were wet. I wasn’t sure if I was sweating or if I was bleeding. I couldn’t see anything. And I knew they couldn’t see my face. My being sub-human was probably as empowering for them as it was degrading for me. My flesh stung and ached.

It took me by surprise to someone near me, almost underneath me. Kneeling, and inching closer. I felt hands on my hips, pushing my legs spread far apart, pulling me into his face. And hen the sensation of a warm wet mouth on my pussy.

I had been turned off during my whipping. I had shut down in many ways, and closed off my censors. But now with the feel of a warm mouth licking my pussy, and sucking clit. I felt like everything was slowly opening up again.

I could feel that there were more standing around me. And I could feel that my Sir wasn’t the one on his knees under me. Whoever that was, was massaging my hips in his gripping hands. He was digging his tongue into my cunt, he was sucking and chewing on my pussy lips and clit. I felt a wave of heat rush over me. But the pain of the whipping was fighting it back.

Then I felt Him again. He was in front of me, pushing the one sucking my cunt out of the way. He wrapped one arm around my waist pulling me against him. I could feel the material of his clothes, a wool suit maybe, a silk tie, I could feel his breath on my neck. His hands on my ass. His fingers separating my cuntlips.

Something was being worked into me, slowly. The one that had been eating my pussy was still below, still giving a hot wet lick or bite, as he pressed something into my vagina. My pussy began to lubricate itself quicker. My Sir held me spread apart while the man on the floor between my legs finally pushed whatever it was into my cunt. It felt like a dildo, like a good sized dildo. He worked it in, then out, then in and back again, I began trembling. As he fucked my whore cunt with this thing, I could still feel his mouth on my clit.

And, I could still feel my Sir’s fingers pulling apart my pussy, stretching my pussy lips to the sides, until I was impaled on this thing. and then mounted.

It was as if the dildo was on a broom handle, that was now stuck to the floor on a stand between my legs. I couldn’t lift enough to get off of it. I couldn’t d much of anything, but be stretched my arms, and then impaled on this dildo.

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