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My Mentor - Part 5
01-25-2013, 05:25 AM
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My Mentor - Part 5
“Wash yourself.”

His voice was deep, and it sounded to me like the voice I needed to listen to. He had removed the ball gag, the bra he was using as a harness, my wrist restraints, everything I was completely naked, covered in my own drool, cum, sweat, and running make up. He stepped back, leaving me in a shower. I turned on the water and let myself get wet. I found the soap on the floor and picked it up.

We were still in the warehouse. This was a large industrial shower with Hazmat instructions posted, probably used if there was a chemical spill or something, in whatever this place used to be.

“Wash your cunt.” He had folded his arms and leaned against the wall, to watch. I dug the soapbar into my cunt. I lathered and washed my face and body again. The long night was still fresh in my thoughts, all the things he’d done to me. I could see bruising on my tits and wrists, I could still feel my thighs trembling.

He shut the water off and pointed to the toilet. “Use it if you need it. I’ll wait for you outside.”

I stepped out of the dank tiled room nervously. He was talking on his cell phone. When he saw me he said, “I’ll be right there, I have to feed it and cage it first.” He lead me out by my wrist. I looked for a towel but there wasn’t one. He turned me around and cuffed my hands behind my back. He lead me into what looked like a small employee’s breakroom. He took a bowl from the refrigerator and placed it on the floor infront of me. It looked like cold oatmeal. I stood there looking at it, and then at him. Aware that I was wet, and a little cold, and naked.

He shrugged. “Suit yourself. You don’t want to eat it, you don’t have to, but you’ll get nothing else tonight.”

I got on my knees balancing awkwardly with my hands restrained behind me and I put my face into the bowl. I had been reduced to something base and animal. I ate the gruel like a dog. I could feel it getting all over my face but I was hungry, and I didn’t know when he’d feed me again.

Being naked changed. I felt exposed and vulnerable again. Somehow when I was sexually turned on, being naked felt exhilarating. When he was using me as his fuck toy being naked felt hot. Now that I was just being humiliated, being naked felt bad. My wet knees were sliding, I had to press one shoulder to the floor to steady myself. But I finished the oatmeal.

“What do you say.” He put his hand into my hair and the other around my upper arm, lifting me upright.

“Thank you Sir.” I was embarrassed to look at him, I knew there was food on my face. I felt humiliated. Broken.

He used a towel to wipe my face and then held a bottle of water in his hand. “Open wide, you need to be kept hydrated.”

As he poured the water into my mouth, I gulped trying to drink it all, still thinking about what I heard him say on the phone. I was in a fog, a state of almost delerium. My brain felt fried from the intense orgasms he forced me to have. Every muscle was tired, strained, and sore. I just wanted to go to sleep, but I was afraid of what was going to happen next.

He took me back into the large warehouse, passed the board with the mounted dildo where I’d been dehumanized. He took me to the wall where we first came in, where I had noticed the dog cages.

Reaching into one, produced a contraption I’d never seen before. He held it open for me and instructed me to step into it, like a metal panty. I soon realized it was a chastity belt, but not like the ones I had seen in those sex shops. He cinched it onto me, carefully. Making it fit just right. The front panel was flat metal from the outside, it was large and completely covered my mound. On the inside it had small dull spikes pointed inward. They weren’t sharp enough to cut or puncture or hurt me. They were just enough to annoy, and to deter any humping I could try to do. However I do admit as soon as it was pressed against my clit, I felt it twitch.

The clitoral guard came up to a mesh metal strap, all the way to my waist. It cinched around my waist like a tight belt made of jointed stiff metal pieces. The clitoral guard went through my legs. At the entry of my cunthole, it had a stub. Not a full dildo or plug, just a wide stub, enough to hold my hole just open enough to be aroused, and not filled enough to feel satisfied. Just wanting. Perhaps like the numbs on the clitoral guard. The strap between my legs got smaller as it fed up the crack of my ass, digging in and separating my cheeks, and then strapped to the back part of the tight waist belt.

I was truly strapped in, in total chastity, but slightly aroused now. And aware I was going to remain like that, unable to touch myself or so anything about it.

I knew I was going into the cage. It was bolted to the floor, large thick stainless steal bars, not some cheap little collapsible dog crate. This was not breakable. Before pushing me in, he took one more thing from the floor inside of it, a leather thing of some kind, and he wiped my long wet hair back. I was so close to his face. I wet my lips and thought about how much I wanted to beg him not to leave me in the cage. But my desire to please him seemed to outweigh any desire I had for myself. I was nervous and that was visible. My eyes teared a little as he slid the leather mask over my face.

He instructed me to open my mouth as he put it on me. It had some kind of mouth guard, that went into my open mouth. He instructed me to bite down, and I did. It filled my mouth, it was soft like vinyl. When he cinched and strapped the mask closed onto my head from behind, the mouthguard became immoveable. It filled my mouth, and I couldn’t push it out at all. I could see through the tiny eye holes in the mask. He was still strapping and pulling at the mask, the final latching was around my neck, some kind of thick wide strap that worked like a posture collar. I couldn’t bend my neck or turn my head at all.

I stood there, waiting for him to do something. I was naked, wearing only a very imposing tight chastity belt and a very restricting tight hood or mask over my face. With my mouth stuffed and my hands chained behind my back I felt vulnerable. Then I felt his hands on my sore tits. It was as if the word vulnerable was taking on a whole new meaning. I stood there, my cunt slightly opened and completely denied, while he slapped my tits. First one, then the other, and then a gentle caress with his fingers. My nipples were hard and I felt my pussy begin to get wet all over again.

“That’s enough for you for now. On your knees, get into your cage.” He helped the door open for me as I tried to balance without my arms and crawled on my knees inside. As he padlocked the door I felt an overwhelming fear that I knew I could do nothing about.

I layed on my side in as close to a fetal position as I could get. The lights went off, I heard the doors slam and the sound of locks. I could hear his car start, and then drive off. I knew he this was the beginning of his ownership of me and I was helpless.

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