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My Mentor - Part 4
01-25-2013, 05:24 AM
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My Mentor - Part 4
He stood tall, looming over me like a god, as he said, “You’ve been an obedient little whore. “ I was fucking the dildo. I was lifting myself up and then sitting back down on it, and I had been for what seemed like a long time. I was dripping and horny and no where closer to cumming.

I was trembling. my legs were numb and my knees were killing me as I crouched kneeling over the dildo. With my cuffed hands for leverage in front of me I leaned forward. I should have felt humiliated by how this must have looked, especially with the ball gag still strapped tightly in. My make up running through tears, my mouth drooling. But I was beyond humbled. My clit was still throbbing, begging for release. My sore tits felt like they were on fire from all the grabbing and slapping. He put his hands on my shoulders as he lowered himself back down to me.

I set my cuffed hands onto my stomach and tried not to touch myself. I was completely exposed. Other than the handcuffs and the gag, all I was wearing was my bra, which had been pushed back underneath my tits to be used only as a harness.

I grunted as he touched me, running his hands over my drooling mouth, my sore tits, my sweaty abs, down into my mound, into my crotch. I wanted my cuffed hands out of the way. So I lifted them. I put my hands behind my head, prison inmate style. He seemed to like that. He pushed back my swollen cunt lips and began to touch my clitoris.

I was yelping, I was grunting with immediacy and anxiousness, as his fingers pulled back the hood on my clit. His arms were infront of him, his hands out of my sight. His fingers pushing the hard pink clit out from it’s shell and pinching it off, holding it there. Exposed.

As soon as he just touched it with his other hand I yelped again. And again.

“Beg to cum, little whore.” He growled at me. “Beg me.”

I was a drooling humping mess. “Please make me cum. Please Sir. Please!” I was sure that wasn’t audible but I was also sure that somehow from his expertise he knew exactly what I was saying.

His right hand punched the fingers closed tighter, in a controlled and perfect way, pinching the clit out of it’s hood, edging me past the point of no return. His left hand would wait, and then just touch my aching swollen hard clit again. Just touch it. And it would send me spiraling. I could feel my spine freeze. I was afraid to move, afraid to breath. “Please…. please….” I whispered biting onto the gag.

He touched me again and the stopped again. I began to cry. I had never been edged before. I had never been held right there, on the threshold of an orgasm. I had never been so close for so long and denied. I begged and pleaded. My body had been pushed past all its limits. All the pain. I had surrendered. I had nothing but this ache in my throbbing clit. Please…

He touched me again. This time he pressed his finger in, and rubbed. And rubbed. tiny circles on the exposed hard pinkish red clit. I threw my head back. His other hand holding me only by the pinched off pinned back clitoral hood, that’s it that’s it that’s it… thighs began to lock and my stomach tightened and but down. I exploded!

It was like the orgasm was being pulled out of me, I could feel it all the way down my legs as I came, and then tried to let go. I relaxed my arms, folding them over my head.

But he wasn’t letting go of me. He had my sore clit pinched in his fingers, and he was rubbing the head. I was drying quickly and the ache started to back up into my cunt, still impaled on the dildo.

He spit. He spit down, onto his fingers and onto my clit, lubing it just enough. I was shocked at how easily his finger tip slid around and around again, tiny circles. He loosened his pinch, again knowing my body much better than I did, allowing blood flow into my clit. And he didn’t stop rubbing.

I began to hump slowly, pulling myself upward, lowering myself again. My body had sunk inside of itself, to it’s depths, it’s core. It’s most basic animal needs and desires. I was fucking the dildo, humping his hand. My hands were gripping the hair on the back of my head as I pointed my elbows outward again. Stiffening, straightening. Horny and desperately climbing the climax ladder on my way to the next mind blowing orgasm.

He dug his fingers into my clit, rubbing harder, and digging in with his other hand pushing my swollen cuntlips and hood back. His hands moved with me as I rammed myself up and down, and up and down, fucking my cunt hole on that fake cock like the whore that I am.

As I exploded again I started to scream, “Thank you! Thank you!!” He dug his fingers into me, milking me, draining me. Taking every last drop of cum and desire out of me. Taking me past every limit.

I was unable to hold myself upright any longer. I collapsed down, the dildo popping up as is slid out of me, I was on my side on the floor, hands cuffed, mouth gagged, thoroughly humiliated and broken.

He grinned at me. I knew it wasn’t over. I knew, this was only a beginning.

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