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My Mentor - Part 3
01-25-2013, 05:23 AM
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My Mentor - Part 3
I was looking up at him. I was sweating, drooling over the ball gag in my mouth. I was on my knees, straddling a mounted dildo, I had it buried into my cunt hole, and had my self balanced with my cuffed hands in front of me. On the dirty floor. Of a warehouse.

My pussy was dripping and my clit was throbbing and all I wanted was for him to make my cum. I had pushed past the humiliation. I had pushed past the degradation, and beyond all my vanity. What I looked like didn’t matter anymore. He had reduced me to the most primal wordless grunting animal. All I wanted was for this masterful man to make me cum.

He pushed his hand on top of my head, pushing me down. My swollen pussy lips were only a couple inches from the floor. The dildo was shoved so deep into me I wanted to pull my thighs together and hump as hard as I could. But that’s now what he wanted.

“Stay still.” He crouched down infront of me and ran his fingers over my bra. It was all I was wearing, my tits were all that were still covered. But they were about to be exposed. I stared at him as he ran his hands inside the cups, lifting each of my breasts out of the bra so they were vulnerable, visible, halted nicely by the harness the bra frame had made for him. He adjusted them gently. “I’ll make you cum, but not until I punish your tits.”

The first slap was like an awakening. The second settled into my core. He slapped my tits with his open hand, first one, then the other. First from the center of my chest slapping them outward away from my body. Then, from the outside, slapping them hard into each other. It was a completely new sensation. No one had ever beaten my tits before. It stung, and I groaned, but I could feel my hole sucking on that fake cock, I could feel the wetness running out of me.

I wanted him to grab them. I arched my back to shove my reddened mounds at him. He grinned. “That’s a good whore. That’s a very good whore. Show me your tits.”

He took one in each hand and grabbed them, his thumb and his forefinger around each as he did. I was shuddering. The heat from his hands made the fire in my tits all the more intense. I felt the pain but I felt my cunt throbbing too. I started begging through the ball gag, “Hurt me. Hurt my tits. Punish me.” But all that came out were grunts and animal sounds, while I drooled like a pathetic bitch.

Then his fingers clamped down, pinching my nipples hard in between his thumbs and the knuckle of his forefinger. He rubbed his thumbs into them, stroking with precise pressure. My head went back and I began to scream. This of course, made him pinch harder, and pull.

He pulled my nipples out away from my body, stretching my tits. I felt myself screaming so hard I was having a hard time catching my breath in the gag. He let go of my breasts and put one hand on my neck. He wasn’t choking me with it, it was more like he was stabilizing me with it, but the pressure on my neck was undeniable. I had to think about breathing. I had to be mindful of the gag, and take careful breaths through my nose, and stop screaming.

With the other hand, he pinched one nipple, again inbetween his forefinger and thumb, and he pulled. pulling my nipple out away from my body, stretching my tit. Then he twisted his hand, turning my nipple, twisting my tit. Again, I screamed as the pain burned into me, but as soon as I began to choke he tapped his fingers against my throat, not relieving the pressure on my neck and chest at all. “Breath. Or I will make it even harder for you to breath. Do you understand, whore?”

I nodded. I took a deep breath in through my nose as he did it again, this time switching hands, and pulling on my other teet. Pinching my nipple hard, pulling it away from my body, and twisting. Twisting my tit one way, then the other, then back, while pinching down hard on the nipple.

Unable to scream and breath through this at the same time, I chose breathing. And I soon found that instead of pushing the pain out with the screams, I was absorbing it. Soaking it in. My eyes were tearing, I was sweating and drooling like a fucking animal, while he worked my tits. First one, then the other.

Then he took the nipple of one of my breasts in his fingers, pinching tightly, and pulled my tit out stretched. And with the other hand, he slapped my stretched boob. Twisting the nipple, turning my tit, he slapped it again, and again. Pulling it, twisting it in one hand, and slapping the shit out of it with the other.

I was rolling my head. Rolling it back and then snapping it forward, groaning and sobbing into the ball gag. I started to beg. “Please. Please…” which wasn’t audible, but he knew what I was saying.

Still pinching my nipple mercilessly in his fingers, he reached the other hand down to my pussy. He separated his flattened fingers into a “V” and took hold of my labia in his palm, separating his fingers around the dildo impaling me. He pressed upward, digging his fingertips into the back of my cunt lips, into my hole. I was trembling. And I sighed with a deep longing, edged with the pressure of his palm on my throbbing clit.

“Begging me to stop? You little liar. Your soaking wet. You love it. You know you want it like this.” He laughed, cupping my cunt. I moaned, my eyes rolled back and closed. I wanted him to do anything he wanted to my body. Obviously he knew it better than I ever did.

He pulled his hand out of my crotch and lifted it to my face. He covered my nose with his fingers. “Smell your cunt, smell what I do to you.” I inhaled and smelled myself, felt the wet of my pussy, felt the absence of air.

He moved his hand quickly though allowing me to breath.

He grabbed hold of my tits one more time, one in each hand and pulled them up, and then pushed them down. And again. Like they were handled on my body. I followed the lead and began to hump the dildo again. Pulling my sore, weakened knees inward, lifting my vagina up and then sitting back down on the dildo hard, digging into me, ramming it up my own cunt. I followed his lead as he yanked my bruised tits up and down.

He was grinning. He was pleased. I was dizzy and aching and all I could do was fuck this dildo and beg him with my eyes. “And now, I’ll make you cum.”

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