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My Mentor - Part 2
01-25-2013, 05:22 AM
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My Mentor - Part 2
Once inside of the warehouse I couldn’t see anything. It was dark. And cold. I stepped hesitantly squeezing his hand. Our steps echoed on the concrete floor.

“Stop. Stand here. Don’t move.” He let go of my hand and walked away from me. The ball gag in my mouth and my panties wet with anticipation. The loud sound of metal clanged as the lights went on, like an industrial switch had been pulled. I looked around half expecting a big special dungeon or something. There was only some large dog training gear tucked into the one corner of the large room.

His hands were on me in no time. He handcuffed my hands infront of me. As I looked down and watched I realized I was drooling a little bit from the ball gag. I felt embarrassed. He picked up a thick collar from the floor and fastened it around my neck. He cinched it snuggly, it went from my shoulder to under my chin. I couldn’t turn my head or bend my neck. It was completely controlling, forcing my neck stretched and my head upright.

Between the ball gag and the posture collar I wasn’t able to do much as he pulled the leash on the collar downward. I fell to my knees, stopping my fall with my cuffed hands. He stood behind me. I could hear my skirt ripping, then my panties. As he yanked off my clothes I felt exposed. He left my bra on me but everything else was exposed.

I couldn’t lift my head much but I could see he was picking up something else from the floor. It was a metal hook with a metal ball at the tip. The longer end of the hook was black leather, and looked like a tail. He wiped his hand across my mouth and lips, over the ball gag, scooping up some of my drool in his fingers. He rubbed it on the metal ball part of the hook. He said, “Your humiliating drool is all the lube you’ll get tonight so be grateful for it.”

Before I knew what was happening he pressed the ball end to my ass pucker. And shoved. I could feel the anchor push through the first muscle, then the second, planting itself deep in my ass. I realized the black leather part was now standing up out of me and must look like a tail. I also realized It was to humiliate me. And it was working.

In front of me was a large thick flat board, covered with a black sheet. He walked over to it and pulled at the sheet while he grinned at me. “It’s show time.” He removed the sheet unveiling a large dildo, attached to the board. He ran his hands over my face, pushing my hair back and feeling the tightness of the gag. He let one hand slide through the wet drool from my mouth and he moved back over to the dildo, lubing it. “Come on. Crawl over here on all fours and ride this.”

I didn’t move at first, but quickly he walked around behind me and slapped my ass. I began to crawl forward but not fast enough. He kept spanking my ass while I crawled, the sting was harsh. My cries were muffled by the gag. I crawled as fast as I could to the dildo until it was underneath me.

He pulled my leash upright and said, “Now sit on it. Get your pussy on it. You can use your drool for lube.

I felt underneath me to the dildo. It was bigger than the ones I played with at home. I felt naked and exposed, except for my bra I was naked. I kneeled up, separating my legs. Digging my fingers into my pussy I pulled my thick labia lips apart. I was so wet. I could feel the heat coming off of my cunt. I guided the tip of the dildo to my cunt hole, feeling the pressure and sweet pain of the metal ball in my ass. I controlled my thigh muscles and lowered myself slowly, using my cuffed hands infront of me to hold my pussy lips open for it.

He was watching. I felt dirty and sexy, humiliated and used, all at once. The head of the dildo popped into my vagina stretching it and causing instant pain. I was going to need more lube. Pulling my knees closed a little more so that I could life my body up a little bit, I let the dildo out of my cunt and brought my cuffed hands to my mouth. I wiped at the drool from the gag and put my hands down again between my legs. I could feel my own pussy juice and the saliva on my fingers. Again I guided the wet head of the dildo into my hole and I let the muscles in my thighs relax. as my body sank, I forced the dildo into my cunt.

It didn’t want to go in easily. He stood over me holding the leash attached to my collar, looking down at me. He moved around to the back of me and slapped my ass. “Deeper. I want it deeper into your cunt, bitch. Deeper.” He smacked my ass again. And again. Each time I jolted.

I had to work it in, moving slowly. I bent at the waist, leaning forward, stopping myself with my hands on the floor. I sat back upright and leaned backward, pushing the metal ball in my ass tightly against the wall of my vagina. I wanted him to beat my ass more, but I couldn’t speak with the gag, all I could do was moan. Each time he struck my ass I groaned, straining, trying to offer him my ass. Leaning all the way forward. Before long the dildo was deep inside of my pussy. I was wet, and horny, lifting my ass and pushing my weight down. Fucking myself on his dildo. Moaning and groaning as he spanked me.

I was reduced to the most base guttural animal I could be. Humping this dildo wildly on the floor, on all fours, handcuffed and gagged, pushing a tail out of my sore ass. He had taken my clothes, my voice, my dignity.

He stepped around to the front of me and kneeled down on the floor with me. He pulled at the leash until I was kneeling up, face to face with him. The taller I kneeled the deeper I took that dldo into my whore hole. I was making eye contact with him, drooling over the gag all over myself like an animal.

With one hand he held my leash. With the other, he touched my face, running his hand down to my stomach, then to my clit. As he touched my hard swollen clitoris I whimpered.

“Beg. Be a good girl and beg.” His voice was masterful. I knew I couldn’t speak with the gag but he didn’t want to hear the exact words. He just wanted to humiliate and degrade me further. I began to beg. I tried to say please, please make me cum, make this bitch cum. Nothing but muffled grunts were audible. He pinched my clit between two fingers and I shuddered.

I was sweating. I could feel my hot pussy throbbing, sucking deep and hard onto the dildo impaling my cunt while he watched. He let go of my clit and lifted his fingers to my tits. He pulled at the bra and said, “I’ll make you cum, bitch. But first you have to earn it. First, I have to punish those tits.”

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