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My Mentor - Part 1
01-25-2013, 05:20 AM
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My Mentor - Part 1
When I got in the car I didn’t know where he was taking me. He leaned across me from the driver’s seat and pulled my seatbelt down, fastening it. His face was close to mine as he engaged the metal. He looked at my eyes, then my neck. As he looked at my tits, he gently moved my blouse with his hand. He was looking me over like he owned me, and as wild as it sounds, for that moment he kinda did. He pushed my blouse open with his fingers, exposing my breast. With the back of his hand he ran down one, and up the other. I trembled. My tits aren’t usually that overly sensitive but something about the way he was slowly touching me made me that way. My nipples were hard. I felt vulnerable.

He sat straight in the driver’s seat again and began to drive. As we pulled up onto the avenue I pulled the edges of my shirt closed. In a calm voice he said, “Who gave you permission to hide yourself from me.”

“No one.” I whispered. Gently I pulled my blouse back open. He grinned and nodded. He turned off the main street onto a side road. I could feel his hand settle on my knee. He’d squeeze a little and then rub. His hand felt hot on my flesh and I could feel myself craving and wanting him. His fingers moved up my leg, under my skirt slowly to the top of my thigh and then in between. He pressed his fingers hard and deep against my panties.

“Your wet. I make you wet. That’s good.” His voice was sexy. “This will be much easier for you if you’re wet.”

I put my hands over his hand, under my skirt, up against my panties. I spread my legs for him. His hand cupped my pussy roughly as if he was holding it. He cupped his palm over the mound of my pussy lips, squeezing it again and again. I rolled my head back and he pulled at my labia firmly and becoming rougher. When I looked again we had pulled into an alley behind a big building. I didn’t know where we were, no one was around. I began to feel nervous and I started to sit up but he had grabbed hold of my cunt lips. I settled back as his fingers dug into my panties. He pushed them down and when I finally felt the heat of his hand against the flesh of my pussy lips I moaned.

He used two fingers, pushing them in fast thrusting them into me. I squealed because it hurt a little but quickly I could feel my pussy suck onto his fingers. I closed my legs around them, digging myself against his hand. He worked his fingers in and out of me a few times before pulling them out and lifting his hand to my face.

He pushed his fingers into my mouth. With his other hand he took a firm hold of my head by my hair. I could feel the pull on the back of my head as he took control, pushing his fingers against my tongue and deep into my mouth, forcing my head to remain where he wanted it by controlling me with my hair. He said, “Suck. Show me you can. If you’re good I’ll allow you to suck my cock. If you’re not, your ass will me sucking my cock instead. And believe me, that won’t be as pleasant.”

I rounded my mouth and tried to pull my head back off of his fingers to suck them like I wanted, but he wouldn’t let my head move enough to allow it. He wanted me to do the work with the muscles in my throat. He wanted me to suck and twist and take him deep and raw.

I guess it was good enough because the next thing I knew He sat back in the driver’s seat again and pushed my head down into his lap. I fumbled fast with my hands, trying to get my seatbelt off and then his pants opened. Before I even got a chance to take in his size I was, well, taking in his size. He pushed my head down over his cock. My mouth opened wide it only stopped when it hit the back of my throat. I tried to pull back but his hand gripping the hair on the back of my head wouldn’t allow it. I tried to work my mouth but he raised his hips, keeping my face impaled on his dick.

He said, “Don’t move. Relax. Just hold my cock there. Breath through your nose.”

I bucked. My back arched, but his grip was too strong. I began to gag but he wouldn’t budge. “Listen to me, or suffocate. Your choice.”

I tried to relax. I tried to breath through my nose. Slowly my throat relaxed. “That’s it,” he said. I could feel both of his hands on my head now. “Just be still, get used to it. Make your throat relax and accept it. Now, start sucking. Not bobbing. Sucking.”

I held his cockhead with the back of my throat, I could actually feel my muscle relaxing and curling into him. And I started sucking. Using my mouth muscles right where they were, as if he was a great big ice pop deep in my mouth, my tongue flat against the bottom of his cock, the sides of my inner cheeks pulling in and rippling, tightening on him from one end to the other, and releasing, in a cradling motion.

“That’s it.” He sounded pleased. I was glad to get the reassurance. My mouth was stretched wide, holding him carefully but firmly as I suckled. He kept his left hand on the back of my head gripping my hair. His right hand ran down my back, pulling up my skirt, and onto my ass. He stroked my ass, squeezing one cheek then the next. I was so turned on. I moaned, now moving my head a little on his cock, sucking and licking, swirling. and drooling. His right hand on my ass, his cock deep in my mouth. My face was pressed into his crotch, I could do nothing but drink in his scent.

He stroked the crack of my ass with his fingers. Pushing my head deeper onto his cock again I could the skin on his cockhead tightening, I knew he was going to burst. As he began to cum I began to suck harder. He was just too far into my throat for me to let him spurt cum, I would have drown. I had to take it with my muscles, controlling the flow. I sucked harder, pulling the cum out of him just a little faster than it was flowing on it’s own. I could hear him groaning, his muscles contracting. Then, surrendering. Then, relaxing.

I began to crawl backward to get back into my seat, but his hand grabbed my hair again. “Clean me off with your mouth,” he said. I licked, all over his cock, up one side over the top, into the piss slit and down the other side. I sucked at the base, and then lapped at his balls until he was completely clean. Then I backed into my seat.

“May I fix my clothes now?”

“Good girl. Yes. You may.” As I started to button my blouse I started to realize how short this had been. He had said he was going to tie me up, and fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked. He even described some of the abuse my tits should suffer for him. I straightened my skirt and waited to leave. But instead of starting the car he got out. He walked over to my side and opened the door.

As I stood I looked at the warehouse. “Where are we?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ball gag. As he placed it on me he said, “That’s enough of your mouth for tonight. I’ve used it for what it’s good for. Time to plug it up for a while.”

He took my hand as he walked me inside. My thighs were trembling.

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