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My Last Family Holiday
07-15-2011, 04:50 AM
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My Last Family Holiday
This did actually happen, the names have been changed and some small details edited.
I went to Spain with my mother and her boyfriend for the final family holiday I ever expected to go on. As I was 17 I wasn’t expecting to be going again so I really wanted to make the most of it, my usually shy self disappeared and I immediately went over to the teenagers around the pool tables. Most of them were a lot younger than me but I saw one of the lads had an older sister that appeared to be my age and she had a friend so I thought that this would be a chance.

The 2 girls came over to play pool and sat on the bench by the table patiently waiting, one was blonde and tanned around 5ft 3” with a great figure and easily size C breasts she was called Chloe, and the second, Steph, was a brunette with a darker tan, slightly taller but with an equally amazing figure and breasts. I thought they were both about 18, however, it turned out that they were both still 16.

We got chatting and it seemed we had a lot in common, and the fact they loved football made it all the better. After around 3 days of simply talking around the pool, playing in the pool and watching the night time entertainment I asked if they’d want to go out for a meal. They were allowed to and when I met them in the lobby they had certainly all dressed up with beautiful dresses, high heels and plenty of makeup, which I don’t usually find attractive but they were clearly making the effort for me, and I found this really attractive.

We had a long walk down the beach before we reached the town and during that walk, I brought up the subject of sex. They both claimed to have had sex but bad experiences and both had boyfriends at home, I was gutted when I heard the second part, but I didn’t show it. Chloe, the one I found the more attractive of the two claimed to have made a list of where she wanted to have sex. After enquiring this list had been made with Steph and the first few were; 1) Jacuzzi 2) Pool and 3) Kitchen Table. The 3rd one through me, but the first two were achievable here.

I acted as though I needed to make a phone call to tell my mum where I was (Not cool) but I really just wanted to look at them from behind, both wearing heels, short dresses and there bodies were amazing, attracting the eyes of passersby whilst I wasn’t with them. They seem engrossed in conversation when I returned however they quickly went mute.

When we sat down on the table I felt the feet of Chloe rub on my leg and she repeatedly showed me more leg deliberately but pretended not to notice, I was loving it, I’d forgot about Steph, but she seemed to be fighting form my attention, her breasts now pushed up after a quick trip to the toilet, I didn’t know where to look but either way was perfectly fine for me.

When we got back to the hotel they invited me to their room, I asked about their parents but I was just given a silly look, “Parents? We have our own room”, “Oright for some” I muttered under my breath, in a more sarcastic tone, luckily they didn’t here.

After sitting in their apartment for about an hour talking with me purposefully sitting at the end of the bed so I could get a good view of their legs, the wind started blasting against the patio doors and the chairs on the balcony were scraping and even I have to admit some of the sounds were quite scary. I was asked to stay over and of course I obliged. There apartment had two double beds pushed together, in the bed room, a large bath room and a huge kitchen diner, it was much bigger than my hotel room and I was surprised these two needed all this.

After being asked to leave the room while they changed I looked around in the bathroom, I wanted mouthwash, I had no toothbrush, I was looking through the girls toiletry bags when I saw a purple vibrator, it was small and discrete but the thought of it having been in one of their young pussies just gave me the urge to lick it. I did so with no shame, although I had to stop as they called me back in.

I was hoping for them both to be in sexy lingerie on the bed, although good things don’t happen to me, or so I thought. After about an hour of me making the two of them wet there sides with my comic genius although Steph was now falling asleep, but there appeared to be some chemistry between me and the blonde beauty lay beside me.

I leant towards her and kissed her on the cheek, it was pitch black I couldn’t really see where I was going but I felt her soft cheek touch my lips, I did this because if she didn’t want to I could laugh it off as friendly but if she did, she knew I wanted to. After a couple of seconds which seemed like minutes she lunged in and kissed me, her lips were so tender her warm breath made me feel aroused like never before, I took my hand and placed it around her neck pulling her towards me, the kissing became passionate.

Her leg now sliding between mine I pulled her close, I felt her skin touch me, she had no top on, her breasts firm and pressing hard up against me, my erection unhide-able. I rolled onto my back lifting her on top of me, reaching down towards her cunt, it was uncovered, wet and there to be played with, I rubbed it franticly whilst she bit my shoulder so she wouldn’t moan, I could hear her pleasurable “mmmm” almost as if she was purring to me. Her hand came down and met mine, she pushed my fingers into her, and I played with the beautiful soft inner lining of her cunt. She was now seriously struggling to keep quiet, I wasn’t so fussed I thought it’d be fun to try and wake her friend, as I continued to finger her she slowly moved up towards my face her pussy now in my mouth, my hands now feeling all over her body, the juices dripping into my mouth, I swallowed them. I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful girl, knelt over my face grinding into my mouth, I loved a shaven girl.

After some stifled groans through the bed sheet clinched in her moth she climbed off my face and disappeared under the covers when I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and forcefully give me the hardest blowjob of my life I wanted to explode there and then, after teasing my cock with her tongue and gagging on it numerous times she whispered in my ear, “fuck me”.

As I grabbed the condom from my jeans Chloe said, “Not here, in there” pointing to the kitchen. She led me by my cock to the kitchen table, the one of 3 I never thought could happen, she climbed onto it gracefully and lifted her legs up holding them by the ankles as I slid my now covered cock into her moist cunt. It slided in no problems, and she let out a gasp as the full length went in with one stroke. Watching the shaft disappear into that whole from this high as I stood straight was amazing and the odour from her was just bliss. As I got more frantic the more she moaned for a young girl of 16 she seemed like a very dirty girl;

“Fuck me! Oh yes”

“There yes! Hard! Harder! Right there, yes!”

I did as she instructed and when she told me she had a vibrator she wanted me to use to I knew exactly where to find it, she asked no questions. I put it in my mouth straight away, shocking Chloe and I slid it into her arsehole gently, easing it in as it vibrated, again pumping my cock in as I reached round to her arse, slowly she was getting louder, “Yes! OH FUCK YES!” as she shuddered, exploding over my cock, liquid squirting out over me as I pulled out in shock at how much there was, I’d just caused a female ejaculation, the holy grail of fucking I quickly got on my knees and lapped it up, licking her all over.

She wanted me to come but wanted to clean up and so led me towards the bath room, I was told to wank until I was ready to come at which point she wanted take the full load across her face, I obliged and it took no time at all for me to explode with as much force as she had over her. As she swirled her tongue around her mouth she gave me a grin and said “we better get back to bed before we get caught” after cleaning up I jumped back in bed, with a still sleeping Steph and as Chloe got back in bed, she said “looks like you’ve had the pair of us tonight, that wasn’t my vibrator. I was shocked but I had to smile.

I wanted to stay with Chloe in that bed all day when I woke up, but I was abruptly told to jump over the balcony when her dad called at the door. Half dressed I did as I was told, the holiday rep gave me a smile, 1 sock, a pair of jeans and no top, it must have been obvious.

"My second story, and this one is actually real, i couldn't let my creative juices flow as this is more a story of true events except for the place i visted and the names of those involved."

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