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My Hot Step Mother
07-15-2011, 04:53 AM
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My Hot Step Mother
When my Dad first started dating this women (almost 5 years ago now) I never really saw anything amazing about her, yes she was an attractive lady, great tits, pretty face and a lovely figure for a women in her late 30’s, but I suppose being 13 I didn’t think in that way. Carmen was 5ft 7” with brunette hair and large breasts, I don’t quite know what size but they definatly were not as firm as they used to be, her natural dark skin seemed to make her look slightly older than she was. She’d always wear clothes which enhanced her cleavage, and always without fail show her long tanned legs with short skirts / dresses and high heels.

I look back now at 18 and wonder why I didn’t find her attractive back then, when I think she is so ultimately hot right now. If I’m to explain this I need to take you back to when I was 13.

I was lying in my bed, struggling to sleep, it was a school night and everybody had gone to bed, I must have tossed and turned for an hour or so after my dad turned the light off, I’m ashamed to say I was always afraid of the dark. My door always left ajar to allow the light in. I lay there on my back staring up at the ceiling when I heard muffled sounds from my dads bedroom. These muffles slowly became louder and louder soon I could hear exactly why there were sounds coming from that room, it hadn’t occurred to me it would be this. My heart raced, I don’t know why, it just did, I could feel my blood pumping faster and faster, as she became louder and louder, the shrieks at first were sounds of “mmmm!” and “oooooooh!” but now she was screaming, she was being fucked, and fucked hard. I could hear the bed hitting the wall the periodic thud, “dum.. dum.. dum..” becoming faster as he drilled her, “OH FUCK!” “YES!” “HARD!” “HARDER!” “OH YES THERE! THERE!”. This must have lasted a good 20 minutes, but felt like an eternity in my head. I was trying to cover my ears at first, but now I just found myself sat up listening, enjoying hearing this women fuck desperate for it to continue, she climaxed with a shriek that would surely have woke me up had I not been sat listening, I thought my admittedly small cock at the time was going to explode, I’d never had such a hard erection... And that is how I fell for her.

They married a few months later, and seemed very loved up, I would often sit up waiting to hear them fucking, I must seem wrong, but the sounds I’d heard were better than the stuff I’d heard on the internet. I was hooked, this women, was now my dream, I wanted to make someone scream the way she did, I don’t even believe many of you reading will understand the sounds she was making, I must be lucky to have experienced it. Unfortunately, the frequency of them fucking slowly declined over the next few years, much to my disappointment. It was due to this I resorted to searching through the bedroom when I’d be back from school and alone in the house, I’d look through her panties, all thongs, or sexy laced french knickers, although I usually went into the linen basket to find a fresh pair which would still smell of her scent. I’d admittedly become obsessed with her, I never saw it happening.

She’d started to wear more revealing clothes around the house, frequently changing into something just before my dad got home from work, and I guess this was linked to the lack of sex, but I have to admit I was now struggling to not sit leering at her. She’d sit across from me, watching the TV patiently waiting, whilst I’d find myself looking at her long tanned legs, beautifully manicured feet and breasts now bursting from her top. The red nail polish beautifully complemented her extremely sexy heels. She seemed peaceful sitting there, we didn’t really speak, I was 18, and a grumpy teenager in her eyes I guess. When the phone rang she sprung up, I never took my eyes off her breasts bobbing up and down, almost spilling out, I knew who it would be, I’d seen it all too often, her face dropped, he wouldn’t be back till late, it was the usual story probably, caught up at work. If I’m honest I think he was having an affair and to be frank, I think Carmen was coming close to doing the same. The rampant rabbit I’d seen in her draw was obviously there to fill a void she had, she used it often, and I’d heard her using it at times like this, but never reached the heights of that night some years ago.

She placed the phone down and claimed she was going to have a bath, I knew what’d happen next, I followed her up, a few minutes later, I could hear her moaning gently though now, the door was shut tight, I imagined her, lay legs wide sliding the dildo in and out of her cunt. Her legs writhing in the sheets of the bed as her cunt leaked her juices all over them, as soon as she’d come I jumped away from the door, and pretended to be walking across the landing, she was holding her pussy through her silk nighty. Obviously wet and dripping, as she climbed into the bath I took the still dripping dildo and licked it, I was licking a cock, was it wrong? I felt no, I was doing it to taste her and she tasted amazing. I must have been sat there holding this pink rubber cock for about 5 minutes before I turned and saw Carmen stood in the doorway.

I thought she’d be shocked, embarrassed at least... but no she just stood there, her hand in the opening of her black silk night gown, showing me flesh I’d never seen before, one hand stroking her clit while the other holding her breast. I instantly apologised and she told me that it was fine, I was surprised...

“Are you sure?”

“It’s natural, but I don’t think you should be licking that”

“I know, I’m sorry”, I protested.

“Don’t be sorry, I want you to taste me, but properly”

I wasn’t sure what she meant at that time, although I had a very good idea, she came across to me lay me down on the bed, and opened her night gown slowly, revealing what I’d wanted to see all these years. Her long legs, her amazing figure, the tone of her skin perfection when matched with her brunette hair and succulent lips. Carmen immediately wrapped them around my cock, sucking hard whilst humming with pleasure, the vibrations making my cock ooze with pre cum. She was swallowing the full length of my cock, this was an experienced woman, gagging on it, the feeling of it touching the back of her throat was heaven. “I haven’t had a cock in my mouth for months” she claimed, I wasn’t going to deny her the pleasure; I pushed her head back down on my cock. The feeling of over powering the women with a body which has been a fiction of my imagination for so long was even better than heaven.

I knew if I allowed her to continue her experience would cause me to explode within her mouth, and I wasn’t going to allow this chance to pass, I wanted to make a women scream and I knew she was the one that would, surely after months without she would be louder and better than ever? I pushed her down against the bed, placed my head between her toned legs and my hands under her buttocks. Lifting her into my mouth my tongue licking over her entire cunt, this was met with a small “mmm” I was excited, I couldn’t take this slow, I lifted my tongue under her clit, flicking it rapidly with my tongue she screamed “oh YES!” her juice now dripping into my mouth I slid my finger inside, it wasn’t tight like my girlfriend, but the inside was much softer, she knew where she wanted my finger, grinding down on it hard. Carmen was now groaning loud and I was rock hard, I’d waited for this, I stood over her, she knew what I wanted to do, opening her legs wide, her cunt opening. I slid my cock into it with ease, I was now fucking my step mom in my dads bed. I started slowly, but I wanted to make her scream, the occasional mmms and aaars weren’t enough, I started powerfully thumping my cock into her cunt, now soaking, I felt my groin sticking to hers as I slammed into her, the wetter she got the harder I got. And in turn, the louder she got. My heart was again racing, now because I was hearing her shriek, “FUCK ME!” “OH YES!” the faster my heart got, the more passionate the fucking became, this was only a fuck, and there would be no loving kisses after. I just needed to make her come, and I’d be happy for the rest of my life.

It didn’t take long, she was now bellowing the house down, louder than when I’d heard her all those years ago, possibly because I was inches away, or maybe because I was better, either way her screaming became undecipherable she was screaming words which made no sense, screaming for screamings sake, with a shudder she bucked up and down, her blue eyes rolling into the back of her head as her cunt gushed, the fluid soaking me, the bed, everything. I kept on thrusting with everything I had, she exploded once more, my cock now sloshing around inside her, the feeling was amazing, I was going to cum, I had no condom on! What was I thinking?! I pulled out and from between her legs it was my time to explode all over her toned stomach and ample chest up to her face it was the most intense orgasm of my life, almost knocking me backwards. I lay there not knowing what to say or do, watching her take the cum from her cunt and mixing it with mine before she licked it off her fingers.

Just as she’d almost cleaned all of it off she invited me into the bath that was waiting, but made me promise I couldn’t tell a soul, I don’t think she was worried about my dad, but more my friends, who wouldn’t want to tell their best mate about an experience like this?

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