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My Friends Mom (Full)
07-16-2011, 03:00 AM
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My Friends Mom (Full)
It was 1 week before my 18th birthday, A hot summer day when
I receive a text from my friend saying that his mom had gotten a hotel room
that was near my house for a day and if i would like to go swimming. The sound
of a swim on a day like that was attractive, So i agreed, He picked me up and
we arrived at the hotel, I had my towel and shorts ready. We entered room 104
and I see my friends beautiful mom, Nice legs, Nice body, Nice EVERYTHING
really. His mom is most of the time outgoing and isn't worried about much so
she was wearing somewhat of a tight shirt, and a skirt which really turned me
on, which is a surprise when someone is 40 years old.

"Well are you boys ready or not?" she said.
"Yes we are, we said"

We Ran off to the pool in a hurry to cool down from the heat, then to my
surprise we found my friends little brother waiting for us at the pool, my
friends mom brought him along, got me a bit mad because he is an annoying
little brat. We began to enjoy the nice pool in a hot summer day, Anyhow I saw
his mom sit down on one of those pool chairs with that nice skirt of hers and
wearing sun glasses. I gave the occasional glance over at her to hopefully see
some of what was In between that skirt, Of course I did not gave too long of a
stare in fear that she might see me.

"We've been here a bit to long, Don't you guys think we should head back
to the room"

So we got out with agreement to her comment and started walking back to the
room, along the way My friends little brother was yelling and hollering that He
wanted to stay longer inside the pool, but his mom refused every time. We got
there and dried ourselves off, when my friend said he was going to go
skateboarding with some of our other friends and asked if i wanted to join, me
not being much of a skateboarder refused.

"No, thanks, I can walk to my house from here its nearby and besides i am

He was OK with it and shortly after left.

"God I am tired" she said
"Yeah tell me about it" I said
"why don't you stay awhile and rest, we can order some pizza or
something" she said

My hunger was preventing me from saying no to that question, So i agreed. My
friends little brother still bothering her about wanting to go swim more, so
eventually she gave up and said 'Fine, We're going to rest a bit anyways, go
ahead'. He heatedly flew out the door to go swimming and really soon I was
alone with her, thoughts of sex raced through my head like crazy, left and
right and sideways and every possible direction. I was trying to keep myself
from looking at her skirt and to not have thought so i asked "What should
we order?" she thought of it for a bit, she moved herself to the couch
which was next to me and Opened up her legs, Not to wide but enough for me to
see her panties (Nice white panties) and said:

"I'm actually not in the mood for eating right now, I'm in the mood for
something else, and you?

I was in shock, I could not think of anything more that her sweet pussy which
was right in front of me. I lost all thought of any food, No i lie I thought of
"Food" mmmm.

"I'm sorry" i said, "Its just that you have your legs opened in
front of me and ..."
"I know, I saw you at the pool trying to stare into my skirt, I figured
that I would finally let you find out what is under there while we are

Of course at this moment my cock was throbbing Like it has never before
throbbed in my life!

"well do you want it? she asked"

Without even responding to that question I quickly got on my knees and opened
her legs even more and moved her panties over and I was ready to get in there,
and then *Knock, Knock, Knock*
It was my friends little brother!, Wanting to get in and go home. I was very
mad and disappointed, as she got up and straightened herself up to go to the
door she whispered In my ear and said:

"At least we know we want each other, and besides I rather wait till your
18 and make it legal, think of it as your "Unwrapped" present"

After that disappointing day and went home, ate some food and went to bed and
all i dreamed about was about 1 week from now and how much could not wait.

1 week later

I go to my friends house quit a bit since it is not even 5 minutes away from
where I live, I know enough about my friend to know where he works, when he
works and for how long. Today Is one of the days that my friend is at work and
I know that very well. Anyhow on with the story...

Yesterday I quickly learned that both My friends little brother and little
sister had taken Summer school courses at a faraway middle school and that his
father was on a business trip to Texas
on an urgent call. I quickly realized that tomorrow was the day and I perfectly
planned it to the most specific detail.

I got to my friends house about 2 hours before he had to go to work and 1hr and
a half before his siblings had to go to school. We started playing some Halo 3
while at the same time being in perfect view of his mom, she was wearing jeans
and a tight shirt and she looked amazing in them. She knew I was looking at her
so when no one was able to see she would tease me by sticking her tongue out
and then she pointed at me and got a spoon out and pointed at that and slowly
and sensually put it in her mouth acting as if it was my cock.

I was keeping close track of the time on the clock. The time for the kids to
head of to school went by quickly and soon the 2nd hour was about to hit and
that is when I asked If i could use the restroom, unable to refuse my friend
said "of course". I was in the restroom only to find some nice white
panties of his moms in there and I couldn't resist, so i picked them up and put
the crotch part of them right ontop of the head of my throbbing hard dick and I
felt like I was about to explode.

Soon time came for me to leave the restroom to find out if my planned had
worked. I walked out looking for a sign of somebody, I went into the kitchen,
into my friends room...

"Im in here" I heard

I went into her bedroom only to find her in a very sexy position.

"My son told me to tell you that he had to go to work and you took to
long" She said
"Oh, I forgot about that" I innocently said.
"You Haven't forgot about your present now have you"
"How could I? I have been waiting my entire life for this!"
"well then, why don't you start the unwrapping"
"With pleasure..."

I slowly climbed up in the bed with her, feeling my cock at it's hardest. I
started to remove her shoes by untying her shoe laces. She would be having her
little orgasms as I slowly crept up Jeans. I removed her shirt to see her
amazing beautiful C cup breasts, Her nipples so hard and soft and tender at the
same time. I held one tit in each hand with perfect fit. "Play with my
tits! OH MY GOD I AM SO WET!" she yelled, all that yelling only got me
that much more exited, my dick was now throbbing so hard I could feel my shorts
were about to rip. As I was asked to I gently licked the top of her left nipple
then her right nipple, all while she was having orgasms.

"Are you Hungry Baby?" She asked
"Then eat me! eat me real good! I want to feel your tongue on my

Trying to make this experience last a lifetime I slowly crept down her stomach,
kissing her every second or two. I could feel her excitement On her heavy
breathing. When I got to her pants We hear the phone ring. She answers it.....

"Oh hi Honey, are you ok?"
"Yes they are fine"
"Hes at work and the other two are at summer school"
"Me? Im all alone watching a my favorite movie"
"Don't worry about me!, It's not like im going to have sex with someone
else besides you while your gone!"
"Ok Honey, You have a nice day at work, Ill see you tomorrow"

I was aware of the phone call but I was way to busy enjoying the best birthday
present In the world that I was completely oblivious about it at the same time.
By now I had removed Her jeans and Had my face right in between her legs. I
could tell she was holding her orgasms back while on the phone which made the
experience that much more joyful to tell you the truth, knowing that her
husband had no idea what was going on.

Her cunt was extremely wet that I felt her juices come at my tongue like little
gusher explosions! It felt amazing and tasted amazing.

"I have an idea" she said

Without even giving me time to respond in "What?" she quickly turned
me to my back to the bed while My face still completely in her cunt! I was in
shock and and in heaven at the same time! She put her hands on each side of my
head and started to hump my face up and down, by now all of her juices are
smothered all over my face but I of course did not mind at all.

"Do you like that?!? huh? Do you?!?" she yelled
"mhmm, mhmm" I said, Without having the ability to speak

At that time the most amazing thing of all happened to me, she came right On my
face which I thought would never happen.

"Are you ready to fully unwrap your present now?" she asked
"I was born ready"
"Good, now let's see that young 18 year old cock of yours and let's stick
in to my 40 year old cunt!"

I am about average size, about 5 and 1/2 inches long and somewhat thick.

"I've been wanting a young one for the longest time, and now my dream is
coming true!" She said
"that makes two of us" I said.

She slowly started going down My stomach when she eventually reached my cock
with her shaven pussy. Instead of going In there right away she teased me a bit
and started sucking on my cock, This was the first time anyone had sucked on it
and it was everything i thought it would be. Seeing my cock go in and out of
her mouth almost brought me to the brink of blasting my load into her mouth!
She went back and forth between putting my cock in betwen her amazing tits and
sucking it for awhile. My plan was to come over here and fuck her but this went
beyond my imagination!, I was actually tit fucking her!

"Let's See what your made of!" She said to me

She pushed me down and I was laying flat on my back, she stood up on the bed
staring down at me and then slowly brought her pussy down to my throbbing cock.

"Oh my! That feels good, so soft and amazing" she said
"You think so?"
"Yes, I havent had sex in over a year! I always masterbated to you almost
everyday since you turned 17"

Her comment making me more excited made me even harder, I started to slowy move
up and down to fuck her. Slowly fucking her went to fucking her at a moderate
speed, "HARDER! HARDER!" she yelled, I started to fuck her as hard
and as fast as i could! It felt amazing, "IM CUMMING AGAIN!, OH GOD YES!
YES!" she yelled. This continued on for about 30 minutes or more until I
started to feel a very BIG load and I let her know that I was about to.

"Im about to cum, what do i do" I asked

she got off my cock and started to suck on my cock once more

"I want you to cum right into my mouth, you got that"

She continued to suck my dick doing all the job of the stroking for me with her
mouth. I felt it close and closer "OH! Im cumming now!" I yell and
then I feel the biggest load of my entire life go straight into her mouth.

"mmm that tasted good" she said
"Did you just?"
"eat your cum? yes and it was amazing"
"Was I good?" I asked
"you kidding me?" she said "I only made you cum once and I came
like 5 times!"

after a short conversation of what just happened and after a bit more teasing
we both used the same bath tub to clean ourselves up. She cleaned me up as If
was her 1 year old son taking a bath and then I did the same thing back to her.
We dried up and I put my only set of clothes back on and she put on a new set
of clothes, around the same time her younger son and daughter walked in the
door from summer school.

"How was school?"
"good, boring but good"
"Thats good"

I walked home with the biggest smile of my life, I got home and put on a fresh
change of clothes. Later that day I got a text from my friend, "I just got
home, you should come over Im bored" So i did and when I got there
Everything was all back to " Normal ".
I walked by his mom whispering "Thank you for the present". From that
point on everything Just kind of became a routine, if you know what I mean ;).

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about My first time. First time writer here =D, any feedback would be appreciated, tell me what I can do to improve for next time.

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