My First Unwanted yet wanted sex Part one
Maddison was walking home one night after a big party with her friends. The reason for her walking? Well, she came with a friend and that friend left with another "friend". Maddison here was only 17 and still a virgin. She's had many boyfriends in the past but she'd never had sex with any. She was very beautiful. Model-like figure, perfect curves, lucious lips, medium perky breasts just big enough to fit her body, magnificent smile, bright green eyes and gorgeous brown hair. Maddie wasn't very shy but she wouldn't say hello to you at first glance either.

Anyways, on to the rest of the story. As she was walking, it turned a bit darker. Not too dark but the sky was just about to turn from purple to pitch black. Maddie wasn't very afraid until she walked by a girl that didn't like her very much. Her name was Juliet and she was always jealous of Maddison since the 3rd grade. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. The normal looking teenage girl. Not to skinny, not to fat, yet not too pretty either. While Maddie was walking she noticed Juliet eyeballing her with a very strange look in her eye. Of course, being the mature young lady that she was, she ignored it and continued. A few minutes later it had started to rain. Not very hard but just enough to soak you right when you step outside. Still, Maddison ignored the rain and ignored Juliet. It was a bit difficult to ignore Juliet once she started following her. Maddie began to get afraid.

Maddison continued walking despite she was drenched and that Juliet was following her. She began to get annoyed by Juliet following her and decided to turn around and confront her. While she attempted to turn around, her high heel slipped on a rock causing her to trip. She fell but her chest and arms protected her from getting hurt. She looked up to notice that no one was there. She got up from the wet floor and you could quickly notice that her nipples had just gotten erect from them guarding her fall. Maddison turned around to continue her walk home when suddenly, 4 arms grabbed her and she suddenly fainted.

She woke up to see nothing but a cloth against her eyes. Maddie then noticed she was tied up. Her arms were in the air while her legs were aswell. She wasn't completely naked but her bra and panties were still wet and on her. Maddison was frightened yet aroused. She then heard a girl's voice that sounded like Juliet.

"I see you're awake now by the cute fidgeting around. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Your clothes are in the washer just so you know." said the voice.

"Who are you? Where am I? Why am I half naked?!" Maddison replied.

"Well you ask alot of questions now don't you?" another voice said. Maddie couldn't quite make this one out, though.

Suddenly, she felt a cold hand carress her body slowly. She started moving around in fear but the feeling which made her aroused overcame the fear. Maddie began to moan and hear laughter after the moans. She ignored them.

"You like this don't you Maddie? Little virgin Maddie likes being touched by a girl, huh?" mocked Juliet. "Maybe you'd like me to touch you on those little covered up parts eh?"

"No, please, mmm, s...stop. Mmmm...I....I..I don't like i..iitt."

A hand quickly touched her vagina through her panties and started carressing it.

"How could you not want this? Your little virgin pussy is so wet! Your words may say one thing but your body tells me you want me to touch you more."


"Admit it, you want more. I already know. Tell me. Tell me you want more."

"I..I..I want more!"

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