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My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
01-20-2013, 01:51 PM
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My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
My Family

I am a boy 20 in age with 5 feet 11 inches height and studying in college. My mom's name is Riya and is just 35 since she had me when she was only 15. My mother was married at the age of 14 to her uncle - my grandmother's brother - when he was 40 years old, after his first wife died. I was born the same year she got married and after me, she had two girls. My dad is 60 and is always busy with his high corporate job. My mom is a very beautiful typical Bengali lady. I had two uncles (brothers of dad) who would often come to visit us and they would always ogle at mom and she felt very uneasy in their presence.

My mom always dressed conservatively just as Bengali women do. In daytime she always wore a sari and blouse which covered up everything. At night however she would either wear just the sari loosely wrapped around her or change into a nightie. On summer nights she used to sleep with just a sari loosely wrapped around her without any blouse or petticoat. As a child I used to sleep with my parents and often on summer nights I found that my mom's breasts were totally naked in front of my eyes. Her breasts were big nice round and heavy capped with rusty red aureoles and nice nipples that were like peas and at times I would just put my mouth on one of her nipples and start sucking them and then fall asleep like that. My mom never seemed to mind. Most of the time I too shed my clothes and slept with my parents naked as I was just a child and had nothing to be ashamed of. At times mom would fondle and tickle my small cock to make me sleep. Though my mom was very conservative, yet she had her share of peculiarities.

Though, my mom would almost always bathe me as Bengali women usually do to their sons. This was when I was a child and it continued till my seventh standard. My bathing used to be a long drawn process. First my ayah would make me naked and then massage oil on my whole body. She would take my small nunu (cock) in her hands, draw back the foreskin and put oil there and then draw the skin back. It always felt nice. Then mom would take me to the bathroom and once there she would remove her sari and blouse. Her breasts would stand out like two big mountains out of her bra and she would hitch her petticoat to her knees and then bathe me. At times she would get rid of the bra too and be in just her petticoat or at times her panty. She would be extra careful around my cock. She would gently take it in her hands, softly remove the skin and put soap there and also my scrotum and then wash me thoroughly. Once every week she would also put some baby oil on my tool after bathing me and then kiss it lightly.

At times while bathing me she would just shed her bra and panty also and get fully naked and then start taking her bath with me. I used to get a thrill out of it seeing my naked mom bath with me. Her wet breasts looked so nice and her nipples always became erect like two hard peas and I would often take a bite at one of her nipples and she would lovingly scold me saying that I was a very naughty boy. On such occasions while she would soap me I would be busy feeling and pumping her breasts or playing with her nips. Then she would stand up and I would stare at the place between her thighs. There I was amazed at the nice dense bush full with glossy black hair. I would just stare at her bush and she would ask me what I was looking at. I used to ask her about her having hair between her thighs while I had none. She would laugh and say, “Wait for a few years and you too would be having a nice bush between your legs". Then she would soap her bush and breasts and ask me to put soap on her ass. I would happily comply with her wish and while doing so I would slip my hand from her ass to her bush and get a nice feel of it. Mom would just grab my hands between her thighs and press them tightly and after our bath would kiss my tool and fondle it.

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
My Mom

A few years later it was my fourteenth birthday and there was a party. Both of my uncles had come and as usual they were ogling mom. I saw that my uncle Raja was touching mom's butts deliberately but she did not say anything. I thought may be she had not noticed and I let it go at that. I have signs of hair growth around my cock. By now mom had joined a part time job and so did not have time to bathe me. Now I did not get to see mom naked while bathing or at other times as I had been shifted to another room.

The day after my birthday, dad went out of town on one of his usual office tours and I was alone with mom. However my grandpa (Dad's dad) had come at my birthday and as dad was leaving, he stayed back for a few days to look after my 28-year old mom and me. I called my grandpa dadu (Bengali for grandpa).
Since mom was alone she told me to sleep with her on her bed. I was happy thinking that may be after a long time I will get to see mom's breasts at night. I waited on the bed for mom to appear and start changing her clothes. But to my utter dismay mom came and shedding just her sari she lied down on the bed beside me. I could see that mom was not wearing any bra at the time and she was in her blouse and petticoat. She lovingly put her hand in my hair and my forehead and we chatted for sometime and then I fell asleep.

Suddenly I was woken up by some sound. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that mom's bed side lamp was on and mom was reading some book. Someone was softly knocking on the door and mom got up to open the door. The door must have been open and I saw dadu (grandpa) coming in. I watched as he came near the bed and asked, "Is he asleep?"

Mom looked at me and said, "Yes he fell asleep a few minutes ago."

Grandpa sat down on the bed beside mom and looked at her blouse and smiled. Mom kept the book she was reading on the side table and loosened her hair. Dadu slowly lowered his face and put his lips on mom's lips. I was very surprised to see this and suddenly I knew why dadu had stayed back after dad went away and why was he here in mom's room at this hour. I was going to witness mom getting laid by her father-in-law, my grandpa.

Dadu pressed his lips firmly on mom's lips and I saw mom reach to grandpa's back and move her hands all over his back. She was kissing passionately as I saw her hungrily nibble at grandpa's lower lips. Their kiss continued for a couple of minutes and then grandpa parted his lips from her. Grandpa looked at mom and said, "Bouma (Bengali for daughter-in-law) ekbar hobe naki?" (Honey shall we do it once?)

Mom asked coyly, "Ki hobe baba?" (What shall we do dad?)

Grandpa smiled and said, "Amar sathe khela korcho sona? Bolchi je ekbar choda chudi hobe naki? Tomake onek din choda hoe nai esho ebar tomake mon diye, pran diye, dhon diye chudi.”

Mom said, "Ish baba apni ki ashobho hoe gachen. Nijer cheler bou ke chudte chan." I could see that mom was teasing grandpa. I was surprised to see that my so conservative mom was so free sexually with her father in law.

Grandpa slowly moved his hands on mom's blouse and put his palms on mom's breasts. He started to massage them over her blouse and moved his hands in circles and bringing them to the centre of her breasts on her nipples which he pinched over her blouse. Mom smiled and said, "Baba eta apni ki korchen? Nijer boumar doodh tipchen? Charon dekhi pashe chele shue ache dekhchen na jodi jege jai ki hobe?”

Dadu was now heavily massaging her breasts and slowly reaching for the hooks, he started unhooking her blouse. In a few moments mom's breasts were naked in front of grandpa and he was staring at them with hungry eyes.

Mom said, "Ki dekhcho cholo doodh khabe na nijer boumar? Ektu chuse dao na baba."

Dadu smiled and lowered his head on mom's left breast and kept playing with the other one wit his left hand. He was playing with her nipple. He squeezed it with his thumb and index finger and mom gave out a small cry. I saw mom's nipple grow erect like a small peak in dadu's hand. Dadu kept sucking at mom's breast like a child for some more time before releasing it and lowering his mouth on her right breast. Mom was now moaning slowly and pressing his head more on her breasts. Mom was breathing heavily and was very excited. Dadu released her breast and looked at his half naked daughter in law in his arms.

Mom reached below to dadu's pajamas and taking hold of his erection she said, "Bap re eta abar ki baba tomar pajamar bhetore. Eta eto shokto keno?”

Dadu said, "Ar khela noe sona ebar ektu ghosa ghosi kori. Amar dhon ektu tipe dao to bouma.”

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
Mom already had her hands on his pajamas and she was massaging it quite well. Grandpa lowered his mouth again on mom's breasts and took a firm bite of her breast. Mom moaned out loudly and grabbed grandpa's cock firmly. Now I saw grandpa creeping his hand slowly to mom's petticoat and put it inside it. I saw his hand moving inside mom's petticoat and could well understand that he was rubbing her between her thighs at her cunt which was craving for her own father in law's cock. Grandpa was furiously moving his hand inside and at the same time eating out her breast. Slowly he brought out his hand from the petticoat after a few minutes of playing with her pussy and started pulling at the string of mom's petticoat. He pulled it away in a jiffy and pulled away mom's petticoat. Mom lifted her ass to help dadu make her naked.

Now grandpa was looking at his sweet daughter in law in her birthday suit. Mom spread her legs well and said, "Baba ektu amar choot ta chuse debe? Amar ekbar raush khose jete dao tahole aro beshi kore chuddar moja pabo." Grandpa lowered his mouth on mom's cunt between her thighs and spread her pussy lips. He was bending between mom's open thighs. He first made a few fast licks to make her hot with desire. Mom moaned and grandpa then started licking at her cunt steadily in a rhythm. I could see mom's dense forest in the light and grandpa's holding her lips wide made me see in an amazed way at her rich dark forest which I was seeing after quite a long time. I never found it as attractive as I was finding it now. Maybe it was due to the fact that my own grandpa was licking at it. Grandpa was flicking his tongue on her cunt while he rubbed her clitty. Suddenly he took a bite at her cunt and mom almost jumped up from bed. He kept softly chewing at her cunt for some more time and rubbing her clit quite hard. In a few minutes mom was squirmimg in the bed and then she pressed his head on her pussy firmly. She must have cum in grandpa's mouth.

Now I looked at mom and saw her giving a contented smile. She seemed to be very happy to have cum in his face. Now grandpa said, "Bouma ebar amar dhon take ador koro to dekhi jamon kore ami boli sherom kore."

Quickly he stood up and mom pulled at the strings of his pajama and pulled it down. I saw a very large cock that was as black as anything could be and a very large sack hanging below it. The cock was stiff and looked very intimidating but mom looked at it with lust and hunger. Grandpa lied down on the bed and said, "Bouma ebar amar dhon take choso to. Otake prothome hate niye ektu gosho tate dekhbe raush berobe. Tarpor otake ektu kheche dao. Tarpor amar barar mundi take mokhe niye chato ar choso."

I watched amazed as mom took his long stiff black thing in her white hands and start giving him a handjob. She was rubbing it in her hands by first pulling back the whole of his foreskin and then pulling it back to the top. She did this for some more time and then to my surprise mom lowered her face and started to take grandpa's cock in her beautiful sexy mouth. She licked its head and tongued its rim. She then took a small bite of his cock head that made grandpa jump his hips. Mom held him still and took it out of her mouth. She started licking its base and then the whole length. Grandpa was moaning in pleasure. At the same time she was massaging his balls. Mom now again took his long pole in her mouth and started to go up and down on his cock. I saw mom's head bob up and down on grandpa's cock. Grandpa seemed to be getting a lot of pleasure and he was moaning. Grandpa was in immense pleasure and was moaning loudly without any consideration that I was lying near.

He instructed mom to do it better, "Bouma aro jore khao to amar dhon take. Amar bichi guloke chotkao hater muthoe niye. Bichi gulo tepo. Ahhhh ooohhhhh ki korcho bouma."

This went on for a long time and then grandpa said, "Bouma nao ebar pa duto phank kore shue poro dekhi ar choot ta khule dhoro. Amar dhon ta ebar dukhiye thelete hobe nahole amar maal tomar mukhe khose jabe ar tomar choot kichu khete pabe na."

The next thing I knew mom was lying on the bed with her legs in the air and grandpa was holding his cock at her pussy entrance. Mom winked at grandpa and he gave a large push. In a swift motion I saw grandpa's long pole disappear inside mom's pussy. Now grandpa started pumpimg in a steady rhythm. Mom was so excited that she was juggling her own breasts and grandpa was busy nibbling at her lips. Grandpa forcibly moved away mom's hand from her breasts and put them on his ass to grab him firmly while he took charge of kneading her breasts. They were now grunting and grandpa was going very fast with his long gong buried deep inside mom's hole. And then suddenly grandpa exploded inside mom's pussy and sent his seed inside her womb. Grandpa continued pumping for a few mounted after his jerking had subsided. He now slowed down and finally came to rest on mom's breasts. Mom was already in a state of bliss as could be seen from her eyes which were glittering with pleasure.

Slowly grandpa took out his limp cock from mom's pussy and again going between mom's thighs he started licking at their combined juices. He licked her cunt to lap up her juices and then came up and kissed mom on her lips. They were in effect tasting their cums together. Grandpa slowly got off our bed and walked to his room. Mom did not even care to go and wash herself or put on anything and in a few minutes she was asleep.

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story

It was a winter morning and I had returned from college a lot earlier and finding no one in the rooms I went straight up to the roof. Just as I was going to enter the roof I heard mom and our servant boy Babu speaking. Babu was a village boy who worked for us for the last two months. He was about 19 but as he was a village boy he was very simple. He always called my mom Ma . He was in his half pants and mom was sitting on a mattress spread on the floor in the sun wearing her nighty. She wanted a massage from him and was directing him how to do it.

I watched as mom first gave her arms for him to massage. It was soon over and he moved on to her legs up to the knees. Mom lifted her legs and spreading them she gave them for massage. Her nighty had already fallen to one side and I could see up to her thighs. I knew Babu could also see and he must be getting a kick watching mom display herself. Soon mom got up and untied her robe and let it fall. I saw that mom was wearing one of her skimpy bra and panties. The bra was very low cut and almost left nothing to imagination. The panty was a red lacy one through which I could see her tufts of pubic mound peeking. Mom smiled and turned on her belly and told him to massage her back and bottom. Babu took some oil in his palms and started to rub mom's back. He reached her bra strap and quickly went over it and then continued with her lower back. Soon he reached mom's panty and again skipping that part he went to massage her soft thighs.

Mom said, "Why don't you oil where the strap is. I will open it", and saying this mom reached behind and quickly undid the hooks. The bra came off and I could see her breasts peeking out from the sides. Babu reached there and massaged some oil there.

He asked as he reached her panty, "Ma ami tomar pachate tel malish kore debo ki? Shukno lagche.”

Mom said, "Thik ache amar panty ta namiye de ar pacha duto te bhalo kore malish kor. Ager din tel lagash ni.”

To my surprise Babu pulled down mom's panty and mom lifted her hips to help him. Babu started to rub oil on her bums. He massaged the back of her thighs well and then moved his hands over mom's tight ass. He rubbed some oil on the ass cheeks and then separating the cheeks he reached her tight puckered hole and touched it with his finger. He tickled it a bit and then slowly started to move his finger on mom's asshole.

Mom said, "Ae bokachoda, ki korchis amar poder phutki ta nie. Taratari poder bhetor tor angul ta dhukiye tel laga.”

Babu quickly followed her order by parting her cheeks well so that her hole was prominently displayed and then slowly inserted his finger inside. I saw Babu's finger moving inside her hole slowly and then he had his whole finger inside. Mom squirmed in pleasure as his long, slender finger went inside her asshole. Babu was now slowly putting his finger in and withdrawing giving mom pleasure. He continued this for five minutes before mom stopped him.

Now mom turned on her back and held for his viewing pleasure her pussy open. Babu was staring at mom's pussy hungrily and mom was teasing him more. Mom removed her bra entirely and said, "Babu aye ebar amar doodh gulo te tel malish kore de. Dekh amar menar chokh gulo kamon kore tor dike takie ache tor hater ador pabar jonno. Ae baba ektu amar doodh gulo malish kore oder aro shundor kore de.”
Saying this mom put her fingers on her nipples and pinched them and smiled. I watched mom's big white globes go up and down fast as she was excited by the touch of a young stud. Mom's nipples were almost erect and the aureoles looked so inviting that I myself wanted to barge in and start sucking on them. Her cunt was also at display though she had closed her thighs so that I could see only her rich dark forest of jet black hair which was neatly trimmed. It was a perfect triangle and I wondered how she managed to dress her mound so well. It was a real pleasure watching her forest. Babu was feasting his eyes on her naked glory and I was feeling jealous at the lucky bastard.

Babu went near mom's breasts and slowly put his hands on them. He started to feel her massive breasts and played with them as he pleased. He was pressing them like soft balls and mom was smiling. He roamed his hands freely on her breasts and then tickled her nips. They were starting to grow out. He continued playing with her breasts with his one hand while with his other hand he was pinching her nipples. Then he took the oil and spread it evenly over his palms and put them on mom's breasts. He started at the centre of her breasts and spread out over the rest of her globes. He was massaging her breasts so well that mom was already holding him to steady herself. He brought his fingers to her nipples and flicked at them for sometime. The nipples were as erect as two thumbs that stuck out sorely from mom's big breasts. Now I saw mom slowly creeping her one hand towards Babu's pants and then she placed it over his cock. She put her hand there and slowly rubbed it up and down and then she grabbed it. He was busy massaging mom's breasts and mom was busy massaging his cock.

Mom said, "Honey now please do a milk shake for me" and saying that she lifted her body slightly. I thought that may be mom wanted to have a milk shake. So I was surprised when Babu quickly moved his hands on her breasts and grabbing them he started to shake them so violently that I thought that her breasts would tear out from her chest. He kept shaking mom's breasts for some more time after which mom lied down again and thanked him. She pressed his cock once tightly and smilingly said, "Now dear why don't you massage my thighs."

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
Babu smiled and changed his position and came near her thighs. He slowly put his hands on her thighs and massaged them. He said, "Ma tomar thigh gulo khule dhauro jate ami bhetore tel lagate pari.”

Mom quickly parted her legs and he spread them further so that he had wide access to her cunt. I could see mom's cunt in all its glory as she was spread eagled on the mattress. Her rich jungle was all for Babu and his cock which must be aching by now with all the teasing for the last half an hour.

He massaged her thighs and then slowly took his fingers near her cunt hole and brushed his fingers against her fur. Mom was looking at him and smiling. Babu seemed a bit flushed to be so near her entrance. Mom said, "Ae amar jhant gulo te tel laga.”

Babu reached for mom's muff and massaged oil on her rich forest making them shine. Then he brushed his fingers on mom's outer lips and mom shivered in pleasure. He was slowly getting bolder and now he was openly rubbing his fingers on mom's outer lips. Mom had closed her eyes and Babu continued with his game. He slowly and lovingly parted mom's hair from her lips and spread the cunt lips wide. He put one finger near her inner lip when mom opened her eyes and asked, "Ki dekhcho sona amar choot tor shundor lagche to? Amar choot dekhte tumi khoob bhalobasho tai na? Tai wait korchis keno, ne amar choote tor angul dukhiye diye amake aram de haramjada. Amar choote agun lagiye diyechis ebar choote angul kore amake aram de.”

Babu smiled and at once put his one finger in and then slowly eased another finger inside mom's pussy. He was looking very happy to be able to finger fuck a sexy whore like my mom. He started to push his finger inside and then withdraw it almost totally. He was sitting with his back to mom and so mom had access to his ass. Mom quickly grabbed his ass and pulled down the elastic band of his pants to reveal his tight ass. As he started to play his fingers inside mom's pussy mom massaged his ass. Then I saw mom slowly easing her one finger inside Babu's ass. She had her finger inside him when Babu reach mom's pussy with his other hand and massage mom's clit. Mom jumped up in pleasure and tightly rammed her finger inside Babu's asshole. Now Babu was moving his fingers inside mom very fast and I knew mom was going to have her climax anytime. Soon I saw that mom could no longer hold back and she threw up her legs as she had a nice climax.
Mom stayed there like that for a few minutes more and then told Babu to wipe her pussy well. Babu took a small wet towel and did as asked. Now mom said, " You are such a nice boy now let us go to the bed and I will help you relieve yourself."

I could not believe my ears that mom was going to fuck Babu. Mom picked up her towel and wrapping it around her she went to her bedroom with Babu in the tow. Once in the bedroom mom looked at Babu and told him to lie down. Babu complied and said, "Ma tumi ki towel ta khulbe? Khule puro langto hoe jao na. Tomake amar langto hoe dekhte khoob bhalo lage. Tomar langto shorir ta ki shundor.”

Ma laughed and said, "Oh ma tui tor make langto kore dekhte bhalo dushtu chele re baba. Ae baba ami toke langto hoe dekhachhi ar toke amar shorir take nie khete ar khelte debo.”

Babu was already lying on the bed and mom slowly took off her towel so reveal her naked body to Babu's hungry eyes. He ogled at her sexy body. Mom smiled and slowly lied down on the bed beside him and moved her hands on his chest and then slowly took her hand below till it reached his pants. Mom felt through his pants and pressed his cock which was still sleeping. She then inserted her hand inside his pants and started to fondle his cock and balls.

Mom smiled and said, " What have you got hidden inside here son? It feels so nice and warm to the touch. Can I see it honey? Please let ma see it and love it."

Babu giggled and said, "Oh ma it is for you only and you can do what ever you want to do with it. Please play with it like you always do. It feels so nice whenever you do that ma."

Mom chuckled and pulled down his pants and slowly brought out to her eyes and mine also his flaccid cock. I was amazed to see it. It was a long pole that was long even in its flaccid state. It must be around four inches and very thick. Below it hung a very big sack that seemed to be full of rich cream for my mom to drink and take inside her hole. Mom shook the cock well and Babu smiled. A big drop of pre cum had appeared on its head and mom put her tongue on the slit and quickly slurped it up. Babu moaned.

Slowly mom shifted her body towards Babu's legs and soon she had his flaccid cock near her mouth. She looked up at Babu and saw that he was smiling at her. Mom winked at him and he put his hands on mom's head and said, "Ma amar dhon take mukhe nie khao to tahole amar darun lagbe. Nijer cheler dhon chuse raush ber kore dao khanki ma amar.”

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
Mom said, "Tor ki amar mukhe dhokate chaas re Babu baul amake sona.”.

Babu blushed and said, "Tumi amar dhon ta choso ma. Nijer cheler dhon cuse raush khao.”

Mom smiled and said, "Tui khoob haramjada chele tor nijer make dhon chuste bolchis ar maal kheteo bolchis. Dara madarchod ami aj toke shikkha dobo amake die dhon chosanor jonno. Aj ami tor dhon r shob maal kheye nebo. Ne dhon take kelie dhor ar bichi gulo amake de. Tor bichi gulo te prochur maal jome ache amar pet bhorar jonno.”

Saying this mom started to lick his tip with slow flicks of her tongue. As it was still only half erect mom took it in her palms and rubbed it between them to make it erect. Soon mom had a long, strong pole in her hands that was at least 6 inches in length and very wide too. Mom smiled at her handiwork and Babu too smiled. Mom then started to lick its head and then flicked the skin down to reveal the wide head. Mom held the meat in her hand and started to suck it sideways first putting little bites over the length of it. With her other had she reached to his sack and massaged it. Slowly she changed her tactic and now she was eating his cock lengthwise. She had his tip in her mouth and I could see her slowly and carefully chewing the tip and the eye. She was putting her teeth marks over his cock head. I was thrilled at mom's expertise and was very jealous about how lucky Babu was. Babu was moaning loudly and he had mom's hair in his hands. After some more biting his cock mom took the length in her mouth. First she took only half of it and then slowly she took the whole length of it inside her. She was deep throating his meat and rubbing the tip to her palate. With each rub Babu jerked in bed as he got the thrill of an expert woman deep throating his cock. I watched as mom started to bob her head up and down on his cock and now was giving him a steady blowjob. Her head bobbed up and down while with her other hand she kept massaging his balls. Slowly Babu reached for mom's ass and started to pull her to him. Mom left his tool for a moment and placed her each leg on each side of Babu and now they were in a 69 position with mom sucking his cock and Babu having his head buried between mom's glorious thighs.

Mom said, "Mar choot ta chuse die dhonyo kor nijer make. Choso shona amar choot ta choso. Chuse chuse amake hor kore de.”

I saw Babu had stretched mom's thighs open wide enough for two people to eat her muff at a time. He had his fingers on mom's cunt lips. He was prying her lips open for sucking her. He eased one finger inside mom's pussy and started to rub her hole. Mom was meanwhile busy eating Babu's long pole to her heart's content. He slowly eased two more fingers into mom's cunt and then spread her lips wide. He slowly took his face to mom's pussy and licked the lips first and then sucked them. Soon he was eating out mom like an expert with his head pressed hard to mom's beaver. He must have started to play with her clit as soon mom started to sway her hips wildly and could no longer keep her mouth on Babu's cock.

She cursed out loudly, "You mother fucker what are you doing to my hole? It's burning the fuck out of me. Eat me.....ohhhh." (Ae shala madarchod chele amar chooter phuto nie ki korchis? Amar choot ta jolche agune....amar choot ta chos....choose amake mauja de haramjada.)

I knew mom was going to cum soon. She somehow managed to return to her cock sucking and Babu kept his job. He was now steadily fucking mom with his tongue as I watched him move his head in and out of mom's thighs. A few more minutes and mom got up and reversing herself she lowered her ass on Babu's face and gave him her muff to eat.

Babu quickly grabbed her big hanging breasts and started to eat her snatch. He was sucking her lips and then inserted his tongue inside mom's snatch. Mom quivered in pleasure. Mom pressed his face more to her pussy and Babu kept playing with her breasts, juggling them. He slowly shifted his hands to mom's ass and massaged her buns. Mom took her breasts in her hands and played with them, tickling her nipples and pressing them in her fingers.

Suddenly I saw mom press her snatch fiercely to Babu's face and I knew that she must have cum. She slowly got off him and smiling at him said, “Oh ki bhalo chele amar, amake kauto anondo dilo amar choot chuse. Amar chooter raush ta mon bhore kheyechis to? Nao ami tomar choot chosa te khoob khushi hoechi. Ebar tui tor pa duto chorie sho ar bichi gulo jhuliye de ami tor bichi gulo kheye tor dhon te chore shukh korbo”

Saying this mom moved down to his balls and licked them first. Slowly she started to chew at them and soon she had his balls in her mouth, sucking them and pulling at them. With her other hand she jacked his cock rapidly. Babu was in heaven and he said, “Ma tumi chosa na thamale amar maal tomar mukhe khoshe jab ear tokhon tomar choot shanty pabe na. Tumi ebar amar dhon take nijer choote niye amader dujon ke anondo dao.”

Mom laughed and slowly left his balls and lowered herself on his long erection. I watched as mom took the entire 6 inches of fuck meat inside her pussy. She rested for a few moments after taking in his length. Slowly she started to ride his cock. As she rode him, her breasts swayed and jumped in air. Babu got them in his hands and massaged them and played with the stiff nipples. Mom was now going steadily and she looked like she was going to cum again any moment. She had thrown her head back and eyes closed. She was having a real nice fuck. Babu reached up and pulled mom's breasts to his face and mom opened her eyes and brought her breasts near him so that he could suck them as she sucked his cock with her cunt lips. Babu was sucking her breasts like a hungry child and massaging them wildly.

Mom smiled and said, "Sona amar doodh gulo ke bhalo kore khao to. Ogulo tor moto madarchod cheler jonno. Amar doodh gulo uposhi na thake. Oder tipr tipe doodh berk ore de.”
Mom's pace was now a very rapid one and she was panting and groaning. Babu too was moaning loudly and suddenly he froze. I could very well understand that he was shooting his cum deep inside my mom's belly. Mom clenched her teeth and kept pumping furiously for a few more minutes and then she too had her climax as she stiffened up a bit and then slowly lied on Babu's chest.

She kept staring at Babu for a few minutes and Babu played with her breasts and then slowly she got off him. His soft cock plopped out of her pussy and mom looked at it and took it in her hands and lovingly kissed it and then licked it clean. She finally lied down on the bed beside him and they kissed.
I looked at myself and saw that I had cum in my pants without even rubbing myself.

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01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
My Aunt

This incident happened a few months ago and from then I have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family. I have a friend named Shyam who is from a rich family. His parents stay in Calcutta. His mom is about 38 and dad 61 having his own business. Due to his business uncle (Shyam’s dad) would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Polly Kaki (his mom) is a housewife and like a typical Bengali woman kind of conservative, or so I thought till the incidents started happening. Since she was mostly alone I would at times go to her home to chat with her for a few hours. She was very friendly with me. However there were certain peculiarities about her that at times embarrassed me.

Like when we were in college and I used to go his home for studies she would usually be in a sari and blouse. But more often than not her blouse would be torn from some place or the other and when she would lift her arms in front of me I could see her hairy armpits or her back peeking out from the torn part. At times when she would sit in such a fashion in her chair her sari would fall from her blouse and I could see her breasts peeking out. She would not even make any effort to cover her blouse and continue sitting like that in our presence. All this made me feel embarrassed. Still I never thought about her sexually.

Now let me describe Polly Kaki. She is 38 and like typical Bengali women is a bit on the plump side with quite a wide ass and 40 size breasts. At times I had felt that she is not wearing any bra underneath as her breasts swayed when she moved. In some way she was sexy.

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01-20-2013, 01:53 PM
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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
One day I thought of paying her a visit to chat for some time. I went to her home and started chatting. The subject of her gaining weight came and she said that she exercised a bit but that was not sufficient. She also said that after her son (my friend) went to Hyderabad she feels very lonely and does not feel like doing anything and so does not exercise very regularly. She looked at me and asked me if I exercised and I said yes. Suddenly our talk took such a turn that I started feeling embarrassed .

Kaki asked, “I hope you wear a tight underwear while exercising. You have to protect the things that you have got under and keep them tight as otherwise they may get hurt.”

I was a bit embarrassed and said yes that I wear underwear. Kaki said, “You should always wear tight fitting underwears so that your things are properly placed. So you should change them whenever the elastics get loose. That’s why I always keep watch over shyam’s briefs and whenever required I buy him new ones. I then tell him to wear it and then feel the front of his briefs to check if it fits him snugly.”

I smiled and said, “Oh Kaki you still check him as a child? He is quite old now don’t you think?”

Kaki smiled and said, “Na shona o to amar chele aar ami oke jamon khushi dekhte paari. Ami to or shob kichu dekhechi. Ami to or jonno pocket ola jangia kini aar tarpor o pore shamne ashle oi pocket e hath dhukiye or hos pipe take bar kore niye ashi shei pocket diye dekhar jonno je pocket theke hishi korar jonno hose take thik kore baar korte parche kina. Ebar bol tor ma ki toke erom kore dekhe na?

I said, “No way I am going to let my mom check me like that. And Kaki do you still see his …ahhhhh … know….his pee pee?”
Kaki said , “Oh dear you are missing a lot of love and care from your mom. You see mom knows what is best for her son and she can give him excellent knowledge of everything which will be very helpful in his later life.” Kaki continued, “ami to or hose pipe ta ke majhe majhe check kore dekhi thik kore clean korche kina. O to lojjaa payee na ekdum. Ami oke ek ek samay bathroome giye langto hoye darate boli chaan koranor jonno. Takhon o langto hoye nijer kaalo hoe pipe take du payer majhe jhuliye wait kore. Ami giye oke chaan koriye diye tarpor or pipe ta clean kore di aar tate or dushtu hose ta shokto hoe dariye pore. Tarppor ami ote cream ba baby oil lagiye di. Or kokhono chulkani hole okhane amake diye ointment lagiye dite bole. Amra khoob open ei bishoye. Aar ekta jinish tor nunu ke kakhono nunu bolbi na otake dhon, bara, lauda bolbi.” I was now getting excited with her usage of terms and descriptions. Kaki continued, “Tora chelera bhabish amra mara kichu jani na. Tor nischoyee raate nije theke maal beriye jae. Shyam er o hoe kintu o bhabe ami jani na. tor o maal beroy nischoyee.”

I was very embarrassed and said, “Yes it happens at times. But I always wash my shorts in the morning so that mom does not come to know of it.”

Kaki, “See I told you. You think that your mom does not know and I am sure she knows because even when you wash it away it leaves a mark on the cloth and moms are bound to know what must have caused the stain. By the way tell me do you have wet dreams frequently?”

I said,” No not frequently but once in a while if I have not ….” I suddenly realised that I was going to tell her that I had wet dreams if I did not masturbate on a day and so stopped.

Kaki grew interested and though she knew what I was going to say she asked, “If you did not do what, tell me.”

I said,” Kaki this is so personal and I feel embarrassed.”

Kaki came nearer and putting a hand over my shoulder said,” Come on tell me there is nothing wrong and no reason to feel embarrassed. I am like your mom only and you can tell me or ask me anything.”

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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
I thought that I couldn’t escape her and so said, “Well if I have not played with my thing then usually I have wet dreams at night.”

Kaki said, “Tui ki tor bara ta niye roj khelish?”

I said, “yes Kaki. I usually do it once but on some days twice or thrice. Otherwise I may spoil my shorts at night.”

Kaki said, “Baap re tui roj du teen bar kore maal phelish? Tor ki shob bar maal ber hoe?”

I said, “Haan motamuti shob bar e bar hoe taube ek ekbar hoeto khub kom berolo ba berolo na. Tate kono problem nei to?”

Kaki said, “yes dear it is perfectly ok. You have to give it some time to make the cream and if there is no stock then you will get nothing out of it. So don’t worry.”

By now I had a growing problem inside my pants. Kaki continued, “Bara take thik rakhte hoe shob samay. Jakhon tor kakur sathe amar biye holo ami bhablam onar sathe khoob anando korbo, jauboner mauja lutbo kenona ona ke khoob strong dekhte aar amar che boyes beshi bole bhablam je o hoeto onek kichu janbe choda chudi nie. Accha tui choda chudi kake bole janish to?”

Kaki’s use of the word love making made a shiver run through my body and now my pecker was standing in full attention. Kaki continued, “Kintu biyer por dekhi tor kakur bara ta chotto. Tao chole jeto ar amra khoob choda chudi kortam biyer kichu samay por obdi. Tarpor tor kaku busy hoe gelo ar amader choda pray bondho hoe gelo. Ar or dhon ta shokto hoto na. Ami or dhon ta niye kheltam shokto korar jonno, kintu tarpor e ota abar pore jeto. Or jakhon chodar icche hoto amar shaya ar sari tule nijer choto dhon ta bar kore amar chooter bhetor dhukiye 5 minute e maal phele ghumiye porto. O chodar different style gulo janto na. tarpor to shyam janmalo ar o ekdum choda bandho kore dilo. Pore janlam je chotobelaye or infection hoto dhone jar jonno orkhom problem chilo.”

I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. She seemed to be reflecting on something and then she spoke up, “ So you see dear it is very important that you keep it healthy. So tell me honestly if you take proper care of your little thing.” She asked this while pointing to my dick under my pants.

I wanted to tell her that I had a good sized pole because of her use of the word little thing. I said, “yes Kaki I clean it well. Kaki my thing is eight inches long do you think that it is right length?”

Kaki gasped at the mention of my length and said, “Ami bishaas korte parchi na je tor dhon ta oto boro. Dekhte de tahole bujhbo.”

While saying this she moved her hand on my pants and quickly grabbing it squeezed it. By now I was sure that she wanted to fuck me and so I played ball because by now I was too aroused to step back. She pressed it a few times and said, “Feels nice but let me see. Stand up.”

I quickly stood up and Kaki started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since I was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and Kaki smiled at it. She said, “What have you got inside Jai, it will tear away your briefs if not taken care of. So let your Kaki handle this. But first let us go to the bedroom.”

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RE: My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
The moment we got to the bedroom she pulled down my briefs and I was now standing in front of Kaki totally naked. She smiled and said, “Oh tor lauda ta to daroon shundor ar sexy re. ar ish kirom bhabe dariye ache. Tui khoob excited hoe gechis mone hoe kemon kore tor raush bar hocchhe dekh. De baba amar hathe tor dhon ta de.” Saying this she took my hot rod in her hands and started squeezing. The head started to leak more precum. She squeezed it some more and then reached under and grabbed my balls. She weighed them in her hands and said smilingly, “Tor thole te nischoye maal bhorti. Sesh kobe hath diye khechechish? Ami aj tor shob malai ar doodh kahbo.”

I said, “two days ago. I did not get time enough to do it yesterday.”

Kaki looked greedily at my tool and said, “Oh then they should get some immediate relief. It should not get wasted in wet dreams. Now look you are like my son and I am going to treat you just as a grown up son should be treated by her mom. Do you want anything special from me?”

I said, “Kaki ami to pooro langto ar tumi shob pore acho ar ami to tomar cheler moto tai amar shamne lojja ki ar amar dekhte hobe to tomar shob jinish thik thak ache kina.”

Kaki smiled and said, “Ta bol na je tui amar doodh khete chash. Ta kha na amar doodh tor jonno sajano roeche.” Kaki then got rid of her sari and giving me a sexy look started to unhook her blouse. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra that hardly covered her nipples and the rest of her breasts were just spilling out of the cups. She squeezed and then sexily shook them and laughed.

I was overwhelmed at her size and said, “Wow Kaki apnar doodh to khoob shundor ar boro eder ke kikore oi chotto bra tar bhetore rakhen?” Of course I didn’t require an answer and just grabbed them in my hands and squeezed them. She reached her hand below and started to play with my rod. I quickly put my mouth on one of the bra covered breasts and sucked.

She drew in her breath with a gasp and sighed, “Khao shona khao bhalo kore khao, amar khoob bhalo lagche.” I kept sucking one and with my other hand pressed the other one. She in her turn shifted her hand between my cock and balls. Suddenly she said that it was enough and she threw me down on the bed and jumped on me. She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues met inside our mouths. I reached to her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it away. I let go of her lips and told her to show me her breasts.

She said, “Amake request kore bol je ma tomar doodh khabo nahole ami toke amar doodh dobo na. shudhu amar chele amar doodh niye chusbe ar khelbe.” And she laughed.

I said, “Ma ma, please amake tomar dudu dekhte dao na jekhan theke ami choto belae dudu khetam. Ma ami tomar dudu khabo amar khie peyeche.”

Kaki pulled away her bra and revealed the enormous breasts. She started to tease me by shaking her breasts in front of my face and quickly drawing them back as I tried to take them in my mouth. I reached up and with my hands grabbed them and pulled one of them in my mouth and started to suck it hungrily. Kaki laughed and said, “Oh my hungry son suck well.”

She then took my other hand and slowly guided it inside her petticoat and to her wet and hot pussy. It felt awesome to be feeling a woman’s pussy who is of my mom’s age. I started to chew on her nipple and with my hand inside her I pushed at her lips and spread them and put one finger in her pussy. It was burning hot.

Kaki, by now, was enjoying all the attention I was giving her and was moaning. She looked at me with eyes filled with lust and said, “Now I will eat your candy.”

Saying this she got down on her knees and took my dong in her hands, parted the foreskin and licked the slit. She then put her lips on the head which was now glistening with moisture from my precum and played her tongue on the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. She then took the head in her mouth and licked it. At the same time she moved her palm on my shaft and then she took the whole of me in her warm wet mouth and massaged my sack. It was awesome. Now she was steadily going up and down on my dong and looked up at me. I grabbed her head and started thrusting in her mouth. I was amazed that a woman of her culture and age could give head.

She then took out my cock and told me to lick the valley between her breasts. I grabbed hjer breasts and licked the valley wet. She then smiled and said, “Ebar amar dudu gulo tor doodh ar malai bar korbe chepe chepe. Shona chele amar make nijer dudu dao.”

She then took my dong between her breasts and started to rub me uop and down, up and down.

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