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My Dad's New Wife - Pt. 2
07-15-2011, 01:15 AM
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My Dad's New Wife - Pt. 2
It’s been three months since I started fucking my dad’s wife. Terri and I did it with him and at other times. Sometimes it would be just a quick fuck with me lifting her skirt and pushing her panties aside.

One day Barbara, my wife, and I were over at dad’s house for a backyard cookout. Barbara and Terri had been working in the kitchen and dad and I were tending to the fire and drinking a beer. Dad commented that Barbara looked good today, as usual, and that while he looked at her he was remembering the nude photos I had shown him before. I knew that he really wanted to see her naked for himself but I also knew that this was probably not on Barbara’s agenda.

I went in to use the bathroom and when I was finishing up Terri slipped into the room. She quickly pushed down her shorts and brought her pussy over to my dick. It was instantly hard and I slid it between her legs. We just dry fucked for a moment and she pulled away. “Let’s save this for a while. Maybe things will get hotter.”

After we ate we were all sitting around on the patio. I was looking at Terri’s legs wanting to spread them and my Dad was looking at Barbara hoping to get a look up her skirt. We had finished off three bottles of wine with lunch and were all feeling very relaxed. Our discussion got of on to silly subjects and we were laughing and carrying on. Dad was telling a story and had put his hand on Barbara’s arm, rubbing it slowly up and down. I knew that she generally did not like other people touching her but this time she seemed to enjoy it. As I watched this, I could not help but wonder how I was going to get her to fuck my dad. Then, bold as brass, I stood up. I looked directly at Barbara and said, “I don’t know if you know it or not, but my dad would really like to get you into bed.” Barbara stared at me, her eyes wide, and her mouth slightly agape. It was obvious that she did not know how to respond. In the deathly quiet that seemed to go on for hours, I knew the wheels were going around in her head. I figured that she would storm off and our marriage would be on the rocks.

Gathering her composure, Barbara looked directly at me and said, “Would he be as good as you?” Now I was the speechless one and didn’t know how to answer. Finally, I said that I didn’t know but generally the “like father – like son” saying seemed to work. Barbara gave Terri a questioning look and Terri said, “Knock yourself out.”

Barbara seemed to be mentally processing all this when she abruptly stood up. Again, I figured that she would be running out of the house. Instead, she began unbuttoning her blouse. Letting it fall to the ground, she quickly reached behind her and let her bra follow the blouse. Then she moved to face my dad who was still sitting in his lawn chair. Dad quickly reached for the hem of her skirt and raised it until her panties were exposed. He placed his other hand on her thigh and moved it upward until he was rubbing her pussy through her panties. I did not know what was going to happen next but she just stood there letting my dad have his way. When he pushed his fingers under her panties, Barbara slightly spread her legs more to give him free access. Soon he had a finger in her cunt and she responded by moving her legs even further apart.

As we were watching this, Terri got up, and standing in front of me, stripped to the waist, her tits standing proud waiting to be sucked. To mimic my dad’s efforts, I slid my hand under Terri’s panties until I was fingering her cunt also.

Seeing this all go on, Barbara unzipped her skirt and moving away from my dad, lit it slip to the ground. Then she pushed her panties down and was completely naked. From the time this had all started until now, not a word had been spoken by any of us. The silence was broken when Barbara said, “are we going to do this here or go inside.” Without another word, we all got up and moved into the house. We went into the bedroom and soon were all just a naked as Barbara. The ladies got on the bed and my dad was quickly kneeling between Barbara’s legs. As she spread them wide for him she looked at me. I don’t know if she wanted me to tell her to stop or to go ahead. So I just nodded my head at her. She slightly smiled at me and with both arms, reached for my dad. I watched him kneel over her, rub his cock between her moist lips, and then slowly sink it into her cunt hole. Barbara wrapped her arms around him and he began thrusting in and out of her body. I realized that Terri was waiting for me but I just could not take my eyes off my wife being fucked by my dad. Finally, Terri pulled me toward her and I soon found myself fucking her hard. I saw my dad push hard and knew that he was cumming in my wife’s willing cunt. That drove me over the edge and I gushed everything I had into Terri.

We laid there together for a little while, not talking, just stroking each others bodies. As I watched my wife lying there naked, her legs slightly spread, my cock began to harden and I knew that I wanted her as never before. I moved over to her and gave her a long kiss. She pulled my body over hers and reached for my cock. Barbara fed me into her slippery cunt and I began fucking her as never before. Hard, sure strokes soon brought us both to a roaring climax. Meanwhile, Terri was on her knees and dad was fucking her from behind. When they too had a loud mutual climax, and we all fell exhausted onto the bed.

Soon after this, we were all dressed and Barbara and I left to go home. The first part of the half hour ride was done in silence. Finally, Barbara said, “why did we do this?” I could only say that it was probably because deep inside it was something we wanted to do. Barbara nodded and quietly agreed. Then she told me that a couple of years ago she had been very close to having an affair with a man at her office. I asked how close, and she said that they had kissed and he had sucked her breast while fondling her pussy. I asked her why she stopped there and she said that she knew that if I ever found out it would end our marriage. I asked her if after today she would do anything differently. Barbara looked at me and firmly declared that if that were to happen tomorrow she would definitely fuck the man. She also told me that she would not actively seek out other men to fuck her but if the opportunity arose, she probably would do it. I said that it was ok with me but I would appreciate it if she would tell me about it. She said that she would and now, tell me how I started fucking Terri. Barbara said that she knew that we had been doing it and had often thought how it would be to watch us. I said, well today you had your chance, how was it. Barbara laughed and said, “All I could think about was how your dad was fucking me. My mind was completely on that.”

In the years following this, on several occasions, I have watched men slip their hands under Barbara’s skirt and it never fails to bring me to an instant hard on.

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