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My Dad's New Wife
07-15-2011, 01:14 AM
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My Dad's New Wife
My brother, sister and I were really happy when my dad found a new wife to share his life with. Our mother died three years ago and for a couple of years Dad just went through the motions of life. Then he started dating and we knew that he was being laid pretty regular. Then he met Teri. A 5’ 2” good-looking redhead, ten years younger than him but they were happy together. Dad was 52 and Teri 42 years old. He was still in the prime of his life and apparently she really enhanced him.

They had been married about a year when one day while my dad and I were out hunting he asked if he could tell me something in confidence. “Sure”, I said. We really were more like buddies than father and son.

Dad started by telling me that before he and Teri were married she said that she wanted to be open and above board about a few things and if it made a difference then she would understand why he would not want to marry her.

Teri told dad that with her former husband they had been swingers. She had been with many men while they were married. Teri went on to say that while she would understand it my dad was not into this lifestyle and would give it up if he wanted her to because she really loved him. Dad said that he would give it a try before they were married and if there was a problem then they would just part company and be friends. Well, as dad told me, he took to it like a duck to water. He had absolutely no problem watching Teri get kissed, fucked and fondled by other men. He said that he had the opportunity to fuck women from 25 to 65 years old. They liked doing this together and went ahead and got married.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked at the story my dad was telling me. I never thought of him doing things like this. I asked him what it was like seeing his wife naked with other men. He told me that nothing gets him harder than seeing another man stick his finger into Teri. Dad told me that last weekend they were at a party and he was getting his dick sucked and watching Teri. She was standing about three feet away, a man was sucking her tit and had a finger in her cunt, and another stuck up her ass. Watching this made him grab the womans head and fuck her mouth until he unloaded in her.

Now my mind was going overtime. As I said, Teri was a real looker and now I had more to imagine about her.

A couple of weeks later we were all over at dad’s house when he asked me to go with him to the garage on some pretense. When we got out of earshot of everyone else, dad looked me straight in the eye and said, “how would you like to fuck Teri?” I was dumbstruck and could only say, “Jesus, Dad. Are you sure?” “Does she want me and do you want me to?” Teri is the one who brought the subject up, dad said. I think that she wants to screw both you and your brother but not at the same time. Dad, I said, I have to admit that nothing would give me greater pleasure than lifting Teri’s skirt and pushing my dick inside her. Good he said. Then it’s settled. We will just work out the details.

Later I saw dad talking to Teri and she looked over at me with a grin on her face. When I went into the kitchen for a drink refill Teri followed me in and gave my cock and balls a quick squeeze softly saying, “I can’t wait.”

The next Saturday my wife took the kids to a birthday party. I told her that I was going over to dad’s if she needed me. As I watched her car go down the street all I could think of was getting into Teri’s pants. A drove over to their house and found them in the back yard doing some gardening. Teri had on a halter top and a pair of loose fitting shorts. As usual she looked spectacular. Dad asked me if I wanted something to drink and said that it was time for them to take a break anyway. As we went inside Teri brushed her body by mine and all I could think of was how great it was going to be fucking her.

We stood around the kitchen talking and dad said that he had to go and check his email. As soon as he left the room I moved to Teri and pulled her to me. Her mouth came up to mine and we had a long, tongue stretching, kiss. I ran my hands down her back and pulled her ass to me. Teri turned slightly and I was able to move my hand up the leg of her shorts and found that she had no panties on. My fingers went directly to her slit and quickly into her cunt. Teri pushed me away and quickly pulled her top over her head and dropped her shorts. She was standing in front of me, naked, her pert breasts point out with hard nipples. She had short cropped red pussy hair that did not hide her slit.

I immediately dropped my shorts and stripped off my T shirt. I picked Teri up and sat her on the table, spreading her legs in the process. I dropped to my knees and stuck my tongue as far up her crack as I could. Then I started sucking her clit and working my fingers around the edges of her cunt. The harder I sucked the more she bucked until I felt her body tense and she let out a long low groan. I knew that I had brought her over the top. Now my body needed some tending to. I got my cock ready to shove in her when she put her hand on my chest and said, “wait a minute. I think you father wants to watch.

Taking my hand, Teri led me to the living room and called to my father. Dad came out of his den, completely naked and with his dick already hard. He said that he heard us and was wondering if he was goijng to get to play. Teri assured him that we had only had round one and he hadn’t missed a thing.

Teri laid on the sofa, and spread her lovely legs. She motioned for my father to come to her and when he did she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking. I couldn’t resist that waiting cunt any longer and moved my body over hers and my cock found it’s way inside her. With my dad getting his cock licked and sucked just inches from my head made me only hornier and I began driving into her with wild abandon. I saw my dad unload into her mouth about the same time my dick began pulsing and pushing my cum into her pussy. When we were through we all sat back for a few minutes. Teri left to get some towels and clean up a bit and dad and I smoked a cigarette. Well, he said, was it as good as you expected. I told him it was an awesome experience. A threesome was better than I ever expected and especially when it’s with your dad and step-mom. Dad agreed that it was good that way. Then he told me another thing. He said that he has always wondered what it would be like to make it with Betty, my wife. I told him that she was very active when making love and even after two kids, had a tight pussy. I said that if he wanted to do Betty, and if he got her to agree, that it was all right with me. Now I was imagining watching my dad screw my wife. What a weird family.

We sat around naked for a while, talking about mundane things. I couldn’t help watching Teri and especially her pussy. I know that I wanted to have it again, if not today, then sometime later. As if reading my mind Teri laid down on the floor and spread her legs. She asked me if I was ready to do it again only this time low and slow, enjoying all of it. I was down between her legs in a heartbeat and she was moving my cock toward her wanting cut. This time I did fuck her slow, then fast, then slowing down again. Over and over. At one point she said “let me turn over and you do me from the rear.” I got off her and she turned over and got on her knees pointing that beautiful ass toward my face. I thought about spreading her cheeks and licking her ass but decided that for right now I wanted to fuck her more. As I took her from behind Teri started to buck harder into my cock. I reached around and rubbed her clit and again she started with that low moan that grew until she relaxed. I was close and before she collapsed, I rammed into her harder unil my balls released into her. Now we collapsed together in a heap on the floor. I looked at my dad and he was gently jacking off while he watched us. Teri saw this also and she moved over and took his cock into her mouth, sucking until he released his seed into her.

We dressed and I left. Over the past few weeks, I have fucked Teri a few more times. She enjoys it when I lift her skirt and take her from behind, especially when there are other people in the house. I showed my dad some pictures I have of Barbara naked and a video I made one day of us fucking. Now he is more determine than ever to lift her skirt. I don’t know how we are going to arrange it, but I really want to watch dad stick his cock in her.

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