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Mrs Howard spanks Ellie
07-15-2011, 08:19 AM
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Mrs Howard spanks Ellie
16 year old Ellie waited in her bedroom knowing her bottom was soon going to be spanked very hard and for an awfully long time. She could hear her Mum speaking to Mrs Howard, the cleaner.

“Ellie deserves a good hard spanking so please will you work an extra half an hour and give her one of your especially hard thrashings.”

“What’s the reason this time Mrs Collins” Mrs Howard asked pleasantly.

“Her room is a disaster area, and when I told her to clean it up she gave me such a lot of lip. I can tell you I was going to spank her myself but I thought as you were going to be here and you spank her so much harder than I do, well I just hoped you would do it, to teach her a proper lesson.”

“OK Mrs Collins, I can certainly spank her for you, but I think it will have to be an hour really. It sounds like she really does need to be disciplined properly.”

“Yes, you are right, an hour it is. Thank you so much Mrs Howard. I will be going to work now, so I will see the results when I get home.”

Ellie heard the conversation and shuddered at the word. A discipline spanking, on top of her normal spanking. That really will hurt.

It had been three weeks since she had sat with her 16 year old friend Tina and watched the camcorder as Mrs Howard spanked Tina’s 18 year old brother, and then sucked him off and had him lick her to orgasm. All the time Tina didn’t know that this same Mrs Howard spanked her on a weekly basis. It was weird watching her spank someone else, but arousing as well, and she had so looked forward to the next time Mrs Howard came to her house. She didn’t tell Mrs Howard what she had seen of course. She just enjoyed the spanking all the more, and the afters.

The spankings she had received for the first two weeks after the Tina incident were her normal ones. Good hard across the knee spankings followed by her beautifully large strap on, and in return she licked Mrs Howard to orgasm. Painful but rewarding.

This time it would be different though, because as well as her normal spanking Mrs Howard will discipline her. Ellie was still spanked by her Mother, but she never hurt. Once the tears started, real or normally feigned, her Mother would consider she had spanked her 16 year old daughter enough and stop. Mrs Howard on the other hand was not so benign. Tears made no difference to her. She went only by the colour of the bottom, and tops of legs for the more severe punishment. She didn’t stop spanking until everything was just as red as she intended it to be. She even mocked Ellie if the tears came too early, telling her not to be so foolish, that she can cry as much as she liked, and that there was an ever such long time to go before the spanking would end.

Ellie stood in her bedroom as she heard her Mum leave and close the door, and Mrs Howard coming up the stairs. She watched the door open and Mrs Howard walk in.

“You have been a naughty girl haven’t you Ellie” she snapped.

Ellie could see Mrs Howard looked cross, blushed and nodded in admission.

“Well as it’s a discipline spanking as well you will need to be fully undressed. Go on my girl, take everything off and be quick about it.”

Ellie knew she had no choice. Her bare bottom was going to be staring up from Mrs Howard’s lap soon enough so being naked didn’t really change anything from that perspective, it was just that whereas normally there was an element of mutual enjoyment, there wasn’t the same equality when Ellie was naked as she was all too aware of the discipline element that was going to have to suffer, afterwards, and how painful it would be. Still, she undressed quickly as instructed glancing over at Mrs Howard who was now sitting on the bed.

“Over here Ellie, and put your hands on your head.”

Ellie stood next to Mrs Howard, naked, her hands on her head, all too aware that her breasts stood proud, her nipples rigid, and her shaved hair mound stretched with her vagina fully on view, and waited. She saw Mrs Howard’s thick leather belt by her side. Ready for when Mrs Howard decided she would use it, and decide to do so was a certainty.

“I see you are excited Ellie” Mrs Howard said with a smirk. Ellie always looked forward to being spanked by Mrs Howard although dreaded it as well. The pain was so bad sometimes, but the joy of that pain was wonderful. She never looked forward to discipline spankings because Mrs Howard was so unforgiving. But for now Ellie focussed on the normal spanking, which she did look forward to, and the afters that went with it.

Mrs Howard said “I see your nipples are standing proud my girl. With anticipation perhaps? ”Mrs Howard almost scoffed as she put her hand on Ellie’s breast and squeezed her taut nipple, making Ellie gasp with pain and joy at the same time.

Mrs Howard rubbed the back of Ellie’s naked leg, eyeing the young girl, before rubbing the inside of her thigh, higher and higher, until she rubbed the 16 year olds small hair mound, leaving her hand there, feeling the wetness.

“I see you are really looking forward to this aren’t you Ellie” Mrs Howard said.

“Yes Mrs Howard” Ellie answered, truthfully. She hated the pain but loved it as well, hated the embarrassment of lying across the older woman’s lap with her bare unprotected bottom faced upwards, but then also loved the feeling of helplessness, giving up all control to the older woman who punished her with such relish. She knew Tina’s brother would have felt the same way. Giving disciplinary control to someone else and leaving that person to decide, on a whim perhaps, how much pain you are to receive before allowing you to get up to tend your sore stinging bottom.

“Well, let’s see how you cope with this then” she said with a smirk, drawing back her hand and bringing it down hard on to the back of Ellie’s leg, the firm smack followed by the inevitable gasp from the young girl as she forced herself to stand still and to keep her hands on her head. This was followed by a second smack this time on the back of the other leg followed immediately by a second gasp.

“Just the beginning young lady, just the beginning” Mrs Howard said as she drew her hand back again and again landing smack after smack on the 16 year olds legs, glancing up at the girl and waiting for the tears to appear in her eyes and then to stream down her face. She was not disappointed.

“Right Ellie, across my lap please” she snapped.

Ellie whimpered as she bent down and edged herself across the older woman’s lap. Mrs Howard put her hand on the young girl’s bottom and rubbed gently in circles her hand covering her whole bottom. A small pert bottom which Mrs Howard could cover in spanks in no time at all.

“So Ellie, a spanking it is for you. Are you ready?”

“Yes Mrs Howard” Ellie almost whispered.

The first part of the bottom spanking stung. Those spanks were particularly hard to take as her bottom was still cold and the spanks caused her skin to smart and as Mrs Howard started to land firm open handed spanks on one bottom cheek and then the other so Ellie gasped, and Mrs Howard smiled as she knew she was inflicting pain across Ellie’s bare bottom as she turned it from a luscious creamy pale white to a lovely shade of pink and then deeper still. Mrs Howard spanked methodically, constantly, not needing to rest so giving no respite. Just a constant spank after spank alternating bottom cheeks for a while and then spanking the same bottom cheek time and time again.

Ellie was squirming around on Mrs Howard’s lap, trying to avoid the spanks but knowing she couldn’t. Mrs Howard was far too experienced to allow Ellie to avoid any spank. She simply held the young girl firmer around her waist and spanked harder. Woe betide Ellie if her legs were raised up because a barrage of spanks would land first on the back of her calf and once her legs were lowered again several more on the back of her leg. Hard stinging merciless spanks.

The spanking got even harder and Ellie’s eyes filled with tears which streamed down her face. On and on, knowing her bottom will be red by now, and still her spanking was not nearly over.

“Right Ellie, it is time for my belt.”

Ellie moaned as she felt rather than saw Mrs Howard pick up the belt and fold it in two, raise it above her head and bring it down on her already sore bottom. The gasps got louder mixed with sobs and after a couple of dozen spanks with the belt those sobs turned to crying. Ellie tried to protect her bottom with her hand only for Mrs Howard to grab it and pull it up her back in a half nelson.

“Hah young lady. I’ve told you about that haven’t I?” Mrs Howard snapped as she upped the speed she spanked the 16 year old with the strap as well as the strength of each spank. Ellie cried louder knowing this was her fault but she must pay the penalty. On and on the strap hit her bottom and the tops of her legs. Ellie lost count of the number of times that strap licked her, although Mrs Howard was counting and knew she would stop today at 60 spanks of the belt. By then Ellie was crying freely as she just lay across the older woman’s lap, her bottom bouncing as the strap bit home but she was no longer squirming. That fight had gone from the 16 year old.

The sound of the strap thrashing in to Ellie’s bottom stopped. Mrs Howard was satisfied that Ellie’s bottom was sufficiently red, the 16 year old sufficiently chastised, bearing in mind this was a normal spanking of course. The discipline spanking would follow later on.

The crying continued. It filled Ellie’s mind, she couldn’t stop, not for a while anyway, but soon Mrs Howard’s soothing words and the passing of time allowed Ellie to recover, to turn her cries in to sobs, and then in to heavy breathing, as the warmth spread across her sore bottom and she started to relish the stinging tingling of her bottom.

“Get up Ellie” Mrs Howard said with a new tenderness in her voice.

Ellie breathed more freely as she stood up and allowed Mrs Howard to rub her legs, then her inner thighs, and then graze against her hair mound, to feel the wetness she knew would be there.

“Right Ellie, you need to thank me don’t you” she ordered, still smiling, as Mrs Howard stood up, took off her skirt and knickers, and sat on the bed, resting against the headboard, her knees bent, and Ellie crawled up the bed so she could nestle between Mrs Howard’s legs, her face resting on Mrs Howard’s thighs, as she looked at the shaved hair mound she had seen so often before, on the camcorder after Tina’s brother had been spanked, but also the so many times she had seen it just like now. Looking at Mrs Howard’s shaved pussy reminded her why she shaved herself.

Mrs Howard put one hand on the back of Ellie’s head and pressed down so Ellie knew to start. She poked out her tongue as she started to lick Mrs Howard’s vaginal lips, already moist as always when Mrs Howard finished spanking her, aroused as she was, and once even wetter she edged her tongue deeper and deeper, and was rewarded by the groans from the older woman until there was one long gasp and a shudder followed by a second and third, until Mrs Howard lay there, breathing deeply, her hand still on Ellie’s head, pressing her down so she continued to lick whilst Mrs Howard enjoyed the sensation.

Mrs Howard sat up and smiled at Ellie.

“Your turn now Ellie.”

Ellie beamed as she shot up and went to her cupboard, rummaged through a deep drawer full of tops and pulled out her large black strap on which she took back to the bed and gave to Mrs Howard. Ellie got on the bed, on all fours, and watched as Mrs Howard clipped the strap on around her waist and climbed back on to the bed behind the 16 year old. Gently she put her fingers between the girl’s legs and massaged her vaginal lips, still moist following her spanking. She took one of the 16 year olds breasts in her hand, caressing it, knowing how much Ellie enjoyed this tenderness. When she had moistened Ellie some more she gently eased the huge black strap-on in to her. Ellie manoeuvred herself around to help the phallic in. Mrs Howard gently at first thrust herself in and out as Ellie became more and more stimulated, getting closer and closer to her orgasm.

Ellie masturbated often when alone, but this was so much better, so much more stimulating, arousing, complete. She gyrated in time with Mrs Howard, enjoying her touch, the warmth of her body next to hers, the caress of her lips as Mrs Howard occasionally kissed her on her back. She held back as long as she could but all too soon she let out a long gasp telling Mrs Howard she had come to orgasm, and still Mrs Howard thrust in and out, demanding Ellie have a second and third orgasm, and the 16 year old willingly obeyed, until she was exhausted and collapsed fully flat on the bed.

After a while Mrs Howard eased the strap-on out of Ellie and she stood up, taking it off and putting it on the side table. She waited, and it was only with the silence that Ellie realised, remembered, that there was still something Mrs Howard had to do. The thing she had been asked to do by her Mother. Discipline for the naughty behaviour she had shown earlier today. It was standard practice. The fun time first but always followed by the inevitable discipline spanking, the one she will remember for quite a while.

Ellie looked around and saw a very stern looking Mrs Howard, her arms crossed, waiting for Ellie to get up, and get up she did, knowing that any delay now would only worsen the punishment.

“Right Ellie. You will get 24 spanks with my hairbrush for being rude to your Mother.”

“Yes Mrs Howard.”

“You will get 24 more for having an untidy room. That’s 48. Now, do you want me to clean your room for you, because the price is 24 more?”

“Mrs Howard” Ellie asked, “can you do it for 12 spanks?”

“No I can’t” she snapped. “But I will definitely be cleaning up your room for 36 spanks.”

“I only meant it as a joke Mrs Howard. Please” Ellie begged, realising she was now in for 84 spanks with the hairbrush. She had received that number before but could not sit down comfortably for over a day, and she has already been spanked today with the belt.

“Well I hope you see the funny side when you receive the extra 12 spanks. You know I don’t joke about discipline.”

Ellie did know, and knew she had made a mistake she will pay dearly for.

“Go and get my hairbrush Ellie. It’s in my bag in the kitchen. You have 30 seconds, and after that you will get one extra spank for each 5 seconds you are late.”

Ellie ran down the stairs, ignoring the fact she was naked. She could have thrown something on but that would have delayed her and may have taken her over the time limit. She ran into the kitchen, unzipped the bag, and took out the hairbrush. She ran back in to the hall but the doorbell rang.

“Drat” she said. She knew she had to answer the door and looked around and saw Mrs Howard’s coat, quickly put it on, put the hairbrush in one of the pockets, and opened the door to find the postman there.

“Please sign” he said thrusting a pad in front of Ellie, clearly oblivious to the fact the 16 year old was naked below her coat. Ellie smiled at the thought of it.

“Nice day” the postman said, noticing for the first time her eyes were red. Ellie saw the look of shock on his face but had no time for chit chat and said “sure is” as she handed back the pad.

She was about to shut the door when the postman asked “do you know if next door are in as they didn’t answer when I rang.”

“Sorry, I don’t know but I have to go.” Just then the coat dropped open slightly. Ellie knew the postman got an eyeful of her breasts and his eyes almost popped out of his head. She wondered what he would have thought if he saw here bottom, which was even redder than her eyes.

“Got to go” she said quickly and closed the door whilst the postman’ s mouth almost touched his chest.

She didn’t have time to think about it though. She knew she had gone well over the 30 seconds and would now get even more spanks with the hairbrush. She quickly removed the hairbrush from the pocket, hung the coat back up, and dashed up the stairs. When she got back to the bedroom she found Mrs Howard studying her watch.

“Two and a half minutes late young lady” she said threateningly.

“Sorry Mrs Howard but”

“No buts. You know the rules. So, another 30 spanks. My my, that is 114 spanks with my hairbrush. I am so going to enjoy giving them to you. Rather more than you will enjoy receiving them no doubt. Now, get back across my lap young lady and take the punishment your Mother asked me to give you.”

Ellie slouched over to Mrs Howard and looked down at her bare thighs, knowing that as soon as her tummy flopped across them the spanking would start. How she hated the hairbrush. Sure enough, Ellie had just got herself in to position when the first spank hit home, hurting so much more than the belt, and many times more than her hand, and that was only the first spank.

Mrs Howard gave the 16 year old spank after spank and Ellie was crying after only a few. There was no respite as the hard wooden backed hairbrush thrashed down time and time again. Ellie had no idea how many spanks were left. All she knew was that the orgasm she had had was a distant memory, forgotten totally in fact as she tried to deal with the severe thrashing she was now receiving, more spanks with the hairbrush by a long way than she had ever had to endure before, and she wasn’t doing very well. Her hand shot over her bottom after just a few spanks and Mrs Howard gleefully gave the 16 year old another half nelson, knowing there was nothing else Ellie could do to protect herself, bound in position, her bottom unprotected against the barrage that continued unabated.

“Six more for that young lady” Mrs Howard announced sternly.

Ellie had to lie there and accept her thrashing, knowing so many of the spanks were her own fault, and others were the postman’s fault but she couldn’t blame him. She knew the tears were streaming down her face, and she knew Mrs Howard would show no mercy. No mercy whatsoever. And she didn’t. Each spank seemed to be as hard or harder than the one before. She knew her bottom would be red raw by the time this was over. She just didn’t know when it would be over. Like always she tried to keep count but the pain was too great and she soon lost count, giving up, admitting she would have to wait for Mrs Howard to decide to stop.

Eventually it did stop, although the crying continued for quite a while.

“Get up Ellie, your punishment is over and I hope you have learned to be better behaved with your Mother and to do as she says” Mrs Howard said, with some firmness.

Ellie stood up and rubbed her bottom like she had never rubbed before, and still the pain wouldn’t go away.

“Get dressed and come downstairs Ellie” She added now with some warmness as she left the 16 year old to it.

A few minutes later Ellie went downstairs. She had heard the phone ring but Mrs Howard had answered it.

“Yes Mrs Collins, I have disciplined Ellie. I think she learned her lesson” Mrs Howard said smiling at Ellie as she entered the kitchen.

“Oh yes, well of course, there’s no harm if you give her a spanking as well when you get home.”

Ellie shrugged her shoulders. So what? Her Mother never hurt when she spanked her.

Mrs Howard looked cross when she saw Ellie shrug her shoulders. The telephone conversation soon ended.

“Come on Ellie you deserve it. She will certainly put you across her knee tonight. Maybe she won’t spank you too long. Anyway, it’s your own fault of course don’t forget.”

Ellie shrugged again because she knew it was her own fault but didn’t care. Her Mother was easy to manoeuvre after all. Not like Mrs Howard though.

Mrs Howard said “Anyway, I had better start the cleaning. You eat the sandwiches I have made for you, oh and sit on the cushion, I think you will need it” she added with a laugh.

Ellie was very thankful for the cushion. She sat down, not telling Mrs Howard she wasn’t wearing knickers as they hurt too much to put on. She would have to remember to put them on before her Mum got home. It would be too embarrassing to be told to take her knickers down and have to say she wasn’t wearing any even though her bottom will still be so very red.

Mrs Howard finished the cleaning and popped in to the lounge to say good bye. Ellie was now watching the TV.

“Stand up a second will you Ellie turnaround and lift your skirt up please” Mrs Howard asked.

Ellie did as she was told, knowing Mrs Howard always wanted to check the colour of her bottom before she left.

“No knickers eh, that means I did do well. Hhmm, very red and rather bruised I’m afraid. Still maybe in future you will behave better with your Mother.”

Ellie turned to look at Mrs Howard. “I will try Mrs Howard, really I will.”

“I’m sure you will young lady. Anyway, see you next week Ellie” she said.

“Oh no Mrs Howard, do you remember I told you next week I am away at camp. It will just be Mum here as I think she is taking the day off.”

“Yes, of course, I forget. Your Mum did say she would be here. I will look forward to seeing her then, and you the week after. Be good. Bye.”

Mrs Howard left, and Ellie wondered just what that had meant. Why would Mrs Howard look forward to seeing her Mum here next week because surely she preferred seeing Ellie and spanking her and enjoying the afters.

Then the possibility struck her.

Unless that is …

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