Mothers Milk
Roby had just turned sixteen when this happened. He didn’t know what was next? He quickly was making his way down the hall to his room. He lay on his bed, butterflies churning in his stomach. He really wasn’t sure what was going on, but his body was telling him something. For the first time he had seen his mother not in the way he always had growing up, but in a much different way. He meant she aroused him. Yeah, he was sexually excited. He began to wonder if there was something wrong with him lusting after his own mother like this. He didn’t know.On the other hand, since Joly’s baby was born four months ago her sex life had taken a turn for the worse. Her husband didn’t seem very interested, other than an occasional quickie, which left her feeling low, not wanted and sexually frustrated.She had worked hard to get herself back in shape and she thought she had succeeded very well. The only difference in her body, compared to pre-pregnancy, was the fact that her breasts were much larger and full of milk. The only problem was that she had a surplus of milk and had to express some daily. To her, though, her tits looked fantastic. They were large, firm and her nipples were huge and always looked swollen and erect. It turned her on no end and they felt extra sensitive and sensual. Her husband, however, didn’t seem to like them for some reason and moaned at her when her nipples poked through her clothes. He thought it looked disgusting. She thought it looked hot and so very sexy. Also she thought her son Roby liked her breasts very much. She enjoyed the way he played with them. Actually she had an orgasm while her son playing with them. Was it wrong? But she thought when she was breastfeeding little Niru, sometimes she had an orgasm too. So, why was it wrong? She also remembered when Roby was baby, she used to breastfeed him. And there was some orgasm then too. So, nothing wrongs an orgasm with her son again.

May be her son Roby had an orgasm too in that play. It was also ok. She made her mind if her son again wanted to play with her breasts, even if he wanted to drink her milk, she will allow her son to do whatever he will want to do with her breasts.At evening when Roby’s father came from store and wanted to talk with Roby. So, Joly went to her son roby’s room and told him about it. They both didn’t show any sign what happened before.Roby got up from his sleep and got ready and went to the living room where his father was watching TV. Roby’s father asked him some questions about his study. Then he again engaged to watch news. Joly came the living room with Niru. She took a sit and popped a big milk filled breast out of her blouse. Milk shot out from the swollen nipple. This would happen in front of Roby and his father. But Roby’s father would not notice. He would be busy watching T.V. Roby was the only one who was watching those lovely mounds. Joly looked at Roby and their eyes met. A shiver of lust went down his spine. Seeing his staring thus at her boobs Joly arched her back and raising her hands above her back yawned lazily. Suddenly on some pretext she got up and asked Roby, “Son holds the baby for a minute?” “Sure Mother “he replied.She brought the baby to him. He took the baby in his arms from hers and while doing so squeezed her big milk-filled boobs against his hands. “Aaaah”, she moaned softly but father not noticed. He was busy watching T.V. Roby put the baby on his lap and played with it until she returned. “Can I take her?” she asked.Before Roby could answer Joly picked the baby from his lap and doing so her hand brushed his semi-erect penis. They finished their dinner. Nothing happened.Next morning Roby walked into the living room to find Joly sitting on the sofa breastfeeding his sister. The blouse was open and both of her large, milky white breasts were exposed. Roby just

Stopped in the middle of the room and stared. Mother held Niru cradled in one arm while she sucked an exposed nipple.”What’s wrong, Roby?” mother asked with a chuckle. “I…well, nothing…” Roby stammered.Joly wanted to tease her son. So that again he will start playing with her breasts. She wanted it badly. “It’s called breastfeeding, dear,” mother grinned. “Its how I fed you when you were this age. In fact, I seem to recall that you enjoyed it.”Roby also played innocence.”I was a baby, mother,” he said a little disgustedly. Then, in spite of himself he laughed. “Besides, I think I can handle solid foods, now.”Oh, that’s a shame,” mother said with a twinkle in her eye. Then, without warning, she cupped her left breast and winked. “There’s plenty if you’re hungry.”"Oh, really!”"You know very well.”When Niru had finished and mother burped her, she took her baby into her room for a nap. A few minutes later, while Roby was still sitting in the recliner dreaming of suckling his mother’s nipples, Joly came back into the living room. Roby crossed his legs immediately knowing that it was a real possibility that there was a large erection on the crotch of his gym shorts.”I think your sister will sleep soundly for awhile,” mother said reclaiming her place at one end of the sofa.”Well, she’s probably full,” Roby laughed. He winced inwardly at the sound of his voice that came out a little shaky. “Come here, Roby,” mother said patting the sofa next to where she sat.Roby looked at his mother for a moment. She smiled at him and patted the sofa again without speaking. Roby stood and walked around the coffee table and started to sit down beside her when mother placed her hands on his hips. Wordlessly, she turned him around so that when he sat down he was in a position not unlike the one Niru would be in when mother fed her. She had him scoot down the sofa a little so that his head and shoulders were in her lap.

Roby hadn’t noticed it when mother came back into the room but she hadn’t buttoned her blouse after breastfeeding his sister. Silently, mother opened the blouse and released her massive tits. Roby gasped, mostly from surprise.”Go ahead, Roby,” she said softly, looking into his eyes. “I know you want to taste my milk.”"I don’t…I mean, what gives you that idea?” Roby laughed nervously.You’ve made it a point to show up when I fed your sister,” she smiled. “And I saw the way you watched me breastfeed Niru.”"Mother, I-”"Shhhhh,” she hushed me.With her soft hand under her son’s head, mother lifted her right breast, then lifted Roby’s head and brought his mouth close to the nipple. Roby’s head buzzed with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as he stared for a moment at mother’s nipple. A tiny drop of milk had oozed from it and Roby found his pulse quickening as he stared. “Go ahead, Roby, it’s full of milk.” mother said. “Take my nipple in your mouth and suck.”Roby thought may be there was no excitement surging within his mother as it was with him. May be she was simply reacting to what she thought was her son’s curiosity and letting him taste her milk. Roby took his mother’s nipple into his mouth without another word. It was the first time he had done this since he was his sister’s age, so the feeling of her nipple in his mouth was intoxicating. He began to suck slowly and he tasted her sweet milk for the first time in nearly sixteen years. And, for some reason, mother holding his head while he feasted on her breast caused him so much pleasure that he wanted to scream with desire.The initial embarrassment Roby felt when mother pulled his mouth to her nipple, vanished almost immediately. To suck mother’s nipples wasn’t revolting, at all. Instead, it was electrifying. This made his cock fully erect.

At first that awareness made him a little uncomfortable but he soon became so aroused that he no longer cared. He actually wanted mother to know that sucking her nipple aroused him.Still, though Roby was becoming so hot that reasoning was beginning to take backseat to the white-hot urges building within him, he realized he had to be careful. Sucking milk from mother’s tits would not happen a second time if she realized what it was doing to him. So he was careful not to show too much enthusiasm as he suckled her fat, delicious nipple. But knowing that mother was watching him, her pretty eyes focused on his mouth as he sucked her nipple – something a big son doesn’t do to his mother – was having a big effect on him.All at once, he heard something that he hadn’t expected to hear. Mother’s breathing had become labored, so much so that she was lightly gasping. His astonished mind shifted back into gear and he listened hard. She was breathing hard! Was mother becoming aroused? He continued to suckle and drink her sweet milk, and then he felt her long fingers lightly caressing the back of his neck. Roby opened his eyes and looked up into his mother’s face. He was completely overwhelmed by what he saw. Her head was tilted back slightly, her pretty blue eyes were closed and her full lips parted slightly. He could see the tip of his mother’s pink, wet tongue licking her lips. Tiny gasps came from her mouth and, as he watched, she began to roll her head from side to side.Joly was aroused definitely! The previous day he was not sure. Roby couldn’t believe his luck. He would never have thought mother would become aroused from him sucking her nipple.

Without delay he released the nipple of mother’s right breast and took her left in both of his hands. He took that nipple into his mouth and began to suck it eagerly, taking it deeply into his mouth, sucking it hard and furiously. His hands began to squeeze and fondle both of her large milky white globes. He roughly pinched and pulled the nipple he had been feeding on while he sucked and chewed on the other. Mother cried out with pleasure and pulled his face tighter against her massive tits.”That’s it my darling little son!” she gasped softly. “Feed on mother’s titties! Drink my milk, Roby!”Mother began to writhe against him as she held his face tightly against her breasts. Roby alternated between heavy globes, sucking and chewing and biting her fat, sensitive nipples. He can’t even express the ecstasy that surged through him with a power that nearly took his breath away. He can’t count the times he had masturbated over the past days wanting something like (with kakima) this to happen, knowing that it probably wouldn’t. And, now, it had come true and he was nearly out of his head with desire. Roby released his mother’s nipple and rose up until his face was level with hers. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He could see the desire, the heat of the fire burning deep within her. His hand still held her breasts, squeezing and fondling them, rolling and pushing the milk-heavy globes together. The expression her face was pure, unrestrained lust as she looked deeply into his eyes.Roby did something then that he hadn’t even thought about during the times that he fantasized about her. He grabbed his mother’s face and mashed his mouth to hers, parting her lips with his tongue. Mother groaned with pleasure when she accepted his tongue into her mouth. They kissed with a hard, animal desire, their faces twisting, bodies writhing together. Suddenly, mother screamed into his mouth as she ground her ass into the sofa. His mother was cumming with his tongue in her mouth!

All at once the kiss was over and Roby leaned back a little to look at her face. His mother’s eyes were wide and filled with astonishment. Her mouth was open wide and he could see embarrassment on her pretty face. They just sat there for a long moment staring at one another, both of them gasping for breath. Her chest heaved with each gasp and she licked her lips that had become dry. “I-I-I’m s-so sorry,” she stammered.Abruptly, Joly stood up and left the room. Roby heard the faint sound of her bedroom door closing softly as he sat on the sofa, his brain confused from her sudden reaction. He couldn’t blame her for feeling the way she did because what they had engaged in was incest and a sexual act between mother and son. It was understandable that mother would be distraught – most women would be.Even though Roby felt a huge disappointment that mother had left the room, that what had happened would not be repeated, he could still feel her nipples in his mouth. The taste of his mother’s milk was still in his mouth and the excitement he felt from loving her breasts and bringing her to orgasm still made him incredibly hot. And kissing her, feeling her soft, female lips on him, was so erotic that he felt his cock pain able hard.Suddenly, the heat of Roby’s lust became more than he could endure. Remembering what had happened only a few minutes before, he began to undress. His need was so great that he nearly ripped his short off and when he was finally undone, he lay back on the sofa and began to stroke his hard cock. This was the first time that he had ever masturbated anywhere in the house but his bedroom and the bathroom, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care who saw him. He wanted the whole world to watch him masturbate.

His breathing once again became harsh, his pulse quickened and his body trembled with desire. He moaned lightly, softly, and licked his lips that had become dry. As the fires of his lust became hotter he began to grind his ass into the sofa.Through the fog of his excitement he could hear mother’s bedroom door open. He didn’t want to cause mother any more distress so he didn’t stare boldly into the hall. Since the hallway was windowless and the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom were closed the lighting was dim. But, through eyes that were barely open, he could see the dark outline of his mother standing there staring at him.Roby didn’t know if she would rush into the room and reprimand him for so brazenly laying naked on the sofa while he masturbated, but he doubted it. After what had happened earlier he didn’t think she would say a word. He really thought she would flee back into her room. But she surprised him. Mother stood in the hall and stared at him while he loved his cock. That’s when he thought he needed to let her know how he felt, even though he was sure the feeling wasn’t mutual.He arched his back and brought his ass into the air, then started to slowly stoke his cock. He continued to keep his eyes closed to mere slits so that she wouldn’t know that he was watching her. Tiny groans of pure ecstasy came from his mouth while he masturbated. Having her watch masturbation was so hot that he began to moan a little louder.”Yesssss!” Roby hissed through clenched teeth. “So good! Touch my thing and make me cum!”Roby began to rock his hips faster which brought him so much pleasure that he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off too much longer. And the sudden idea that she would see his cock squirt cum was all it took to take him over the edge.Abruptly, a geyser of steaming hot cum erupted from his cock and sprayed his legs, feet and the sofa cushions. His eyes were wide with desire as he watched a second, then a third jet of cum gush from his cock. Several loud successive grunts of

Ecstasy issued from his mouth and he had to grit his teeth to keep from screaming. His hips rocked erratically in quick little jerking movements as he flew through the most intense orgasm of his life.Finally, gasping for breath, he lowered his ass to the sofa and lay there for a long with his eyes closed. His body trembled fiercely and it was several minutes before his breathing returned to normal. When he opened his eyes again mother was no longer in the hall. He gathered his pant and hurried from the living room to his bedroom, suddenly a little self-conscious for the first time that morning.He stayed in his room for more than an hour before he left to take a shower. To be honest he was self-conscious that he had masturbated while mother watched. It wasn’t the act of masturbation itself that troubled him but the fact that he knew his mother obviously didn’t feel the same way he did. Now, after what had happened with her on the sofa and the way he had sucked her tits so furiously and kissed her mouth as deeply as a lover would do, the way he had lay on the sofa and shamelessly masturbate, he couldn’t begin to know what she must think of him. And, he was a little uneasy.Roby finished with his shower at a quarter of one and decided that he was being a little silly. She’s his mother, after all, and they love each other. There wasn’t anything that they couldn’t get passed. Besides, he had to face her eventually anyway and he couldn’t stay locked up in his room afraid that she thought less of him now. So, he dressed quickly and headed toward the living room. Mother was sitting on the sofa nursing her baby when he walked into the room. When Joly saw him, she smiled a little apprehensively and looked back down at Niru. “Hi, mother,” Roby said brightly, maybe a little too brightly.”Hi, Roby,” she smiled at him again.”Have you eaten?”She shook her head. “I was about to fix something after I feed your sister.”"Don’t worry, mother,”

I said. “i’ll put something together. I learn it from my hostel”Roby made some sandwiches and opened a bag of potato chips, which is what they normally eat for lunch. They sat at the kitchen table, neither of them speaking for several minutes. He will admit that there was a little tension in the air and that was understandable. He wanted to say something, anything that would make things right between them but he was simply too embarrassed to bring up what had happened. Then, mother broke the silence.”I was thinking about frying some chicken for dinner, your father likes It.” She said. “And mashed potatoes,” Roby said, licking his lips.”With cream gravy.”"Yum!”They both started laughing. It’s funny what will break the ice and set things right when they go wrong. All of a sudden, Joly and Roby were talking and laughing, planning all sorts of exotic meals they would probably not make but it didn’t matter because they were mother and son again. The tension was gone and they stayed at the table much longer than they usually did. Roby vowed at that moment that he would never again attempt to make love to his mother, even though he had wanted her more than he would have thought possible. Mother left the dinning room to check on Niru, then came back to help Roby clean up. She spent the rest of the afternoon making fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, green peas and corn on the cob. Roby even baked a chocolate cake. Once, Joly left to feed her baby and, even though the urge to watch was stronger than Roby had expected, he stayed in the kitchen.”You realize that we’re going to get fat if we keep eating like this?” she laughed when she came back to the kitchen.Yeah, but it will be fun.”"You won’t think so when your little butt gets broader than the front door!”

Father arrived at 6 o’clock. Then they ate while it was still hot. It was great sitting around the table with mother and father, as they had for years, talking about anything and everything. That morning and all that happened was just a vague memory. Well, maybe not vague, but they weren’t letting it get in the way of their relationship. Neither of us mentioned any of it and maybe that was for the best. After dinner, mother, father and Roby watched television until ten o’clock. Joly lay curled up on the sofa. Once, around nine, she brought Niru into the living room and nursed her. Roby will admit that it was difficult, but he managed to keep his focus on the television and not look at his mother’s breasts.”I guess i’ll go take a shower and then i’ll sleep. Good night.” Roby said.Roby had already taken a shower around noon but he needed to stand under a hot spray of water and think. He was confused by the feelings that he had for his mother and he wanted to try and sort them out. Although all was well between them he still couldn’t get her out of his mind. Why did he want his mother sexually? He told himself, as he stood in the shower, that it was just a silly infatuation, and that in no time he would forget about it and everything would return to normal.Still, he couldn’t get it out of his mind. He could still taste her milk and feel her nipples in his mouth. Mother’s nipples in his mouth were like no other feeling in the world and he had enjoyed it. He had loved the feel of her soft lips on him and the taste of her mouth as he kissed her deeply.

She was so feminine and soft and being with him that way had been the most erotic event of his sixteen years. The truth is he had no desire to be with a woman except mother, so why was he so enamored with her?Roby turned off the water after twenty minutes of long, hard thinking and stepped out of the tub and went to the bed still thinking about his mother. Roby was staring out his door into the living room; he was surprised to see his mother suddenly appear at the door. He knew that it was too dark for her to see his eyes so he didn’t have to pretend he was asleep. His mother stood in his doorway for the longest time. He wondered what she was doing as she stood peering into his room. Roby’s eyes had grown accustomed to the dark and he could see that his mother was wearing a very, very thin nightgown. Even in the dim light of the light, he could easily make out the silhouette of her beautiful body as she stood looking into his room. Laying on his back he suddenly felt his cock surge back to hardness as he stared at the outline of her body.Wondering what she was doing, he couldn’t believe his eyes when she slowly moved and stepped into his room. He couldn’t believe that she was actually coming toward his bed. Suddenly the captivating aroma of her perfume enveloped him as he felt her sit down on the edge of his bed. His heart almost stopped beating as he waited to see what she would do next. Then he felt her slowly lift the covers and ease down under them. She was now laying in his bed next to him. He thought he was going to have a heart attack as he suddenly felt her warm body press up against him.”Roby, are you awake?” he heard her whisper.”Uh, yes,” he muttered, his mouth so dry, he could barely speak.”Do you mind if I come in here for a while?” she asked him, pressing herself up against him insistently.”Uh, No,” he groaned, feeling her big, firm breasts pressing into his arm.She didn’t say anything for several minutes.”Baby, my breasts are hurting. Would you nurse me?” she finally whispered. “Oh, Yes,” he gasped as he felt her push the covers down and spread her gown open.”Thank You” she sighed.

Rolling over toward her, he pushed his face down onto her swollen breast. Like a piglet searching for nourishment, he hunted for her nipple. Almost immediately he found the hard, swollen pap jutting up from her swollen breast and locked his lips around it. Hungrily, he began to suck on it. Only a small trickle of milk oozed from his mother’s nipple initially. Sucking harder, he felt the flow increase and he was quickly rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet, frothy milk. Gluttonously, he pulled and sucked on her gushing tit reveling in the delightful taste and warmth of her sweet, creamy milk. As he sucked and pulled on her breast, he realized that his throbbing cock was pressed up against his mother’s hot, firm leg. Her gown must have ridden up her leg because there was nothing between his cock and her bare skin. Aflame with desire, he couldn’t stop himself from pressing his burning hardness against her leg even harder. He knew that she must feel his steel hard penis mashed up against her leg, but she made no effort to move her leg back away from him. Inspired by her lack of objection, he continued to press his swollen hardness into her leg as he sucked and fondled her swollen tit.”Oh, yes, baby, it feels so good,” he heard his mother whisper to him.In his feverish state, he didn’t know if she meant his cock or the way he was sucking her tit. Everything was happening too fast for him to fully comprehend it. He was overwhelmed by the emotions pouring through his mind. It was too incredulous to fully fathom. He was lying next to his dear, sweet mother, sucking her breast and rubbing his cock against her leg. It couldn’t really be happening. He must be dreaming, but he knew he wasn’t.Slowly the flow of milk from her breast diminished as he ravenously suckled her like a starving man. As he sucked, he was able to pull less and less of her pure, precious milk into his mouth until at last the flow stopped altogether. “Do the other one, baby,” she cooed, her hands coaxing him over to her other breast.

To reach her other breast, Roby had to straddle her and lean over her. Clumsily, he raised himself up on his hands and rolled his leg over hers. He was now lying with his mother’s leg between his legs and his rock hard cock pressing down against her hard, firm thigh. Then he leaned down and quickly sucked her other swollen pap into his mouth.”Oh, Yes, Baby,” his mother groaned as he began to suck on her other breast. “You make me feel so good.”Unable to control himself, he began to thrust his aching hardness against her leg as his mouth pulled on her big, hard nipple. He knew that she couldn’t help feeling his naked cock rubbing against her as he ground it down onto her leg. Just the feel of her hot, smooth skin on his prick was sending him rushing headlong toward another eruption. Knowing that there would be no way to disguise his ejaculation this time, he still couldn’t stop humping his cock against her leg.Just as before, the flow of milk was very slow at the start, but all at once it began to pour into his mouth. Within moments his mouth was filling with her the delicate, womanly flavor of her hot, sweet milk. His head was swimming with pleasure and lust as he sucked and pulled on her nipple. Wrapping his hand around her big, pliable breast, he squeezed and clutched her big, soft breast, trying to coax even more of her wonderful cream from her breast.”Oh, Baby,” his mother murmured as he ravaged her breast with his sucking, pulling mouth. Gulping loudly, he sucked hungrily at his mother’s breast. He couldn’t get enough of her frothy, sweet milk. Holding on tightly with both hands to the soft abundance of her breast, he urged her to give him more and more. He had never experienced such power and desire before as he lay atop his mother, nursing.

As she lovingly ran her hands through his hair, she held his face mashed down against her breast. Then woefully, he felt the muscles in his mother’s leg harden as she tried to move her leg out from underneath his thrusting penis. Disheartened, he slowly lifted his leg and let her leg slip out from under him. Then, in a flash of comprehension, he realized that he was now lying between her long, shapely legs.”Oh, Roby,” she moaned softly. Encouraged by this new development, he renewed his attack on her breast until, much sooner than he wished, the flow of thick, frothy milk slowly diminished to a trickle and then stopped.Unwillingly to forfeit his vantage, Roby continued to tease and taunt her bloated nipple. As he did, he turned slightly and pressed his hard maleness against the warmness of her soft, smooth inner thigh. As he lay atop her now, his stomach was pressing down on the soft, fuzzy mat of hair covering her soft underbelly. He was so keyed up, he felt like he could feel every one of her curly, pubic hairs individually tickling his stomach. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it came to him. There was nothing between him and his mother. It was his own bare skin against her bare skin. He couldn’t believe it, but she must have opened her gown all the way when she had lain down next to him. It was too good to be true, he thought as a perverse thrill ran through his body. Infected by the perverted lust that was rigidly obvious, he mashed his belly down on her and felt another jolt of excitement tear into his overloaded brain. He could feel his mother’s wetness pressing up against him as she gently thrust herself up against his stomach Oh, baby…” she moaned softly.Drowning in emotions that he had never felt before, he ever so slowly let his mother’s nipple slip out of his mouth. But he kept his mouth pressed against the hot, smooth skin of her breast. Slowly, he began kissing his way up her breast on onto her neck.”Oh, Baby,” she gushed, arching her neck against his insistent lips.Lifting his body, he determinedly kissed his way up her neck.

Stopping for a moment, he gently nibbled at the soft, fragrant skin just below her chin. Then his lips traveled up over her chin and quickly down onto her lips.,” she groaned, pulling his face down and mashing her lips against his.With their lips pasted together, their bodies pressed together erotically.In his squirming passion, Roby suddenly found himself with the head of his great, bloated penis resting against the soft, fleshy opening of his mother’s wetness. Only a rapidly decaying fear of his mother’s reaction separated him from the dark wicked mysteries of her most sacred of sacred places. Then, as he felt the heat exuding from her weeping love wound, he felt her gently tilt her hips and gently press herself against him. Holding him back one moment longer, he continued to grind his mouth against hers and slowly slid his tongue into her mouth.Suddenly, he felt his mother’s hands on his tight, clenched ass. As she grabbed hold of his ass, he felt her dig her long, pink fingernails into him. Unable to postpone theinevitable any longer, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into the burning, cleaving opening of his mother’s drooling vagina.”Arrggghhhhh,” he heard his mother gasp as their lips broke apart.Gasping for breath, Roby felt beads of perspiration pop out on his forehead. He was feverish and confused. Should he stop? This was so wrong. They were about to commit a mortal sin. A sin so evil and heinous, he would forever be branded as a Motherfucker. But, even as his mind reeled in chaos, he knew that there was no way to stop now. They had gone too far. There was nothing anyone could do to stop their inescapable plunge into the wicked depths of incestual love.

Finding her lips again, he hungrily kissed her, deep and long. As they kissed, he slowly eased his cock down into her flaming core. This couldn’t really be happening, he feverishly thought as his cock slowly slipped deeper into the scalding depths of her tight, clutching womanhood. He was fucking his dear, wonderful Mother. He would surely go to hell for what he was doing, but it would be worth it. He was fucking his mother.The feeling was indescribable. It was like thrusting his cock into a tight, burning sheath of silky softness that lovingly clenched and squeezed him. Unbelievably, it was hotter and wetter as he went deeper and deeper inside the secret, intimacy of her very soul. There was nothing else to live for, now. He was submitting himself to the most wonderful experience a boy was capable of imagining. While the physical pleasure was incomparable, the fact that his mother was his willing partner in the wickedness was most important to him. While he wanted to make love to her for so very long, he could never have done it without her concurrence. Now she was more than his mother, she was his soul-mate.”Oh, My Fucking, , Mother,” he gasped, finally breaking their lip lock.”Oh, Roby, My Baby, ” she cried out, thrusting herself up against him.Roby’s cock slid effortlessly into his mother’s warmth. His origin. His source. The fiery oven of his birthplace. It felt like heaven. Even though, he was reveling in the wicked delight of making love to his mother, he was slightly surprised. It should have felt a little dirty and perverted. He should have had some guilt, but he couldn’t believe how natural and wonderful it felt. Making love to the beautiful woman was incomparable to anything, he would never be able to make love to another woman. Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring from his cock, he tentatively pulled his great, throbbing cock out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around his aching cock sent fire coursing up his cock and into his reeling mind. The exquisite pleasure spewing from his loins was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate. He realized that his mother must feel the same way as she arched her hips pulling him even deeper inside her scorching cunt.

As he entered her, he could feel her bare breasts pressing up against his chest. His chest was wet from the milk that still leaked from them. Thrusting himself into her, he finally felt the head of his cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant his belly touched hers. They were made for each other and fit together perfectly. Holding himself deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt, he bent down and quickly kissed her again. His mother returned his kiss, and soon his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. Mother and son embraced and kissed deeply with their hips flattened against each other. The passion that was pouring through his body rapidly blossomed into a white-hot spasm of ecstasy as the tension in his loins reached the boiling point. “Momph!” he tried to warn her but it was too late. His cock erupted violently inside her, sending a huge gusher of his white-hot lavacum spurting out into his mother’s vagina. “Oh, Roby…” His mother gurgled, wrapping her legs around him, and pushing her hips up against him.”Roby, MY, Baby …” she cried, her voice softening into a whimper as his body continued to spasm and writhe.Over and over again, he felt his cock jerk and spurt gusher after gusher of his thick, hot cum deep into his mother’s hungry, sucking cunt. It was pure heaven as wave after wave of pleasure washed over his body.”Oh, My,, Mother, I Love You,” he gasped as he thrust himself down into her again and again.

Finally, his mighty monster relented and stopped firing off inside of her. Exhausted by the huge expenditure of physical and emotional energy, Roby collapsed down on top of her. Neither of them spoke as they lay pressed against each other for several moments. Then, as if reading each other’s minds they began kissing and lovingly fondling and caressing each other. As they petted, Roby was surprised to find that his cock, still buried inside his mother hadn’t softened at all. After a few moments, he slowly began to slide his cock in and out of his mother’s deep, wet cunt. Within moments, they were gently fucking as his mother eagerly returned his thrusts. Soon, their bodies were moving in a heated rhythm.”Oh, Roby, I love it,” she moaned as he fucked her. Mother … Maa … Ammu.” he heard himself moaning involuntarily as their hips clashed together over and over. Their pent up passion overcame them and suddenly they were going at each other like two clawing, biting animals. They were unable to get enough of the other as they fought for release from the burning, festering desire. “Fuck your Mother, Fuck Mommy,” he heard his mother grunt every time he slammed his hard cock into her.Their hips slammed together loudly as they fucked, sending splatters of their lovemaking flying all over the bed. The loud slurping of her cunt as it sucked on his dick heard, but still they fucked.At last, after twenty or thirty minutes of fierce, ball busting fucking, Roby felt his scrotum begin to tighten. He could feel himself nearing the point of eruption as his mother writhed and groveled below him, urging him to fuck her harder and harder.“Mother, I want to fuck you in doggy style,” he whispered.Within a second Joly posed her like a dog. It caused her ass to push back toward his cock.

Roby grunted hard as he plunged his cock into her wet pussy from behind. He pumped his hard cock in and out of her. He reached around and roughly fondled her big tits so hard that milk trickled from them.Roby put both hands around to her massive chest, he held onto her tits roughly as he pounded his mother’s pussy with his big cock. The loud moans she was emitting only made him fuck her harder and harder. “Oh, Fuck, Baby, I feel it cum..she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became as hard as boards.Roby felt her cunt lock down around his cock, squeezing it so hard he couldn’t stop it from exploding.”fuck mother cummnnnn,” he bellowed out.Roby felt like the head of his cock had been blown off inside his mother. He couldn’t stop cumming inside his mother. Over and over again, his cock gathered itself and spewed out load after load of his thick, creamy cum into her clinging cunt. He quickly filled her to overflowing. He could feel his cum oozing out around his spasming cock and running down the crack of his mother’s upturned ass.Time seemed to stop as they groaned and fucked. At last, there was no more and they collapsed in each other’s arms. Consumed by their sinful escapade, they immediately fell asleep. Roby awoke dazed and dead tired. Yawning, he stretched and wondered why he felt so groggy. Then he felt an icy finger of fear shoot down his spine as he recalled the events of the previous night. God, he had made love to his mother.

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