Mother Sacrificed for her Daughter
Hi ISS MOBI readers this is Karna from Hyderabad and I’m going to tell you a true incident that has changed my life. This story begins with a small romance and ends at highest peak of fuck. There are six characters in story Pinky, Shoba, Jyothi and three special characters that come in the next part of the story.
While coming to the story ill introduce the characters of the story.
Me (Karna): good looking guy 5'11" height 8 inches cock.
Pinky (sister): looks damm sexy 36 28 36 sizes 5'4" height, 18 age
Shoba (aunt or chachi or chinnamma) innocently sexy 36 D 32 38 sizes, 5'6" height, 39 age.
Jyothi (aunt or chachi or chinnamma) hell like sexy 38 D 32 40 sizes 5'5 height 35 age. Shoba and Jyothi are my dad’s younger brother's wives and Pinky is shoba's daughter while coming to the story it was 2 years back and it was summer and I went to shoba home in the evening and on my chacha's force I needed to stay there at night as it was summer we all slept in the hall with a cooler.
asked for the blanket because it would easy for me to mastribute. Uncle and I with Pinky and Sulochana slept in a order and it was 11 pm and after my masturbation I went into sleep at 2 am I woke up and saw that Pinky was in my blanket I placed my hand on her cheek as there is no reaction on her and I placed my hand on her breast, they were so soft and I was playing with them softly after some time.
I placed my hand on her bra from her shirt I tried to catch her nipples but the bra is so tight because of her huge boob. I tock my penis out and put my another hand on her pussy and playing with my penis when i saw her face I was shocked to see that she was awaken and watching my act and I immedietly took blanket from her and turned to another direction I felt ashamed and slept silently.
I heared bathroom door sound and I thought it might be Pinky after few min's Pinky came into my blanket and said in ears Anna bra is so tight and I removed it you do it now when im awaken. I turned towards her and started to suck her lips and tongue, she was playing with my penis and im squeezing her boobs and sucking her lips and tongue and she removed her lips from my lips and said you bastard if you suck like this ill die.
I can’t breathe Anna then I said beside your mother and father I can only do this, if you are alone with me your pussy might have been tore long back. She said then we'll go to next room and i'll see how you'll tear your sister pussy her words are making me crazy, my cock was rock hard. We moved to the next room and I locked the door and started to suck her nipples and Pinky is playing with my dick.
I asked her hey you little bitch, did you ever had a fuck? And she said no Anna but I use to watch blue films and masturbate then I took my penis and rolling on her lips and she took that in her mouth and while playing with her pussy I asked her and so I’m going to fuck my sweet virgin sister for that she said no no Anna I’m not a virgin girl a carrot took my virginity.
I was so hard and took my penis from her mouth and placed on her pussy and after few strokes it went completely I was on top of her and sucking her lips and fucking her, she was loudly moaning and I said hey little bitch dont make sounds outside bitch may wake up wait for few mins im gonna cum in your pussy. Pinky said yes Anna if my mum wakes up she will kill me, so please cum inside my pussy and your responsibility is to get I pill for me tomorow.
We both are in climax and suddenly the door was knocked, shoba was calling us both and Pikny started crying in fear and we dressed up soon and I opened the door and shoba was so angry and she slaped Pinky and I went to another room and that night I did not sleep. Next day morning I left the place before chachi woke up and I reached my home by 8 AM two days passed away.
I got a call from shoba that she wants to meet me at her home and I went to her home at 10 am and no one is there at home and I called her Shoba chachi! She came from kitchen and asked me to come inside; I was feeling very nervous and unable to talk with her. It was very silent in the home and she came to me and sat before me.
Shoba: what you were doing that day with Pinky.
Me: nothing chachi, it’s just a mistake and we will not do that again.
Shoba: I came to know about you and Pinky now please leaves her she is a kid (with tears in eyes)
Me: I promise you I will not even talk to her from now.
Shoba: please beta leaves her and if you want you can have me.
By saying this she went away, I was shocked and I can’t believe into her words. I followed her and asked her and what did you say now? Are you ready to have sex with me? She was silent and after few minutes she replied yes I’m ready to serve you on bed on one condition that you should not touch her, if you do this I’m ready to have sex with you anytime. I thought its right time and I said okay and hugged her tightly and kissed on her neck. She pushed me away and said you are crazy, wait for some time let me finish my cook
Me: ok ok, you know I love you a lot I was fantasizing to fuck you from my 10th class.
Shoba: oh then your going to fuck me so hard, your chacha has no interest to have sex now a days.
Me: forget about chacha I’m hear to sastisfy you, what is your bra size?
Shoba: hmmm 36 D and what is your penis size?
Me: you’re asking about my penis?
Shoba: when you asked me about my breast then why can’t I?
Me: but I can see your breast phsyically.
Shoba: I can imagine your penis so tell me.
Me: it must be 8 inches, what about chacha's?
Shoba: it’s around 6 and half.
Finally she finished her cook and we locked the doors and went into her bed room and started kissing on her lips and she is responding to my lips. I moved my hands on her butts they were so soft and huge. I asked her to suck my dick and she bent on her knees and took my pants off and she said Karna your cock is so big and I love it. I’m so lucky to have your cock in my mouth she gave a good blowjob.
I was about to cum and I took my penis from her mouth and removed her saree she did not wear a bra now she is only on her panty. I took her nipples in my mouth and sucking like a kid and her breast are so soft infact they are softer than pinky and my two girlfriends. I removed her panty and she was completely nude before me and she laid on bed streching her legs wide.
I laid betwwen her legs and sucking her pussy and she is moaning louder and louder she shouted do you think Iam bitch to tease me like this? Please and I can’t wait fuck me. I said yes you’re my sweet bitch, from now I will show you the heaven. I placed my penis on her pussy and I gave a huge stroke and it went completely inside and it was so wet and soft, she was moaninig louder and I was sucking her soft nipples and fucking her pussy, she cried out oooohhhhh aaaahhhh I’m going to cum.
I said me too and we both cummed at same time and after that we went to take a bath and it was so late that chacha may come home so I came back to my home in the night I got a call from Pinky and she was crying.
Now Shobha(chachi or chinamma) is my bitch and im fucking her regularly when there is no one at her home and we use to go out and roam like lovers. Pinky has a doubt about our relation and she use to cal me regularly but I use to ignore her because I gave a promise to Shobha. Days are passing and me and Shobha are enjoying a lot and we use to do phone sex at day time.One day Pinky came to our home, it's just 15Km away from her home and my mom received her and my mom had a work and she went to our grandmother's house and she was to come back in the night. so me and Pinky are in the home and she asked about her mother and my relation. I said that she offered her love to me to leave you, I said ok to her, that's why im ignoring you. Pinky was very angry after hearing my words and she gave a warning to me but its a bumper offer to me at that time.
Pinky : Anna, if I say about your relation to my dad what will happen ? ? so what you do is just obey my word and do what I say. it will good for us.
Me : So you are trying to blackmail me,,, ok tell me what should I do now ?
Pinky: I love you anna,,, you are disturbing me a lot please have me on your bed, i am ready to do anything for you, please fuck me anna.
After hearing her words I was completely convinced and she was about to cry and I took her into my hands and I hugged her and we kissed for 10 minutes. Pinky said "I was waiting from that night when you left me nude in my home" and I replied " that night your mother bitch came in between us so I missed you, now there no one between us". I removed her shirt and bra and was sucking her nipples. she was moaning " aaahhh uummm, treat me like a bitch, uuummmm fuck me hard aaannnnnaaa...."suddenly our door bell rang and I was so tensed and I left Pinky in our store-room and I opened our main door, I was shocked like hell to see Shobha there. she asked about my mother and I said she went to our grandmother's home and Shobha was so happy to hear that and she closed the door and hugged me and kissing my lips i went to kitchen to make some coffee to her. I was completely cornered at that movement,,, daughter is in store room and mother is in bedroom. I made a mistake that I left my mobile in our hall and Shobha took that and at same time Pinky texted to me that " how much time I should wait here ?". Shobha understood every thing and she searched for Pinky and she found her and Pinky was so scared and I was trying to convince Shobha and she went to hall and she shouted " you basterd go to hell, I gave birth to a bitch do what ever you want"
I went to Pinky and she was still not wearing her bra and shirt, and she hugged me and kissed my lips. I forgot about Shobha and I completely made Pinky nude.I took her to my parents room and I took my 8" penis and I kept in her mouth. Pinky started to suck my penis and I started moaning loudly " aaaahhhh Pinky my sweet bitch suck it, aahh you are the best,best than your mother". I spreaded Pinky's legs and kept my middle finger in her pussy and licking and kissing her pussy. Pinky shouting " oh my god, now I came to know why my mother is getting fuck with you, please fuck me too, i want to share my mother's stud,,,, aaahhhh anna please fuck me like a bitch don't leave me". Shobha was hearing all this and she came to our room and stood beside door and started watching our fucking action...
I took me penis before SHobha and rubbing on Pinky's pink pussy and I inserted my full penis in Pinky's pussy and she was moaning a lot before her mother. It was a very hot scene to watch, I fucking my sister before her mother. Shobha got excited and her facial expressions were changing. Shobha came to me and kissing my lips ,I removed her saree and blouse and bra and she is in her red Panty and it was all wet. I was giving hard strokes to Pinky and Pinky was shouting " aahhh fuck me fuck me,, sorry mom i am sharing your boyfriend please excuse me" Shobha replied " no problem beta, your brother is good in fucking and i am ready to share my boyfriend with you". I thought in my mind that two bitches are in my control now and I removed Shobha's panty and inserted my tongue in her pussy and Pinky cummed and I was still hard and I took my penis and made Shobha in a doggy pose and inserted my penis in her pussy from behind. Pinky laid before Shobha and Shobha was licking Pinky's pussy...
I said "you bitches from now you are my property, you should obey my orders" Shobha was busy in sucking Pinky's pussy and Pinky replied " yes we are your bitches you can fuck us anywhere, anytime you want" I was about to cum and I shouted " hey big boob bitch im cumming" and Shobha replied " yeah mother fucker cum inside my pussy, me to cumming" we both cummed at the same time and Pinky cleaned our cum and we laid on bed. I laid between them and kissing alternatively and pressing their boobs.I asked them " my sweet bitches are u ready to do anything for me ?" and they both replied "YES DARLING" then I said " I want to fuck Jyothi chachi, you must help me to seduce her". After hearing this Shobha was shocked and Pinky was smiling and playing with my penis and finally Pinky convinced Shobha, and they both promised me that they will seduce Jyothi for me,,,, and after that we three had a threesome, i fucked Shobha's mouth while Pinky was eating her pussy and I fucked Pinky's pussy while she was sucking her mother's boobs and pussy, and even Pinky accepted that her mother Shobha's boobs are so soft and milky than her boobs.............
after fucking both mother and daughter our sexual life is runnig happyly. after reveling my sex desire that is to fuck jyothi,we three pinky, shoba and me are planning to seduce her.. Luckly our chacha that is shoba's husband went to a trip for ten days with his friends, so we thought its the best time to fuck jyothi. I took permission from my parents to stay at shoba's home for 10 days and i went there. Shoba's home and jyothi's home are very near its jus a one minute walk. I went there and we three are planning.....
ME : now tell me how to seduce jyothi, i wanna fuck her like a animal.
PINKY : yeah you can fuck her with our help,, before that tell me why you wanna fuck her ?
ME : you know how she looks, her round ass, frim and milky boobs, when ever i see her i can see her cleavage from her saree, even her jacket cannot bare her big boobs, and her lips i can imagine how she sucks my cock and drinks my sperm.
SHOBA : you can seduce her easily because she said with me many times that her husband penis is very small and she is much intersted in watching blue films and big cocks.
ME : okay then call her now by saying that you have a good blue film and we will watch, and dont say to her that iam with you.
Then immediately shoba called jyothi and she came in minutes. Me and pinky are watching from other room. jyothi came to shoba and said " what akka(sister) you have a bluefilm, where did you get that ? play that soon we will watch together" and shoba replied "i got that from my friends it was so good lets watch". Actually I brought that film, realy its a horny film in that a man with huge cock fucks two women,,, and the movie started shoba closed all doors and they both are in one bed room and me and pinky are in another room and watching them silently. movie was very hot and they both are very excited and biting their own lips, even pinky became so horny and she started to suck my lips but my whole concentration is on jyothi. After some time i signaled shoba to lift her saree to her waist and to rub her pussy, and she did the same and Jyothi was out of control and she shocked by shoba's act and asked her "Akka i did not expected this from you" shoba replied " whats wrong in this when our husbands are failed to satisfy us we can do this and if needed we can have other penis in our pussy". Jyothi accepted this and she lifted her saree and she rubbing her pussy softly and asked shoba " akka how can you say that we can get fucked by other man ? " shoba replied " yes we can get fucked by a gig cock when our husbands are failed to fuck us".
I thought this is the right time to go and i entered their room and jyothi was shocked and she covered her pussy and legs. I went near to shoba and i took out my penis from my jeans and placed on her lips. It was so hard and with out speaking anything shoba took my whole penis in her mouth and jyothi was unable to speak, she jus watching the act and pinky entered the room with no cloths on her body, she is completely nude and helped me to remove shoba's and my cloths,,,,

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