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Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
01-06-2013, 03:14 PM
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Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
Prologue: Hi guys, always had a feeling that my fascination with incest stories cropped from the sightings I initially had to encounter during my childhood watching the illicit couplings of my mom and grandpa in our ancestral home and later on mom with my dad's elder brother after Grandpa passed away. We basically are a family of 3(mom, dad and myself) living in our Grandpa's home in Hyderabad, India. Dad was always away from home as part of his job, he used to come home only for 3 days a month. As a kid I used to sleep in Grandma's room as she used to tell me some of the most amazing bedtime stories , mom and dad had a separate bedroom and Grandpa used to sleep alone in his penthouse located on top of our 3 storeyed building. The incidents I am going to recollect for you were during my childhood when my age was barely 8 years old, and had the most defining and profound impact on my masturbation techniques later on in my life.

Now coming to description of family members, Grandpa was undoubtedly lion of the house. He was really successful in his career and after retirement still held a lot of

influence in how things worked in the family. He used to be very fit despite his age, followed strict diet regimen and jogged every morning. He is around 6'2 in height well endowed in all the departments a female could lust for. Dad was a hardworker, career came first to him and so he made a bad husband. Always away from home, and when he did come home he spent most of his time with friends boozing and roaming around the city. He has a kind heart so he would often get cheated by most of his rogue friends so financially we had to depend on grandpa most often than not. Grandma was a typical indian woman, watching tv soaps, having neighbours over for cooking and chatting on worldly issues and so on. Mom was a bombshell, she had sallu(melons) that could barely be fitted in her 38DD bra, had a fleshy gudda(butt) which never stopped shaking in her gait and her hour glass figure only accentuated the utter rawness of her beauty. For south indians, she used to be a thinner version of Shakeela in 90s.

On the hindsight, Most of my sightings were possible only because mom and grandpa felt I was too young to comprehend what was going on between them and my reliance on mom for bath and peeing.

India was playing well against sri lanka and during the drinks break I wanted to take a leak but mom was missing, grandma was in no good mood to clean me up so i went looking for mom. She was nowhere to be found inside the home, so I thought she must be upstairs in grandpa's penthouse. It was raining really hard and I was wondering if mom was really upstairs, but as a kid I always loved getting wet in the rain so I climbed the stairs leading to grandpa's penthouse on top of our 3 storeyed house and saw mom and grandpa just going inside. But What caught my curiosity was that mom was totally wet in her sleeveless black satin nighty and grandpa in his tees and lungi had his left hand on feeling mom's 38 dd boobs and right groping her ass crack shamelessly as she was tiptoed uneasily giggling into the room. I for some reason, immediately stifled my call for mom after watching that sight and looked around if anybody was looking. It was still a developing locality and ours was easily the tallest building around. As soon as they walked in, grandpa immediately locked the door and drew the window blinds. Eventhough I was pretty young I knew something was up, my heart was racing and the desperation to pee magically disappeared out of the excitement of watching something bad.

Heavy noisy Rain made my attempts to quitely spy on them much easier as I walked near the penthouse, I could hear the unmistakable noises of mom moaning as I clamped my ears at the door but I couldn't make out what exactly they were speaking. So I climbed the ladder to see if i can get a clear view from the ventilator sitting on the slab. I had a great view from the ventilator, I had a clear view of mom sitting next to grandpa and both were too busy in their love making to be bothered about their son finding out their dirty little secret. Grandpa had his hands around her neck and pulling her into a deep open mouthed kiss while his other was squeezing her melons and passion in them was raw and uncontrolled that their saliva was dripping out on to her nighty out of their mouths as they chewed on each others lips like dogs. Mom was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting as he started kissing her neck and licking her ears. Mom literally trembled as he starting chewing and licking her ear lobes as she hugged and took him into her arms tightly. She mumbled something which made my grandpa even more excited and he immediately grew wilder.

He immediately pushed her back onto the bed, pulling her nighty up, exposing her wet shaven pooku(pussy) and hairless wide milky white thighs, he got on top of her, wrapped her legs around his waist and started smooching her violently. His hands were crazily groping all over her body, he would then pause,look into her eyes, she said something and gave a naughty giggle. Grandpa smiled and slowly lowered his hand down to her ass as she was talking and suddenly plunged his middle finger into her buttcrack, and immediately mom let out a passionate shriek with her mouth wide open.. and grandpa quickly spit into her open mouth, my wide eyed slut mom had no choice but to close her mouth smiling surprised at my grandpa's expert spitting or maybe enjoying the taste of his hot goo in her mouth or maybe admiring the dirtiness of all his actions. He would repeat his action again, but this time sticking his middle finger even more deeper into her gudda(ass), which was followed by a expert spit into her open mouth which was swallowed hungrily by mom. this action continued until she got used to his manoeuvres and he finally released a thick strand of sticky long
goo into her anticipative open mouth, noting that she was hungry for more of his goo, he deliberately slowed the flow, sucking his goo back into his mouth time to time making her raise the head to catch. they were at this game for some time until mom lost all her patience and sticked her mouth on to grandpa's and sucked out all of his goo in a very tight smooch. I was so caught up and engrossed watching their dirty saliva sharing that i missed my mom guiding grandpa's thick sulli(cock) into her pooku(pussy). So by the time they ended their saliva games, gandpa was slowly humping into her in missionary style.

He slowly increased his pace of humping as mom wore a dazed look clearly enjoying his administrations into her wet pussy as she constantly bit her lower lip, egging him on for more. She was getting wilder and wilder as he increased the pace, clawing into the bed even more, meeting his rythmic stroke with her pussy, clawing his back and her massive saliva stained, shining melons were jiggling out of her tight nighty out of the brute force of his tool's plunge ins. Suddenly my grunting grandpa gave out a yelp and she immediately froze and tears dropped out of her eyes. Both were glistening in sweat now and he collapsed on top of her directly kissing her lips and crushing the ripe melons with his chest. She softly returned kiss and both turned sideways giving me a clear view of mom's nude butt and grandpa's cock still sticking inside her love canal. It was weird to see white liquid dripping out of her pussy onto her butt, thigh and eventually onto the bed, she never made an attempt to arrest that flow or clean it up. my grandpa now shifted his devotion to her untouched melons and slowly started sucking on it like a small puppy and mom helped him out like a caring mother holding and extending her tits even more to him as he nibbled and suckled on her huge stiff nipples. His dick was coming back to life I guess as he slowly began grinding sideways into her pussy as he rubbed his head against both her exposed melons. At this juncture sudden jealousy ripped into me maybe coz i always felt those melons were mine and had so many sweet memories of me feeding into them. I could see grandpa was expert in multitasking as he was pleasuring mom from both the ends of her body and she was soon shivering madly and murmuring and biting into his ears as he feastedon her tits. Grandpa had enough of it and he got back on top of her and again started fucking her this time with even more pace and talking angrily with her as she was yelling for more all the while squeezing the melons and contorting them into all weird shapes as he went on screwing her wet juicy hole. After nearly 10 minutes of intense screwing, His saliva and sweat stained face was finally engulfed in wild ecstasy as he came into her and collapsed ontop of her following the routine of placing his mouth directly on her lips as they looked on into each others eyes with a satisfied smile.

They separated from each other, mom was still on her back and grandpa turned sideways beside her, as he unbottoned her nighty to expose her entire magnificent body. Mom had no sense of shame or shyness as he was undressing her, she instead started caressing his chest hair as he was doing so and stared leisurely talking to him. Her nude body was still wet with a mixture of both saliva and sweat and he started rubbing and groping his hands all over her body giving special attention to her shiny melons, rubbing the wetness uniformly all across her boobs languidly as they still chatted and joked away. Time to time, once her boobs dried off, he would put his index and middle fingers into his mouth making it wet and then put it into her mouth and then rub the wet fingers on to her melons and spreading wetness all across her wide dark brown nipples. This sight was personally more stimulating to me than their entire screwing session. He finally got up once rain has thinned down, seeing the cum stains on the bed, he grabbed her by her hair and pushed it onto her stain so that she would lick it off the blanket and swallow it like a dog, while she was at it he shifted his attention to her uplifted butt and seeing that his dick was back to life, he glided his dick slowly into her gaand(butthole) and before we know it, he was doing her asshole doggystyle as my dirty mom was licking hungrily on thier combined juices off the bed from one cum stain to the other. He kept grinding into her for ten more minutes and finally cummed into her nasty butthole. Satisified by her cooperation, he took her into his arms lifted her off the ground carried her body on her back into the adjoining bathroom and made her crouch on the bathroom floor so that the cum deposits would drip out of her butt. he then took a mug and caought the
droplets of cum into the mug and fed it back to my mom. They then soon turned on the shower as they washed each others sweaty body and hugging and kissing each other all through the process. He was clearly used to this as she let his hands glide across every inch of her body. She even stretched her legs wide as he bent down to clean her pussy and even bend over to extend her butt crack lewdly for his cleaning and slapping. They took their time cleaning each other and mom wore the same sweaty nighty, kissed him once more before she left downstairs.

I was still shaking and pinching myself for what I saw ten minutes after mom left. I slowly waited until grandpa too got ready for his evening walk out with dogs and went downstairs. Mom acted like nothing had happened and my grandma as always was in her unsuspecting self. But for me it opened up a pandora's box into the life of mom's sex life and most of my times at home then onwards were spent spying around mom and grandpa. Needless to say that was the very night I started masturbating. If this incident "wetted" you as much as it did to me, there's more to come folks, keep following the threads and if you need more help imagining or wanna have a look at some of their pics you can get back to me.

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RE: Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
I sat alone wondering about questions like, since when grandpa had been poking his fingers, tongue and dick into my mom/s inviting ass. Was it mom who seduced him or was it grandpa who forced his will on her which eventually made her his second mistress. Were dad and grandma still oblivious to these adulterous sins behind their backs? Finally made a crazy rationalization that maybe it was ok for mom to get screwed by her father in law as dad was away so often and grandpa was a member of the family.

One more thing about my family was that my grandma was a north Indian and she never understood telugu, so most often we would either be speaking English or Hindi. One queer thing I noticed about a month back before that mid day screwing session I described in my earlier post , was that mom and grandpa started conversing in Telugu especially in the company of either me or grandpa. They would speak hindi and suddenly grandpa would switch to telugu which would invariably make my mom blush. Grandma never really understood what exactly they were speaking in telugu and surprisingly she never really bothered to know why either. I wasn’t that curious about it, I knew just a few basics of telugu by then, thanks to some of my schoolmates, but still I couldn’t really make out most of the words they were using. But after that faithful day, I had to know what exactly they were speaking, so I actually tried to memorize the words they were using and later would ask a close friend of mine as to their meaning. Once I began understanding their conversations, I started getting clues about the questions I described above which were haunting me and soon realized how dirty and vulgar the words were, they were using so audaciously. Those conversations were personally as stimulating to me as watching them actually doing it. It also gave me info on all their plans early enough to make my spying and voyeur arrangements accordingly
The next Sunday I woke with a start.. Grandpa already finished his morning walk as I could see him having breakfast on the dining table from my room through the curtains. Grandma was busy cooking in the kitchen and mom was serving him food. Mom was wearing her usual black sleeveless nighty, which was conveniently giving grandpa an ample view at her deep valley of cleavage as she bends over to serve him food. As she was serving him I noticed him passing a comment which apparently made her blush and jump a bit and walk away to the kitchen but I couldn’t quite catch what he said so I slowly moved closer to the curtain in the darkness of the room. Mom cautiously walked towards grandpa with the second serving of his breakfast wearing a suspicious look, as soon as she served food on the plate, he grabbed her by hand and pulls her closer to him and bites her ears, she tries to pull away but he grabs her butt now and starts groping theass crack over her nighty. She slowly stops resisting as his hand moves on to her boobs feeling those huge melons as he continues to suck on her ear lobes. Suddenly my grandma shouts out if he needs any more rotis which finally makes him relent on mom as he replies innocently that he needs 2 more. This time I hear him say
GP: Ente lanja ninna pirralani korkinapudu em nakralu cheyaledu ipudu mutkuntene inta ga rechipottunav? (what is this slut you didn’t have a problem when I bit your butt yesterday.. now just for groping you are acting like a bitch?)
MOM: Mavayya ala kadu nee yerri puku pellam manalani chusi ekkada heart attack vochi padipotundi emo ani na baada ante (uncle I am just concerned that if your dumb wife catches us, she might die with an instant heart attack)
GP: Padipotte padiponni, manake manchidi kada, naa sulli meeda nuvu inka ekuva sepu undachu (which is good na, at least you can spend more time on my cock )
Pissed off mom slowly slaps him and moves away cleaning her ears and straightening her nighty on her way back to kitchen.
2 minutes later she comes back with 2 more rotis, and as she serves him again he nonchalantly gropes her buttocks from behind and this time mom just lets him have his way with her. Grandma just then comes out of kitchen with her plate of food and sits unsuspectingly on the table and he impulsively retraces his hand and acts like he is just eating. Mom then says out loud to him
Mom: Mavaya enti kinda edo baaga lechinattu ga undi.. kasi aagatleda?? mee pichi pellam meeda inka mozu taggaleda? (What is this Uncle, I something stiffening in your pants, you still lust for your wifey?)
Gp: vosey lanja, nee siggu leni chestalutho baaga lepesi, atayya meedaki thosestava.. nuvu chaala muduripoyave.. ee roju raa paiki ra, edo ekkado chinaga bothundi, gudda aina avachu, pukku aina avachu (You dirty slut, u very well know who’s the one behind this hardening, wait till you come to my room, something is going to be torn apart today, it can be either your pussy or asshole)
Mom: Devaa! Noru teriste chalu butulu tappa emi raava ma attaya mundu koda, naaku chaala panlu unnayi ee roju, chinnodu ki holiday ee roju, so ee roju chimpadam enti muttukovadam koda kudaradu.. (OMG, please don’t mouth such profanities in front of my mother in law, anyways It is not possible for me to visit your room today as the kid has a holiday, so u won’t be tearing anything let alone touching)
I couldn’t take it any more I walked into the room, looking at me grandpa asked me to get ready soon so that we can go to the toy store. I immediately got excited and started brushing.. grandpa then with a wicked smile looks at mom and says..
Gp: nuvvu anta easy tapinchkoleve na muddula kodala.. chinodu ki enni attabomalu konistanu ante vadu inka nee gurunche marchipottadu ee roju anta, inka naa pelam elago dani lokam lo busy ga untadi.. lopala emi voskokunda ra paiki attaya padkunnaka(winks).. snaanam cheyaku, nee sallu vasana bale kamma ga undi ee roju, baaga cheekali ani aatramga undi.. (You can’t escape so easily my dear DIL, I’m going to buy your kid so many toys that he is totally going to forget about your existence, my wife anyway has her own world to deal with.. so come to my room wearing nothing underneath(winks), don’t have bath, I love the smell of your melons today, wanna suck on them very badly..)
So grandpa took me out, bought me around 10 toys and treated me with loads of chocolates and made sure that we walked around so much that I became very tired by the time we returned for the lunch. While having lunch mom sensed I was tired and asked me to sleep in grandma’s room today as she has to clean grandpa’s room in the afternoon, to which I just nodded.
After an hour or so of acting to be asleep, mom checked on me finally and closed the door to go upstairs. I climbed to my favourite spot and made myself comfortable for one more wild show. Mom apparently went to the bathroom and as soon as she stepped out, horny grandpa pounced on her, hugged her tightly and pushed her to wall. Slowly started taking in her dirty smell and started kissing her neck and licking his way on to her moaning lips. Now they were in a passionate French kiss, exploring each others mouths, tonguing each other hungrily as grandpa started grinding his hardened crotch into her groin. She welcomed his grindings by opening her legs wide, taking the invitation, grandpa lifted her off her legs, wrapped her legs around his waist and started kissing her even more passionately. It was a major turn on with the slurping noises they were shamelessly making and mom was enjoyed every bit of it as she moaning very loudly with his expert hands explorations inside the depths of her ass cracks. Grandpa after minutes of smooching was short of breath now, so he lay her on the bed roughly, and collapsed on her.
By this time mom was totally horny now, she turned him over, got on top of him, and started grinding her pussy directly on top of his hardened dick. This was driving him crazy, he tried to position his cock inside her wet pussy but she didn’t let him and pulled his hands away saying
Mom: “not so fast baby..This is what you get for teasing me in the morning, how does my wet pussy feel on your chottu?.. u were very hungry for my melons in the morning right.. u wanna taste my juggs now?”
Saying this she pulled up her nighty and threw it away revealing those hot mounds of milk. It was such a hot sight watching my naked mom teasing the shit out of my grandpa. She decreased the pace of her pelvic thrusts on his cock and slowly lowered her hanging boobs towards his hungry drooling mouth, but as soon as his lips touched her boobs she pulled away, laughing out loud at his impatient look.
Mom: not so easy dahling, you haveto work for what u get.. tell me how badly you wanna taste my juicy melons.. She tried to do it again, but he was upto the task this time as he bit her nipples before she could pull away and started sucking on them like there was no tomorrow. Mom was egging him on and was totally overwhelmed as he mauled and sucked at her tits.
Ooooooh that’s right baby, eat your sweet baby’s tits.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaawwww it feeeeeeels so goooood.. look at you go, yes spread your sweet saliva all over them, ooooooh
He got up to to eat her boobs better, they both made an eye contact as he was worshipping her tits, she let out her goo and slowly let it drip on her tits as he was licking her slowly. He rubbed her saliva on both her tits and licked them all over again. Mmmm my naughty uncle likes drinking every kind of juice that comes from my body.. if only your son was as hungry as you are uncle!!
he couldn’t take it it anymore, he pushed her back onto the bed, spit some goo on her pussy and plunged his hard and long cock into it, and mom let out a shriek,,”aaaaawwww slowly jaanu, we have all afternoon to screw with my holes, don’t be so hasty nowwww” grandpa again mercilessly plunges his cock again as he replies “ shut up you bitch, you need some punishment for all the things you are doing to me, I am going to tear your dirty pussy apart today for all the shenanigans of this morning….” Mom now starts feeling the pain. “ooooohh it hurts baby, please take it slowwww”…
GP: haha get used to this bitch, you are going to like it… now just shut up and just enjoy my chottu inside uuuuu, it feeeeeels so tight and goooood..
Saying this he starts kissing her as she tries to yell out in pain.. I actually felt bad for mom, as grandpa was acting like a crazed animal now.. it was a worrisome situation as I could see him using his entire force of ass to drill into her pussy and for every drilling into her, mom would yell out into his kissing mouth and I could make out tears flowing out of her eyes. He continued to force fuck hermercilessly for nearly ten min and suddenly with one last massive hump he collapsed on her sweaty and tired. Mom was laying spread-eagled below him with a content smile on her face. They laid around just cuddling for next 30 minutes, Grandpa tried to persuade her to ride him again, for which mom said she was too tired to do it now and she will do it later on one special day. That special she is going to be his slave for entire week and she will do anything he asks her to do. Which excited grandpa immensely but she doesn’t tell him when exactly that special week is going to be.(Mom knew grandpa was totally in her control now and she could do whatever she wanted with this old man)
Both naked bodies now moved to bathroom to shower together. While showering his penis started growing again obviously seeing my mom’s hot body naked and all wet.. he turns her around, spreads her legs wide and starts fucking her pussy from behind, mom slowly bends over vulgarly, to push her pussy into him for a better access for his cock. He fucks her wildly for another ten minutes and finally deposits his love juices in her love canal.
Mom: honey why don’t you install a bath tub here, I would so love to lie naked with you in it feeling your lovely cock in my pussy as we clean each other instead of showering here like this.
Grandpa smile in agreement with her and they both kissed each other like a happy couple and got dressed to get downstairs.

Thanks for the feedback so far, Hope you guys enjoyed this sequel of my mom’s adventures, if there are any errors u have come across or improvements required in the style of my writing(like including the dirty conversations more, or the extent of details of their sexcapades).. do let me know. After all I am sharing it for your own entertainment.

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RE: Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
Nearly after a week of earlier happenings, my grandparents left for US to help my uncle (dad’s youngest brother) and his pregnant wife for nearly 3 months. My dad had to leave town for a serious case lodged against him, which left just me and my mom all alone in the house. Dad’s eldest brother and his family weren’t living with us as he had a few differences with my grandpa (I suspect this might very well be because of his slightly unattractive wife and also politics employed by my wicked mom). Doctor by profession, dad’s eldest brother Rama, was bull of a man. He could easily bully the entire family if it weren’t for my grandpa whom he feared. He was uncultured, arrogant and jealous man with “I get what I want” complex. Mom, being the sexiest and plumpiest figure in the family, he always wanted had a desire to bed her.
So coming back to the story of the day, one day after my dad left me and mom all alone, mom called my uncle Rama’s Clinic and said
“Hello BIL, Your brother left me here all alone again. Actually, I got wet in the rain earlier and body is getting all heated up, can you please come over and take care of me”… “Yes I’m all alone with the kid at home, I am not able to bear this (whispers) horny fever anymore, who else can take care of this but you, come over soon I will be waiting for you”
(Actual telugu conversation: “Hello Bava, nee thamudu nannu intlo unchesi malli ooru vellipoyadu, indaka varsham lo tadichi, vollu anta vedi ekkestundi, meeru kasta vochi nannu chuskunte koncham bavuntundi”, “Aunu intlo nenu chinnode unnamu, asalu ee kasi jwaram nee tattukolekapottuna, meeru kakapothe inkovaru chuskuntaru nannu bava, thondarga vocheyi””sare wait chestu unta nee kosam”)
She cut the call and was visibly in high spirits. She bathed for nearly an hour which was unusual and took as much time choosing the right dress in the bedroom with me which again puzzled me. Finally she decided on a white semi transparent saree and chose not to wear any blouse and noting that I was curious sent me away to go watch TV. About an hour later, It was still raining in the afternoon and most of the neighbours were at work. Doorbell rang and Mom came out in the same white saree without any blouse but totally wet(she must have switched off the fan in the bedroom after I left) and answered the door to let my uncle in. It was a sexy sight watching my mom strut around all sweaty in that semi transparent sari showing off her wet body all over, especially the valley of cleavage, nipples and the glistening bare back visible uptil the navel and also curvature of protruding ass.
Uncle was totally drenched in the rain but surprisingly was in a friendly mood. Mom immediately welcomed him with a towel and a pair of dad’s dry clothes for him to change along with hot tea. Once he changed into dry clothes, he settled into the couch in the living room and mom sat opposite to him beside me.
Uncle: “Is it cos of the fever or the horniness that you are dressed like this?” (vedi vallana?, kassi vallana? ila tayyarayav?)
Mom giggles: “haha how did you know?” (“bavagaru baane kanipetesava?”)
I was still watching tv and he shouted at me for wasting time watching tv and not studying; I simply ran away to my bedroom and pulled down the curtains so that he wouldn’t look. He always striked fear in me because of his dark complexion, thick biceps, wide shoulders, intimidating body language and his harsh baritone so wanted to avoid him as much as I could. They kept on talking for about half an hour and I fell asleep for a while before a sudden shirk from mom woke me up.
I slowly got up and looked into the living room which was deserted. So I tiptoed to the kitchen and took a sneak peak, to find my mom’s big butt being groped by my uncles’s rough and big hairy hands on top of the wet saree. While his other was wrapped around her neck and slowly suffocating her. He was whispering something into her ear and mom even though had a knife in her had to cut the vegetables wasn’t using it to her defence. It was a hot sight, mom in her glistening wet saree which totally hugged her body exposing her hourglass figure and accentuating her 38 36 40 figure. He was now directly rubbing his crotch up and down her ass crack and licking her earlobes now. Mom couldn’t control it anymore and she spread her legs wider and started gyrating to give his hands better grasp and started moaning as he removed that flimsy sari from her breasts and groped, squeezed her juggs.
Mom: “mmmmmm why are you squeezing my boobs bava, ooh yeah your wife doesn’t have these is it? ”(mmmm naa sallu nee enduku pissukutunnav bava, oh aunu kada nee pellam ki unna sallu saripoledu nee pedda chettuluki)
Uncle: yes bitch, I always wanted to sink my mouth into your boobs eversince I saw you, and don’t worry about my wife, my nurses take care of my breast needs.. but even they don’t have ones as big and yummy as yours (aunae lanja, nee rasalu nee korkalani chusinapatnunche aasha undindi, naa gurunchi baada padaku, naa nursulla sallu vadukunta kaani vaalla sallu nee anta pedda lanja sallu kadu)
Uncle was in totally control now, he slowly pulled up her sari further up and I could see her black panties. He then started groping directly over her panties and spreading all vaginal wetness. Mom started quivering uncontrollably now and begged for him not to stop.
Mom: “Oooooh god!! it feels so good don’t stop you motherfucker don’t stop till I cum!!”(ooooh devuda.. aapaku ra lanjakodaka, sollu kartundi apakuuuuuuuu!!)
Hearing this he stopped suddenly, pulled her ass towards him and pulled off her sweaty and cum laden wet panties down and gave it a sniff. I got a glance of it and noticed it was totally drenched. Mom was visibly very frustrated at this and started cursing him
Mom: “You ass! Why did you stop!”(“nee modda denga! Aapesav enti ra yerri!”)
He didn’t pay any attention to her cursing and grabbed a dish plate and squeezed all the wet juices from the panty in the plate. Mom was puzzled and started removing the “poor excuse for a sari” to stand totally nude. He placed the plate between her outspread legs and started rubbing and fingering at her pussy again.
Mom was cooking samosas at that point of time and he asked her to continue cutting the vegetables as he bent over and at once buried his face into her asscrack. It took mom by surprise and he started slurping and eating away at her ass crack like there was no tomorrow and rubbing at her pussy. He was good at this I think going by the way he aimed his spit on top of her ass crack, let it drip down the shithole and lick the same spit back in to his mouth. He then rubbed the same goo all over her pussy and asshole while most of it it dripped down into the plate. It was a lewd scene, watching my nude mom’s bent ass and pussy being worshipped with a combination of spit, tongue, lips and hands. He was rubbing, fingering, licking tongue fucking and fingerfucking her asshole and pussy for nearly 10 min while Mom was moaning and shaking uncontrollably with all of these expert demonstrations. She soon started spurting out cum loads into the plate.
Once she was done, he carefully let all the trickling cum droplets run down her leg into the plate and pulled out his mega dick and started stroking his cock and again started eating away her choot to glory after a while mom started cumming again into the plate and uncle too cummed into the same plate. Once extracting all his cum into that plate he got up and kissed her on the mouth, tonguing and sharing her juices and his saliva with her.
Mom was only too accommodating as she too licked away at his wet mouth like it was some kind of rare ice cream. Nearly an eternity of deep smooching and slurping each other’s mouths later, he took out the now plateful of their sweat, spit and cum to put the corn flour into it and asked her to make samosas with it. Mom was surprised at this weird idea. She obliged and started cooking while he went to the basin to wash his hands and mouth. As he was washing, mom started wigging her ass and bending over vulgarly to catch his attention. Looking at the bitch’s ass dance, uncle’s limp cock came back to life in no time. He grabbed her ass, spread those nasty wet ass cheeks. He then directly plunged his big black dick deep in her pussy without any warning, and started fucking her like a wild dog while she was trying to cook. He then lifted up her leg and put it on the stove table and started ramming her even more furiously mouthing off absurdities and mom returned his vulgar comments.
Mom: oooooooohh huh huh huh yessssyesss Bava I’m so glad you are here, I have been missing a man’s dick for so looooong(oooh bava, nuvvu lekunte oka moga modda nee feeeel ayyi challa rojulu autundi,)
I thought to myself “funny how she forgot it was only a week before grandpa gave her a grand farewell fucking!!”
Uncle: why bitch, your hubby’s isn’t this big is it?(enduke lanja munda, nee mogudu di modda kaada?)
Mom: hahaha if it were half as big as yours I would have had 3 kids by now(hahaha vadi modda ki nee anta mogatanam undi unte ee patiki 3 pillalu pettedanni)
Saying this she planted a deep kiss and put her hand down to cup his banging testicles
Mom: you like it baby? Ooooh your balls are so big and nice, I was always waiting for a virile man’s balls to be the first ones I would taste.. I think that wait is over today!!(oooh nee gotilu bale pedda ga unnayi mogaaada, epatinuncho oka moga gottilu nee chepariddam ani atram ga eduru chustunna ee roju aa korika purti autundi nee valla!!)
Uncle: hahaha I didn’t take you for a sentimental whore, I knew you were a whore the way u were eyeing my crotch during the marriage..(haha nuvvu inta sentimenta mundavi ani anukoledu, munda ani aithe telsipoindi nee pelli chupulu roju)
Mom: oooooh you remembered! Seeing you I knew you had a big one packed inside, I am glad now that I am not wrong dahllling!(oooh gurtunda neeku inka, chusinapati nunche ankunna pedda modda untundi ani, ipudu happy ga undi correct ga guess chesanu ani)…
Mom: aaaah your dick is so stretching my pussy… (aaah nee sulli pooku nee chimpestundi raaaa baaava!)
He poked his thumb into her asshole listening to her comment and twisted it further and spit in to that hole to create lubrication. He then increased the fucking tempo and put the same thumb into her outstretched mouth
Uncle: That’ not the only thing that’s going to be stretched by the time I am done! Like the taste of your shit hole bitch?? Yesss lick it taste it!! (voseyi naa pani aye sariki, nee puuku okate kadu chinigedi!! Ela undi nee gudda taste… naaku cheeeeku baaga inka pedta!!)
Instead of turning her off, this heightened her excitement even more as she started sucking and asking for more of her shithole juices.. he pulled her by hair and plant a wet sexy kiss while fucking her ass with his fingers and cunt with his big black dick. This went on for 15 20 min or so. They finally cummed into the plate again and cooking was over. Both of them straightened up and I ran quickly back to my room. They were oblivious to my presence as both of them shamelessly walked naked into the living room like new found lovers with hands on each other’s waist as she brought the dish with cum filled samosas and he the plate with the latest coitus juices. In their proud nakedness they settled on the couch, put the dishes on the table. He put his arms around her shoulders massaging and groping her boobs leisurely and mom’s one hand was feeling down his crotch and groping at his balls obviously amazed at their potency.
Uncle: when will your hubby be back slut? (nee mogude epude vostade lanja?)
Mom: that impotent excuse for a husband wont be back for 2 days my dear (aa yerri pookodu inko rendu rojulu varku raanu annadu bava)
Uncle: oh if u had told me this before I’d have come prepared with clothes na my bitch!(oho aah muuka edo munde chepte batlu tho vochese vadini kada ne ranku lanja)
Mom: then who’d screw your wife you son of a bitch!! Its ok you can wear my hubby’s clothes for these two days! (mari nee pellam nee yovadu dunnutadu nuvvu leka pothe, parledu maa aina batlu unnayi kada, undi povachu nuvv rendu rojulu)
(squeezes her boobs as he says this)
Uncle: haha all her holes have loosened considerably to be of any use to me anymore besides her assets are not as big and wholesome as yours!! (haha Danni bookalu loose aipoyayi dunni dunni, aina Danniki neeku unnanta sarkulu levu kada
Mom: why did you marry her then you dumbass! (mari Danni kori mari pelli enduku cheskunnav ra yerri?)
Uncle: I was in love with her ass you whore!! And by the time she got down for a blowjob, I had to marry that ass! (Danni gudda chusipadipoyane maradala!! Inka adi naa sulli nee cheekunchukunnaka, aa gudda nee pelli cheskovalsochindi!)
Mom: Oh my sister is such a good dick sucker? Obviously after seeing such a beautiful dick any whore will do anything to keep it for herself! (anta baagaa cheekutada na akka? Ante le inta andamaina sulli dorukuthe, mundalu emaina chestaru!)

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01-06-2013, 03:15 PM
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RE: Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
this was how mom was dressed for my uncle that day, although mom had twice as big boobs as hers and uncle had bigger biceps than this guy..

[Image: 21rH.jpg]

[Image: 11OyZ.jpg]

[Image: sinduU.jpg]

[Image: untitled1DUN.jpg]

this was more or less, the scene in the kitchen!

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01-06-2013, 03:16 PM
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RE: Mom's dirty, wet ways with Grandpa
mom : mmmm i can’t believe I am touching your dirty fucking cock!
uncle: get used to it my love, you are going to see it everyday
she bends down to get a closer look at the limp snake of a dick..
mom: mmm big dirty nasty cock, how many girls have sucked this cock? (now she grabs it in her hands and says admiringly)
how many girls has it been in huh? i can taste so many girls (she now slowly brings out her tongue and flicks on the tip of his dick like tasting an ice cream cone)
[Image: 6.png]
fucking turns me on mmmmmm
how many girls’ tongues have done this? (saying this she slowly tries to swallow the tip into her mouth lovingly like its some kind of candy now making that lewd slurping sound when slurping on tea cups)
how many pussies has it been inside?
how many sluts did u fuck with this cock?
[Image: 7.png]
girl after girl after girl mmmmmmm
finally a real man in my life no more of that limp dick of my hubby this one feels so big in my mouth.. mmmmmmmmmmm!!
ooooooh my mouth is paining already swallowing your dick darling!
[Image: 2.png]
Now she starts sliding her tongue up and down the length of his dick shamelessly between his legs while he lay there enjoying her dirty verbal and oral demonstrations… Overwhelmed with the carnal desires now she starts swallowing it inside again, bobbing her head up and down slowly, deepthroating all the way in. Enjoying the dick slowly she looks at the pleasure in his face. She then pulls her mouth and starts spitting the saliva on it and watch it drip down onto his balls and before it drops onto the floor sucks it all again into her mouth from his balls..
[Image: 3.png]
Mom: "see my goo everywhere? it means your dick is all mine"
[Image: 1.png]
Before he could respond she quickly goes back to sucking his dick at a faster pace now while cupping his balls and starts bobs her head up and down his long tool at a frantic pace now devouring the feeling with wild intense moans and wet slurping sounds
He can’t help himself now but blurt out in pleasure "yes bitch..hmmmmm it feels so good"
Hearing this she stops her mouth work out and pulls her tongue out, slowly lets her spit drip out on to the tip of the dick and suck it all the way in, and then flicks her tongue on the tip and then swallows his balls and making that pop sound out of the mouth as she swallows and pulls it out,,
[Image: 4.png]
Mom: You are not the only one who likes eating balls but then again I love mouthing your circumised head even more
Hearing this dirty talk uncle can’t resist his urge any more he stands up and lets her suck better holding her hair and slowly increases the facefucking tempo and after nearly 10 minutes as she struggled to accommodate his monster in her mouth with her choking and gargling, with one wild tremble he discharges right into her mouth. Mom swallows all of his semen like it’s some kind of precious juices as uncle collapses back on the couch.
[Image: 5.png]
Poor uncle had no clue that she was now expecting a return of favour as she stands up and bends over flaunting her naked butt at him wriggling it in his face saying
Don’t you want this buried in your face.. taste the nasty juices just like I tasted yours?
[Image: 8.jpg]

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