Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Reaching out to cup one of Sania’s full ripe dangling breasts gently with his hand, he said to her with a laugh “Ya’ gotta cover ‘em up, kid … before you awaken the monster within us again …” his big white teeth gleaming as he smiled as Sania good naturedly. Sania blushed violently, as she heard this and felt his big calloused hand fondle her gorgeous milky white breasts. Hastily pulling her face away, she bent down to pick up the towel which had fallen on the grass.

Looking around, I spotted where Sania’s discarded white Adidas tennis t-shirt lay, though her bra wasn’t in sight. Even as the others dispersed to sit by the pool, sipping on their Champaign, I picked up Sania’s t-shirt and walked up to her. Handing her the t-shirt, I said in an embarrassed tone “Um … I’m sorry but I couldn’t find your …” feeling terribly shy to even say the word ‘bra’ to her.

As she took the t-shirt from my hand, Sania clasped her fingers around mine, and looked intently into my eyes again, her expression that strange curious unreadable one. “Um … give me a minute … I’ll look for it …” I said, pulling my eyes away from her disconcerting gaze. As I attempted to pull my hand and turn away, she held my fingers fast and did not let go of me. As I looked at her face, my face reddened. Looking into my eyes, she shook her head, conveying to me that she didn’t want me to go anywhere.

She took a step forward towards me till she was only inches away from me. Continuing to look me in the eye, she dropped the towel on the grass to bare her beautiful milky white 34-C breasts with light brown nipples to my gaze again. As I kept my eyes on her glittering diamond nose-stud, she slowly and purposely slid the t-shirt over her neck, and then inserting her arms one by one through the sleeves, pulled it over her torso.

As she pulled down the knit white t-shirt over her breasts, she dropped her arms to her side, and continued to stare at me. Unnerved by her relentless stare, I sighed and smiling warmly, reached out to straighten the collar of her t-shirt which was twisted inwards. As I straightened the collar smoothened the creases on her shoulder, she stood there in front of me like a small child being dressed up.

Looking into her face, I tried to give her my warmest smile, and reaching out, pushed back a stray strand of hair from her face. I let my hand linger on her soft milky white cheek for a moment longer than necessary, before sighing and pulling my hands back. All this while, she just continued to gaze into my eyes.

Taking a deep breath, I put my arm around her shoulder and said “Come … let’s go sit by the pool for a while …” gently pulling her. As we walked towards where the others were, I noticed that she was walking rather gingerly, her gait awkward, and a grimace on her face.

“Sania … are you alright …” I asked softly. Taking a deep breath, she looked at me with a warm smile and said “It still hurts … I guess I’m still sore …” pursing her lips. There was a moment of awkward silence between us, as the memories of the savage sexual assault she’d been subject to a while back, came rushing back. After being almost raped by those monstrous cocks of three massively built guys, it was surprising that she was even able to stand, let alone walk.

As if reading my thoughts, she took my hand in hers again and said with a smile “Don’t worry … I’ll be alright …” squeezing my fingers reassuringly. The irony of who was reassuring whom did not fail to pass by me unnoticed. As we approached the group, we split up again. Sania went and sat beside Jennifer by the side of the pool, while Serena and Venus were once again grooving to the music that Jamal had started to play.

I too poured myself another glass of the Champagne, and went towards where Jennifer and Sania sat. In this whole gang, I felt the most comfortable in the company of Jennifer. Steven wasn’t to be seen anywhere, and so I asked Jennifer about him. “Forget him …” Jennifer said dismissively, a frown on her face “… and I don’t care where he is …” There was another moment of awkward silence as the context of Jennifer’s anger came to the fore once again.

“Sania, listen … I’m sorry about the way my brother behaved today …” Jennifer began, reaching out to hold Sania’s hand. “Oh, Jenny …” Sania interrupted her “… why do you have to say that … it’s not your fault … and …” she paused before continuing “… it’s not his fault either …” Jennifer just looked at Sania for a moment, before turning her gaze to me. When I too nodded my head, she let go of her breath, and relaxed a bit.

“Where’s he …” Sania asked. “He’s probably sulking somewhere inside …” Jennifer replied with irritation in her voice. Upon hearing this, Sania turned to look at me, and from the look in her eyes, I could make out what she was meaning to ask me. It was amazing how we’d begun to connect with each other in a manner that could only come by spending a lifetime together. I could almost read her mind now, and it was equally true the other way round too.

I nodded my head in assent, understanding that she wanted to go and see Steven, and was asking me what I thought about it. As she saw me nod, she turned to Jennifer again and said “Excuse me for a moment … I’ll be back …” starting to get up. “You don’t have to do that, Sania …” Jennifer said, her contempt for her brother’s animal like behavior surfacing again. Smiling at Jennifer, Sania said “It’s not about whether I have to, Jenny … it’s because I want to …” a look of warmth on her face.

“Will you two come with me …?” she asked looking at both of us. Shaking her head, Jennifer stood up, even as I did. We went into the palatial house, and soon found Steven standing alone in one of the balconies overlooking the lush green lawns. He was staring into the night, and smoking a cigarette. Hearing our footsteps, he turned around. A surprised look came to his face, as he spotted Sania walking towards him, even as I and Jennifer stood back at the opening to the balcony.

Before he could say anything, I heard Sania say to him in a small girlish voice “Can I borrow you cigarette, Steve …” Steven was clearly flustered, and it took him a moment to recover. Handing her the cigarette, he began to speak “Sania …I’m so sorry for …” before being cut off my Sania, who said “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it …” exhaling the smoke from her lips, and gazing out at the glittering night sky.

Steven didn’t know what to say, so he just swallowed his apology and stood there silently by her side. Sania took a few more hasty puffs from the Marlboro that Steven was smoking, and began to search for a place to stub it out. “Here, let me do that for you …” Steven said in a faltering voice, as he reached out with his right hand for the cigarette. “Thanks, Steve …” Sania said to him with a smile, as she handed him the nearly finished cigarette.

Stubbing out the cigarette against the sole of his shoes, he turned to look at Sania, who stood watching him. “Won’t you come back outside by the pool, Steve … with me …” Sania asked him softly, tilting her head to one side in that way that only she could do, laying stress on the last two words.

As Steven looked at her face in amazement, his own guilt plaguing his conscience, Sania reached out and took his hand gently in hers, before saying “Please …” her disarming smile adorning her lips once again. At this beautiful gesture from Sania towards a man who’d only a few moments back thrust his cock roughly into her mouth and even come in her mouth, I felt Jennifer take my hand in hers, and squeeze it.

“Some girl, she is …” she said in a soft whisper, her eyes warm as she gazed at Sania. “That she is …” I replied, squeezing Jennifer’s hands in response. As Sania continued to look into his eyes with a warm smile, Steve dropped his gaze to the floor and shook his head. With a sigh, he dropped the cigarette stub on to the shrubs outside, and reached out for Sania with both his hands.
Pulling her towards his towering frame, he held her in his arms and resting his chin on her head, exclaimed softly “Sania … I’m so sorry … I’m so sorry …” repeating the same words again and again. Letting go off her, he cupped her face in his huge palms and looking into her face, said “I don’t know what to say …” his regret evident in his expression. Sania reached up to touch the back of his hand, and with a smile said “It’s alright, Steve … I’ve forgotten it …” her eyes looking into his. “Had the circumstances been different … and had you been not so …” her voice faltering “… so rough … maybe I’d have even enjoyed it …” she said with intensity, her expression betraying her hurt at being treated so roughly by him.

As Steve nodded his head, and opened his mouth to say something, Sania cut him off again by forcing a smile on her face and saying “But then … had the circumstances been different … maybe you’d have behaved differently too …” her tone understanding the remorse Steven was feeling. Steven just pursed his lips and looked at Sania with emotion. Pulling her towards him once again, he tilted her face upwards and kissed her gently on her lips. Pulling his lips away, he said to her tenderly “You’re a wonderful girl, Sania … you’re just … amazing …” unable to think of any other words to compliment her on her magnanimity.

Both Jennifer and I let out a sigh of relief almost simultaneously, as Sania and Steven hugged once again, even though I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of envy at the way he was holding her body. As Sania took his hand and led him towards us, Steven glanced at his sister sheepishly. As he approached us, he looked at Jennifer who avoided his gaze. “Sis … I’m sorry …” Steven began in a contrite tone, the expression on his face sheepish. Jennifer ignored him, and with a stern expression on her face, said to me “Shall we go …”

As I hesitated at the unforgiving rage of Jennifer at her brother, Sania stepped in once again. “Jenny …” she said softly, reaching out to take Jennifer’s hand in hers “Steve’s a good man … and … and you know that better than me … please don’t hate him … because I don’t …” her voice sincere as she took Steven’s hand also in hers. As Jennifer looked at Sania’s face, she shook her head. Turning towards Steven, who stood there contritely, she took a quick step towards him, and to our astonishment, slapped him hard across his face. “Don’t you ever do that again … ever …” she said, her rage bubbling forth, as she waved her finger menacingly in his face. Steven was elder to Jennifer, but the way she had slapped him would make an elder sister feel proud about spanking her kid brother.

Her face flushed with anger, Jennifer raged on “You wanna fuck her … I’m fine with that … it’s none of my business …” waving her hand in the direction of the stunned Sania, who still stood there clutching Steve’s hand. “I like to fuck too … but if those big black brutes out there … if they were to grab hold of me … and forcibly shove their cocks down my throat … like you did to her … would you like it …?” she almost screamed at Steve, referring to Jake and Jamal outside. “Would you …?” Jennifer shrieked again, grabbing hold of Steve’s arm and shaking him vigorously.

“Uh … no, sis … I’m sorry …” Steven managed to mumble, dropping his gaze to the floor. Even though Steven had said that he wouldn’t like seeing those two hulking Negroes shove their monstrous cocks down his sister’s throat, I had my own doubts about it, since I’d heard both Jake and Jamal make dirty talk about Jennifer with Steve earlier in the day, when we were watching them practice on the tennis court. “You behaved like an animal … do’ya know that …” Jennifer seethed with anger “… had it been me in her place … I’d have bitten your cock off …” she said with venom. For some inexplicable reason, I found that last remark from Jennifer funny, and chuckled.

As I struggled to control my laughter, Jennifer turned towards me furiously. As I raised my hands in a placating gesture, Sania too giggled and clamped her hand across her mouth, the funny side of visualizing Jenny biting off her brother’s cock not escaping her either. Stunned, Jennifer turned to look at Sania, and seeing both of us struggling to control our laughter, Steve too gave a sheepish smile. “C’mon, sis …” he said, trying his best to smile at his furious sister “… I said I’m sorry … I’ve apologized to her too …” trying to convince his sister. “Besides …” he continued “… I don’t want to lose my cock …” allowing himself a little chuckle as he said that.

At this, both I and Sania burst out laughing, and we all turned to look at Jennifer, who stood there with a stunned expression on her face, at being abandoned by all of us suddenly. “Jenny …” I said to her softly, as I reached out to hug her. „Don’t touch me ...” she said vehemently, shrugging off my hands from her shoulders. I looked at Sania and nodded to her, and she too came forward and held Jennifer from the other side. “You’re the elder sister I never had, Jenny …” Sania said to her softly “… and that makes Steve like a brother …” holding her hand firmly.

“Yeah, Jenny …” I added from the other side “… you’ve been like that sister for me too …” looking at her face with a smile “… and I … we … love you …” reaching out once again to hug her. The 33-year old Jennifer Capriati closed her eyes and took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. To our immense relief, she relaxed and allowed herself a smile. “You guys are incredible …” she said in a disbelieving tone, shaking her head from side to side. “So are you, Jenny …” I said to her softly, as I squeezed her shoulder. She looked at my face, and the fondness she always had for me, surfaced again.

Nodding her head with a smile, she turned to look at her brother. “Am I forgiven, sis …” Steven said, in a classic imitation of a school boy apologizing to his elder sister for peeking up her skirt. Jennifer looked at him for a moment, before allowing a smile to come to her face. Reaching out, she pulled him towards her in a warm embrace and said softly “Yes, big brother … you baby sis forgives you …” Sania and I beamed at this display of affection between brother and sister. Holding each other’s hands, we walked back outside towards where the others were.
The sexual energy having been dissipated, the entire group was in a much more relaxed state of mind now. Serena and Venus had stripped off their skirts and tops and were in the pool clad only in their panties. Their naked ebony bodies glistened in the light that shimmered off the water in the pool. The two Jamaicans, Jake and Jamal, too were by the side of the pool, their legs dangling in the water, as the sipped on their drinks.

As they spotted us, the ever exuberant Venus called out “Hey there, Sania … c’mon over … an’ get into the pool …” beckoning to Sania with her fingers. There was a marked change in Venus’ demeanor towards Sania, and she was being distinctly friendly towards her now. Upon spotting Sania, the two Negroes also smiled broadly, as Jake immediately got up, saying to Sania “Yeah … get into the pool kid … while I fix ya’ a drink … what’ll ya have …?” he asked her as he walked towards the makeshift bar.

“Umm … the same that you fixed for me earlier, Jake … I loved it …” Sania answered with a smile, the light glinting off her diamond nose-stud. As Jake smiled with pleasure, his big white teeth gleaming in stark contrast to his dark ebony skin, Sania took hold of Steven’s hand and said “Won’t you join me too, Steve …” tilting her head to one side once again, and giving him her most charming smile. “Sure, baby …” I heard Steven reply with a big smile, as he followed her to the pool.

Watching Sania lead Steve towards the pool, leading him by his hand, I felt a tinge of envy, and wondered why the hell she was being so sweet to him. At the same time, I also noticed the slightly cramped way in which Sania was walking, as if her legs were cramped. Despite my feeling a bit peeved at the kind of attention Sania was bestowing upon Steve, I felt for when I noticed her gait. I was sure that her slightly stiff walk was on account of the fact that she was perhaps still sore from the unbelievably painful manner in which she’d been fucked by the two hulking Jamaicans.

As Sania and Steve reached the poolside, Steven pulled off his t-shirt and dropped in one off the poolside recliners. Just as he was beginning to unbutton his shorts, Venus called out aloud “Heyy … no men allowed in the pool … at least not now …” a big grin on her face, those big pearly white teeth displayed in all their toothy glory. “Yea … no dicks in the pool …” echoed Serena from the side, even as the two sisters broke into a chorus of giggles.

“Aww … not fair …” I heard Steven groan, as he plopped down on one of the wooden recliners, even though he smiled good naturedly. “C’mon gal … hop in …” Serena beckoned to Sania from the water, playfully splashing some water from the pool at Sania. “Ok … ok …” Sania laughed, as she tried to step aside to escape from the water.

Standing by the side of the pool, Sania asked both Serena and Venus in general “Umm … do I have to …?” letting her sentence unfinished, as she clutched the hem of her knit white Adidas tennis t-shirt, asking if she was expected to strip off her clothes too. “Of course, gal …” Venus chided her with a laugh “… this is a pool … not a Laundromat …” cracking up at her own lousy joke. As I watched Sania giggle at Venus’ rather stupid joke, I couldn’t help but notice how markedly relaxed Sania had become now.

I was not sure of whether it was on accounts of the drinks she had under her, or on account of the fact that she knew the worst was now behind her. As I watched Sania begin to pull off her t-shirt, I shook my head, and turned my gaze away. I chided myself on being so completely obsessed with her, and just as I muttered something to myself and looked away, I saw Jennifer looking at me with an enigmatic smile on her face. For some reason, I blushed, when I saw Jennifer gazing at me like this with that enigmatic look on her face.

Here was one woman, who almost inevitably had me in her sight, and could read my mind like very few people could! As she watched my face color up, she came up to me, and just put her arms around my shoulder, a warm smile on her face, as she squeezed my shoulder, without uttering a word.

Though she turned me on immensely, I realized that she was the closest who’d come to becoming something like an elder sister for me. “Yeah … an’ you dream of fuckin’ ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) this girl whom you feel brotherly towards … you bastard …” I muttered to myself, cursing myself for the seemingly conflicting kind of feelings I felt for the warm, loving Jennifer. “Come … let’s grab a drink …” I heard Jennifer say to me softly, as she took me by my arm and led me towards the makeshift bar, where Jake was busy fixing a drink for Serena.

The buzz in my head from the wine and cocktails had worn out, and I was up for some more now. As I watched, Steven stood up from where he was seated, and quickly walking up to Sania, said “Here … lemme help you with that …” as he, to my further annoyance, helped Sania pull her Adidas t-shirt over her head. “There you go …” I heard him say, as she pulled the t-shirt over Sania’s head and dropped it on the recliner.

“Oh … thanks, Steve …” I heard Sania say, her face somewhat flushed, as she blushed at this unexpected gesture of assistance from Steven. “As if she couldn’t have managed to take it off herself …” I muttered to myself under my breath, annoyed at how Steven was cozying up to Sania at every opportunity now. As Sania’s full lush gorgeous 36-C soft breasts came into view once again, I heard Steven mutter in a soft voice “Lovely …” causing the blushing Sania to smile shyly again, and turn her back to him.

With her back to him, Sania began to open the single hook that held her short pleated white Adidas tennis skirt at the side of her waist, and then proceed to push the zip down. Having opened the hook and zip of her skirt thus, with her back towards us, as she faced the pool, she allowed the skirt to slide down her milky white thighs, till they fell in a heap around her ankles.

Once again, I felt a surge of desire course through me, as I watched how incredibly sexy the 23-year old Sania Mirza looked, clad in nothing but her conservatively cut white Jockey sports panties. This was the first time I was seeing Sania without the skirt, and I realized how classically curvy her figure was, the way only an Indian girl’s figure could be. She had just the hint of baby fat around her waist, and they flared into the full lush hips of a woman from there.

I watched her milky white muscular yet fleshy thighs, as she subconsciously adjusted the hem line of her white panties, and stepped out of the skirt bunched around her ankles. As she bent forward to pick up her skirt, her incredibly lush breasts swayed and jiggled seductively, causing my prick to feel some life coursing through it once again. As I watched, Sania took hold of the railings at the side of the pool, and gingerly slid into the pool. “Ooohh …” I heard her cry out, as the cool water of the pool lapped against her hot body.
“Good girl …” I heard Serena call out to her from the center of the pool, even as Venus playfully splashed some water on Sania. Shaking my head to stop myself from staring at these sexy tennis players frolics around in the pool topless, I turned towards the bar counter. Jake had finished fixing drinks for all of us, and as we picked up our drinks, Jake took his and the one for Sania towards the pool; even as Jennifer carried a drink for her brother, and I carried one for Jamal. As we approached the pool, we heard Serena call out “Hey, Jenny … what’re ya waitin’ for …” urging Jennifer to get into the pool as well. Taking a long swig from her tall frosty glass of the cocktail that Jake had fixed for her, Jennifer handed me her glass and said “Hold on to this for me, will you, honey …” a smile on her face.

“Sure …” I answered as I took the glass from her hand. Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed me quickly on the lips, smiling as she pulled away, and said softly “Don’t get too drunk, honey …” something like a knowing smile on her pleasant freckled face. Before I could respond, she quickly stepped away and began to strip off her own clothes too. Taking off her own t-shirt and skirt, she dove into the pool like a practiced swimmer, causing the other three girls in the pool to cry out aloud, and move away frantically, to escape from the splash of water. As Jennifer joined Serena, Venus, and Sania in the pool, I walked over and handed Jamal his drink.

I sat down comfortably in the recliner, and sipped on my drink, taking a deep breath to enjoy the cool night air. I watched as Steven picked up the drink which Jake had got for Sania, and walked to the side of the pool. He sat down by the pool, with his legs dangling in the water, some distance away from where Jake and Jamal were seated. “Hey, kiddo …” I heard him call out to Sania, who was now enjoying splashing around in the pool, “… here’s you drink …” as he held her glass out for her in his outstretched hand. Sania laughed, and swam towards where Steven was, and I watched how incredibly sexy her milky white body looked in the water.

As she took the tall glass from Steven’s hand, she took a sip of it, and closing her eyes in pleasure, said in a pleased voice “Umm … lovely … thank you so much, Jake …” raising the glass towards Jake in a toast. “Anytime, baby …” I heard Jake reply with a pleased smile, as he too sat down by Jamal’s side, legs dangling in the pool. Turning towards Steve, Sania placed her hand on his thigh, and looking at his face, said “And thank you too, Steve …” smiling sweetly. “My pleasure, baby …” I heard Steve reply gallantly. Once again, I felt envy and jealousy course through me, watching this new found camaraderie between Sania and Steven Capriati.

Everyone seemed relaxed now, and there was casual carefree banter all around, interspersed with plenty of laughter, as the girls played around in the pool, with the guys hanging around the periphery. Sipping on my drink, I wondered why I was sulking, when the mood all around was so cheerful. I figured it had to do with me being jealous about Sania being so friendly and cozy with Steve. As Steve continued to chat with Sania, missing no opportunity to touch her on some pretext or the other, as she bobbed in the water in front of him, in between his legs dangling in the water, I sauntered over to where Jake and Jamal were. They had lit a cigar, and were sharing it, as I went and sat down by their side.

As Jake exhaled a thick puff of white smoke from his thick black lips, I asked “Mind if I have a drag too …?” desperate to get my mind off Sania. “Sure thing, bro …” Jake answered, smiling broadly, as he offered he cigar to me. “Cuban … the very best around …” he beamed as I took hold of the cigar and smelt it. As I smelt the cigar, Jamal laughed out and said “Don’t’cha worry, brother … it’s clean …” in an attempt to assuage my suspicions that it might be spiked with some dope. I laughed awkwardly, as I took a deep puff of the thick Cuban cigar. As the acrid smoke filled my lungs, I exhaled loudly, and said “Hmm … nice …” enjoying the strong Cuban cigar which I found was far stronger than the cigarettes that I sometimes smoked.

Jake tried to strike up a conversation with me, but realizing that my mind was elsewhere, mercifully left me alone. The strong Cuban cigar, coupled with the liberal amount of alcohol that was already present in my blood stream, suddenly hit me like a jack hammer. I felt my head begin to swim as the vicious combination of alcohol and nicotine finally hit home. Through my foggy brain, I heard Jamal protesting to the girls in the pool that it was unfair to not let the guys jump into the pool. Amidst some peals of laughter and much good natured bickering, I finally heard Serena announce that guys too were now welcome to join them in the pool.

“Hey ya, Jiggy baby … jump in …” I heard Venus call out to me. Looking at this bunch of top class tennis players having a good time, I suddenly felt very out of place. Moreover, I wasn’t too sure of my sobriety any more, and didn’t want to end up making a fool of myself. “Umm, Venus … thanks, but no thanks … I think I’m gonna go take a cold shower … and clear my head …” I replied, forcing a smile on my face. But my reply was lost on Venus, as Jamal had stealthily slid into the water, and diving underneath, had come up under Venus, and grabbed hold of her legs underwater. There were shrieks all around, as Jake and Steve also joined in, Steven trying to dunk Sania by grabbing hold of her legs. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was drunk, or because I was feeling left out, but whatever the reason, I suddenly just wanted to get away from there.

As I stood up, my head swam dizzyingly, and I staggered. As I got my footing right, I heard a voice ask “Honey … are ya’lright …?” It was Jennifer, who as always, never let me out of her sight. “Yeah, Jenny … I’m fine … I’ll … umm … just go in and freshen up …” I said to her, loving her for being so thoughtful. In response, she just nodded in understanding and smiled at me. With that, I half staggered, half walked, towards the palatial mansion that was the home of the Williams’ sisters. I managed to find on the ground floor of the mansion, what seemed like a guest bedroom, and headed for it.

The room, like the rest of the house, was lavishly and tastefully furnished, the center of attraction being a king-sized double bed that was fit for a king’s first night. I managed to throw off my clothes somehow, and get into the bathroom. Fumbling drunkenly with the rather artistic Italian bath fittings, I finally managed to get the shower going. Leaning against the tiled wall, I stood under the ice cold shower for what seemed like an eternity, letting the cold water wash the sweat, alcohol, and smoke off my body. When I finally realized that I was shivering uncontrollably, I fumbled with the knobs again, and somehow managed to get a hot shower going. The time-tested trick of a cold followed by hot shower, cleared up my head considerably, and I felt a lot better.
I found a soft terry-towel bath robe behind the door of the bath, and slid into it, relishing the softness of the robe. Towelling my wet hair dry, I got out of the bath. I was feeling so drained and tired that all I wanted to do was hit the sack. Without bothering to take off my robe, I switched off the lights in the bedroom and slid under the velvety soft satin sheets of the king-sized bed. I could hear the peals of laughter coming from the poolside, and my thoughts were once again drawn to Sania. I smiled to myself as I realized that I was feeling jealous like a schoolboy, whose first crush was lavishing more attention on his best friend. Visions of the luscious Sania Mirza, naked except for her conservatively cut white Jockey panties, flashed before my eyes, and I felt my cock stiffen instantly.

With an irritated groan, I tried to force my mind off her, and shut my eyes, trying to drown out the sounds of the group outside having fun in the pool. But try as I may, I just couldn’t stop thinking of Sania, and my hand automatically slid under the sheets, to clutch my cock, which was hard as a pole now. As I clutched my hard cock and began to stroke it instinctively, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself at the irony of the whole thing. Right outside the room where I lay, were a bunch of arguably the sexiest women tennis players in the world, open to sexual liaisons of any kind imaginable; and here I was, lying alone in the bed, and jerking off!

The water from the pool outside was throwing shimmering images on to the celing of the roof, and as I continued to stroke my cock, I slipped into a dream-like stupor, imagining the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza, sitting by my side, gazing down at me lovingly, and stroking my cock. These were interspersed with images of Sania being ravaged by those two hulking Jamaicans, and the towering Steven Capriati thrusting his cock into her mouth. I wasn’t sure of how long I lay there like that, slipping between the real world and dreamland, and through my fogged up brain, I imagined Sania calling out to me, and shaking me by my shoulder.

Without opening my eyes, I heard myself say “Go away, Sania … leave me alone …” shaking my head from side to side. For some inexplicable reason, she just refused to fade away from my visions, and I felt like she was tugging at my shoulders gently, calling out softly “Jignesh … Jignesh …” Letting out an exasperated sigh, I groaned to myself in the bed “Oh come on … leave me alone … can’t you see what you’re doing to me …” instinctively clutching my rock hard cock, and forcing my eyes open to get her out of my dreamy stupor. As I forced my heavy eyelids open, I thought I saw the hazy image of someone sitting right by my side, and a hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me.

Shaking my head to get rid of the cobwebs in my head, I opened my eyes fully. As my eyes finally focused and came around, I felt my heart skip a beat. For there, sitting on the bed right by my side was the girl of my dreams, Sania Mirza. Mouth agape, I blinked rapidly and shook my head, trying to make these visions of fantasy go away. But they refused to, and she was still there when I screwed my eyes shut and opened them after a while. “Sania …?” I heard myself croak, my throat dry, as I realized that this was not some dreamy fantasy. She was indeed in the room, sitting right by my side, watching me with an enigmatic expression on her flushed cherubic face.

As I came to my senses, I realized suddenly that sounds of water splashing and laughter from outside had ceased completely, and the only sounds that intruded the dead of the night were that of the crickets chirping away. She had put on a white bathing robe, similar to the one I’d found in the bathroom, and from the look of it, I could make out that she was completely naked underneath. Stunned, I just stared at her blankly; still unable to decide if this was for real. “Hi …” I heard her finally say, in a soft barely audible whisper. “Hi …” I responded automatically, my voice sounding like it was coming from far away “… I thought I was …” unable to get my brain to control my speech.

That’s when I realized that in my dreamy stupor, I had somehow managed to kick the silky soft satiny sheets of my body, and I was lying stark naked in bed, clutching my rock hard throbbing cock, the bath robe completely open from the front. “Oh, shit …” I cried out in alarm, realizing what had happened, and bolted upright in the bed, frantically pulling the sheet up to cover my rampant cock. “I’m so ... so … sorry … oh, I’m so sorry …” I found myself mumbling, my mind in a turmoil at having been caught jerking off like this. There are times when you wish the earth would just open up and swallow you, and this was definitely one of those moments.

As I fumbled with the lapels of my bathrobe, and pulled my legs up towards my torso, I felt Sania shift on the bed and move closer to me. Pulling my legs up to my chest, I sat back against the headrest of the bed, and buried my face between my knees. I was shaking my head from side-to-side and mumbling incoherently, when I felt Sania slide up closer to my upraised knees. Reaching out she placed her right hand on my knee and said “Jignesh … look at me …” her voice so low, I could barely hear it. Ashamed, I forced myself to look up at her. When my eyes settled on her again, I saw that she too seemed to have had a shower, for her hair was damp, and she’d just slid a loose hair band to hold it in a pony.
Leaning towards me, causing her magnificent full breasts under that thick bathrobe to press against my knees, she said “Say something, Jignesh … please …” her tone sounding like a heartfelt plea. I just gazed at that glittering diamond nose-stud adorning her face, and shook my head. As she continued to gaze into my eyes, her expression unreadable, I finally threw back my head and exclaimed “What do you want me to say, Sania … what do you want me to say …” my voice rising with my mounting frustration at having been caught masturbating by her. My words seemed to have hurt her, for I suddenly saw her blink her eyes rapidly, and her eyes become moist. Her lips quivered, as she seemed to be searching for words.

Clutching my knee harder, and pressing her lovely plush bosom to my knees further, she managed to gasp “Jignesh … I just wanted to … wanted to … know if …” letting her voice trail, unable to complete her sentence. As she dropped her gaze to her lap, I suddenly felt my heart go out to her again. I wondered to myself why I was being such a jerk, when all she was trying to do was being nice to me. Letting out a prolonged sigh, I straightened, and reached out for her. Placing my palm over hers which was resting on my knee, I said “Oh, Sania … I … I love you … I can’t help it … I love you …” my voice more forceful as I spoke.

Baring my heart to her, I continued “I’ve been in love with you from that moment when I first saw you standing by yourself … in that terrace … at that party …” referring to that moment when I had first mustered up the courage to walk to up her on that moonlit New York night. Her round eyes were large limpid pools, and I could see that her fleshy cheeks were flushed with emotion, as she heard me bare my heart out. Her lips quivered, as she gazed at me with that same unreadable expression. Finally I heard her whisper “Say that again …” clutching my knee harder.

“What …?” I answered automatically. “Say that again, please …” she whispered fiercely, a strong emotion clouding her pink dimpled cheeks. It took me a moment to realize what she was saying. I couldn’t fathom why a celebrity like her wanted a common guy on the street like me, to tell her again that I loved her. After all, hadn’t she heard that being shouted at her by millions of her fans all the time? Visions of a banner proclaiming ‘We love you, Sania’ at the Qatar Open in Doha, floated before my eyes, even as I gazed at her. Clearing my throat, I said huskily “I love you, Sania …” my voice more firm now, as I squeezed her palm resting on my knee reassuringly.

I saw her lips begin to quiver again, as something that resembled a smile flittered across her lush pink lips. As I slid my knees down to straighten my legs on the bed, she quickly slid closer to me, till she was only inches away from me. As she automatically dropped her hand to rest it on my lap, they landed straight on the thick bulge of my still hard cock under those satiny velvet soft sheets. I felt her go stiff as her palm touched my hardness, and the color rushed to her cheeks once again. Aghast, I croaked “I’m sorry, Sania … it’s just … I couldn’t …” my words coming out in a jumble as I desperately tried to apologize to her for my very evident arousal.

“Shhhh …” she hushed me gently, leaning forward suddenly. Bringing her lovely dimpled face close to mine, she closed her eyes, and to my surprise, kissed me softly on my parched lips. I instinctively stiffened, and I felt her hand touch my chest to soothe my nerves. She left her lips linger on mine for a moment, before pulling away. Reaching out to touch my face, she lovingly pushed the hair away from my face, and gave me the most incredible smile I’d ever seen her give anyone. The front opening of her bathrobe had fallen open and I was blessed with the view of her magnificent cleavage between those full ripe 34-C breasts of hers.

“Oh, Sania …” I groaned, unable to pull my eyes away from her the deep valley between her magnificent breasts. “Shhh …” she hushed me again, watching me with intense tenderness, as she gently took hold of my shoulders and pushed me down on the bed. As if in an erotic trance, I slid down the headrest of the bed and lay down; my head propped up by the soft pillows. She leant over me, and with great tenderness, began to place soft kisses on my face; starting wth my forehead and finally coming back to my lips. She intertwined the fingers of her left hand with my right, and slid those of her right hand through my hair, even as she parted my dry lips with hers, and began to probe inside my mouth with her wet luscious tongue.

As she kissed me, I felt her heavy ripe breasts mash against my chest, even as her right hand slid down my face and her fingers began to trace a line along my ribcage. I felt my cock stir under the silky soft sheets, and an involuntary groan escaped my lips as she pushed down the sheet covering me, baring my torso. As she pulled her lips away from mine, I saw through dazed eyes that her face was flushed with excitement, and her eyes shone with passion. My cock was so hard now that it was almost touching my belly, making a very visible tent under the satiny sheets. As her fingers began to run circles on my lower chest, I felt her elbow brush against the hardness of my cock, causing me to shudder involuntarily.

Straightening herself a bit, she looked down at my bared chest, subconsciously running her soft hands over my chest. Once again, my eyes were drawn to the open neck of the thick white terry robe she was wearing, the deep cleavage looking ever so enticing. She caught my glance, and I saw something like a look of understanding pass through her face. Straightening her back, she sat up, and with her eyes on mine, began to open the knot of the sash that held the robe together in the front. Undoing the knot, she shrugged her shoulders, and with one swift motion, slid the bathrobe off her shoulders.

As the robe slid down her shoulders, the magnificent 34-C full ripe breasts of the incredibly sexy Sania Mirza were once again bared to me. “Oh, Sania …” I cried out softly, unable to pull my eyes away from those magnificent breasts she was so lovingly baring for me. Her light brown, almost pinkish, nipples were erect and were capped by a pair of mouth watering areolas. My throat was parched, as I felt myself beginning to speak “Sania, you have the most …” my voice a barely audibly croak. “Shhh …” she hushed me again, as she reached out to take my right hand in hers. Clutching my hand in hers, she pulled my hand towards her lips, and kissed the back of my hand softly. As I watched, mesmerized by this incredible display of tenderness from her, she looked intently into my eyes, her lips quivering.
Then, without pulling her gaze away from mine, she proceeded to press the palm of my hand to her heavy breasts, a soft sigh escaping her lips, as my fingers automatically closed around the firm yet pliant flesh of her incredibly erotic breasts. With another barely audible sigh, she tilted her head to one side, and smiled shyly, keeping my hands pressed to her breasts. “Sania …” I groaned, unable to speak, as I felt her thick turgid nipples burn into my palm, and involuntarily ran my tongue over my parched lips. Unable to resist myself, I squeezed the firm flesh of her breasts, eliciting a barely audible sigh from her lips, even as she dropped her hand on to my chest, and grabbed hold of my muscular arm.

Twisting her head sideways, she slid forward, and resting her palms on either side of me, knelt forward to dangle those utterly delicious breasts of hers in front of my face. I felt my rampant cock give jerk with pleasure, as I blinked my eyes to reassure myself that this was not a dream. The 23-year old Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, was leaning over me, and offering me her magnificent breasts! Raising both my hands, I gently cupped her luscious dangling breasts, feeling their heaviness in my palms, even as she sat with her eyes closed, her chin buried in her left shoulder. As I gently ran my fingers of the rounded curves of her milky white breasts, feeling the hardness of her erect nipples, I heard a soft moan of arousal escape her quivering lips.

“Please …” I heard her whisper, as she bent forward further, and literally brought her breasts to my mouth. “Unhhhh …” I groaned, as I felt her erect light brown, almost pinkish nipples, graze against my lips. Parting my lips involuntarily, I thrust my tongue out, and gingerly ran it over her nipples. An audible hiss escaped her lips, and I felt her hands slide up to clutch my hair, as I began to slowly run my tongue over her nipples. She quickly slid her hand under my head and pulled my head upwards, subconsciously urgine me to suck on her incredibly erotic milky white breasts. With a groan, I opened my mouth, and resisting the temptation to clamp it on her fleshy breasts, sucked in the pliant flesh of her dangling breasts into my mouth.

“Jignessshhhh ….” I heard her hiss, as she felt my mouth close upon her proferred breast, and the suction created by my sucking on her breast, automatically pushing her tit-flesh into my waiting mouth. She almost fell over me, as my mouth began to gently suck on her gorgeous 23-year old heavy breasts, my tongue lashing against those thick turgid pinkish nipples. I cupped both of her dangling breasts, and feasted upon them, teasing them with my eyelashes, and even grazing her nipples against my 2-day old stubble. I could feel the arousal begin to wash over her body, as she slid her right thigh over my torso, and quickly straddled me, continuing to hold on to my head, urging me to suck on her breasts.

As she sat over me, I felt her pushing down the sheets covering my pelvis with her feet, causing my fully erect cock to spring out and slap against my belly. As she settled down to sit over me, resting her lush ripe full butt on my belly, I felt my cock rub against her butt. My hands automatically let go of her breasts, and slid down to feel her thighs, eventually coming to rest on her full lush buttocks. And that’s when, to my total surprise, I realized that Sania was not wearing her panties. I could feel the trimmed hair of her young vagina scrape against my belly, as she started to squirm on top of me, emitting soft moans of arousal all the time. As the tip of my wet swollen cock grazed against the fleshiness of her muscular buttocks, I groaned.

Suddenly, Sania slid herself off my torso, and lay down by my side, propping herself on her elbows. With a soft moan, she threw her right leg over my torso, trapping my fully erect cock in the hollow of her knees, and squeezed my cock with by folding her legs back. Simultaneously, she wrapped her arm around my belly, and began to feverishly kiss my chest, running her tongue over the tiny nubbins of my erect nipples. “Ohhhh, Saniaaa …”I groaned, as my body shuddered at the feel of her tongue teasing my nipples. Releasing my cock from under her knees, she began to move her thighs over my cock, arousing me further, even as I felt the thickness of her vagina press against my pelvic bone.

I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy now, as she began to involuntarily grind her cunt against my pelvic bone from the side. Pushing her thigh down, I felt her hand which had been caressing my chest and belly, slide down towards my pelvis, and gingerly take hold of my painfully erect throbbing cock. “Ohhh, Saniaaa …” I groaned again, as I felt her fleshy hand take hold of my cock, and almost immediately begin a stroking motion. My hands automatically slid down her back and cupped her beautifully rounded fleshy butt, squeezing them rather roughly. In response, I felt Sania squirm against me, mashing her wet cunt to my side. Suddenly, I felt her pull away from me, and sit up on the bed once again. A few strands of her still damp hair, which she had hastily tied in a pony, hung seductively over her plump face.

Continuing to stroke my hard erect cock, she gazed at me silently for a few moments, her bosom heaving as her breathe became shallower by the minute. A sea of emotions passed over her face, as she pulled her gaze away from mine, and turned to look at my fully erect cock in her hand. She gazed almost lovingly at my erect cock, the blood gorged mushroom-shaped tip glistening with pre-cum in the dim light from the concealed lights under the night stand. “Beautiful …” I heard her murmur, as she slid down the bed, as if to examine my cock closely. Still clutching the shaft of my cock in her right hand, she silently proceeded to slide her free left hand under my swollen balls, and gingerly caressed them.

I groaned involuntarily, and my hips automatically jerked upwards, as I felt her fingers began to manipulate my swollen testicles, even as she continued to languidly stroke my steel hard cock with her right hand. As I gazed at her heavy breasts, I could see that they were glistening with my saliva; the remnants of the ardent sucking that I had subjected them to. As she turned to look at my face again, and caught me gazing at her breasts open-mouthed, a shy smile flitted over her lips. She nodded at me imperceptibly, as if silently conveying that she understood what I wanted. Without a word, she bent forward, and dangled her luscious ripe young breasts over my erect phallus.

Supporting herself by resting her palm on the side of my thigh, she held my cock straight up in her right hand, and began to brush her thick turgid nipples against the slimy tip of my cock! Her movements were beginning to get more self assured now, as she began to gently stroke my cock, and moving her torso from side to side, causing those heavy fleshy breasts of hers to brush against my throbbing cock erotically. Before I could react, she bent forward further, and quickly trapped my rampant cock in between her fleshy breasts. Cupping both her ripe breasts together, she began, though somewhat awkwardly, to stroke my breasts in between her breasts!
The liberally amount of pre-cum that my cock was oozing, coupled with the saliva that had coated her breasts, lubricated the movement of my cock between her magnificent breasts; There was an almost childlike intensity on her face, as she focused all her attention on milking my cock in between her breasts. This was like a dream come true for me; and I had to clench my buttocks to prevent myself from coming right there and then. As she began to increase the tempo of sliding my cock between her pressed breasts, it became evident to me that this was not something that she was used to doing.

And her unfamiliarity at doing this was causing me some discomfiture, as the she was now beginning to pump my cock with her breasts rather painfully, causing my foreskin to stretch beyond the levels of comfort. As I winced, an involuntary hiss escaped my lips. I was surprised that she’d even managed to hear my hiss of pain; for she stopped immediately, and looked up at my face in alarm.

Seeing me biting my lips, she cried out “Ohh, I’m so sorry … I’m so sorry …” saying the same thing over and over again, as she pulled herself up and quickly sat up. Sliding up towards my chest, she knelt over me, and cupping my face gently, said “Oh, Jignesh … I’m so sorry … I didn’t realize that …” shaking her head from side to side apologetically. So concerned was she, at having caused me this little bit of pain, that I couldn’t help but reach out for her face and pull her lips to mine.

Kissing her passionately, I said “Oh, Sania … please … please don’t embarrass me by saying sorry …” smiling at her with love. She bit her lips, almost like a schoolgirl, before allowing a shy smile to come to her lips. She was straddling my knees now, with her knees resting on the bed on either side of my legs, her bathrode completely open from the front. Just watching her naked body, those delectable breasts of hers heaving, made my cock twitch. She was gazing at my throbbing phallus, glistening in the dim light with her saliva.

Mumbling something that was inaudible to me, she bent forward once again, and took my rock hard cock in her soft pudgy hands. Sliding her left hand under my swollen balls, she brought her face close to my cock, her eyes clouded with passion. I held my breath in anticipation of what she was about to do to my cock. Silently, she held my cock gently in her right hand, and proceeded to plan a soft kiss on the swollen mushroom shaped head of my cock.

I groaned involuntarily, and reached out to grab her by her shoulder. “Sania … no …” I cried out hoarsely, unable to believe that she was actually about to pleasure my cock with her mouth! Ignoring my hoarse protest, she held my cock lovingly, and to my utter astonishment, began to run her wet tongue along the shaft of my cock. “Unnhhh …” I moaned, my body shivering with excitement as I felt her soft wet tongue on my rock hard cock.

“Umm …” she moaned in response, and without warning, opened her mouth to take the swollen tip of my cock into her mouth. “Ohhh, Saniaaa ….” I cried out, as she closed her eyes, and began to make love to the tip of my cock with her tongue. She loving ran her tongue over my swollen cock head, and began to gently suck on it. Resisting the urge to grab hold of her haid by the hair, I leaned back, and clenched the bed sheet with my fingers. I heard her mumble something inaudible again, as she opened her mouth wider, and took in more of my swollen rock hard cock into her mouth.

Watching the incredibly sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza sucking on my cock, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. She was emitting soft moans, as she stretched her mouth in a wide ‘O”, and began to suck on my cock in earnest, bobbing her head up and down slowly. It was evident that she was not used to sucking cock, as her teeth often grazed against the sensitive tip of my cock, causing me to jerk my hips up involuntarily, more than once. Interpreting my shudders to be a signal for her to take my cock deeper into her mouth, she opened her mouth wider, and began to bob her head up and down on my cock faster, her delectable ripe breasts brushing against my knees. “Sania … I can’t … I won’t be able to hold on … if you …” I cried out in hoarsely, realizing that I would end up shooting my load right into her mouth if she continued this any more.

“Umm …” I heard her mutter, her mouth filled with my swollen thick cock, as she gently slipped my cock out of her mouth. “Jignesh … lie down please …” I heard her ask me softly, as she straightened once again, and leant forward towards me to hold my shoulder, gently pushing me down on the bed. I allowed myself to be completely controlled by her, and once again lay back on the bed on my back, my throbbing cock standing almost fully upright. As I lay back, Sania got up from the bed, and quickly took off the bathrobe that was still draped over her shoulders.

I watched, mesmerized, as the lovely Sania Mirza stood in front of me, in all her naked glory. Even at 23, one could see the womanliness in her lush full figure. Her cheeks were flushed with arousal and shame, as she watched me soak in her the beauty of her naked body. “You’re … you’re so beautiful, Sania …” I managed to croack through my parched throat, causing her the blush once again. Without a word, she swung her right leg over my thighs, and bent forward for support, her lovely full breasts swinging free, as she straddled my pelvis.
As her weight settled on my pelvis, I felt the thick puffy lips of her moist pussy, press down on my rock hard cock. A soft cry escaped my lips, as I felt the trimmed hair of her pussy scrape against the underside of my rock hard cock. Leaning forward to rest her hands on my shoulders for support, I felt her adjust herself on top of me, squeezing my cock against the moist lips of her inflamed cunt.

Looking at her flushed face, her lush pink lips slightly parted, and her breath coming in shallow gasps, visions of Sania’s young 23-year old cunt being nearly split apart my Jake’s monstrous cock flashed before me. “Sania … please … no … you don’t have to …” I cried out hoarsely, realizing how sore and painful her vagina would be, after the almost rape-like fucking she’d been subjected to at the hands of the two hulking Jamaicans.

Shaking her head, the intensity flashing in her eyes, Sania whispered “I want to …” her whisper barely audible. “I want to …” she repeated, her inflamed eyes boring into mine “… if I mean anything to you … allow me this …” she finished in a low husky voice, her lips quivering, and her eyes shining. Without waiting for me to respond, she reached down between her thighs, and adjusted my painfully throbbing penis to nestle against the the slit of her lush thick vagina.

Supporting herself on her knees on either side of me, she lifted her pelvis up slightly, and positioned my cock at the opening her wet cunt. “I love you, Jignesh …” I heard her say in a thick voice, as she bit her lips and pressed her cunt down on my cock, sending my cock sliding into the confines of her young 23-year old cunt. For me, everything seemed to be happening in a daze, as I felt my rock hard cock engulfed by the slippery wet moist folds of her tight pussy. “Unnnhhh …” I heard her moan through clenched lips, as she let her weight settle on me completely, causing my cock to get buried in her almost virgin cunt, right to the hilt.

My mouth opened in a silent cry of pleasure, as the lovely Sania Mirza, straightened her torso, and thrust her hips forward, my average-sized but reasonably thick cock filling her ravaged cunt. I saw her screw her eyes shut and clamp her lips, as my cock stretched the already sore insides of her moist pussy. She arched her back and drew her arms towards herself, resting them on my belly, as she just sat there, impaled on my cock, for a moment. As I watched her silently, her eyes fluttered open. When she saw me looking at her nervously, a shy smile flitted across her lips. “Uh … I’m sorry … it … it still hurts a bit … so …” she said haltingly, embarrassed to the core.

“Oh, Sania …” I cried out, instinctively reaching out for her, and pulling her towards me by her shoulders. Pulling her towards me so that she was almost lying over my torso, with her head resting on my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around her and held her gently. Soothing her hair, I said “Oh, Sania … I know … I know that it hurts … that’s why I said that you don’t have to …” my words a soft whisper in her ear, even as I gently caressed her bare back. She muttered something which I did not catch, since her face was pressed to my neck; even as she took my head in her hands, and brought her lips to mine.

With my cock buried to the hilt in her young 23-year old cunt, she began to kiss me with fervor, while beginning to grind her hips on mine at the same time. As she kissed me, I felt her erect nipples graze my chest, causing me to automatically reach out for them. As I cupped her ripe luscious breasts in both the hands, and fondled them gently, I saw a little smile flit across her parted lips. I still hadn’t got enough of looking at Sania’s lush heavy 34-C breasts; and as she saw me gazing at them lovingly, she said “You really love my breasts …” her voice a husky whisper. In response, I just nodded, unable to speak. “More than Serena’s …?” I heard her ask next, her voice so low that I was barely able to hear her.

I quickly glanced up at her face to check if she really meant what she was asking, or if she was just toying with me. Seeing the intent, expectant expression on her face, I realized that this incredibly sexy girl actually meant what she’d just asked. Shaking my head in disbelief, I reached out to cup those gorgeous breasts of hers gently in my palms, and said “I can’t believe that you’re asking me such a question, Sania … I thought … I thought … that after all this time … you’d know …” a somewhat hurt expression on my face, as I looked into her eyes intently. I could see that she was pleased at hearing this, as she replied “I know … I just … just wanted to … hear you say it …” faltering, as she dropped her gaze, a blush coloring her cheeks.

“Sania …” I began “… you have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen … and you’re the loveliest person I’ve ever met …” my voice thick with desire. As I finished, I saw her cheeks reddening further, and she inadvertently flashed that famous Sania Mirza grin. Her pleasure was evident from the way I felt her cuntal muscles contract around my cock, as if giving my cock a reassuring squeeze. Leaning forward, she dangled her luscious breasts in front of my face, brushing her nipples against my parched lips. From the efforts she was putting in to pleasure me, it seemed as if she was intent upon proving that she was a better fuck than Jennifer, Serena, or Venus.
She swayed her torso back and forth across my face, brushing her dangling breasts over my face. Finally, she bent forward further, and literally fed me her breasts. With a groan, I opened my mouth and took her proffered tit-flesh into my mouth. As I began to suck on her breasts like a maniac, flicking my tongue across her turgid nipples, and grazing my teeth against them, I felt her begin to move her hips, thrusting her sopping wet cunt on my rock hard cock. Supporting herself on her elbows on either side of my face, she began to slowly raise and lower her hips, causing my cock to slither in and out of her vagina. Sania’s cunt was well lubricated by now, and I could feel the pussy juices oozing down the shaft of my cock, as she worked herself upon me.

Her grinding started to get more frantic as her arousal mounted, and I felt her fingers tugging at my hair. Suddenly, I felt her straighten her back and sit up on me. Her damp disheveled hair hung over her face, and as she brushed it away casually, I once again marveled at how enticing her breasts looked, slick with my saliva now. There was an intent look on her face, and her breath was coming out in shallow gasps, with her magnificent bosom heaving. She seemed to have worked herself up into some sort of frenzy, and I watched her as she adjusted herself on my pelvis.

Supporting herself by the palm of her hand on one side, she brought her knees forward, one after the other, so that she could now squat over my pelvis, with my penis still impaled in her wet cunt. In that fashion, she more or less sat on her haunches on my cock, and leaned forward to support herself with both hands on my belly. Though the shower had cleared some of the cobwebs in my head, I still couldn’t believe that this was real. The sexy 23-year old Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, was squatting over my cock, and preparing to fuck me!

Without warning, she began to raise and lower her buttocks, pumping her wet lubriguous cunt on my swollen shaft. With each thrust, her firm muscular buttocks slapped down on my pelvis, sending my rock hard cock spearing into the depths of her inflamed cunt. It was evident that she had changed her position above me to achieve much deeper penetration, and as she increased the tempo of her pumping, she began to grunt rhythmically, reminiscent of her grunts when she fired those famed forehands of hers on-court. So aroused was I that I knew I could not hold on much longer. As I watched her magnificent heavy breasts bounce, I gasped “Sania … I … I can’t take it … any more …” feeling my balls begin to tighten with my semen.

Continuing to pump herself on me relentlessly, her face a study in aroused concentration, she hissed “Yes … I want you to …” increasing the tempo of her fucking. Being an athlete, I knew she could sustain this form of intercourse for long, a testimony to her stamina. I felt my balls contract, and my semen begin its journey from my balls to the slit of my inflamed cock. Reaching out to grab her arm, in an attempt to push her away from me before I came, I gasped “Take me out, Sania … take me out … I’m going to … come …” my cry a hoarse plea.

To my utter amazement, instead of scrambling away from me, she grabbed hold my arms and pinned me down on the bed. A look of unfathomable fondness came to her face, clouded by those eyes shining with arousal, as she said “Please … don’t push me away … I … I want you to …” her voice a hoarse gasp, as she left the remainder unsaid. The very fact that Sania was asking me to come inside her, drove me mad. I figured girls had a better idea of when it was safe to have unprotected sex. And seeing the intensity on her inflamed face, I knew there was no way I could get her to change her mind. Throwing my head back, I let out a prolonged cry of “Saniaaaaaaaa ….” as I felt my cock explode inside her cunt, spewing forth my boiling hot semen.

I was sure she too felt my semen bursting forth like hot lava inside her cunt, for she clenched her cuntal muscles, and thrust down on me fully, letting my exploding cock stay buried inside her hot moist cunt, shooting out its pent up load. As I thrashed about violently in the throes of my orgasm, I felt her caress my chest, and whisper something soothingly. “It’s OK … it’s OK …” I heard through my lust inflamed brain, soothing me and reassuring me as I came prodigiously inside her. The alcohol, tobacco, and sex seemed to suddenly hit me like a triple whammy, and I felt my head swim, the darkness beginning to settle on my eyes.

“I love you, Sania …” was the last thing I remember saying, even as she lay down completely on top of me, resting her head on my chest, and caressing my face. The last thing I remembered was Sania gently climbing off me, and lying down by my side, throwing her right leg over me. Wrapping her arms around me to hold me close to her, she snuggled up against my chest, whispering something softly, even as her fingers gently caressed my chest. With that incredible memory, the mist settled completely over me, and I drifted off into a state of unconscious sleep.

That was the last time I ever saw Sania. By the time I woke up sometime towards noon the next day, she had already left. Jennifer informed me that Sania had an appointment with her agent in the morning, and had insisted upon leaving early. Steven had apparently gone to drop her off. Just as the disappointment of her leaving without even saying goodbye was sinking in, Jennifer handed me a folded piece of paper. “She left this note for you …” Jennifer said with a melancholy smile.

Taking the note from her hand, I slid it silently into my pocket, somehow uncomfortable with reading it in front of Jennifer. Forcing a smile on my face, I said “Good … now can we have some coffee …?” taking Jennifer by the arm, and leading her out of the room. That was the last time I ever saw or heard from Sania Mirza. Though I remained in touch with the Williams’ sisters, and more specifically Jennifer, even after I returned to India; I never met Sania again.


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