Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Suddenly we heard Sania cry out “Ammmeeeee ….” and all eyes turned to look towards them. Jennifer too straightened her back and turned her gaze towards them, still continuing to absent mindedly stroke my aroused cock. Jake had slid his right hand between their bodies, and was holding his huge black cock upright, as he held Sania by her waist with his left hand, and was helping her guide his massive black phallus into Sania’s young puffy vagina.

From the position I was in, I could not see his cock entering her vagina, as Sania’s thighs blocked my view from the side. But from the way Sania was now squatting over Jake’s pelvis, her head thrown back, and her right hand between her pelvis and Jake’s, I could make out that his thick dark swollen mushroom shaped cock head had probably entered Sania’s aroused cunt.

Even though she was on her haunches, and was leaning forward slightly, putting part of her weight on her left hand which was placed on Jake’s chest for support, I could see that she was already in immense pain. Biting her cheeks to suppress another shriek, she reached between their bodies ostensibly in an attempt to hold his cock, and prevent it from entering her almost virgin cunt further.

Even Serena and Venus had paused their sucking of Steven and Jamal’s cock and were watching the spunky Indian Sania Mirza fighting gamely to try and take their Negro friend Jake’s mammoth impossibly thick black cock inside her young thick puffy lipped vagina. A week ago, I’d have been thrilled at the prospect of just meeting Sania Mirza in person, but today here I was watching her about to get fucked right before my eyes by a huge hulking 6’2” black Jamaican stud.

As Sania screwed her eyes shut and grimaced with pain, I saw a drop of tear trickle down her cheek. I heard Jennifer whisper “Oh my God … how’s that kid going to handle him …” her voice apprehensive yet aroused. At that very moment, Sania opened her eyes and looked right into my eyes, biting her lips, but trying to convey something to me with her eyes. She almost looked at me imploringly, as if asking me to in some way forgive her for what she was doing, with those beautiful eyes of hers.

When her eyes took in the sight of Jennifer leaning over me, her bare breasts only inches away from my face and slowly rubbing my aching erect cock, a wistful look came into her eyes. It was a curious look that she gave me; one that was a mix of relief as well as hurt. It was as if on one hand she was relieved that I too was indulging in something sexual, while on the other hand she was hurt that I was enjoying it with somebody else.

In that one look, she conveyed more than she could ever have done with words, and my heart went out to her. As she pulled her gaze away from me, she looked at Jennifer’s face with a curiously tender expression, momentarily forgetting her own incredibly humiliating situation and pain, and said something to Jennifer with her eyes.

Then, tearing her eyes away from us, she looked at Jake’s lust crazed face, and said something to him that made him smile. I saw his face crease in a relieved sort of smile, and reaching out to squeeze her arm, he said “Don’t’cha worry, baby … you can do it …” his voice loud enough to be heard by all of us. With a determined look on her face, she leaned forward on her haunches, resting both her hands on Jake’s shoulders for support, and tried to lower her hips on to him.

I watched in amazement, as the muscles on her fair fleshy thighs rippled, and Jake supported her by cupping her bared buttocks with his huge ebony palms. Turning my eyes away from this dream like sequence unfolding before my disbelieving eyes, I saw that Jennifer was looking at my face intently. When I caught her eye, she smiled and simply said “She likes you …” refusing to elaborate any further.

I was not sure what had caused her reach that conclusion, and figured that it had something to do with the look they had exchanged, when Sania had looked at us. Suddenly embarrassed that Jennifer had seen through my desire for the sexy Sania Mirza, I cleared my throat and said “Jenny … I want you … now …” my voice thick with arousal. Hearing my words, the lovely Jennifer Capriati gave me a curiously tender smile.

“You want to fuck me now, honey …?” she asked, her voice husky. “Yes, Jennie …” I managed to gasp, continuing to look at her reddened cheeks. “Like that …” she asked, jerking her head imperceptibly in the direction of where Sania was about to get impaled like a turkey on Jake’s thick black cock. “Yes … like that …” I replied, reaching out to squeeze her lush heavy breasts once again.

Smiling at me once again, she stood up and quickly straddled my knees, with her shoe-clad feet resting on the grass on either side of the chair. With her back upright, and her hands by her side, she supported herself on her legs, and beding her knees, lowered her hips over my pelvis till my throbbing manhood came in contact with her softly haired vagina. Almost like a belly dancer, she ground her hips teasingly over my cock, allowing her most soft vagina to rub teasingly against my erect shaft.

“Jenny, please …” I moaned, unable to take the sensation of her lush ripe vagina rubbing so softly against my agitated rock hard penis. With a swift motion, she quickly reached behind our bodies, and holding my cock upright with her fingers, lowered her wet hot pussy on my cock. “Jennieeee …” I screamed, in spite of myself, as I her wet slippery womanly cunt encase my cock like a hot sheath.

Still not resting her hands anywhere for support, the lovely Jennifer Capriati hitched her short white tennis skirt up and held them together at her waist, athletically grinding her hips on me, causing my slippery cock to slide partly in and out of her already aroused and wet vagina. Looking into my eyes, she whispered “Bet you’ve waited a long time for this …” her voice husky, and yet teasing.

“Oh yes, Jenny … yes …” I managed to gasp back, even as she continued to move her hips back and forth in that incredibly teasing and arousing manner, the muscles on her belly and thighs flexing with the effort. Finally she settled down on her haunches on my pelvis, causing my cock to get buried right up to the hilt in her wet cunt. Leaning forward to rest her arms on either side of my chest, she began that grinding motion of hers again, causing her heavy dangling breasts to swing freely, and my cock to move in and out of her hot wet cunt more vigorously.
“Look at that …” she whispered urgently, as she turned her gaze towards where Sania was once again. As I followed her gaze, I could see that Sania had now almost collapsed over Jake’s big broad black chest, and was whimpering with her face buried in his neck. To his credit, he was not being rough with her at all.

On the contrary, he was gently caressing her back with his right hand, even as he held her upturned fair skinned lush round butt with his thick calloused hand, and gently helped her move her hips on him. It was only then I realized to my utter amazement, that the sexy Sania Mirza had somehow managed to take almost three quarters of that big black Negro’s impossibly huge cock into her young tender cunt.

Even from the distance, it was evident that even with Sania pushing down herself completely; she was not able to take more than 3/4ths of his massive cock inside her cunt. Her face was buried in the shallow of his thick sweaty neck, and I could only imagine what would be the expression on her face, as she bore the pain of this impossibly large cock penetrating her young tight vagina from below. Jake was holding on to her butt with one hand and raising and lowering his hips, trying to thrust more of his cock into her already stretched pussy.

Turning my gaze to the others, I saw that both Steven and Jamal were watching Sania impaled like this helpless on Jake’s humongous black cock in rapt attention. Serena said something to Jake even as she continued to alternate between sucking his erect white cock and trapping it between her voluptuous breasts, to which Steven responded by vigorously nodding his head, and instinctively licking his lips.

Jamal on the other hand had pulled the gangling Venus to her feet, and with her leaning forward over him, was tonguing her mouth vigorously, even as Venus continued to stroke his curiously curved thick black cock with her long slender dark fingers.

“Feeling good, baby …?” I heard Jennifer whisper to me thickly, as she continued to grind her hips over mine, causing my hard throbbing cock to slide in and out of her most cunt smoothly. Taking hold of both her dangling heavy breasts in my hands, I squeezed them roughly and gasped “Yes, Jenny … yes …” as I too began to lift my hips and thrust my cock into her from below.

Suddenly, I saw Jamal get up from where was lying on the recliner. A quick word was exchanged between him and Venus, as they seemed to reach some conclusion. His naked thickly muscled ebony body glistened with sweat as he stood up, and his dark curved black cock shook and stood out proudly like some medieval spear.

Glancing at me, he smiled and flashed me a quick wink, his big white teeth gleaming. Before I could come to terms with what was happening, he took a few steps towards where Sania was crouched over his friend Jake, his mammoth black cock buried almost halfway in Sania’s painfully stretched pussy.

Taking hold of his swaying cock in his right hand, he reached out and touched Sania on her bare uplifted butt, which was trying vainly to get into a rhythmic pumping motion over Jake’s massive cock. As he cupped his big palms over Sania’s milky white fair buttocks, she turned her neck sideways to look at him. Her eyes grew wide as she saw Jamal standing behind her ass, holding his rock hard spear like cock and stroking it gently.

It was then that I realized what the big black Jamaican had in mind. Her eyes wide with terror, Sania gasped and managed to croak “No, please … I can’t …” her fingers instinctively tightening around Jake’s shoulders where she was hunched over him. Sania was leaning forward on her knees on the chair, her knees resting on either side of Jake’s hips, with her breasts almost touching Jake’s massive broad chest. In this position, her butt was trust out behind her, almost inviting someone to take it from behind.

As she looked into Jamal’s eyes fearfully, he smiled a slow lascivious smile, and said “Notta worry, baby … I’ll be gentle with ya …” his eyes on Sania’s delectable round plump ass, even as he continued to stroke his curved erect phallus.

As if to substantiate his words, Venus who’d been standing right behind Jamal, wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, and taking hold of his cock in her hands again, looked at Sania and said “Yeah, baby … he’s cool … an’ he’s not gonna hurt ya …” a wide knowing smile creasing her dark face. “Oh dear …” I heard Jenny breathe as she continued to fuck me slowly from top “… he’s gonna fuck her in the ass …” her voice betraying her own shock and arousal, and confirming my worst fears.

Beginning to shake her head vigorously, Sania attempted to clamber off Jake, but he held her in place. Cupping her face in one of his huge grubby paws, Jake twisted her face till she was looking at him, and said “Hey, honey … relax … he’s not gonna hurt ya …” his voice insistent, even as his eyes bored into Sania’s petrified face. “Noooo … I can’t … please …” Sania moaned, unable to lift her voice beyond a husky whisper “… I’ve … I’ve never done this before …” she managed to cry out, her lush pink lips beginning to quiver.

At that moment, I could help but feel my heart go out to the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza. Even when she’d agreed to go along with this little orgy that was unfolding in front of my eyes, she would never have in her wildest dreams imagined that it would culminate in her having to give up her anal virginity.

A strange shiver of perverted arousal coursed through my veins, as I watched the helpless Sania Mirza. “What d’ya mean …” I heard Jake ask her thickly “… are’ya sayin’ ya’ve never gotten ya’r ass fucked …?” he asked in a tone that was both incredulous and mocking at the same time. “Noo … never … please … I can’t …” Sania managed to cry out, once again her voice only a feeble gasp.

At that moment, I heard Jenny whisper to me urgently “I better do something …” giving me a quick nod, and pulling herself off my cock. Standing up, she addressed Jamal “Take it easy, guys … she’s probably never done it …” her tone trying to reason with the two huge Negroes. “So what …” I heard Venus shoot back, her eyes almost challenging Sania “… doesn’t mean she never will … there’s always a first time … ain’t that so, Sania …” as she smiled at Sania almost teasingly, as if daring her.

“An I’m sure ya’re not gonna chicken out … are’ya …” she asked Sania with a mocking smile on her face, as if challenging her to back off. “Please …” Sania almost begged, the tears coming to her eyes again, even as she was being held fast in her place by Jake, his massive cock still buried halfway into her cunt “… I can’t … it’s … it’s dirty … and it’ll hurt … I won’t be able to bear it …” her voice beginning to break with her fear. That’s when Serena, who’d been watching this all along, stood up from between Steven’s thighs, and crouched next to Jake and Sania.
Placing her hand on Sania’s fore-arm, she said in a gentle voice “I’m not sayin’ it’s not gonna hurt … “she began in a matter of fact voice, her face bearing a composed expression “… it sure’s gonna hurt the first time … but c’mon gal … where’s your spirit … I know u’ve never backed out of a fight … so why start now …” the intensity of her tone rising as she finished.

“Oh yeah, baby …” Jamal grunted, taking a few quick steps to come and stand in front of the hunched over Sania on the other side. Waving his hard gleaming black curved cock lasciviously near her face, he said thickly “… and it ain’t gonna be so bad … don’t’cha like my cock …” asking the last bit almost as if challenging her to refute. Sania’s eyes went wide as Jamal allowed his dark gleaming black 8” cock to sway tantalizingly only inches away from her face.

“C’mon, honey … go ahead … taste it …” he added with a grin, thrusting his hips forward to almost brush the huge swollen purple tip of his circumcised cock against her face. When Sania just mumbled something incomprehensible and shuddered, Jamal just reached out without a word, and holding Sania’s head gently with his huge black palm, pushed his erect cock against her lips.

With a little helpless moan, Sania screwed her eyes shut, and allowed her lips to part, even as Jamal roughly thrust his black curved cock into her reluctant mouth. “Ummmppffff …” Sania grunted as she felt his long dark comparatively slender black cock slide into her mouth, her body going rigid as Jake held her tight by her arms. Cupping her chin, Jamal adjusted her uplifted face at an angle and began to gently buck his hips, almost teasingly thrusting his wet slimy black cock into her mouth.

However, to my relief, he refrained from grabbing hold of her head, and roughly plunging his cock into her throat, an action that would have surely destroyed the last vestige of pride that the fiercely competitive Sania Mirza was clinging on to. “See, that’s not so bad, is it …” Jake said playfully, as he pulled his cock out of Sania’s lush lipped mouth.

As he pulled his cock out, Sania’s shut eyes fluttered open, and she looked at Jamal’s lust clouded face with what was raw fear. That’s when Serena, who was crouching on her knees on the other side of Sania, gently touched her and said “Relax, girl … it won’t be worse than anything else you’ve been through … trust me on that …” trying to sound relaxed, and get the petrified Sania to cool down.

Realizing that there was no way out of this, Sania’s shoulders suddenly hunched, and all the fear and reluctance suddenly seemed to go out of her. Dropping her head, she just nodded dumbly. “It’s alright, baby …” Jake said to her in an unusually tender voice “… you’ll enjoy it … just like you’re enjoyin’ this …” his tone tender yet teasing, as he jerked his hips upwards, to once again thrust his own massive cock into her painfully stretched young pussy from below.

That’s when I suddenly realized that the poor girl had all along been sitting impaled on his massive black cock, which didn’t seem to have softened one bit, in spite of the unanticipated break.

With a helpless and totally resigned look on her face, Sania just nodded dumbly at him, the rigidity and resistance having deserted her rather fragile looking young body. In that hunched over position, she turned her head to look in my direction. I’d sat up on the chair, and was now sitting forward on the chair with my feet on the grass, and my elbows resting on my knees. As she looked into my eyes, I felt a tug at my heart, seeing the totally broken look on her face.

My own lips were quivering, as I looked into her eyes and silently mouthed “I’m so sorry …” my expression conveying my helplessness. Unable to bear looking at her face any more, I was about to pull my eyes away, when I saw her press her lush tender lips together in a brave smile, and give me a subtle shake of her head, trying to convey to me with her eyes that it was not my fault.

I felt a lump form in my throat, and I had to swallow hard to keep the shudder that coursed through my body in control, as I tried to imagine her state of mind. Here was the usually feisty 23-year old Indian teen tennis sensation Sania Mirza; her circumstances having forced her into a place where she was now being humiliated thoroughly in front of her fiercest rivals on court, the mercurial Williams sisters’, having to bear the ignominy of being impaled on the massive impossibly thick black cock of one of their huge Jamaican friends, while another one with an almost equally scary cock was about to shove it into her virgin arse hole!

To say that she was totally and thoroughly humiliated to have this happen in front of so many witnesses, that included a nobody from the streets like me was an understatement. In spite of my state of crazed arousal at this incredible sexual perversion unfolding before me, I felt my hands and body quiver, and my eyes water.

As a tear threatened to roll out of my eyes, I pulled my eyes away from her face, and angrily wiped my eyes, hoping that nobody would see this sudden surge of emotion in me. It was at about the same time that Jennifer also knelt beside Sania, and said to her in a soft tender voice “Don’t worry, my dear … I’m here … nobody’s gonna hurt you …” her voice tender yet firm.

A sudden shudder went through Sania’s body, as she fell towards Jennifer, even as Jake continued to support her from below. Wrapping her arms around Sania’s hunched shoulder, Jennifer whispered something into her ears that I could not hear. As Sania nodded her head, Jennifer stood up and looking at Jamal said “Hey, go easy with her please …” her smile both seductive and gentle.

“Whew …” Jamal breathed, as his face creased into a big mouthed smile again. “As gentle as a knife thru butter, honey …” he said smoothly, grinning broadly as he once again fisted his long curved black cock and stroked it rather rampantly, as if to make his point.

“I’m gonna be like greased lightning …” he said, winking at Jennifer, as he quickly reached into one of the duffel bags lying on the grass, and extracted a thick jar of what looked like petroleum jelly. Even as Sania inflamed and impossibly stretched cunt was being stroked slowly by Jake’s cock, as he murmured soft reassurances to her from below, and kept fondling her aroused dangling lush ripe breasts, Sania waited with bated breath for the assault on her anal opening to begin.

Scooping out a liberal amount of the petroleum jelly in his fingers, the huge hulking Negro Jamal applied the petroleum jelly liberally along his cock, making at slick, slippery, and shiny. Reaching out, he wiped the remainder of the jelly on Sania’s forcibly upturned ass, causing her squirm on Jake’s cock, her eyes screwed shut in anticipation of the painful invasion of her virgin ass hole.

With a little chuckle, even as the rest of us watched with bated breath, Jamal positioned himself between Jake’s outstretched legs and Sania’s upturned butt. Holding his cock with his right hand, he held Sania’s soft fleshy butt with his other hand, and positioned the swollen circumcised purple tip of his big black gleaming cock near the puckered opening of her anus.
There was silence all around except for the music playing softly in the background, as all of us watched with fascination arousal at what Jamal was just about to do. As he spread his legs wide and stood behind Sania’s upturned buttocks, Venus cried out in a hoarse voice from the side “Yea, baby … fuck her ass … fuck her good …” her voice thick with arousal as well as a hint of resentment for the Sania, which she still seemed to hold inside her.

Needing no further encouragement, Jamal bent his legs at the knees slightly, and positioned the huge swollen tip of his black curved cock at the stretched opening of Sania’s ass. With an intent expression on his face, he pushed his hips forward slowly, causing the big swollen tip of his cock to press into the opening of Sania’s quivering upturned ass.

“Ammmeeeee jaaaaaan …” Sania screamed with pain, as she felt the tip of Jamal’s rock hard black cock enter her virgin ass hole, her voice shrill with agony as her fingers clawed on Jake’s neck and shoulders in a desperate attempt to deal with the pain. “Shhhhh … easy, baby … easy …” I heard Jake murmur to her from below, even as Jamal clenched his teeth and flexed the muscles of his buttocks.

From the grimace on Jamal’s face, I could see that he was also in some discomfort to owing to the tightness of Sania’s virgin ass. “Fuck … she’s tight …” he hissed through clenched teeth, even as Sania twisted her neck at an awkward angle, her head thrown back, and her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, her eyes going wide open one moment, and screwed shut the other, as her young body was ravaged by the pain of her anal orifice being invaded by a monstrous black cock.

“Ammmeeeee …” she screamed again, calling out to her mother far away in India for help, tears streaming down on her plump fair cheeks. Jennifer was beside her in a flash, and placing a reassuring hand on her back, said to her softly “Don’t fight it, girl … just relax your muscles … it’ll hurt a lot less that way …” her voice trying her best to sooth the pain ravaged Sania.

Shaking her head violently in desperation, even as her plump muscular body twisted from side to side, in a subconscious attempt to dislodge the intruding rod like black cock from her ass, she cried in a pitiful tone “Nooo … please stop … please stop … I can’t take it … oh Jenny … it hurts so much … please …” the tears rolling down her flushed cheeks, and her face expression contorted with pain.

“Yes, you can, dear … you can … just relax …” I heard Serena too tell her in a rather soft tone, as she came next to Sania on the other side, and clasped her fingers around Sania’s quivering arms, with which she was supporting herself over Jake. “I can’t … I can’t …” Sania moaned, even as Jake held his rock hard curved black cock in Sania’s ass, with just the tip buried inside the puckered opening.

“Yeah, baby … just relax …” Jake to said to her from below, his eyes on Sania’s face that was twisted with agony. Her body convulsing inadvertently, causing her lush ripe dangling 34-C breasts to quiver, she just screwed her eyes shut and bit her lips, shaking her head from side to side. Taking a deep breath, she made a conscious attempt to relax her body, and unclench the muscles of her rectum.

As Jamal felt the tight vice like grip just below the tip of his cock relax a little bit, he blew out air through his thick black lips and whispered “Whew …” Just as she relaxed her muscles, Jamal gave another jerk to his hips, and shoved in some more of his gleaming dark black cock into her abused anal opening. Once again, Sania let out a heart rending scream, as she felt his thick cock plunge half way into her virgin ass hole.

This time, she convulsed violently once before collapsing in a swoon of sorts on Jake’s chest. Her lush pink lips were parted open in a silent cry, as Jamal began to slowly move his hips back and forth, causing his black cock to reluctantly move in and out a few inches inside her pain ravaged ass hole.

Simultaneously, Jake to wrapped his huge muscular black arms around her rather slender back and holding her body pressed to his chest, began to jerk his hips upwards too, causing his impossibly huge black cock to plunge in and out of Sania’s tight yet wet cunt from below.

As I watched the 23-year old tennis sensation, in a helpless position like this, impaled on the towering black Jake’s impossibly thick 8” long black cock, even as an equally imposing Jamal shoved his own hard black cock into her virgin ass hole from behind, I decided that I’d never seen such a perverted and arousing scene in my life. No doubt, I’d seen scenes like this a million times in porn flicks, but this was the first time I was seeing something like this being played out in real life, and that too with the protagonist of this double penetration being none other than the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza.

Sania’s screams had been reduced to a whimper now, as the two big black Jamaicans ploughed into the depths of her cunt and ass simultaneously, one from below and the other from above her. Jake grabbed hold of Sania’s face which had collapsed on his chest, and pulled her mouth to his. As be held her pretty face in is big black paws, and kissed her deeply, Jamal continued to slowly extract and shove in his curved black cock into her virgin ass.

So engrossed had I been in this maddeningly arousing scene unfolding before my disbelieving eyes, that I hadn’t realized Jennifer coming and sitting beside me. Wrapping her left arm around my back and pressing her heavy ripe breasts to my rib cage from the side, she reached out with her free hand between my thighs, and was gently caressing my quivering hard cock with her hands.

Turning my attention to Steve and the Williams’ sisters, I saw that Steven had discarded his thick terry towel and was completely naked now. Venus and Serena were on either side of him, fondling and stroking his huge white 8” cock with their hands, and rubbing their bared ebony breasts against his arms from both the sides. Steven’s eyes were glazed and he was staring intently at Sania being pounded simultaneously by the two black Jamaicans.

With Sania’s face a painful grimace, and her head twisting from side to side, she was probably in a zone where her senses were numbed by the pain. Jake was gripping her lush full ass with both of his huge ebony palms and squeezing them roughly, forcibly making her raise and lower her ass on his massive black phallus.

Both of them seemed to have indulged in this kind of double penetration of a girl before, as they had settled into some sort of a rhythm of fucking Sania’s tight cunt and ass simultaneously. Jamal was holding on to Sania’s slender waist with both of his huge black hands, and timing his thrusts into her ass such that his cock slid into her ass when Jake’s slid out of her cunt.

Such was the intense depravity of the ruthless fucking that the two black Jamaican Negroes were subjecting the pretty Sania Mirza to that all eyes were riveted on them. Steven, who seemed to be the most turned on by the proceedings, suddenly shrugged his shoulders, and muttering something incomprehensible, pushed Venus and Serena away from him. In a few quick long strides, he ambled over to the trio of Sania, Jake, and Jamal were, and stood next to Jake’s shoulders.

Holding his big white skinned swollen cock with his left hand, he reached out and roughly pulled up Sania’s head her pony-tailed hair. As with the rest of her ripe plump body, Sania’s face was flushed with agony and ecstasy, as she looked up at Jake’s lust-crazed face with an expression of helplessness and fear.

Her body quivering as the two Negroes pounded their huge black cocks into her cunt and ass simultaneously; she just looked dumbly at Jake, her mouth open in a silent cry of agony. With a groan, Steve grabbed hold of Sania’s face and roughly thrust his thick elongated cock towards her mouth.
Sania seemed to be in a state where her brain seemed no longer capable of independent thought. As Steve thrust his massive white cock towards her open mouthed lips, she just complied dumbly by opening her mouth wider. A pitiable moan escaped her lips, as Steve emitted a throaty grunt and shoved his thick white cock into her upturned mouth.

The heady combination of alcohol and perversion had turned the otherwise affable Steven Capriati into a sex crazed monster, as he shoved his erect cock into the depths of the helpless Sania’s mouth. Sania’s body convulsed yet again, as she felt him ram his thick 8” cock into mouth, the swollen tip invading the depths of her throat.

“Yeahhh …” Steven groaned lustily, watching intently with bloodshot eyes, as Sania gagged on this hugely thick blue veined cock, her saliva drooling out of the sides of her mouth. As the bile rose to her throat, and her eyes and nose watered, with Jake holding her head in his huge hands, she emitted a deep animal like cry, and convulsed.

Almost unable to breathe as the phlegm choked her nose, she squirmed violently. However, she was held fast in place by all three guys; with Steven holding her fast by her hair, even as Jake grabbed hold of her full ripe dangling breasts with his palms, and Jamal cupped and squeezed her plump ass with his hands.

What added to the extreme eroticism of this almost gang-rape like assault on Sania by the American and the two Jamaicans was the fact that while the three of them were buck naked, the helpless Sania was still wearing her white Adidas tennis skirt and shoes, never letting one forget the fact that this girl being ravaged here was none other than the fiercely competitive top 100 tennis player, Sania Mirza!

I was so dazed by the unbelievable scenes unfolding before me that I hadn’t realized when Serena and Venus Williams had moved up beside me. Suddenly I felt a hand pull me to my feet almost roughly. As I turned to look at who it was, I realized that it was the gangling 6’1” black skinned Venus Williams.

Before I could gather my senses, she had grabbed hold of my painfully swollen cock in her long fingered hands. Pumping my cock almost violently, she hissed “I need ya’ to fuck me now, baby …” an almost crazed expression on her awkward black face.

It took a few seconds for my numbed brain to process the instruction from this towering black American tennis player, as she stood before me in all her naked glory, her ebony hued lean muscular body gleaming in the soft poolside light, completely nude except for that white Nike tennis shoes on her feet.

“Now …” Venus hissed urgently, as she quickly bent forward on to the poolside reclining chair, and resting her hands on the chair for support, spread her long black legs wide apart. Offering her protruding black ass to me, she twisted her head to look back at me, and said in a thick voice “Fuck me now …” her voice sounding alien to my ears.

As I mutely followed her orders and positioned myself behind her upturned black ass, I turned my gaze towards Serena and Jennifer. To my utter amazement, the otherwise warm and friendly Jennifer had grabbed hold of her good friend Serena by her waist, and was kissing her violently, tonguing her thick lipped mouth with fervor even as she was almost roughly fingering Serena’s thick lipped black clean shaven pussy with her hands.

My breath rushed out in a hiss, as I saw the stuff of my fantasies being played out in front of my disbelieving eyes. My cock twitched violently; as I watched the lusty Serena Williams mash her huge 36-D ebony breasts to the soft milky white pliant 36-C breasts of her friend and former World No. 1 Jennifer Capriati.

With a cry of maddened lust, I grabbed hold of the firm protruding dark skinned muscular ass of Venus Williams, and blindly thrust my cock towards her proffered cunt. Venus adjusted her butt to receive my cock, even as she reached down between her thighs to guide my cock in. Guided on by her long slender fingers, I felt the painfully swollen purple tip of my cock graze against the clean shaven dark pussy lips of Venus.

“Oh yeah …” I heard Venus grunt, as I took hold of her muscular waist, and roughly thrust my cock in, sending it spearing into her tight athletic Negroid cunt. Given the fact that both of us very completely and totally aroused, I felt my cock slide into her cunt with ease, lubricated by the wetness of her cunt and pre-cum on my cock.

In spite of the lubrication, I felt Venus’ cunt exert a vice-like grip on my cock, as I smacked my hips against her upturned hips from behind, burying my cock to the hilt into her juicy pussy. “Yeah, baby … fuck her hard …” I heard Serena utter thickly from my side, as she and Jennifer watched me start to fuck Venus from behind.

Venus spread out her legs wider, and braced herself as ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) I began to roughly thrust my rock hard average sized Indian cock into her tight muscular Afro American cunt from behind. With their eyes on my pelvis, where it was smacking against Venus’ upturned butt, both Serena and Jennifer moved up to me and positioned myself on either side of me.

Serena came up to my left side, and mashing her huge dangling ebony breasts to my side, wrapped her hand around my waist, and pulled my mouth to hers to kiss me ferociously. At the same time, I felt Jennifer too press herself to my torso on the other side, and grabbing hold of my buttocks, began to push my hips towards Venus’ cunt.

Sandwiched between these two contrasting American tennis players, their athletic naked sweaty bodies pressing against me, I felt a surge of lust and power course through me. I heard a loud smack, and was stunned to see Serena begin to slap the upturned butt her sister Venus, with the palm of her hand.

“Aiiee …” Venus cried as she felt the stinging slap on her buttocks, and gyrated her upturned butt violently, sending new sensations of pleasure on to my cock which was ploughing in and out of her tight muscular cunt. “She likes that …” Serena hissed into my ears, sliding her thick tongue into my ears for effect, even as Jennifer slid her hand between my hips and Venus’ ass, trapping my pistoning cock in a V between her index and middle fingers.

“My titties ...” I heard Venus hiss through her teeth, even as she began to buck her hips in a violent attempt to take more of my cock into her cunt, even as she bent her back further by leaning on her elbows on the cushioned reclining chair. With a groan, I reached out to cup her firm muscular shaking breasts with both my hands from behind, and squeezed them roughly, rolling her thick erect black nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Suddenly I felt Jennifer reach down under Venus’ belly, and I heard her emit a yelp of pleasure, as Jennifer began to stroke her inflamed clitoris with her finger. I too turned to look at Jennifer, and cried “Jenny …” as I felt my cock too rub against her finger, as I rammed it in and out of Venus’ violently clenching cunt. “Yes, baby …” she whispered, her eyes boring into mine, as she scraped the shaft of my cock with her finger nails, even as she continued to vigorously rub Venus’ clit with her middle finger.
As the sensation of Venus’ tight clenching cunt and Jennifer’s fingers began to overwhelm me, I threw my head back and let out a deep throaty grunt. Suddenly, I felt my body go stiff, as I felt the hot lusty Serena, slide her hand to my pummeling buttocks, and insert a finger into the tight opening of my anus!

“Ohh fuckk …” I cried out inspite of myself, as I involuntarily rammed my rock hard cock into the depths of Venus’ cunt, the maddeningly arousing sensation of Serena Williams fingering my ass hole driving me crazy. Grabbing hold of my head by my hair, Serena pulled my face towards her and whispered thickly “Come on, baby … let’s make her cum …” her voice thick with lust.

“I can’t …” I cried out helplessly, as I felt my hips begin to ram against Venus’ upturned and violently squirming butt “I won’t … be able to … hold on …” I managed to gasp, my words coming out in short staccato bursts. “Oh yes, you can …” Serena hissed back, as she quickly let go off me and moved behind my vigorously pumping buttocks.

Before my stunned senses could realize what was happening, Serena sat down on the grass under her sister’s widely spread apart legs. Sitting on her butt facing me, with her face just under where my cock was pistoning in and out of her sister’s hot juicy cunt, she took hold of Venus’ long black legs with both her hands.

As I watched on in stunned amazement, she lifted her head and sliding out her thick pink tongue, began to lick on her sister’s cunt from below, right at the spot where my cock was plunging in and out of Venus’ tight dark lipped cunt. Serena seemed to have done this sort of thing before for she was expertly licking my shaft as well as Venus’ vaginal opening with her tongue, eliciting a cry of “Yeahh … sissie …” from Venus.

Jennifer continued to be by my side, caressing my back and butt with her hand, even as she pulled by face towards her side and kissed me on the mouth. Suddenly I felt Venus’ muscular body go taut, as she reached out desperately to grab hold of my pummeling buttocks, emitting a shrill scream of “Aiiiieeee …” her dark muscular butt wobbling spasmodically.

I felt her tight cunt muscles clutch my cock in a vice like grip as her orgasm hit her hard, the catalyst being the simultaneous licking of her cunt even as I continued to slam my painfully hard cock into her from behind.

“Yes … yes … yes …” I heard Venus mutter into the soft mattress on the reclining chair, even as her finger nails dug into the flesh of my buttocks, her buttocks gyrating wildly on my cock. Had it not been for my senses being partly occupied by the sight of Sania getting triple fucked in her cunt, ass, and mouth by the Jamaican pair and Steve, I too would have come there and then.

“Good boy …” I heard Serena mutter from below, as my cock slipped out of Venus’ vagina, and she flopped down heavily on her side on the recliner. “See … I told you … you did make her cum …” I heard Jennifer whisper into my ear from my left side, even as Venus lay limp on the mattress, a satisfied grin plastered across her ebony ape-like face.

Before I could respond to Jennifer, I felt a new sensation assaulting my body. Serena, who’d still been sitting on the grass under my ass, had taken hold of my cock which was slick with my own pre-cum and Venus’ pussy juices, and was licking my swollen balls from below!

“Oh please, Serena …” I managed to gasp out “… you’re killing me …” my voice a plaintive cry, as I looked down at her under my thighs, fisting my cock in her strong hands, even as she continued to lap on my balls with her tongue. Hearing my words, she paused and looked up at me with a lascivious grin on her ebony face. “Wouldn’t ya’ like to fuck me b’fore ya die, then …” she asked in a teasing tone.

“Oh, Serena …” was all I could muster, still coming to terms with the surrealistic events that were unfolding right now, my eyes torn between the voluptuous black Serena Williams under my legs and the immensely desirable Sania Mirza being ravaged by three men simultaneously. As Serena twisted around on to her knees to get up, I couldn’t help but admire how hot she looked in this state, clad in nothing but that black pleat less Nike tennis skirt and white Nike tennis shoes, the sweat glistening on her magnificent 36-D ebony breasts.

For the moment, all eyes were once again on Sania, as we heard Jamal, the other black Jamaican hunk, grimace and cry out “Oh fuck, man …” continuing to hold on to the whimpering and moaning Sania by her slender waist and driving his hard curved black 8” cock into her ravaged ass.

There were red welts all over Sania’s milky white plump derriere, ostensibly caused by the manner in which Jake was clenching her ass flesh and slapping it intermittently. From my vantage point, I could see the manner in which Jake’s massive incredibly thick black cock was stretching her vagina to its limits. Even though Jake was literally lifting Sania off his hips with his hands clutching her butt and dropping her on him, I could see that not more than three quarters of his gigantic black cock was able to penetrate her young tight vagina.

I could only imagine the pain that she was being subject to with such a thick cock stuffed inside her lush cunt, compounded by the fact that an almost equally large Negro cock was reaming her virgin ass hole too. Her hair which had been tied in a pony tail, was in disarray, and her pretty cherubic face looked as if she’d just been through with a boxing bout.

However, painful it would have been for her, she was in no condition to scream or cry out, as Steven was still holding on to her head by the pony tail of her hair, forcing his own thick white cock into her lush pink lipped mouth! He was fucking her mouth like a maniac now, thrusting his cock almost all the way up to her throat, even though he was considerate enough to pull it out of her mouth intermittently to allow her to breathe.

The tears were continuing to stream down Sania’s flushed cheeks, and each time Steven pulled out his cock out of her ravaged mouth, she took in deep open mouthed lungful of air, her saliva drooling down the sides of her mouth. Her eyes seemed glazed, and she seemed to be in a state where both her body and mind had become numb to the savage assault that these three guys were subjecting her too.
Sania's lush ripe 34-C breasts that were swinging wildly over Jake’s face below her, had red welts on their milky white skin, undoubtedly caused by the manner in which Jake was repeatedly clutching and squeezing them, even as he flexed his own hips to continue to fuck her relentlessly from below.

“Look at the way m’boys are tearing that Indian bitch apart …” I heard Venus whisper to nobody in particular, a satisfied look on her face as she watched Sania being ravaged by her friends. In stark contrast to the sentiment expressed by Venus, I heard Jennifer say softly “Poor girl …” her fingers clasping my waist, her expression one of sympathy for the helpless Sania Mirza.

“Jenny …” I whispered to her huskily, as I turned towards her and looked at her full ripe woman like 36-C breasts which were still mashed against my rib cage from the side “I need you, Jenny … now …” my voice thick with desire, as I just desperately wanted to fuck someone and relieve the pressure on my swollen rock hard cock. Hearing the tone of my voice, she turned to look at my face, and said tenderly “Oh my baby …” her hands instinctively reaching out to take hold of my slimy hard cock and stroke it gently.

“I’m there whenever you need me, darling …” she said in a soft tender whisper, her eyes gazing into mine lovingly “… but right now … she needs you more than me …” she continued, nodding her head in the direction of Serena, who was now on her feet and watching Sania’s gang-rape like ordeal, her right hand under her black Nike tennis skirt, where she was fingering herself steadily, even as she inadvertently cupped and squeezed her huge fleshy ebony skinned 36-D breasts with her left.

As I took in the sight of Serena stimulating herself, her right leg bent at the knees and the foot on the chair, I heard Jennifer whisper to me softly again “Go ahead, my darling … trust me …” gently pushing me in the direction of Serena. Throwing Jennifer a grateful look, I moved up to Serena, and stood behind her. Without a word, I reached out with my left hand to cup one of her heavy ebony breasts, even as I slid my right hand under her butt from behind and touched her vagina, where she was busy fingering herself.

“Baby …” she exclaimed softly, as she felt my hands on her, my throbbing swaying cock pressing against her huge muscular butt from behind. “Make my dream come true, Serena …” I whispered into her ear softly from the side, my hands continuing to fondle and squeeze her breasts and vagina, even as I looked into her eyes with an docile pleading expression on my face.

“Oh, baby …” she hissed back with a passion that was very unlike her, as she twisted towards me and clutching my face between her palms, thrust her tongue into my mouth. Pulling her thick black lips off mine, she looked me in the eye, and whispered “Jiggs baby wants to fuck me now …?” her tone no longer teasing. “Yes, Serena … please … will you let me …” I responded in an urgent whisper, my voice almost child like.

In response, she just gave me on of her big pleased smiles, and taking hold of my arm, sat down on the chair in front of me. Taking hold of my painfully hard cock gingerly in those thick calloused hands of hers, she looked up at my face and said “Say that again, baby … tell me you want me …” her hands gently teasing the shaft of my cock.

“Oh, Serena … I want you … I want you so much …” I whispered back, the aroused expression on my face conveying the rest. “I love it when ya’ say that …” she said with a smile, her tone soft, even as she bent my cock downwards and rubbed the tip against her huge heavy ebony breasts.

With a little sigh, she quickly bent her head downwards, and took my cock into her mouth. Emitting a throaty grunt, she pushed her mouth down on to my rock hard cock, and in a single motion thrust it all the way in, till her lower lip was brushing against my balls.

“Aaahhh …” I hissed in spite of myself, feeling her hot mouth take the entire length of my rather average sized 6” cock into her mouth, the tip nestling in the cavity of her throat. Clutching my buttocks with both her hands, she swallowed impulsively, and held my cock in place, buried in her throat.

Pulling her mouth off my cock with a slithering motion, she looked up at me again and whispered fiercely “Ready to fuck me now, baby …” her eyes inflamed with lust. Unable to speak, I just nodded my head dumbly, and grabbed hold of her muscular shoulders. Venus who’d been lying on her side, idly was rubbing her vagina as she watched Sania being fucked, got up and turned around when she felt Serena sit back further on the mattress of the recliner.

Realizing what was about to happen between me and Serena, she jumped off the chair with a little squeal, and in a flash was beside Sania, who was impaled on Jake and Jamal’s cocks like a rag doll. Reaching out with her hand, she roughly pulled Sania’s face off Steven’s massive white cock, and exclaimed excitedly to her “Lookie lookie, gal … your dear friend’s gonna fuck my sister now …” her tone taunting.

As if in a daze, Sania turned her head around slowly to look in my direction, her eyes glazed and her mouth hanging open, trying to suck in as much air into her tortured lungs as possible. For a moment, her eyes caught mine, and some sort semblance of realization seemed to dawn in her eyes.

But before I could react, I felt Serena lean back fully on the recliner, and pull me roughly on top of her. As I felt myself fall over her body, her thick muscular thighs opening to accept me between her legs, I threw a glance at Sania again, who was staring dumbly at me, her body shuddering with each thrust into her cunt from below and her ass from behind.

Suddenly, Steven who’d been holding his massive red-tipped cock in his hand and stroking it, grabbed hold of Sania’s face again and roughly thrust it into her mouth again. “Ummffff …” I heard Sania moan again, as she felt his thick cock being rammed into her throat again. The almost savage way in which Steven did this, broke my reverie, and with a grunt, I fell on top of the voluptuous muscular Serena Williams’ glorious ebony body.

“Yes, baby …” I heard her whisper, as she lifted her thick muscular dark legs high up in the air. Reaching between our bodies, she quickly guided my ready to explode cock with her fingers into the moist opening her wet pussy. Supporting myself with my palms placed on either side of her torso, I hissed “Serenaaa …” as I felt my cock slide into the tight confines of her clean shaven dark cunt.
Serena pulled up her knees towards her torso, and flexed her buttocks, her incredibly tight black cunt almost sucking my cock into her. As I felt my hips smack against her huge black muscular butt, I realized how wet she was. If Venus’ cunt was tight, Serena’s was tighter. There was an almost animal like ferocity to her copulation, as she clenched her teeth, and almost roughly pulled me into her depths, her fingers digging into my buttocks.

Lying prone on her back like that, with her legs pulled up towards her torso and wrapped around my buttocks, she was a sight to behold. As her eyes bore into mine, and she muttered something incomprehensible, I looked at the way her huge 36-D fleshy breasts rested on her muscular torso.

Even in this spread out state, her magnificent ebony breasts retained some of their rounded shape, the flesh spread out evenly on either side of her chest. “Yeah, fuck her maan …” I heard a voice call out to me. Turning my gaze to the source of the voice, I saw that it was Jamal.

There was an inflamed look in his eyes, as he continued to pile drive his curved black cock into Sania’s ass, unable to send more than three quarters of his cock into her rather small ass when compared to these huge Afro American Williams’ sisters. “Fuck her, maan …” he repeated, his lust crazed eyes looking at me, even as he continued to roughly squeeze Sania’s milky white fleshy butt.

With a throaty groan, I began to jerk my hips, supporting myself on my knees, as I began to fuck the incredibly hot 28-year old black American tennis star, Serena Williams. “Yes, baby … yes …” I heard her encourage me, holding on to my back, and wrapping her legs tighter around my waist, as if urging me to fuck her harder. I felt a hand on my shoulder, the touch gentle. Twisting around, I saw that the lovely Jennifer Capriati had come up by my side, and was caressing my back gently.

As I began to fuck Serena harder, she put her arm across my shoulder, and pressing her lush heavy breasts to my upper arm, said to me softly “Yes, baby … fuck her as you like now … just enjoy the moment …” her tone almost tender and sisterly. Hearing another muffled cry, my gaze was once again drawn towards Sania. To my shock, I saw that Venus had now moved towards where Steven was forcing his gigantic phallus into Sania’s unwilling mouth.

She had grabbed hold of Sania’s head by the pony tail of her hair with one hand, while with her other hand she was holding Steven’s blood-gorged white cock and roughly pushing it into her mouth, muttering “Yeah, suck it, bitch … suck a white man’s cock …” her tone gruff, and her face creased into an almost crazed expression. I couldn’t help but notice how Venus’ Williams inherent contempt towards Sania was now beginning to surface again, as she roughly pushed Sania’s head on to Steven’s cock.

All the poor Sania could do was whimper, and gag repeatedly, the phlegm beginning to flow out of her nostrils, and fall in gooey dollops over Jake’s broad muscular chest below. Something seemed to give way suddenly, for I heard Jake let out a loud groan suddenly. His massive muscular legs, which were stretched out straight, suddenly shot up in the air, and his entire pelvis almost lifted off the mattress.

As he jerked his hips up, he grabbed hold of Sania’s swollen reddened dangling breasts almost savagely, and cried “Here it comes, baby …” pummeling his cock roughly into her ravaged pussy from below. In spite of having her mouth stuffed with Steven’s cock, Sania screamed, her voice muffled by the cock buried in her throat, as she felt Jake’s impossibly huge black cock plunge violently into depths they’d been unable to penetrate so far. Jake’s massive black body convulsed suddenly, as his orgasm hit him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckkk …” I heard him cry out aloud, as his balls contracted and his boiling semen shot out of his cock. Holding on to Sania’s slender waist roughly, Jake continued to jerk his hips upwards, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut, as his cock sent its cum blasting into Sania’s ravaged cunt from below. Even at the distance, I could see how his thick white semen was already starting to dribble out of the impossibly stretched lips of Sania’s almost virgin-like cunt.

I heard Sania scream out aloud again, as she somehow yanked her head free from Venus’ grasp, and threw her head back. I realized to my horror that it was because Jamal who was fucking Sania’s ass from behind, had raised on of his legs and placed it on the chair now, and had wrapped his left arm around Sania’s waist. Leaning forward to hold her in place like that, he was now violently thrusting his curved black cock into her sore ass.

Sania’s scream was one of pure agony, as Jamal too, who was crazed with lust now, was trying to pile drive his rock hard black cock further into Sania’s ass. Sania jerked violently with the pain, and her mouth opened once again in a silent scream, her voice caught in her throat. Before she could close her mouth, Steven grabbed her head once again, and roughly thrust his cock into her open mouth, stifling her scream of pain and terror.

As Sania gagged on Steven’s massive cock, Jamal suddenly went stiff. Arching his back like a bow, he threw his head back and grimaced. His teeth bared in an animal like snarl, he held Sania’s slender waist with both his hands, and held his cock buried almost three quarters into her ass. By the way his body had gone taut and his muscular black buttocks were flexing, I realized that he too had shot his load now. With his cock still inside Sania’s ravaged ass hole, I could only imagine the way his semen would be shooting out his black cock and splattering against the canal walls of Sania’s anal orifice.

Suddenly I felt Serena grab hold of my shoulders painfully and emit a deep cry. At about the same time, I felt a hand cup my buttocks from behind. It took a few seconds for my stunned brain to process what was happening. The ever loving Jennifer had moved behind me and was on her knees on the grass now. She had positioned herself such that her face was right behind my ass, where I was driving my cock into Serena’s black pussy. And she was tonguing our genitals simultaneously in that position, licking Serena’s cunt at the same place where my cock was thrusting into her.

At the same time Jennifer had slid right hand between our bodies, and had trapped my pistoning cock between her fingers by forming a V with her index and middle finger, while simultaneously rubbing Serena’s erect clitoris with her tongue. The combination of her hands, her tongue on my slithering shaft and Serena’s vaginal opening from below, was enough for both of us, and I suddenly felt Serena grab hold of my shoulders painfully, her nails digging into the muscles of my shoulders.

“Ohh yess …” she cried out aloud like she often did on the tennis court, as her vaginal muscles clamped tight around my cock. Incredibly, both of us got our orgasms almost simultaneously, as I felt my tortured cock finally give way, my body beginning to jerk spasmodically, as the dam burst and my boiling hot semen blasted out of the slit of my cock, and filled Serena Williams’ tight clenching cunt.

“Yes, baby … come inside me …” Serena screamed, her crazed eyes boring into mine, as I too slammed my hips into her pelvis, sending the remainder of my cum blasting into her cunt. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had such a strong orgasm, pining as I had been to come for nearly 2 hours now. A cold shiver went up my spine, as I felt the last few blasts of my cum, spew forth, my tortured cock beginning to go limp almost instantly.

“Come to mamma, baby …” I heard Serena coo in an almost motherly tone, as she reached up and pulled my head towards her bosom. As I fell limp on her, my head resting on the supple flesh of her magnificent dark breasts, I somehow managed to twist my face sideways to look at Sania. Caught in the throes of my own orgasm, I had missed the action on her end in the last few minutes.

The towering 6’2” Steven Capriati had come in Sania’s mouth, and by the time I looked at them, all I saw was his thick white semen drooling out of the sides of her mouth. She seemed to have fainted, as she had fallen like a rag doll over Jake’s body below, and the only reason her head was still up was because Steven was holding on to it by her hair, and letting his hot come drop all over her face.

Both Jake and Jamal had mercifully pulled their rapidly deflating cocks out of her cunt and ass respectively, but Steven was still holding on to her head, and fisting his cock vigorously in an attempt to squeeze out the last drops of his semen out of his cock.
Satisfied, he let go of her head, and she fell forward heavily on Jamal’s body. Alarmed, Jennifer cried out and rushed towards Sania. It was only then that Steven seemed to come to his senses, as he clutched his forehead and exclaimed “Shit … she’s passed out …” “Yes, you bastard …” I heard Jennifer say thickly to her brother, the disgust on her face at her brother’s callous attitude evident.

“I’m sorry, Jenny … I didn’t realize …” Steven muttered, his face coloring, as he felt his sister’s dagger like eyes on his face. Supported by Jennifer, Jake held Sania in his arms, and supporting her back, sat up. Sania’s head lolled helplessly to one side, and I felt the panic rush into me. However, Jake, who had all along seemed to be the gentlest of the three guys here, held Sania cradled in his huge muscular arms like a baby.

His naked body gleaming with sweat, and his thick cock dangling limp like a black python, he stood up, lifting Sania in his arms with effortless ease. Holding her head cradled against his massive bulging chest as if handling a baby, he gently lay her down on the soft mattress on the reclining poolside chair.

Aghast at Sania’s condition, I fell on to Serena again, burying my face in her breasts. I felt her hands caress my hair as she said to me softly “Don’t worry, baby … she’s just fainted … she’ll be alright …” her voice tender as she continued to stroke the back of my head and my back. Nuzzling my face against her full heavy ebony breasts, I instinctively opened my mouth and sucked one of her thick black nipples into my mouth.

For some strange reason, I began to suckle on her breasts like a baby, even as I muttered “Oh, Serena … I love you … I love you …” though my own mind couldn’t quite fathom why I was saying that. I felt her hold me tighter instinctively, awash as both of us were with the afterglow of a very satisfying orgasm. Cradling my head to her breasts, she whispered “I know, baby … I know …” twisting her body sideways to allow me to slide off her.

As I felt myself slip of her sweaty ebony muscular body, I fell on to my back. She cradled my head in her arms and propping herself up on her elbows on the recliner, once again pressed my face to those magnificent ebony breasts of hers.

“Hush, baby … hush …” she whispered, as if addressing a child, continuing to caress my face, and wiping the sweat of my forehead. At that instance I realized that irrespective of race or color or nationality, women all over the world were women; their instincts of love and tenderness coming to the fore in these situations universally.

Steven was sitting helplessly in one of the chairs, his face buried in his hands. The madness of lust having passed, he was experiencing genuine remorse at his own demeanor a few moments back. Venus was by his side, and was saying something to him in hushed tones, ostensibly in an attempt to comfort him. Jake and Jennifer were by the side of Sania on the recliner, and Jennifer was gently wiping Sania’s cum-stained face with a white terry towel that she’d soaked in cold water.

After a few tense moments, Sania moaned and her eyes fluttered open. As she instinctively began to sit up, Jennifer leant forward and pushed her back gently. “Relax, honey … everything’s fine …” she said softly, gently caressing Sania’s forehead. As Sania fell back on the soft cushioned mattress, the horror of her ordeal suddenly seemed to come back to her. Her eyes darted wildly from Jennifer’s face to Jake’s, an involuntary shudder going through her lush naked body.

Suddenly, she cried out in a feeble voice “Jignesh … Jignesh …” With my face still buried in Serena’s breasts as she cradled my head in her arms, her feeble cry tugged at my heart. “Go, baby … she’s calling for you …” I heard Serena say to me softly, even as I struggled to get up. As I sat up, Serena looked at me fondly, and said “Now go take care of your girl …” her lips pursed in a wry smile. Pulling my eyes away from Serena, I saw that Jennifer was beckoning to me with her fingers to come quickly.

Shaking my head to clear the cobwebs, I hastily pulled on my track pants and rushed over to where Sania was, surrounded by the visibly concerned Americans. As I rushed and leant by her side, I saw that she was holding her arms folded across her chest, suddenly aware of her nudity, and shivering uncontrollably, even as Jennifer attempted to soothe her by pressing the cold towel to her forehead.

As I came into her field of vision, she cried out once again “Jignesh …” her entire body shivering as if with cold. To me, she’d never looked as desirable as she looked now, helpless, afraid, and calling out for me of all people. With a cry, I rushed to her side and knelt by her side, reaching out to touch her. “Jignesh …” she cried out again, somehow managing to sit up, and before I could prepare myself, threw her arms around me. Clinging on to me like a scared animal, she held me fiercely, her body shuddering convulsively.

As I felt her lush full ripe breasts press against my bare chest, I held her in my arms, my left arm wrapped around her slender smooth skinned back, even as I gently caressed the back of her head with my right hand. With her face buried in my chest, she clung on to me as if for dear life, and cried out in a whisper “Is it over, Jignesh … is it over …?” her whimpering voice sounding like that of a mortified child.

Hearing these words, a lump came up in my throat, and I felt hot tears rush to my eyes. The enormity of the ordeal that she’d been through, suddenly hit me, and for some strange reason, I felt responsible for it. Clenching my jaw while continuing to hold her shivering body to me, I glanced at Venus Williams who stood there with a morose expression on her face. My eyes bored into hers with an expression that conveyed my disgust at the whole sequence of events that had led to Sania being subject to this humiliation.

Continuing to look into Venus’ eyes with ill concealed contempt, I said softly to Sania “Yes, Sania … yes … it’s over …” continuing to caress her back. “It’s over … it’s over …” I repeated over and over again, rocking back and forth on knees and holding the shivering Sania against me. Hearing these words, Sania’s body gave one more convulsive shudder, and suddenly she went limp against me.

Clinging on to me desperately, she buried her face in my chest, and began to cry silently, her body wracked by her sobs as all the pent up pain burst out of her. It was as if a dam had broken, as she cried and sobbed, her slender lush body jerking convulsively in my arms. “Sania …” I whispered fiercely, holding her tight to me, even as I clenched my jaws in anger, and looked at Venus again.

This time, Venus could not meet my gaze, and turned her face away. After what seemed like ages, her sobs began to reside, and I felt the tension slowly ooze out of her body. However, she still clung on to me fiercely, refusing to pull her face away from my chest, her fingers clutching on to my arms. Jennifer looked into my eyes and bit her lips, wiping her eyes hastily, as her heart too went out to Sania.

I felt a movement by my side, and turned to see Serena beside me. She’d pulled on that pink sleeveless Nike tennis top of hers, though from the way her huge breasts swayed under them and her nipples protrude through the top, I could make out that she hadn’t bothered to wear her bra. Kneeling down beside us on the grass, she gently placed one hand on Sania’s bare thigh, and the other on mine. “Sania …” she said gently, her ebony face creased in concern and hurt. Hearing Serena’s voice, Sania stiffened.

Still holding her head near my chest and not looking at Serena, she hastily wiped the tears from her face. Sniffing her nose, she somehow managed to put on a brave expression on her face, and looked at Serena. “Hi, Serena …” she said softly, her voice still heavy from her crying. Seeing the expression on Serena’s face, she somehow managed to force a smile on her face, and clearing her throat said “Don’t worry … I’m fine … I’m fine …” pursing her lips wanly.
“Sania … I’m …” Serena began to say, before shaking her head and looking away, unable to finish what she wanted to say. “I’m fine, Serena …” Sania repeated, reaching out to place her palm on Serena’s hand which was resting on her thigh. Letting out a sigh, Serena shook her head, before turning her gaze back to Sania.

Clutching Sania’s thigh harder, Serena said something I’d never expected a temperamental girl like her to ever say “You’re a strong girl, Sania … remember that … your body may break … but your spirit must never break … neither here …” jerking her head in the general direction of our surrounding “… nor on the court …” an intent expression on her face. As she continued to gaze at Sania’s bleary face, she repeated “Never ever … let anyone break your spirit …” tightening her grasp on Sania’s knees for effect.

The two fiercely competitive tennis players looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity, their eyes locked in some unspoken communication. Finally, Sania nodded her head solemnly, and smiling at Serena with genuine warmth after a long time, said softly “I’ll remember that always, Serena … always …” tilting her head to one side, and looking into Serena’s eyes.

Hearing these words, Serena smiled and stood up. Straightening her back, she stretched out both of her arms towards Sania, in an invitation to hug her. Realizing I was in the way, I quickly stood up. Throwing a grateful glance at me, Sania stood up and embraced Serena. I exhaled loudly as I watched with satisfaction at the way these two contrasting girls hugged each other.

Serena seemed like a wrestler next to the relatively demunitive Sania, and I couldn’t helped find the manner in which she hugged Sania erotic, her own magnificent breasts under the tight pink Nike tennis top mashing against the milky white bare lush breasts of the incredibly sexy Sania Mirza. As the two girls smiled with relief and hugged each other, Jennifer clapped from behind and called out “Hey Jake, how about a toast to them …”

“You bet …” Jake said with a smile, as he quickly picked up a terry towel and tied it around his waist, suddenly conscious of his nudity. Seeing him, Jamal to did the same. Steven had already put on his discarded tennis shorts, and just stood there silently, a despairing look on his face. As Jake headed towards the makeshift bar, Jennifer picked up another white terry towel and draped it around Sania’s shoulders. Sania gave her a grateful look as she held the towel together at the front, and Jennifer hugged her warmly, kissing her on the forehead.

As Sania sat down on the chair again, she looked up at me, and gave me the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen her give anybody. Nodding her head at me, she patted the side of the chair, indicating to me that she wanted me to come and sit by her side. Pursing my lips embarrassedly, I went and sat down by the side of Sania.

As soon as I sat down, Sania slid sideways towards me, and resting her elbows on my thighs, rested her head on my shoulder. She took my hand in hers and held it, our fingers intertwining, as we sat there silently, with her tilting her head to one side and resting it against my shoulder. As we sat there silently, I saw Serena walk over towards Venus and Steven, who had morose expressions on their face. Venus picked up one of the many white terry towels lying around and wrapped it around her waist, like some of the guys had done.

Serena was saying something with fervor to Venus in a low voice, and as a result we could not hear their conversation. Jennifer too had by now pulled on her own white tennis t-shirt, choosing to leave out her bra. She was talking to Jamal, who too had by now tied a white terry towel around his waist. Soon Jake returned with a chilled bottle of Champaign, and 8 tall wine glasses. Soon the bubbly was poured out into the glasses, and handed over to each of us.

To my surprise, it was Venus Williams who took the lead in raising a toast this time. As we all stood around in a circle, Venus raised her glass and said “Listen up, guys …” her morose mood replaced by her usual ebullience. “For one last time, I have something to say to Sania here …” she said with a big beaming smile on her face. As all of us watched attentively, she turned her gaze to Sania and said “Sania, my girl … I know I’ve been a bitch all along … and I’ve hated you for some time now …” a serious expression her face.

I saw Sania catch her breath and her face redden as Venus began to speak. “But today I realized … that by being the bitch that I have been …” Venus continued, with a wry expression on her face “… I have begun to hate myself more than I hated you …” Pausing for effect, she raised her glass and said “And so … today … in front of all these people … especially your dear friend here …” looking at me as she said that “… I’d like to say … I’m sorry, Sania … for being such a terrible person …” as she went down on one ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) knee in dramatic fashion and bowed her head.

“Oh, Venus … please …” I heard Sania exclaim, as she came forward quickly and knelt in front of Venus. Looking at Sania’s face, Venus repeated with a dead serious expression on her face “Forgive me, Sania …” her face contorted with the effort that she was putting in to conquer her own massive ego.

In response, Sania just tool hold of Venus by her shoulders and helped her to her feet. Raising her arms, a movement which caused her towel to fall off her shoulder, thus baring her gorgeous milky white ripe breasts to our view once again, she wrapped her plump flesh arms around Venus’ lithe muscular torso. At 6’1” Venus Williams towered over the 5’7´Sania Mirza, and it was a most erotic sight to see both these bare breasted girls of contrasting bodies hug each other.

Sania’s slightly plump flesh milky white body was in stark contrast to Venus’ ebony muscular lanky body, and I felt my limp cock twitch in appreciation as I saw how Sania’s full breasts mashed against Venus’ taut muscular belly, while Venus’ own firm black breasts pressed against Sania’s cheeks. Everyone applauded at this little show of peace making between the two girls, and to my surprise Jake and Jamal followed suit.

As Serena and Venus disengaged from each others arms, Jake and Jamal went up to Sania. As Sania looked at them with an embarrassed smile, both of them simultaneously took each of her hands in theirs. As the others cheered and clapped, both of them raised Sania’s hands to their lips, and bending forward, kissed the back of her hand in Victorian fashion.

Surprisingly, it was the reclusive Jamal who spoke up. I saw Sania’s lips quiver imperceptibly as the memories of how this huge black Jamaican had only a few moments ago, fucked her ass savagely, came rushing to her. However, to her credit, she shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at them bravely, the color rushing to her cheeks with embarrassment at all the attention that was being lavished on her.

Holding on to her small palm in his huge grubby black paw, Jamal said in a voice that betrayed some emotion “Try not to hate us, girl … coz we love you …” his dark ebony face creased as he pursed his lips. “Yeah, Sania … you’re family now …” added Jake with a warm smile on his thick black lips, his pearly white teeth gleaming, as he held Sania’s hand and gestured at the group of Americans in general. Sania’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she was clearly at a loss for words.

Since her towel had slipped off her shoulder, she stood there with her beautiful milky white breasts in full display, her hands held by each of the two huge Negroes. “Thank you …” was all she was able to mumble, a hugely embarrassed smile coming to her lush pink lips. As the others clapped once again, both Jake and Jamal embraced her from either side, ruffling her disheveled hair fondly.

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