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Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Sania’s stunned eyes fluttered open, and as she felt the incredibly hot Serena Williams begin to rub her huge massive ebony oily breasts over her, she cried out in shock and arousal “Serena ….” her voice a hoarse cry. Jennifer got up from where she’d been, and came over to me. Patting me on my shoulder, she indicated with her fingers that she wanted me to get up.

As I extricated Sania’s fingers from where she’d been clutching on to my forearm, Jennifer took my place and gently placed Sania’s head in her own lap. Caressing Sania’s cheeks, she said gently “Just relax, baby …” and then to my utter amazement, bend forward and cupping Sania’s dazed face in her hands, kissed her plush on the lips. “Unnnhhhh ….” I heard Sania give a muffled cry, even as the loving Jennifer gently parted Sania’s lush pink lips and slid her hot tongue into Sania’s mouth.

Sania’s body gave an involuntary jerk at these incredibly erotic things these three girls were subjecting her too, and her hands grabbed hold of Jennifer’s upper arm and squeezed them painfully. As if on cue, Serena quickly clambered over Sania on the wooden recliner, and placing her knees on either side of Sania’s hips, bent her torso forward and began to slide her huge heavy dangling black oily breasts all over Sania’s ripe young breasts.

I grabbed my cock through my tracks and squeezed them hard, struggling to contain my arousal. Jennifer was holding Sania’s uplifted arms firmly in place, even as Serena continued to rotate and gyrate her torso over Sania, rubbing her heavy dangling breasts over Sania’s aroused body. To my shock, she bent forward further and began to run her tongue over Sania’s neck, licking them lasciviously they way only a black girl could.

Pinned down like this, Sania’s body squirmed violently with arousal, and I heard her emit long moans and totally helpless cries. To add to her arousal, Venus quickly hooked her fingers under Sania’s white panties, and pulled them down her legs in one swift motion. “Ohhh … please ….” Sania cried out in a voice that was a mix of arousal and shame, as Venus quickly extracted Sania’s white panties from her ankles and dropped it on the grass.

Without a word, a lusty expression on her face, she quickly moved forward and spread Sania’s thighs which she’d clamped shut the moment Venus had removed her panties. I watched with lust as Sania’s delectable puffy pussy came into view. Unlike Serena, she was not shaved and seemed to be one who preferred to trim her pussy hair. Her cunt was puffy and fleshy, and was covered by a thin cover of trimmed pubic hair.

To my complete and unabated amazement, the crazy Venus Williams then quickly parted the puffed lips of Sania’s erotic cunt with the fingers of her left hand, and began to gently rub her spread open slit with those long dark ebony fingers of her right hand. “Ohhh my ….” Sania began to cry out, her body squirming in arousal, even as her cry was cut off my Serena clamping her mouth on hers, and thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

“Ummmmhhhhh …” Sania emitted a muffled cry as Serena began to kiss her deeply, thrusting her tongue into Sania’s mouth, lashing it against her tongue, even as Jennifer held her hands tight. Sania was now beyond herself now, and was violently squirming her hips and torso, and Venus was having trouble holding her thrashing legs in place.

She had a gleam of lust in her eyes, as she began to expertly rub her thumb across Sania’s clitoris on the upper end of the opening of her thick puffy cunt lips. Pulling her mouth away from Sania’s, Serena looked at her with the expression of a hungry tigress. Throwing a quick glance at Jennifer, who nodded at her imperceptibly, Serena once again lowered her head and thrusting her thick pink tongue out, began to run it in circles around Sania’s erect nipples.

“Pleassseeee ….” Sania cried out through clenched teeth, as she felt Serena flick her pink tongue across her thick aroused nipples. And when Serena clamped her mouth around Sania’s nipples and sucked in the soft pliant flesh of Sania’s lush breasts into her mouth, Sania let out a prolonged throaty cry of “Ooohhhhhh ...” her entire body shuddering as if it was seized by some demonic spirit. “Shhhhh, baby …” Jennifer hushed her, cradling Sania’s head in her arms, and pulling her face to her heavy dangling breasts.

As she cushioned Sania’s breasts against her soft warm breasts, Sania whimpered helplessly, and clung on to Jennifer’s arms like a helpless child. To my intense arousal, Jennifer cupped one of her heavy 36-C breasts in her hands, and squeezing it gently, rubbed the tip on Sania’s parted lips.

Like a hungry child, Sania moaned and with her eyes screwed shut, opened her mouth and allowed Jennifer to feed her her lovely heavy breasts. “Yes, baby …” Jennifer said huskily, watching intently as Sania was pressing her face to her breasts, and beginning to lick on Jennifer’s breasts. Suddenly, Sania’s hips lifted off the mattress, and she let out a shriek of arousal and pain.

As I looked on, I saw that the lusty Venus Williams had now slid one of her long ebony fingers into Sania’s cunt, and was beginning to finger. “Veeeeenusssss ….” Sania cried out in arousal as Venus began to quickly slide her long finger in and out of Sania’s wet juicy cunt. I’d moved towards Sania’s legs now, and I could see the wet pink insides of Sania’s hot juicy pussy, as Venus began to vigorously thrust her long dark finger in and out of Sania’s inflamed cunt.

Burying her finger inside Sania’s cunt right up to her knuckles, she was also rubbing Sania’s inflamed clitoris with her thumb simultaneously. “Like that, baby …” Venus hissed through her teeth, as she quickly fingered Sania, her firm dark breasts jiggling erotically. As Sania thrashed about helplessly as this cumulative assault on her helpless body, Venus repeated “Answer me … do you like it, baby …” her eyes crazed with lust.

“Ohhhh yes … yes … yes …” Sania cried out helplessly, clearly unable to control herself any longer. Serena who’d paused her activities for a while, said “Suck on my titties, girl …” leaning forward and dangling her huge black mammaries in front of Sania’s contorted face. “Yes …” Sania breathed through clenched lips, even as Serena slid her hand under Sania’s head and pulled it up towards her massive dangling breasts.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
As Serena thrust her huge black tits into Sania’s helpless mouth, she let out a sigh of contentment like a cat who’d just lapped up a whole bowl of milk. My head was spinning now with this incredibly raw and lusty display of lesbian sex being played out before my disbelieving eyes, and my hands were constantly squeezing my rigid shaft through my tracks to keep it under control.

“Come on, Venus … suck her now …” I heard a gruff voice beside me. Turning to look around, I saw that Steven, Jake, and Jamal were all standing around the chair on which Sania was being assaulted. Jake had his thick black python like cock out of his shorts again, and was stroking it slowly, watching the action with lusty eyes. It was he who’d spoken. Hearing his words, Venus immediately clambered off the chair on to her knees on the grass, and lifting Sania’s plump legs, thrust her mouth to Sania’s bared cunt.

“Ohhhhh noooooo … please ….” Sania cried out, as she felt Venus part the thick lips of her wet pussy, and begin to lick her slit. “Ummmfff …” Venus emitted a throaty groan, as she clamped her wide mouth on Sania’s inflamed cunt, and began to thrust her long pink tongue into Sania’s pussy. “Aiiiieeeee …” Sania cried out aloud, bucking her hips and lifting them off the chair, as she felt Venus begin to lick and suck on her wet juicy pussy.

Without warning, Serena suddenly clambered across Sania’s chest, with her knees on either side of Sania’s torso. Pulling up her black Nike tennis skirt, she rubbed her fingers over her clean shaven black cunt, while looking Sania in the eye. As Sania looked at Serena in disbelief, she said in a voice thick with lust “I want ya to lick my pussy now, will ya …” her eyes daring Sania to refuse.

“Hnnnhh …” Sania moaned, a look of raw fear and unbridled lust in her eyes, as she hastily nodded her head in assent. “Hah …” Serena breathed, and then to my utter shock, slid forward on her knees and thrust her black thick clean shaven cunt on Sania’s mouth. “Suck it, bitch …” she said hoarsely, as she spread her knees wider across Sania’s face, and lowered her pussy on Sania’s unwilling mouth.

Left with no option, Sania emitted a deep throaty moan of “Unnnnnn …” as she opened her mouth and allowed the lusty Serena to push her thick black cunt on her lush pink mouth. “Yessss …” Serena hissed, throwing her head back in ecstasy, as she grabbed hold of Sania’s head by her hair, and pulled it roughly towards her outstretched pussy.

“Yeah … suck it …” she repeated, as she felt Sania’s tongue begin to lick on her proffered wet cunt. “Like it, boys …” she said with a little chuckle, glancing at us guys standing there, even as she continued to grind her cunt on Sania’s mouth.

I felt like my cock was about to explode as I watched the lusty Williams sisters drive the helpless yet willing Sania to the very edge of ecstasy. Venus had hefted Sania’s plump thighs on to her shoulder even as she licked and sucked on Sania’s hot juicy cunt while fingering her simultaneously, even as her sister Serena straddled Sania’s face and ground her thick black pussy on Sania’s helpless mouth, almost forcing her to lick her.

Jake, who’d been standing next to them watching the trio even as he continued to slowly stroke his monstrously thick black cock, emitted a throaty growl and hissed “Of fuck, man … this is hot …” “You find it hot, baby … yeah …” said Serena, grinning even as she continued to buck her pelvis right on top of Sania’s mouth. “Come ‘ere, baby …” she crooned, giving him a lascivious look and beckoning to him with her fingers.

As the big hulking Jake lumbered forward towards Serena, his big cock swinging like a python hanging from a tree, Serena quickly took hold of his cock and began to pump it with her muscular hands. Holding his thick black swollen cock in her hands, she thrust out her tongue and began to run it over his almost black swollen cock head. “Fuckkkk …” Jake groaned, as he felt Serena’s hot tongue tease his cock, even as his eyes were riveted to where Venus was going berserk between Sania’s legs.

As Sania’s face was buried between Serena’s thick muscular black thighs, I couldn’t see her face. But from the way she was moaning almost continuously now and the way her lush ripe body was writhing around on the soft white mattress, I could make out that she was beyond herself now. Even as I watched, Steven slid behind Venus, and ran his big white hands over Venus’ round protruding butt covered by the white sports panties.

Running his lips over his tongue, he squeezed her full round black butt, and rubbed his fingers against the opening of her cunt over white panties. “Ummmm ….” Venus sighed, as she felt Steve’s thick hands on her ass and pussy. With a quick motion, Steve hooked his fingers into the waist of Venus’ panty and peeled it off her butt baring her black protruding full round ass to our view.

Thrusting his own fingers into his mouth to wet them, he quickly pushed his middle finger into the slit of Venus’ shaved black cunt from behind, causing her to rear up and screech “Aaaiiiieee …” “Go on … keep sucking her …” Steve told her thickly from behind, even as he manipulated his finger in a twisting motion inside Venus Williams’ exposed cunt. Reaching up with his free hand, he quickly unbuckled his shorts and allowed them to slide down to his ankles. Hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of his briefs, he pushed them down too, to let his big white 8” cock out in the open.

Grasping his own cock, he fisted it slowly a couple of times, causing this red swollen cock head to slip out of the foreskin, even as his eyes gazed at Sania’s writhing body and alluring breasts with lust. Taking hold of his cock, he slapped it lewdly on Venus’ upturned butt a couple of times, causing her to pull her mouth off Sania’s pussy and whisper hoarsely “Yeah … fuck me, baby … fuck me …”

With a grunt, Steven bent his legs at the knees and positioned his almost fully erect cock at the entrance of Venus’ tight black cunt from behind. Rubbing the swollen tip of his huge cock on the slit of Venus’ cunt, he hissed “Yeah … you want my big white cock, baby … you want my big white cock in your tight black cunt …?” his tone teasing and aroused.

“Ooohhhh yeah …” Venus crooned, her voice muffled as she continue to vigorously tongue Sania’s helplessly inflamed pussy. With another groan, Steve took hold of his still hardening cock and pushed it into Venus’ cunt from behind, grabbing hold of her big black bubble butt in the process. “Aaarrrgggghh …” Venus cried out throatily, as she felt Steve’s thick cock slide into her cunt, momentarily throwing up her head and screwing her eyes shut.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Maddened with lust, I squeezed my cock hard through my tracks, desperately wanting to pull it out and stroke it. Hearing Venus’ lusty cry as Steve’s cock penetrated her tight ebony clean shaven pussy, Serena who’d been teasing Jake’s cock with her tongue, quickly opened her mouth and pushed his thick huge 8” black cock into her wide mouth. “Ummmm …” she moaned, as she opened her mouth wide and took in almost half of his monstrous cock’s length into her mouth.

“Yessss …” Jake hissed, as he felt Serena’s hot mouth close around the swollen tip of his cock. Emitting throaty grunts, Serena began to move her pony-tailed head back and forth, opening her mouth wider in the process, and trying to take in as much of his impossibly large cock as possible into her sucking mouth, even as she continued to grind her cunt on Sania’s mouth below. This was now turning into a full blown interracial orgy, the likes of what I’d only seen in porn flicks so far, and I had to pinch myself to realize that this was not some wet dream.

I watched in dumbstruck as Steven Capriati began to fuck the tall ebony Venus Williams from behind, sending his massive cock thrusting into her tight cunt from behind, as she herself went on licking and sucking on the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza’s wet pussy, even as her younger sister, the 29-year old muscular busty Serena Williams, squatted on Sania’s face and rubbed her thick black cunt on Sania’s mouth, while parallelly sucking on the monstrously huge cock of the Jamaican Negro, Jake.

Turning my gaze towards Jennifer, I saw she was with the reclusive Jamaican, Jamal. She was standing by his side, a little behind him, with her lush heavy breasts pressed to his back from behind, even as she had finally taken out his cock from inside his shorts, and was gently stroking him as both of them watched the sexual depravity unfolding in front of them. It was the first time this evening that Jamal’s cock had been bared, and my gaze was drawn towards it. Nearly as long as Jake’s cock, his black cock was rock hard and curiously curved like a banana.

Not as thick as Jake’s or Steve’s cock, it looked longer than theirs on account of its lesser girth. Unlike Steve’s and Jake’s, Jamal’s black African cock was circumcised, the bloated purple head glistening in the light. Standing by his side slightly behind him, Jennifer was leaning forward slightly, and he had his big dark muscular arms around her shoulder.

As his massive bear like paws fondled her heavy dangling breasts, she was stroking his cock gently, her white hands in stark contrast to the dark color of his erect phallus. Jamal's eyes were on what Venus, Serena, Steven and Jake were up to, but as I looked at them, Jennifer caught my eye, and gave me a warm smile. I felt a tinge of jealousy course through me, as at that moment I badly wanted Jennifer to do to me what she was doing to Jamal.

Suddenly Sania, who’d been squirming and moaning uncontrollably under the sustained assault of Venus’ tongue on her inflamed pussy, emitted a little shriek and clamped her thighs shut around Venus’ head. I realized that she’d probably had her first orgasm, as I watched her hips lift off the chair, and her body write violently, trapping Venus’ head between her plump fair thighs. As Sania threw up her hips, and grabbed hold of Serena’s big black butt with her hands, throwing her head from side to side, Serena pulled her legs off Sania’s face and stood up, releasing Jake’s cock from her mouth.

Sania’s pretty white face was sweaty and slimy with a combination of sweat and the hot Serena’s pussy juices, and there was an almost helplessly crazed expression on her face. Her eyes were screwed shut, as clenched her teeth, and emitted deep throaty cries of pleasure, the waves of her first orgasm surging through her.

To my pleasant surprise, Serena took hold of Sania’s hands which were clenching the mattress, and sitting down by her side, took her head in her arms in her lap, cradling her face against her full heavy 36-D gleaming ebony breasts. Her expression was one of amusement and tenderness as she held the diminutive Sania’s struggling head tight against her lush bosom, and almost gently caressed her cheeks, wiping the sweat of Sania’s forehead.

As Sania’s first violent orgasm eventually subsided, she collapsed in Serena’s cradling arms, her eyes half closed, even as her sexy ripe young breasts heaved with the deep breaths she was sucking into her tortured lungs. Her eyes were half closed and she had a dazed expression on her face, her breathing ragged. As her eyes fluttered open, she looked around and the color rushed to her cheeks again when she realized that everyone had their eyes on her.

Her hands instinctively moved to cover her bared breasts, and she clamped her legs together too. Suddenly realizing that she was being held by Serena in her arms, she lifted her gaze to look at Serena, who smiled benignly at her. “Relax, honey … you’re among friends here ...” Serena ( ) said to her soothingly with a smile, her demeanor in stark contrast to her lust-crazed antics only a few moments back.

Embarrassed, Sania managed a weak smile and sat up with some effort. As she pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around her knees, pressing her torso to them, she looked around the lawn and pool area apprehensively. As if reading her mind, Serena said “In case you’re wondering if there’s anyone else around … the answer’s no …” a knowing smile on her face.

I watched the relief wash over Sania’s flushed face, as Serena continued “And I’ve given the domestic help the day off … so there’s no on in the house either …” Sania just nodded dumbly, and gave her a weak but grateful smile. I realized how awkward it was for her with everyone watching her, and Jake and Steve still holding their erect slimy cocks in their hands and gently stroking them. Venus came and sat beside her and leaning forward, asked Sania “So baby … did ya feel good …”

Once again Sania’s face flushed red with embarrassment, as she lowered her gaze and just nodded, too ashamed to say anything. “Yippeee …” Venus exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands together in glee, before blurting “I can’t believe I made her cum with just my tongue …” sticking her long pink tongue and wriggling it.

The others laughed at her rather silly display of pride in her achievement, even as Serena retorted with a laugh “Yeah, sis … you finally put your big mouth to some good use …” eliciting peals of laughter from the others. “Yeah, laugh … all of ya’ jerks …” Venus responded with mock hurt “… but I’m sure she loves me now … don’t ya’ baby …” she crooned, reaching out and putting her long muscular black arms around Sania’s hunched shoulders. “Umm … yes …” Sania mumbled, giving Venus an embarrassed smile.

“Hey … somebody give that poor girl a drink …” Jennifer called out, her hands on her hips as she gazed at Sania with a warm smile. There was a general murmur of consent, and Jake who’d by now pulled up his shorts again, walked towards the bar counter to make a drink for Sania. I too walked towards the bar, my throat parched and my cock aching. I saw Sania too get up from the recliner on which she’d been taken recently by the Williams sisters, and wrap a thick white towel around her shoulders.

I imagined how embarrassing it would be to walk around topless, now that she’d had her orgasm. As I watched her from the counter, as Jake put together a delicious looking drink for her, I could see that she was avoiding meeting my eye. Though I was green with envy, I could understand her predicament.

After all, I was sure she couldn’t help but think about what would happen if somebody ever came to know of this orgy, of which she too was a willing albeit reluctant participant. The three other girls, Serena, Venus, and Jennifer seemed to huddled together in some conversation among themselves. As Jake headed back to where Sania sat bashfully with the towel draped around her slender shoulders, he handed the tall glass of some exotic looking blue cocktail to Sania.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Sania took the glass gratefully from his hand, and murmured a soft thank you to him. As she sipped on the drink, I could see from the expression that whatever he’d made was to Sania’s liking. “This tastes really nice, Jake … what’s this …” she asked him. “Aha … that’s a Jake Special for you …” he announced grandiosely, waving his thick muscular arms with a flourish.

“It’s yummy …” Sania murmured as she took a second sip from the drink. I was at the counter and was pretending to be busy fiddling around with the turn-table that Jamal had been manning, but my eyes were on Sania. “Here goes …” I said to myself under my breath, as I watched Jake sit down beside Sania, trying to be his most charming self.

He seemed to be regaling Sania with some witty anecdotes for I saw Sania frequently throw her head back and laugh heartily. A part of me was relieved to see Sania loosening up again after the ignominy of being made to have a public orgasm by the Williams’ sisters, but another part of me felt a tinge of envy too; as she seemed to be pointedly ignoring my presence.

In any case, the makeshift counter where I stood was right behind the head of the reclining chair that Sania and Jake sat, and without looking back she couldn’t know that I was there. Jake was turning on all his affable Negro charm as he enquired about Sania’s injured wrist. As she went about updating him the current status of her wrist injury, I could see that she was glancing intermittently at his thickly muscled broad chest, those ebony bulging muscles glistening in the light.

“You sure hit that forehand with some serious power …” I heard Jake comment to Sania, grinning broadly through those thick black lips of his. “Oh … it’s nothing …” Sania replied rather bashfully “… Serena hits the ball much harder … she’s so strong …” “Yeah … she pumps iron with the rest of us …” Jake replied with a laugh “… and it shows … ain’t it …”

Seeing Sania giggle at that, he continued in his thick Jamaican accent “I keep telling her … had it not been for her titties … she’d probably be playin’ with the men …” his thick lips creasing in a broad grin. Sania blushed upon hearing that, even as Jake went on “Ya’know … I like ma’h girls all soft an’ curvy … like you …” giving Sania one more of his wide grins.

Once again, Sania blushed. “Pumpin’ iron’s a to build muscles is a guy thing … don’t ya think so …” he asked Sania. “Umm … yeah … but it’s good to be big and strong looking on court … I mean she scares most of us just by her physique …” Sania replied with a little laugh. At this Jake too threw his head back and laughed exaggeratedly “Yea … an’ she scare off most of the guys too …” Sania giggled at that again, and took a quick swig of her drink again.

I could see that she was beginning to loosen up again, and I wondered what it that Jake had made for her was. “That’s not fair …” Sania replied with a laugh, coming to Serena’s defence “… look at you … I’m scared of you too …” her eyes teasing. “Me …” Jake exclaimed in mock surprise “… you scared of me …” his face a mask of pretentious hurt. “Yeah …” Sania continued, throwing a quick glance at this massive chest before continuing “… you’re so big … and muscular … and strong …” her voice putting on a playful apprehensive tone.

“And black … yeah …” Jake added, shaking his head in irony. “Oh no …” Sania exclaimed, reaching out instinctively to touch his knees where he sat beside her “… please don’t get me wrong … I love black …” before cutting herself off realizing her choice of a politically incorrect term. “I mean … I love Afro American men … you’re … you’re so charming …” she mumbled, her voice quavering as she searched for the right words.

Jake glanced at her with a wry smile, before allowing his face to crease into a wide smile. “Ya’know kid … you’re alright …” he said, nodding his head in the trademark Negro fashion. “An’ its ok to call me black … jus’ don’t call me a Nigger … coz I ain’t one …” he said with a self deprecating laugh. Sania just mumbled an “Oh … ok …” at that, still looking at Jake as if searching his expression.

As Jake looked away and took a long swig from his glass, Sania slid over a little closer to him. Putting her small almost dainty looking hand on Jake’s massive thighs, she said “Jake … I’m sorry if I said something wrong … I … what I meant is that you have such a beautiful physique … I just naturally feel a little … umm … intimidated … please don’t get me wrong …” “Yeah …?” Jake responded, looking at her face, with a knowing smile on his face.

“Yes … I think you have a really awesome body … it’s beautiful ….” She quickly added, trying her best to make up for her apparent gaffe. Seeing Jake continue to give her that skeptical look, she said “And you’re a very charming man, Jake … and very friendly … and you make very nice cocktails …” blurted out Sania, trying her best to think of things to say to him.

At this, Jake threw his head back and laughed good naturedly. “Really …” he asked, albeit in a rather taunting tone. “Yes … really …” Sania said, the eagerness evident in her voice “… and you have a beautiful body, Jake …” she continued in almost a whisper, reaching out to touch his huge bulging ebony biceps.

“You’re hot too, kid …” he replied with a smile “… it’s a pity you’re hiding those lovely tits of yours under that towel …” grinning suggestively at her. “Oh …” Sania gushed, the color rising to her cheeks. She threw a quick glance at the others to see if anyone was watching them. Serena, Venus, and Jennifer were still engrossed in their talk, while Jamal and Steve had stripped down to their briefs and had jumped into the pool.

Satisfied that nobody was paying attention to them, she awkwardly pulled the towel off her shoulders and dropped it on the chair. As the cool night air caressed her bared torso, she involuntarily folded her hands together across her belly, accentuating the deep valley between those incredibly sexy ripe breasts of hers.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“Yeah … that’s better, kid …” Jake said with a smile, his eyes pointedly on Sania’s full ripe 34-C breasts. “Ya’know … I got some titties too …” Jake said with a laugh, flexing his arms causing the rippling muscles of his forearms to bulge out, even as he twitched the twin mounds of his own black bulging chest. As he twitched his chest muscules causing them to contract and expand, Sania giggled, her hands flying to her mouth.

“C’mon feel ‘em …” he said teasingly “I know you wanna …” he said with a little chuckle, leaning forward towards her. Throwing another quick nervous glance around, Sania reached out tentatively and touched her fingers on the rippling gleaming black muscles of his chest. “Like ‘em …” he asked playfully, continuing to make the muscles of his chest quiver.

“Yes …” Sania replied in almost a whisper, her eyes intently on Jake’s chest “… it’s … it’s so hard …” she finished. Letting out another little chuckle, Jake retorted “There’re other parts of me which are harder …” his face creased in a lascivious grin. Sania blushed as she heard him make this rather lewd comment.

As she pulled her hand away tentatively, Jake said “So now can I feel your titties …” his tone suggestive, as his eyes bored into Sania’s blushing face. Sania’s flushed cheeks reddened at this question, and taking a quick deep breath, she replied “Uh … ok …” her voice a soft whisper. I watched with anticipation as Jake slid closer to Sania, his massive black thighs touching hers.

Putting his huge left arm around Sania’s slender shoulder, he reached up with his right hand and cupped one of her beautifully rounded soft pliant breasts. I watched Sania’s body shiver involuntarily as she bit her lips and let out a soft sigh, feeling Jake cup and squeeze her beautiful young 34-C breast with that massive thick hands of his. “Umm … nice …” Jake murmured appreciatively as he gently squeezed the pliant flesh of Sania’s succulent breasts, causing her light brown erect nipples to jut out.

Her hand instinctively clutched the hard muscles of Jake’s thighs, as he fondled and felt the succulent flesh of Sania’s gorgeous breasts; the dark ebony skin of his huge paws contrasting with the milky whiteness of Sania’s breasts.

I watched with lust filled envy, as Sania closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, feeling Jake’s thick calloused hands fondle her breasts so lasciviously. Taking hold of Sania’s head with the hand that he’d draped across her shoulder, he pulled her face to his and kissed her plush on the lips. I watched dry mouthed as he slid out his thick pink tongue, and probed Sania’s mouth, making her part her lips too.

I squeezed my cock as I watched Jake pry open Sania’s flushed pink lips with his tongue, and slide it inside her mouth. Sania emitted a low throat moan, as Jake intertwined his thick tongue with hers and kissed her with fervor, even as his huge palms continued to massage and fondle Sania’s tits.

Pulling his mouth away from her, leaving Sania breathless, he said with urgency “Wanna see my cock, honey …” his face clouded with lust. Sania just shook her head, unable to speak. Jake quickly unhooked his baggy cargos, and lifting his big black butt off the chair, quickly slid down his shorts, without even getting up from the chair. “All for you, baby …” he said with a smile, letting his massive 8” semi-hard cock dangle between his muscular thighs.

Sania’s breath quickened and her eyes widened, as Jake’s monstrously thick serpentine black cock came into view. “Come on … take it …” Jake urged huskily “… it won’t bite …” Once again throwing a quick nervous glance around, Sania reached out with shaking hands, and took hold of Jake’s humongous cock dangling between his thighs.

Sitting there side by side with their thighs touching, with Sania’s hand between Jake’s thighs, and holding his huge black cock in her small almost dainty looking hands, I felt like I was watching my fantasy porn film.

As Sania’s slender fingers closed around the impossible girth of Jake’s cock, he playfull rubbed her back and asked “So … whad’dya think, kid …” his face a tantalizing smile. “Oh, Jake …” Sania whispered, unable to pull her eyes from his black cock “… it’s … it’s so big … it’s as big as my racquet handle …”

At this totally unexpected and candid remark from Sania, Jake looked at her quizzically for a moment as if trying to read if she was making fun of him. Seeing the totally intense and dazed look on her face, he threw his head back and guffawed out aloud. “Ha, ha, ha … that’s the best one I’ve heard ever, kid …” he guffawed, his huge black body shaking as he laughed.

Alarmed, Sania pulled her hands away from his cock quickly, as if it was too to touch. “No, kid … I loved that …” Jake replied, somehow bringing his laughter under control. “You really are a cute kid …” he added, the amusement evident in his eyes. “Mebbe I oughtta insure it … whad’dya think …” he added good naturedly, pulling Sania towards him and hugging her from the side with warmth.

Sania blushed once again as the color rushed to her cheeks, and she just managed a nervous smile. As Sania dropped her gaze to the ground, Jake shook his head and said “I love ya, kid …” a big smile on his gleaming black face. Pulling her towards him with that big left arm of his, he cupped her succulent milky white breast with his other hand again, and kissed her passionately on the mouth once again.

Sania’s rather diminutive figure dwarfed in comparison to his massive towering black frame, and she looked like a little doll in his huge black arms. Pulling his thick black lips away from hers, he looked at her flushed breathless face.

“You ever had a black cock before, baby …” he asked her huskily, his eyes boring into her. “Ohh … “ Sania replied, a shocked expression on her pretty face, shaking her head negatively. “Good …” Jake whispered “… I’ve never tasted an Indian pussy too …” his forehead creasing as he gazed at her lush delicate body lustily.

“C’mere …” he said, his voice thick, patting his muscular thighs, indicating that he wanted her to sit in his lap. “Uh …” Sania muttered, as she got up nervously, her ripe breasts swinging ever so gently. As she sat down on his bent knees tentatively, he reached out to support her back with his left hand, even as his right hand caressed the smooth alabaster skin of her plump thighs.

Watching the 23-year old Sania Mirza go and sit so docilely in the lap of this huge hulking black guy in only her tennis skirt and shoes, her delectable breasts quivering, I felt a current of desire course through me. As she placed her delicate looking arms around his shoulder for support, he reached out with his right hand and cupped her lovely ripe breasts again. As he squeezed the soft milky white pliant flesh in his big black hands, she closed her eyes and emitted a low prolonged sigh.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
With a groan, the aroused Jake brought his mouth to her dangling breasts, and thrusting his thick wide pink tongue, ran it lasciviously over her breasts, as if licking a big cone of ice cream. Sania’s hand clutched Jake’s thick black neck, as she felt his wide wet tongue lap her breasts, teasing her light brown erect nipples to full erection.

“Jake …” she hissed, as Jake continued to just run his tongue over both of Sania’s quivering breasts, paying special attention to her small thick nipples. With her sitting on his knees in her white Adidas tennis skirt, he slid his right hand between her plush thighs and began to caress the insides of her thighs, causing her to squirm in his lap.

With another groan, he rubbed his sweaty dark face on the softness of her milky white breasts, prompting her to take hold of his shaven gleaming head in her hand and press it to her tingling bosom. His huge black cock which had been dangling like a serpent from between his thighs, stiffened and I watched in rapt attention, as it began to swell up and stand horizontal in the air, drooping forwards slightly on account of its own considerable weight.

Sania’s delicate white fingers clutched Jake’s thick muscular neck, as she felt him open his mouth and take on of her luscious breasts into his big mouth, even as his hand continued to fondle and squeeze the other one rather roughly. Opening his big thick lipped mouth wide, he took almost the whole of Sania’s left 34-C succulent breasts into his mouth, and began to suck on it like a man crazed, causing Sania to throw her head back and cry out aloud.

Almost simultaneously, he slid his right hand which was between her thighs under her skirt, and began to rub one of his thick dark fingers around her fleshy labia under her skirt. Sania squirmed violently in his lap, as she felt his thick calloused finger part open the thick lips of her labia, and begin to stimulate the pink wetness of her aroused cunt.

Suddenly her whole body shuddered and then suddenly went stiff, even as her mouth open in a silent cry of ‘O’. I realized that he must have thrust in one of his thick fingers into her pussy. Her eyes flew open wide, and she emitted a silent scream, her mouth stretched out, as he began to quickly move his hand, causing his thick calloused finger to piston in and out of her juicy wet cunt.

Her thighs clamped shut involuntarily around his thick wrist, even as she grabbed hold of Jake’s neck with both her fleshy white arms. Realizing that he was probably being too rough with her, Jake eased off, and whispered “Shhhh … easy baby, easy …” his voice soothing, even as he continued to stimulate her moist vagina with his finger. “Ohh, Jake …” Sania cried out, her breath coming out of her lungs in an audible hiss.

As her eyes fluttered open, she looked at Jake’s thick black face with a scared expression on her face. “Relax, baby … I’m not gonna hurt ya …” he said thickly, allowing a gentle smile to come on his face. “Come … sit here …” he said to her, sliding his hands under her armpits and helping her get up.

As Sania stood up, still resting her hand on his shoulder, he pulled her down gently on to his lap again, making her straddle his knees with her legs on either side of his knees. As Sania sat down on his bent knees with her legs on either side, and faced him, with both her hands holding on to his broad muscular shoulders for support, he said again “I’m not gonna hurt ya’ baby … don’t be scared …” his voice soothing, as he held her gently by her waist.

Sania nodded in the affirmative, the scared expression still in her eyes. Jake’s thick black cock had hardened almost fully now, and it was standing upright at an angle from between his thighs. His huge balls were swollen and dangled at the base of his monstrously thick cock, even as the tip of his cock grazed the soft flesh of Sania’s bottom from below.

He slid his hand under her skirt from the side of her thighs and quickly pushed up the skirt to bare her fully rounded plump bottom from behind. As her moist trimmed cunt also came into view from the front, he spread his knees apart slightly, causing Sania’s thighs also to part. As Sania gazed down between his parted thighs, she saw his massive black cock almost fully erect now, and touching the soft flesh of her ass from below.

Reaching down between his thighs, Jake took hold of his mammoth cock and pulled it up; allowing it to come in between Sania’s parted thighs now, just inches away from her aroused vagina. “Jake …” Sania cried out in an almost inaudible whisper “…I’ve never …” her expression pleading, as she felt Jake’s thick black cock rest against the soft insides of her thigh.

“You’re not a virgin ... are’ya ...” Jake asked suddenly, the concern writ large on his face. “No ...” Sania replied almost immediately, her voice low, and the color rising to her cheeks. Smiling slowly, Jake said “You’re going to be fine, kid ... trust me ...” reaching out to caress her plump arms with his thick palms in a soothing gesture.

Leaning back on the recliner, and placing both his muscular arms behind his hips for support, he said to her almost gently “Just rub your pussy on my cock ... get a feel of it ...” he said almost soothingly, looking at her with an almost tender expression totally unlike his gruff self. “Uh-uh ...” Sania muttered, as she too was forced to lean forward since her arms were resting on Jake’s shoulders for support, causing those gorgeous heavy breasts to dangle seductively over his chest.

“Move your hips now, baby ...” Jake whispered, looking at her intently. As I watched, Sania began to gently move her hips on his thighs, her lips quivering, as she felt his thick black cock begin to rub against the moist slit of her vagina. His black cock was sticking out from between her plump white thighs like a black pole, as she began to grind her ass on his thighs, causing her inflamed pussy to rub against the girth of his cock each time she moved forward.

“Yeah, baby ... just like that ...” Jake said with satisfaction, as he enjoyed the sensation of Sania’s young India pussy rub against his big black Jamaican cock. Realizing that Jake was taking it easy with her, Sania too glanced down between her parted thighs, and watched in fascination at the sight of his big black cock slide between her thighs and rub against her pussy.

“That ain’t so bad ... is it ...?” Jake asked, a soothing smile on his face. Sania blushed again, and allowed herself a nervous shy smile, before she replied “Uh ... no ...” even as she continued to gently rock and move on his thighs, enjoying the feel of his hard cock head rub against the tender moist slit of her pussy. As she continued to do that, I could see by the expression on her face that Sania was beginning to get more and more aroused.

Looking at her with inflamed eyes, his hands still placed behind his back for support, Jake asked “Will ya’ suck my cock now, baby ...” his voice thick with lust. Sania blushed with embarrassment at Jake’s open question, and only managed to shake her head. “Is that a yes ... or a no ...” Jake asked her mildly, a smile playing on his thick lips. “Uh ... yes ...” Sania mumbled, her voice barely audible, her expression saying that she was eager to please Jake now.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“Go ahead, baby …” Jake said with a smile, as he helped Sania get up from his lap. As she stood up and straightened her skirt, pulling it down her exposed butt, she glanced once again at Serena, Venus and Jennifer who were talking among themselves. Jennifer caught her eye, and glancing at Jake sitting back on the recliner, his massive cock standing upright like a flag pole, she quickly took stock of the situation.

With a word to Serena and Venus, she quickly got up and walked towards Sania, a pleasant smile on her face. Some sort of eye communication seemed to have happened between Sania and Jennifer, as a result of which she had now come to Serena. Jake smiled at Jennifer knowingly as she approached them. Approaching Sania, Jennifer put her arm around Sania’s shoulders and said something to her in her ear, drawing a quick nod and a smile of grateful understanding from Sania.

With an apprehensive look, Sania knelt on the grass between Jake’s outstretched thighs. With quivering hands, she reached out and gingerly took hold of Jake’s massive erect black organ. Her lips parted an she emitted a little sigh, as she took Jake’s huge throbbing member in her hand; a little shiver of excitement and fear causing her to tremble. “Yeah … that’s good … play with it …” Jake said thickly, watching intently as Sania knelt between his thighs and gingerly clasped the fingers of both her hands around his thickly veined massive black cock.

“It’s so big …” Sania whispered under her breath, turning to look at Jennifer as if for help. Bending forward, Jennifer placed her hands on Sania’s shoulder and said softly “Don’t be afraid, darling … it’s just a cock …” a knowing smile on her face. Sania’s wide eyes seemed mesmerized and scared at the size of Jake’s massive 8” long thick black cock, as she held in her hands, unable to pull her eyes off it. With a little nervous sigh, she began to stroke his cock with both her hands almost reverently, as if worshiping it.

Even with both of Sania’s hands wrapped around Jake’s glistening black cock, there was still place left on his cock, and I winced at the thought of Sania having to eventually take this massive penis inside her vagina. As Sania looked up into Jake’s eyes, as her hands gently stroked his hardness, he smiled at her with satisfaction. Her hands still on Sania’s shoulders, Jennifer said softly “Now start by licking it first … then you will find it easier to take it into your mouth …” her voice soothing. Under Jennifer’s soothing guidance, Sania moved her face forward towards Jake cock, even as her body gave an involuntary shudder.

I watched mesmerized as the pretty Sania Mirza knelt on the grass between the outstretched thighs of the massively built Jake, and parted her lips to touch his gleaming erect black phallus with the tip of her tongue. Swallowing involuntarily as her tongue tasted the musky flavor of his huge manhood; she took hold of his cock firmly and ran her pink tongue tentatively around the obscenely swollen purple head of his cock. Jake let out a satisfied sigh as he felt the sexy Sania’s tongue on his erect cock head.

“Yeah, baby … that feels nice …” he intoned thickly, even as his eyes watched Sania kneeling between his legs. Encouraged by his comment, Sania pushed her tongue out further and began to tentatively run it all over his swollen cock head. Holding his cock upright, she proceeded to then run her luscious tongue on the underside of her his thick cock, licking along the length of his shaft. Jake let out another satisfied grunt, even as he continued to lean back on the chair, with his hands behind his back resting on the chair for support.

Throwing a nervous wide eyed glance at Jake’s dark ebony face, Sania closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth. Holding her breath, she opened her mouth wide and took the swollen tip of Jake’s thick black cock into her mouth. Mesmerized, I watched as Sania opened her lush pink lips in a wide ‘O’ and took the swollen purple tip of Jake’s cock into her mouth. Even with just the tip of his cock inside her mouth, I could see that Sania’s delicate mouth was nearly stretched to its limit, owing to the incredible girth of Jake’s humongous cock.

Sania let out a sigh and I watched her Adam’s apple bob as she fought to overcome the gagging sensation at the unpleasant taste of Jake’s big black Negro cock slime and pre-cum in her mouth. Screwing her eyes firmly shut, she began to run her tongue around the big head of his cock inside her mouth, eliciting a grunt of pleasure from the hulking Jake.

“Slow an’ easy, girl …” Jennifer murmured to her softly, caressing the back of Sania’s head with her hand. Having gotten used to the taste of Jake’s cock in her mouth, Sania opened her mouth, which was already stretched almost to its limit, wider and tried to take more of his cock into her mouth.

I muffled a cry of arousal and squeezed my painfully hard cock through my track pants, I watched the almost delicate looking Sania Mirza struggling to take Jake’s massive black cock into her mouth. Her shoulders shook involuntarily as she somehow managed to take about a quarter of his cock into her mouth. Jake began to reach out with one hand with the intent of grabbing her head and pushing it down on to his massive cock, only to be stopped by a subtle gesture from Jennifer who was still leaning beside Sania as if for moral support.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Reigning in his lust, Jake nodded at Jennifer, who’d conveyed to him with her eyes not to get rough with Sania. With just a quarter of Jake’s massive cock inside Sania’s mouth, it seemed like Sania had already reached the limit of what she could take inside her; for I saw her pull her mouth back and pull his cock out of her mouth.

Shaking her head helplessly, she turned to glance at Jake’s lusty ebony face once, before turning to Jennifer and saying “I can’t … it’s … it’s too big …” her expression ashamed and helpless. “It’s alright, girl …” Jennifer said to her soothingly, kneeling down beside Sania and gently running her hand along Sania’s bare back.

“It’s not about how much you can take inside your mouth … it’s about how much you can stimulate him …” Jennifer told Sania in a soothing yet matter of fact tone, her face creased into a warm smile. Jake looked on with arousal and pleasure, as he watched the 33-year old Jennifer Capriati coach the young Sania Mirza on the nuances of cock sucking. “Play with him a while … an’ then try again …” she told Sania calmly, continuing to reassure her by rubbing her hands on Sania’s back.

Nodding her head apprehensively, Sania looked up to Jake. To his credit, he was holding himself in check with considerable effort, and gave her a reassuring nod and smile of his own, resisting the temptation to grab hold of her head and thrust his cock into her delicate mouth. Shaking her head once again as if to push away her fear, Sania leaned forward once again and ran her tongue along the length of his cock.

Then, holding his cock in her hand, she moved her chest forward to rub the obscenely swollen tip of his black cock on the milky whiteness of her lush full 34-C breasts. “Yeah, baby …” Jake hissed, as he felt the hot young Sania rub the slithery hard cock on the softness of her breasts.

To my utter amazement, Jennifer cupped one of Sania’s ripe full breasts from behind, and guided her to tease the erect tip of Jake’s cock on her fully aroused almost pinkish nipples. “Yeah, baby … take it bet’n your tits …” Jake groaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. Encouraged by his response, Sania cupped both of her full breasts in her hands, and leaning forward, trapped Jake’s massive black pole between her breasts.

Looking up at Jake’s face apprehensively, she began to move her torso up and down, holding her breasts pressed on both sides against Jake’s huge cock, sliding the soft mammary flesh along the length of his cock. Watching Sania trying to pleasure this big black Negro, by taking his swollen dark cock between her breasts was perhaps the most erotic sight I’d ever seen.

That’s when I suddenly noticed that Steve and Jamal, who’d been lazing around in the pool, had gotten out, and were standing behind Sania, watching her with arousal. Both of them had stripped down to their briefs while getting into the pool, and as I watched, them wrapped a thick white towel around their waists, and pulled off their wet underwear.

To my utter shock, Jamal, who’d been some sort of a silent spectator all this while, parted his towel, and pulled out his cock. At about 8” it was about as long as Jake’s but was not as thick. Instead, his gleaming back had a curious shape to it, curving upwards like a big black banana.

Not being as thick as Jake’s or Steve’s, his hard curved black cock had a sinister look to it. His cock was circumcised and the menacing black head of his cock stood like an angry cobra. Taking it in his hand, he was casually rubbing his big black hands along it, his eyes watching the hunched over shape of Sania struggling to suck on his friend’s cock.

Letting go of Jake’s cock from in between her breasts, Sania opened her mouth wide once again and took in his cock, this time with a little more confidence. The sides of her mouth were stretched taut, as she took in his huge black cock into her mouth; this time managing to get in about half his cock into her mouth.

By the way she shivered and her Adam’s apple bobbed, I could make out that the tip of Jake’s huge cock had now reached Sania’s unwilling throat. “That’s good, girl … that’s good …” Jennifer whispered thickly from behind, as she watched this 23-year old fiercely competitive Indian tennis player displaying her trademark fighting spirit in her battle to conquer this impossibly huge Negro’s cock with her mouth.

Reaching out, she caressed the back of Sania’s head with her left hand, even as her right hand reached out and cupped one of Sania’s ripe dangling breasts from behind. Whispering some assurances to the struggling Sania, she began to squeeze and fondle Sania’s ripe young breast from behind, in an attempt to add to her arousal.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
I’d been standing behind the bar counter, some distance away from where these incredibly erotic events were unfolding right before my unbelieving eyes, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I turned around to see the grinning face of the Serena Williams behind me. “Enjoying the show, darling …” she whispered a mischievous smile on her dark ebony face.

Pressing those incredibly big firm 36-D black breasts to my back, she wrapped her arms around my waist from behind. Before I could react, she slid her hands to the bulge inside my tracks and squeezed it roughly, eliciting a moan from me. At the same time, I felt another movement beside me, and was startled to see that Venus too had crept up to me.

“Ready for some action now, baby …” she crooned, a big white-toothed grin on her dark awkward face. Clad just in her white sports panties and the white tennis shoes, she looked like an ebony calendar girl right off a photo shoot.

Sliding up to me from the other side, Venus too pressed her tall lithe black body to me, moving her shoulders from side to side, to tease me with those firm perky 36-B breasts of hers. Biting my earlobe playfully, she hissed “I’ve been dryin’ to get a feel of ya’r cock all night, baby …” quickly sliding her long fingered hands into my track pants and briefs, and grabbing hold of my painfully swollen cock.

“Oooh … nice …” she crooned, as she wrapped her long black fingers around my hard cock inside my underwear. Sandwiched between the two Williams’ sisters, I was at a loss for words. Serena was on my left side, and I felt goose bumps come over my arms where she was pressing her strong firm black breasts to me. Her thick black nipples felt like hard pebbles rubbing against my upper arm, and when she too slid her left hand inside my shorts, I felt like I was on seventh heaven.

For lack of anything better to do, I just wrapped my arms around Serena’s and Venus’ waists, pulling them as close to me as possible. Venus’ long black fingers were fondling my swollen balls, while Serena had teasingly scraping her nails along the length of my cock. Bringing her face close to my ears, she whispered with a little chuckle “Doesn’t look like you’re gonna be able to hold on for much longer …” her gleaming ebony face creased in a broad teasing smile.

As I turned my face to left to answer Serena, Venus bit my ears from the other side, and said “Yea, a’know ya’r drooling over her boobies … but, hey … I got nice ones too …” her face a mock frown. “Here … feel ‘em …” she hissed ferociously, grabbing hold of my hand which was behind her waist, and pressing it to her firm 36-B ebony breasts.

Unlike Serena’s huge heavy breasts that naturally sagged on account of their sheer weight, Venus’ breasts were hard and firm like the rest of her body. As she looked into my eyes with a sort of challenging smile on her dark face, she asked “So what d’ya think …?” pressing my hand to her firm breast again. “Oh, Venus …” I managed to gasp “… you’re incredible …” unable to come up with anything else to say to her.

From my other side, Serena laughed and said “Flattery’s not goin’ to get ya’ anywhere, honey …” her fingers tightening around my painfully swollen cock. “On the contrary, it’s gonna get ya’ places with me, baby …” her sister said with a laugh from the other side. I felt like a helpless puppet between these two imposing black girls, and could only give a helpless sigh.

“Hey, you two … leave the poor boy alone …” I heard a voice from the side. As all three of us turned to look at the source of the voice, we saw Jennifer standing there with her hands on her hips, looking at us with a good natured smile.

“Oh, go away …” Venus chided her “… he’s not yours for keeps …” placing her own hands on her hips, and addressing Jennifer in mock anger. At this Jennifer laughed good naturedly and replied “Yeah, I know that … but I don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to stand on his own feet if you two keep at this …” pointing towards Serana’s hands which were still inside my track pants, fondling my rock hard penis.

“Besides …” she added with a little chuckle “… those two seem like they’re going to pounce on that poor girl any moment …” pointing towards where Steven and Jamal stood, watching Sania struggling to suck on Jake’s massive black cock, even as they stroked their respective cocks through the parted opening of their white terry towels. “So why don’t you two go over and take care of ‘em … before they …” she finished, letting her words hang midway, a knowing smile on her face.

As all of us turned to look towards where Sania was, I felt a pang of jealousy course through me again. Sania as still on her knees between Jake’s outstretched thighs, and she seemed intent on winning the battle against Jake’s massive black cock, stroking the thick shaft with her right hand, even as she constantly tried to take more of his impossibly thick cock into her mouth.

“Hmm …” Venus muttered, eyeing Steven and Jamal who stood behind Sania, watching the scene in front of them, and stroking their own cocks absent mindedly. “Come on, sissie …” she announced to her sister “… let’s go over an’ take care of those frustrated souls …” throwing her head in the direction of Steven and Jamal.

As Venus let go off me and ambled towards them, Serena winked at Jennifer and said “Save something of him for me too …” nodding her head in my direction. “I will, honey … I will …” Jennifer replied with a laugh, as Serena followed her sister to be with Steve and Jamal. As they moved away, I turned towards Jennifer and looking into her eyes said softly “I missed you, Jenny …” my head tilted to one side in my most earnest enactment of a virgin school kid.

As my eyes once again took in the sight of the 33-year old Jennifer Capriati, clad in nothing but her white tennis skirt and shoes, her lush fair skinned 36-C breasts gleaming with sweat in the artificial light, I had to pinch myself once again to assure myself that this was not a dream. “Ohh, baby …” Jennifer whispered, touched by the simple statement I’d made.

“Come …” she said tenderly, taking me by my hand “… let’s go sit there …” pointing towards a pool side chair just a few feet away from where Sania was with Jake. As she led me towards the chair, I watched Serena and Williams go up to Steven and Jamal respectively. They dragged two more of the wooden pool side reclining chairs and placed them on either side of where Jake was leaning back, caressing Sania’s head and fondling her breasts, as she intently went about her job of pleasuring Jake’s cock with her tender mouth.

Steven sat back on the chair on one side, and Serena immediately went and knelt down between his legs. Pushing apart his thighs, she impatiently pulled off the thick white terry towel around his waist, to bare his thick white 8” cock which had regained its erection once more.

On the other side, Venus also did more also the same with Jamal. Sensing these two pairs on either side of them, Sania raised her head, and looked at them nervously; her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment at being subject to such close scrutiny. Venus attempted to belay Sania’s fears by laughing and saying “Don’tcha worry, kid … we do this all the time …” her eyes crinkling as she smiled.

“Besides tennis … we suck good cock too …” she added with a laugh, eliciting a giggle from Serena too. With the color rising to her cheeks, Sania managed to give a nervous smile, still holding on sub consciously to the shiny shaft of Jake’s black Negro cock. She turned her gaze as if searching for someone, and when her searching eyes eventually spotted me, I could see the look of total helplessness in her eyes.

We’d settled down on a chair a couple of feet away from them, and I’d pushed the chair back almost flat, and was reclining on it, my hands supporting my head. Jennifer sat next to my hips on the chair, and her hands were caressing my bare chest, when Sania spotted us.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Unable to meet my blank gaze, Sania looked at Jennifer’s face. Jennifer, the warm girl that she was, just smiled at Sania and quietly nodded her head, as if conveying that there was nothing to worry about. Throwing a last painful glance at me, Sania turned her face away, and looking up at Jake’s face, said something in a low voice, which I couldn’t make out from this distance. In response to whatever she said, Jake just sat up and pulled Sania up by her shoulders.

Pulling her along with him, he once again leant back completely on the recliner. In this position with Sania nearly lying on top of him, his thick black cock trapped between them and pressed against Sania’s belly, he took hold of Sania’s head and pulled her face to his. Pressing his thick ebony lips to her lush pink ones, he kissed her passionately, plunging his thick tongue into her helpless mouth.

At the same time, he cupped one of her beautiful milky white lush 34-C dangling breasts with his left hand and squeezed them roughly, eliciting a soft moan of arousal from Sania. Sania’s legs were sprawled over Jake’s thighs, and as I watched with growing jealousy, Jake pulled up her skirt and cupped her soft bubble butt in his big black palms. Squeezing her lush ripe ass with his hand, he pressed her body to his, and I could only imagine how his thick serpent like cock would be feeling against her belly.

Unable to watch this open taking of the 23-year old Sania Mirza any more, I turned to look at Jennifer’s face, who was watching me intently with an almost tender expression on her face. Squeezing her arm with which she was caressing my chest, I said to her in a hoarse whisper “Jenny … I want you … now …” my words sound alien to my own ears.

“Oh, my darling … what took you so long to say that …” she said softly, her hands reaching out to caress my face almost tenderly. To me, that was what made Jennifer Capriati special. Unlike the raw, almost overwhelming, sexuality that Serena and Venus exhibited, Jennifer was much more restrained, her mild and loving demeanor better suited to my Indian sensibilities.

Without another word, she leaned forward, and kissed me full on my mouth, her tongue parting my lips and probing my mouth, even as her soft womanly breasts mashed against my chest. I responded with all my pent up urgency, wrapping my arms around her bare back and kissing her back in earnest.

After a while, she pulled her lips off mine, and sat up, her bosom heaving. “Jenny …” I groaned, reaching out to cup one of her lush ripe breasts. „Yes, honey …” she whispered, allowing me to fondle and squeeze her womanly breasts, even as she quickly slid her hand down towards my waist. Hooking the fingers of both hands under the elastic of my track pants, she slid them down to my knees quickly.

As the thick bulge in my white Jockey briefs came to view, she let out a soft sigh, and caressed the bulging outline of my cock through my briefs and whispered softly “Little Jiggie needs Jenny now … is it …” her voice a husky whisper. “Yes … Jenny …” I managed to gasp, even as she ran her index finger on the wet spot on my undies formed by the liberal amount of pre-cum that had oozed out.

Continuing to look into my eyes, she slowly hooked her fingers under the elastic waist band of my briefs, and gently pulled it down. I lifted my hips off the chair to assist her, and as she slid my briefs down to my knees, my painfully erect cock sprang out and slapped against my belly.

Gently taking hold of my hard throbbing cock, which was also wet and slippery due to the pre-cum that I had secreted, she rubbed it gently with her right hand, even as she continued to caress my heaving chest and tease my erect nipples with her left hand. “Jenny … I …” I mumbled, reaching out once more to cup both of her dangling lush white breasts with my hands. Squeezing them almost roughly, I looked into her eyes and gasped “Jenny … I want … I want to …” unable to complete my sentence.

“My baby wants to suck on ‘em, is it …” whispered Jennifer with a slow smile, her eyes boring into mine. “Yess …” I hissed, squeezing her ripe breasts once again as if to make my point. “Oh baby …” Jennifer crooned, as she slid forward on the chair, and dangled her lovely 36-C fair skinned breasts capped by those almost pinkish nipples over my face. Continuing to slowly stroke my erect cock with her hands, she whispered “Here, baby … suck ‘em …” her voice thick with arousal.

With a groan, I raised my head of the mattress on the chair, and almost roughly clamped my mouth on proffered left breast. As she slid her hand under my head to support me, I opened my mouth wide and sucked in as much of her soft tit flesh into my mouth as possible, even as I fondled and squeezed the other one with my left hand.

“Yeah, baby …” Jennifer hissed, as I suckled on her 33-year old womanly breasts hungrily, emitting inadvertent suckling sounds. She held my head cradled against her breasts, allowing me to suckle on them to my heart’s content, even as her right hand continued to stroke my cock gently, ( ) pushing down my foreskin completely and rubbing the purple swollen helmet-shaped tip with her finger tips.

I alternated between both her dangling breasts, sucking on them like a man possessed, as she moaned softly and urged me on. From the corner on my eyes, I saw that Sania was now being lustily groped and kissed by the huge hulking Negro Jake. She was almost sprawled over him now, and as he squeezed her breasts roughly and sucked on her aroused nipples, his hands had flipped over her short white tennis skirt completely, and were literally mauling her lush full derriere.

Strangely my arousal was also rising as I watch Sania being taken rather authoritatively by the big black Negro. Serena was between Jennifer’s brother Steven’s thighs and was alternating between sucking on his big fat white cock and rubbing it between her voluptuous breasts, while Venus, to my astonishment, was deep throating the muscular black Jamal’s curved banana-like black cock. She was putting her wide mouth to good use, opening it wide and taking the entire curved length of his nearly 8” curved cock into her throat.

Hearing the throaty sounds that Venus was emitting as she repeatedly took Jamal’s shiny black cock into her throat, Sania too couldn’t help but look at her, her face flushed with excitement and intense arousal. I heard Jake mutter something to Sania, an intense look on his face, which caused Sania to inadvertently shake her head, her eyes opening wide with shock.

I couldn’t hear what he’d said, but whatever it was, it had mortified Sania. She straightened her back and looked at his face with apprehension and said something, her fair hands resting on his gleaming ebony chest for support. In spite of my state of arousal, I could definitively say that whoever saw the 23-year old Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, sitting like this on that big muscular Negro’s pelvis, wearing only her white Adidas tennis skirt and shoes, her torso bared to display her beautiful full milky white breasts capped by those light brown almost pinkish thick nipples, would be hard pressed to control himself.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Jake give Sania one of his disarming wide smiles, displaying those big white teeth, and push her hips down further towards his crotch with his hands. Closing my eyes, I squeezed Jennifer’s breasts hard, imagining how Jake’s impossibly thick black phallus would be feeling against the poor Sania’s aroused pussy.

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