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Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
I was scared that the feel of my hardness on her buttocks would scare her off, and therefore was making every attempt possible to keep my crotch away from her butt by leaning forward. I saw Steve reach out to cup Serena’s huge ebony breasts in his big white palms, even as she giggled and said “Yea honey … take ‘em … they’re all yours …” Before he could respond, his gaze was pulled towards the temperamental Venus, who was beginning to giggle as well, and had begun to caress his rapidly growing cock through his white tennis shorts.

Even at this distance of about 8 feet or so from where I stood, I could clearly see the big bulge that had already formed in his shorts. “Yeah … take it out, sis …” Serena said with a laugh, even as Venus giggled again and began to open the button of his shorts and pull down his fly. As his fly came undone, Venus slid her long dark fingers inside his shorts and squeezed his erect manhood over his briefs. “Oooh …” she giggled “… Stevie baby’s all hard an’ ready …” looking up at his face with a big toothy grin, and rubbing his cock teasingly. “Ohhh Venus … don’t tease me, baby …” Steve groaned as his head fell back on the recliner.

In response, Venus laughed and sliding her long black fingers under the thick elastic of Steve’s briefs, pulled them down. As Steven Capriati’s erect phallus sprang free from the confines of his white briefs, I realized why Venus Williams had been so intent on taking it out. To call him well hung would have been more than appropriate as his white skinned uncircumcised cock was easily 8” long, and reasonably thick. “Ooooo …” Venus crooned as Steven’s cock sprang out and stood up swaying like an angry cobra; the white skin of his penis in stark contrast to the dark ebony skin of Venus’ hands.

“Oh my God …” I heard Sania exclaim under her breath at this wanton display of inter-racial sex unfolding before her disbelieving eyes. I felt her body go stiff with shock, and hand fingers involuntarily tightened around my forearms. My senses were torn between Sania whom I was holding in my arms from behind, the sight of Serena’s bared breasts, and Venus holding Steven Capriati’s erect white cock in her hands. Things were moving so fast now that I was having trouble believing that all this was real.

As my eyes were drawn towards Jennifer, I was in for another shock. Jennifer who had been lying back on the recliner with Jake and Jamal on either side of her, was now sitting up in the chair. Jamal who was standing on the left side of Jennifer, had pulled up her sports bra without bothering to unhook it from behind, to bare her beautiful heavy 36-C breasts. Her beautiful fair breasts were heavy and hung from her chest deliciously like ripe mangoes, capped by a pair of almost pinkish nipples and large light brown areolas.

Jamal was leaning forward and roughly squeezing her soft pliant breasts with his thick black bear like paws, even as his eyes were watching Venus stroking Steven’s erect phallus. Jake, who was on the other side of Jennifer, had already unzipped the fly of his loose cargo shorts and taken out his cock. To say that his cock was huge was an understatement. It didn’t seem to be fully erect yet but hung like a thick black serpent from the opening of his shorts. At 8” it was about the same length as that of Steve, but what took my breath away was the incredible thick of his black monstrous cock.

As he had taken his cock out in front of Jennifer, she had taken it in her hand and began to stroke it gently. Even at the distance that I was watching them from, I could see that Jennifer’s reasonably large hands were just about managing to hold his rapidly hardening phallus. Sania had seen this scene unfolding at just about the same time that I did, and I felt her move backwards closer to me, and tightening her grip on my forearm as if trying to cling to me for protection.

Some instinct was probably sending alarm signals to her brain, as she too watched Jake’s massive black cock with an expression that could be nothing else but raw fear. Her breath seemed to have caught in her throat, and her body had gone incredibly stiff in my arms. The only sign of life in her body was the way her magnificent bosom clad in that white Jockey sports bra heaved; of which I had a fantastic view from above her right shoulder.

My animal instincts were pushing me to slide my hands upwards and cup her ripe full breasts and squeeze them roughly, but I restrained myself with some effort. She looked dazed and mortified already, and I didn’t want to do anything that might destroy the last vestige of courage that she was clinging on to. As if reading my thoughts, she twisted her head to look up at me, a questioning and fearful look in her eyes. At that moment, as I gazed at her sexy plump face made even sexier by that tiny diamond nose stud, I felt like I was in complete control of this 23-year old Indian tennis diva’s destiny.

“This is it, Sania … the point of no return …” I said to her in a deep whisper, my eyes boring into hers. She gazed at me for a few moments, her breath coming in short shallow gasps through her slightly parted fleshy red lips, before blinking her eyes and nodding her head. “Yes … I know …” she whispered, her voice barely audible, before pulling her eyes away from mine. Gazing at the lusty Americans just a few feet away from us, she squeezed my forearm again, pulling it up towards her chest, resulting in my arms getting a feel of her lush full 34-C bra-clad breasts for the first time. “Stay with me, please …” she whispered fiercely, as if summoning some deep reserves of courage.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
In response, I just hugged her harder from behind, part of my brain registering how heavenly her full breasts felt against my forearm in spite of the thick sports bra being in the way; while another part of me resolved to stick to her no matter what happened going forward this night. Steven was living out what would have been a million males’ fantasy on this planet; as the muscular Serena Williams dangled her heavy 36-D ebony breasts in his face, brushing them against his broad face, even as the crazy Venus had begun to stroke his now fully erect white cock with her dark slender fingers.

As Venus pulled down his foreskin, the pink head of his swollen cock slid out, slick with his pre-cum. She had an almost stupid grin on her face, her wide awkward mouth open, those protruding pearly white teeth gleaming, as she held his thick cock and stroked it slowly, her eyes flitting from him to Serena to Jennifer. As Steven groaned audibly, his eyes closed, Serena let out a little laugh and said “C’mon sis … you’re killin’ him …” “Yeah …” Jennifer added from the side, her hands absentmindedly stroking Jake’s thick black cock “… suck him off before he loses it …” an aroused smile on her country girl face.

That was all that Venus had been waiting for, and with one more of her silly giggles, she lowered her wide mouth on Steven’s cock and slipped it inside her mouth. Big mouthed that Venus was, both literally and figuratively, she took his cock into her mouth with relative ease. As she took his turgid phallus halfway into her mouth, she held it there, and teased it with her tongue, as if sucking on a popsicle. “Here baby … suck on m’ah titties …” Serena said to him lustily, almost thrusting those massive dangling heavy black breasts of hers into his face.

Steve groaned and reaching out to grab those huge ebony breasts with both his hands, began to lick and suck on them like a man possessed, even as Venus began to bob her big mouth up and down his swollen cock. Seeing that, Jake who was watching all this intently, suddenly grabbed hold of Jennifer by the back of her neck, and roughly thrust his monstrous cock towards her face. Unfazed, Jennifer looked up at him with a smile, and chuckling said “Oooh … look’s like there’s someone else who wants a blowjob too …” her expression teasing.

“Suck it …” Jake said gruffly, even as Jennifer held his now fully erect 8” incredibly thick black cock in her hand. She licked her lips in anticipation as she pushed down his thick foreskin to bare an almost black blood-gorged swollen cock head. As she paused, Jamal who’d been standing behind her, rubbing his hardness through his shorts with his left hand, while his right hand was fondling and squeezing Jennifer’s ripe lush breasts from behind, uttered thickly “Yeah babe … suck him …”

Throwing a quick glance at Jake’s lust crazed face, the pleasant earthy Jennifer opened her mouth and slid out her pink tongue to lick his swollen cock head. “Ummm …” she murmured, as she licked Jake’s cock head as if tasting it. Then with a little groan, she opened her mouth wider and took his cock head into her mouth. “Yeah, bitch … suck it …” Jake grunted, grabbing hold of her hair by the pony tail, and throwing his head back. As he thrust his head forward while holding on to Jennifer’s hair, I watched in stunned disbelief as Jennifer’s mouth stretched into an impossibly wide ‘O’ to accommodate his thick monstrous cock.

No matter how many interracial porn films you’d have watched, it was still just too hot to watch a white all American athlete, sitting on a chair in her white tennis skirt and shoes, with her white sports bra pulled up above her breasts, sucking on the monstrously thick cock of a 6’2” obscenely muscular black Jamaican hunk. As Jamal squeezed Jennifer’s heavy dangling breasts roughly from behind, I could see his thick white palms leave red welts on the milky white skin of Jennifer’s lush breasts.

As he was fumbling with the hooks for Jennifer’s bra at the back, she paused in between her sucking, and quickly undid her bra. Dropping it on the grass carelessly, she slid down the chair on to her knees on the grass and began to suck on Jake’s erect phallus again. As I tore my gaze away from Jennifer, I saw that Serena had slid her muscular arms under Steven’s head and was now holding his head cradled in her arms, his face pressed to those incredibly sexy huge black breasts.

Steve was beginning to writhe on the recliner now, as Venus was sucking on his cock as if intent on milking him as soon as possible. As I watched in awe, she took almost the entire length of his massive 8” white cock into her mouth, letting it enter the recess of her throat. By the way her prominent Adam’s apple bobbed, I could make out that the horny Venus Williams was actually taking his cock down her throat! She was letting out low animal grunts, as she thrust her mouth down on his cock, burying her nose in the crinkly patch of his pubic hair.

At least she was putting her big mouth to some good use, I thought to myself wryly, even as he mauled and crushed Serena’s huge heavy tits with his big paws, his mouth clamped onto her thick black nipples like a leech. Venus was now on her knees in front of the low wooden pool-side reclining chair between Steven outstretched legs, while Serena was almost smothering him between her huge ebony tits. My cock was beginning to hurt inside the confines of my briefs, and as it twitched like a coil spring against Sania’s full round ass through her white tennis skirt, my heart missed a beat.

Sania seemed to be in some kind of daze, her eyes glazed, as she watched this display of raw uninhibited sex being played out before her disbelieving eyes. Her sweaty back was pressed against my chest, and I could feel the thick strap of her white Jockey sports bra chaff against the skin of my chest. My hardness was pressing against her lush ripe butt from behind, but she was making no attempt to pull away, seemingly engrossed in the almost pornographic display of inter racial sex being performed in front of her.

Suddenly I heard Steve let out a long throat grunt of “Ohh fuckk …” as his back arched and his hips lifted off the recliner. “Yeah baby … come for me …” Serena hissed fiercely, nearly smothering him in her grasp, as his cock exploded without warning inside Venus’ sucking mouth. “Eeeiiikkesss …” shrieked Venus as Steven’s cock shot out its first load of thick cum in her mouth. As she hastily pulled away her wide sucking mouth from his cock, his cock jerked and spat out more angry spurts of his thick boiling sperm, the first one landing square on Venus Williams’ ebony prominent cheek-boned face.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“He, he, he …” she giggled stupidly again, partly pleased and partly embarrassed at having his ejaculation land first in her sucking mouth and then on her face. As she held his jerking cock in her hand and held her face at a distance, the white cum dripping off her cheek, she looked at Jennifer proudly, as if showing off her accomplishment. Spitting out whatever semen that had landed in her mouth, she stroked his cock, even as Steve groaned, and some more weaker spurts of thick semen dribbled out of the slit of his pink cock head.

“It’s protein, sis … drink it up …” Serena said with a laugh, as she let go off Steven’s head and gently let it rest on the soft mattress covering the wooden reclining chairs. “Yeah … an’ that too a white man’s seed …” added Jennifer from the side, momentarily slipping Jake’s throbbing black snake out of her willing mouth. That seemed to do it for Jake, who too exploded without warning, sending a thick wad of his cum blasting on to Jennifer’s unprepared face. “Owwww …” cried out Jennifer, as the boiling hot sperm landed on her forehead, some stray drops also getting into her eye.

As she cried out and turned her face away, her eyes burning, Jake grabbed hold of her head again and hissed “On your tits, bitch … take it on your tits …” Blinking her eyes rapidly unable to bear the sting of the semen in her eyes, Jennifer still managed to grin, and cupping her heavy dangling breasts, held it up for him. Jake took hold of his shuddering cock in his thick black calloused hands, and pumped his cock vigorously, slapping at against the soft flesh of Jennifer’s heavy breasts, and sending the remaining spurts of his thick scalding hot cum on to her proffered tits.

As his orgasm finally subsided, Jake stepped back, and raising his head, let out a long audible sigh. It was a sight to behold; the huge black Jake standing bare chested with his cargos bunched around his ankles, and his huge serpentine cock hanging like a python from a tree, drools of semen still dripping from it, even as the busty Jennifer Capriati, topless and in only her tennis skirt and shoes, stood there on her knees, wiping her face with the back of her hand, even as Jake’s cum drooled down her heavy breasts.

Sania who’d been watching this in stunned disbelief, finally gasped “I can’t believe this is happening …” and twisted around in my arms to bury her face in my chest, as if cringing from the others. Aroused though I was, I still felt a deep empathy for this 23-year old Hyderabadi girl, and held her tight against me, her full young breasts mashed against my chest. My cock was throbbing and twitching inside my tracks and as it squirmed against her bare belly, she looked up at my face.

Embarrassed and feeling totally ashamed of my aroused state, I mumbled to her “I’m sorry … I …” my voice failing me. “Uh-uh …” she mouthed in a whisper, shaking her head in the negative. Clamping her lips together, she dropped her gaze again, and rested her forehead on my chest, her breasts heaving. But she made no attempt to pull away from me; instead wrapping her lush arms around my bare back and clinging on to me as if for dear life. Relieved, I caressed her bare back to soothe her, my palms sliding along her sweaty back, and brushing against the thick strap of her sports bra at the back.

Hearing the sounds of water splashing, I looked up to see that Jennifer and Venus were both on their knees by the side of the pool and splashing water on their face and neck, in an attempt to wash off the cum that Jake and Steven respectively had sprayed on their face, neck and breasts. Jake was sprawled on the chair next to Steven, as both of them relaxed, trying to regain their breath. Serena was looking in my direction, a knowing smile on her face, as she spotted how I was holding Sania in my arms, with her back to them.

Her dark ebony body glistened in the lighting around the pool, as she stood there looking at me with a smile on her face, bare-breasted and clad only in her black Nike tennis skirt and shoes. “I need a drink now …” Jamal announced, as the others to murmured their assent. Hearing that, Sania quickly disengaged from my arms, even as the others began to saunter towards the make-shift bar counter where we stood. As stepped aside even as the others reached the bar counter, Jamal headed to the turn-table and switched to some R&B that seemed more suited to the mood.

I was feeling de-hydrated and opted for a Red Bull, and Sania seeing me ask for it, also opted for the same. As Jake handed Sania her drink, he was smiling lasciviously at her, and I saw her give him a nervous smile, and quickly pull her face away from his lewd eyes. Jennifer approached us as we sipped on our drinks, even as the others relaxed, trying to regain their energy. I had still not come to terms with the fact that Jennifer Capriati and Serena Williams were walking around casually without their top & bra, their contrasting yet erotic breasts displayed for all who cared to see.

“You guys doin’ ok …” she asked with a smile, as she came and stood in front of us, her sweaty torso and breasts gleaming in the light. I had trouble keeping my eyes away from her heavy well formed womanly breasts, and Sania too looked distinctly uncomfortable at the nudity all around, unable to decide where to look. Hearing no response from us, Jennifer gave a little chuckle and said “Come on … let’s go for a walk” With that she placed herself between us and with her left arm on Sania’s shoulder and her right on mine, led us towards the sprawling lawn.

I was so conscious of the proximity of Jennifer walking topless with me, and that too in the presence of Sania, that I was silent. As we walked on either side of her, her heavy breasts shook ever so slightly, and I was intensely aware of how the fleshy of her breast felt against my shoulder. “Look … there’s nothing to be scared of … we’re just having sex … there’s no big deal …” she began in a soothing voice, the statement directed more at Sania than me. “Maybe you guys are not very familiar with the concept of an orgy … but you need to understand that for us … it’s just a stress buster … its just a way of partying for us …” she continued, pulling Sania closer to her on the other side and squeezing her shoulder reassuringly.

Still getting no response from either of us, she said “Look … I’m sure you guys party in India too … don’t you …” her tone a question. “Uh …yes …” Sania mumbled, her gaze on the grass as we walked. “An’ you guys get together … and drink … and dance too, right …” she quizzed, her tone still soothing. “Yes …” Sania answered. “Exactly … so we do the same too … we drink, we dance, and the only thing that we do more is … we have sex too …” she said as if explaining something to small children.

“That’s all there’s to it … there’s nothing to be scared of …” she added, as if to make her point. When we were silent, she said “Unless of course … you have a thing against black folks … some sort of a racial bias … ya’know what I mean …” her tone guarded. “Oh no …” both I and Sania exclaimed almost simultaneously “… it’s not that … please don’t get us wrong …” Sania finished for both of us. I was pleased that Sania had used the term ‘us’ rather than ‘me’, indicating that she considered both of us to be on the same side.

“Please … we’re Indians … that’s the last thing on our minds …” Sania said with some passion, aghast that Jennifer had even thought about such a thing. “That’s good … I’m happy to hear that …” Jennifer replied with a smile “… but if you keep distancing yourself from us … I’m afraid they’ll probably feel that way …” she added. Without waiting for a response, she said “Now we wouldn’t that happening … would we …?” her tone mildly questioning and disapproving at the same time. “Yes … I mean, no …” Sania mumbled, her mind in a turmoil.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“It’s … it’s just that … I’m … I’m scared …” Sania said with some intensity, looking up at Jennifer, her sexy face flushed with embarrassment and apprehension. “Scared of what, baby …” Jennifer asked soothingly, her hands rubbing Sania’s shoulder. “I’m … I’m scared of them …” Sania said in almost a whisper, shaking her head in the direction of the two Jamaican hunks, Jake and Jamal. “Ohh … them … “Jennifer exclaimed with a laugh “… awww … you’re so cute …” Shaking her head with a laugh, she said “They’re just humans, sweetheart …” her tone ever so soothing “… they look mean and tough … but believe me … they’re a wonderful pair of guys … there’s nothing to be afraid of …”

Sania swallowed before replying “No … it’s not that … it’s just that I’m scared of …” her voice trailing off. “What …” Jennifer laughed again “… you’re scared of their cocks …” her tone teasing. I took a double take at Jennifer referring to their monstrous cocks so casually. Before Sania could react, she said “Oh baby … do you know that my bro’s cock is actually bigger than Jake’s …” a smile on her face. “It’s just ‘coz he’s black … his cock looks much bigger … now don’t tell me you’re scared of my bro too … I’m really goin’ to feel bad if you say that … and he’s goin’ to feel hurt too … he’s so fond of you, ya’know …” she said, a good natured smile on her pleasant country-girl face.

“Ohh …” Sania exclaimed in a whisper “… no … no … he’s nice …” blushing violently. Jennifer threw her head back to laugh, and said “Well that’s a relief … so that’s settled then …” Patting Sania on the shoulder again and rubbing her back, Jennifer added “And listen sweetheart … there’s nothing to be scared of … all of us find you really sexy … an’ we love you … so relax …” her tone soothing. “Um … thanks Jennifer … thanks a lot …” Sania said shyly, throwing a grateful gaze at Jennifer. “An’ call me Jenny …” Jennifer added with a smile, pulling Sania closer to her.

“An’ I’ll take care of things ok … everything’s gonna be fine … even if something seems like getting outta hand … I’ll handle it, ok …” she continued, a warm smile on her face. “An’ even if I can’t … there’s always this knight in shining armor here to protect you …” she said with a laugh, indicating at me. Sania too glanced at me, her pretty face and those sexy eyes unreadable, and said in a soft voice “Yes … I know … I know …” her gaze conveying more than her words ever could. I felt my heart soar at those words from the sexy Sania Mirza.

As we walked back towards where the others were hanging around, Jennifer said good naturedly “And it’s time to lose that bra, Sania …” a teasing smile on her face “… they’re all waitin’ to see you … and so’s he …” she finished with a little chuckle, throwing her head in my direction again. My face flushed red with embarrassment and I hastily pulled my gaze away from them, even as Sania said in soft broken whisper “Uh … um … ok …” My cock gave a lurch inside my tracks at the sexy 23-year old Sania agreeing to take off her sports bra in front of all these people.

“Good girl …” Jennifer said to her with a smile, as we walked back. As we reached where the others were lounging about, I heard Jake call out and say “Hey Venus … show us your titties gal …” his thick black face creased in a lewd smile. Venus giggled before replying “What d’ya wanta see ma’h titties for, you dick … don’t’cha have my sissie’s melons to get ya’r rocks off on …” she said with mock sternness, indicating towards Serena’s gorgeous mammaries. Grabbing Jennifer by the shoulder and pulling her to herself, she exclaimed “An’ then ya have ya’r darlin’ Jenny’s boobies too …” laughing as she held Jennifer from behind and cupped her heavy breasts.

Cupping Jennifer’s lush womanly breasts and shaking them, she continued “Good all-American white titties for ya’ … you twerp …” her tone laughing, even as Jennifer squealed and doubled over, trying to pull herself out of Venus’ grip. “Aww c’mon baby …. I wanna see too …” Steven called out from the side, laughing and making a gesture of licking his lips. “Not for ya’ too, baby … today I’ll show my titties only if one guy tells me to … an’ that’s my cute li’l Indian da’hling here …” she said with a laugh, her awkward big mouth spread in a wide grin, pointing towards me.

Before I could react, she let go off Jennifer and crossed over to me in a few long panther like strides of hers. Putting her left arm around my shoulder, she playfully cupped her rather pert 36-B breasts through her white Champion sports bra and said teasingly “Tell me da’hling … you wanna see my titties …” her tone titillating.

“Awww … not fair …” called out Jake putting on a mock expression of protest on his face. Turning to me, he said “Go on boy … tell her ya’wanna see ‘em …” he urged me. I was practically blushing now, even as Serena watched me with a big grin on her dark ebony face. Even Sania had her hands across her mouth and was attempting to mask her smile. Pulling me closer to her, Venus wriggled her protruding butt in the air and cupping her firm tits once again, said to me with pretentiously “C’mon baby … tell me … you’re breaking ma’heart now …”

“Yes …” I managed to whisper, tearing my eyes away from her tantalizing face. “What was that …” she said, opening her mouth wide and turning the side of her face to me with her hand cupped to her ear, as if she couldn’t hear me. “Yes …” I said a little louder, even as my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. The gang hooted and clapped when they heard me say that, enjoying my embarrassment. “Ooooh … ain’t he cute …” Venus exclaimed for the umpteenth time, pulling my cheeks as if with some little kid.

“Only for you, m’boy …” she said in a motherly sort of way, as she reached out behind her back and unhooking her bra, quickly pulled it off her shoulder in one swift motion. Dropping her white sports bra on the grass, she took a step back and placing both her hands on her waist, bent forward a little bit thrusting her pert protruding butt out, and jiggled her dark ebony bared breasts teasingly. Her tits were nowhere near as large as Serena’s but were much firmer and perkier. Unlike Serena’s heavy fleshy breasts, her breasts seemed to be an extension of her muscular shoulders and stood proudly on her chest in a perky manner.

She had rather small black areolas and her nipples too were relatively small and perky. As I watched her jiggle her firm breasts for me, I bit my lips involuntarily. “Like ‘em, baby …” she crooned, straightening her back and thrusting her chest out toward me. “Umm … yes …” I managed to mumble, my eyes flying to Sania who was still watching the crazy Venus, her eyes wide. When she caught my eye, she gave me a fleeting reassuring smile as if conveying her assent to me.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“Now that’s m’boy …” Venus said with a laugh, reaching out to pull me by my shoulders towards her. Towering over me with her 6’1” frame, she pulled my face to her bared ebony breasts and let out a soft crooning sound, ruffling my hair as she pressed my face to her firm tits. I stood there dumbly my hands hanging limply by my side even as I felt my lips and nose crush against the firm 36-B breasts of the amazing Venus Williams.

As she let go off me with a big toothy smile on her face, Jamal who’d been a silent spectator till now, walked up to Sania and said in a thick voice “Now it’s ya’r turn, baby …” a hint of a smile on his thick black lips. “Yeah … I’ve never seen an Indie gal’s tits …” added Jake from the other side, a lascivious smile on his thick lips, as he ran his big paw over his shaved head. Sania seemed to be stunned as the two black Jamaicans had turned their attention to her suddenly, and her wide surprised eyes flew to Jennifer as if seeking her support. Jennifer placed her arm around Sania’s shoulder and nodding her head, said to her in a soothing voice “Go on … it’s alright …”

Steven, who’d been standing with his arms around Serena’s waist, also walked up to Sania and said softly “Yeah, Sania … I can’t wait …” his face friendly. Sania seemed to be totally flustered with all the attention that was suddenly her, and her eyes flew towards me. I nodded my head imperceptibly, and tried my best to give her a reassuring smile. Then with a little sigh, Sania dropped her gaze to the ground, and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. I watched with bated breath as the sexy Sania Mirza slowly unhooked her bra.

As the hooks of her bra came undone, the bra cups fell forward slightly, accentuating the heaviness of her young ripe breasts. With a little shrug of her shoulders, Sania let the bra slide off her arms to bare her breasts. My breath caught in my throat as the beautiful 34-C young breasts of the 23-year old Sania Mirza came into view. To me, they looked like the most beautiful pair of tits I’d ever seen in my life. Fairer than the color of her skin on her arms, they were perfectly rounded and rested on her slender shoulders with just the right fall. Neither too muscular nor too saggy, they were just right; full, ripe, plush, soft, pliant and juicy.

I had always tried to imagine what Sania Mirza’s breasts would like, and today when I finally was blessed with the sight of them, I realized that they were much more beautiful that what I’d imagined them to be. Even though her arms and legs were slightly tanned by the sun, her gorgeous breasts were milky white. They were not perky like Venus’ nor did they hang heavily like Jennifer’s. Instead, they seemed to be somewhere in between, with just the right amount of firmness to support their own weight.

Almost perfectly shaped, they swelled out beautifully towards the tip, which was rounded and not pointed. Her areolas were of a slightly darker shade the complexion of her breasts, and were capped by a pair of immensely erotic light brown nipples. Her nipples were erect and thick, quite unlike the perky little nubbins of many teenage girls’ tits, and as I watched dry-mouthed I thought to myself that she’d definitely have been one of those teenagers whose breasts had developed faster than other girls her age. Once again, I couldn’t help but compare her tits to those of a busty teenage schoolgirl by the name of Sejal whom I’d known back in India.

[P.S. To know more about Sejal, read my story called 'A tale of teenage lust'.]

As she stood there, struggling to cope with her nearly naked state, clad only in her pleat-less white tennis shirt and the white Adidas tennis shoes, the silence was broken by Jamal who said in a thick husky voice “Man … those are some titties …” As the color rushed to Sania’s flushed cheeks, Jake added “Oh yeah … you’re fuckin’ hot, gal …” his thick blunt black face creased in a grin. Venus too let out a low whistle, and letting go off my hand, walked towards Sania. As I followed Venus, I glanced at Serena who was standing a few feet away, her hands folded across her chest, accentuating the bulge of her own massive mammaries.

Catching my glance, she smiled and winked at me, a curious expression of arousal and envy on her face. Sania’s lips were quivering as she stood there surrounded by all of us. Clearing his throat, Jamal who was standing behind her, said thickly “Can I feel ‘em, gal …” “Uh …” Sania stuttered, her eyes widening in apprehension. The ever loving Jennifer reached out and placed her hand on Sania’s shoulder again, nodding her heard reassuringly. “Can I …” Jamal repeated, the urgency in his voice making me apprehensive too.

“Go easy, boy …” Serena called out from the side, casually walking towards us too, a wide smile on her face, even as she looked Sania in the eye. “Uh … yes …” Sania mumbled, her eyelashes fluttering and her lush pink lips quivering, as she gave her assent to the hulking Jamal, her eyes on his with a pleading expression that seemed to be begging him to treat her gently. I glanced at Serena and gave her a grateful look for the empathy she’d shown by instructing the aroused Jamal, who was subconsciously clutching at his erect cock through his loose baggy shorts.

To my relief, Jamal reached out with is thick bear-like paws, and gently touched Sania’s ripe young boobs with his thick fingers. As his fingers pressed the pliant flesh of Sania’s breasts, as if feeling their softness, Sania shivered involuntarily and let out a soft sigh. Cupping his big claw-like thick paws under Sania’s left quivering breast, he hefted them in his palm, and felt their softness and weight. “Hot …” he murmured, his eyes taking in the shape of Sania’s 23-year old tits. His palms were so huge that they dwarfed Sania’s tits, but to his credit, he was gentle about the way he went about feeling Sania’s bared breasts.

Jake, who’d been standing on the other side Sania, licked his lips and said to her with a smile o his thick lips “Hey gal … ya’got an amazing pair of knocks … why’d ya’been hiding them for so long …” his tone good natured and friendly. Sania blushed violently again, the color of her cheeks reddening, but she still managed to give Jake a shy smile. As she gazed at Jake’s face as if trying to read his expression, he asked “Can I touch ‘em too …” a gentle smile on his otherwise tough looking face. Sania nodded her head almost instantly, as if afraid to refuse him.

As Jennifer took a step back to let Jake come closer to Sania, he reached out and took hold of Sania’s right breast, with a gentleness that you wouldn’t associate with a man of his structure. “Umm …” he muttered, as he felt Sania’s tits, handling them as if he were handling an infant. Hefting her lush milky breasts in his huge black palm, he shook them gently and looking her in the eye, said “Nice…” a widening smile creasing his thick black bald face. I felt my cock twitch and a drop of pre-cum ooze out of the slit of my painfully swollen cock inside my briefts, as I watched these two big massive hulking Negroes feel and fondle the sexy Sania Mirza’s gorgeous breasts, as if inspecting some livestock.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Steven, who’d been watching Sania silently, slid closer to her in front of her, and said to her with a warm smile “May I, Sania …” Embarrassed and pleased at the same time by the attention that was being showered on her, Sania blushed again and managed to say with a very shy smile “Yes, Steve …” making sure she took his name as she replied. Something in the way she looked at Steve told me this American tennis player had made some sort of an impression on Sania. “Thank you, ma’am …” he said with flourish, and reached out with both his hands to gently squeeze Sania’s breasts.

For the first time since she’d taken off her bra, I saw a hint of arousal on Sania’s face, as she closed her eyes and bit her lips, as Steve closed his thick white fingers around the soft fleshiness of her ripe breasts. Caressing the underside of her breasts with his hands and running his thumb over her erect quivering nipples, he said to her gently “They’re beautiful, Sania … and sexy … in fact I think you’re sexy too …” his face creased in a friendly yet aroused smile. Sania’s eyes flew open at this compliment that seemed to be beyond just lust, and blushing violently, she mumbled “Thanks … thanks, Steve …” her eyes gazing at him.

“Ok … my turn now …” announced Venus, raising her eyebrows and giving a challenging look to all of us. Before anybody could react, Venus moved towards Sania, and bending forward took hold of Sania’s left breast in one of her long fingered black hands, even as she thrust out her long tongue and ran it over Sania’s other bared breasts. “Ohhh …” Sania gasped, even as the rest of were stunned at this sudden sexual gesture that Venus had exhibited. “Ummm … lovely …” she muttered continuing to run her long pink tongue all over Sania’s nipples, causing Sania to shudder and grab hold of the towering Venus’ muscular shoulders.

“Venus …” she managed to gasp, even as I saw that she was experiencing that curious mixture of shame and arousal and being subjected to his open display of sexual attention. “Hey … we got all night, sis …” Serena called out from the side, mercifully breaking into the moment. As Venus giggled and straightened, towering over the diminutive Sania, Serena slid up close to her and pushing away Jake and Jamal playfully, said to Sania “You look good, Sania … an’ got really nice tits …” a slow smile on her face.

Sania gazed at Serena’s face for a few moments, as if trying to make out if she meant what she said. Seeing that Serena was still smiling at her in a friendly sort of way, she replied in subdued voice “Oh no, Serena … I … I think … you have the most … most beautiful breasts in the world …” her voice faltering as she said that. I silently congratulated Sania for saying that, because she was doing just the right thing by feeding the feisty Serena Williams’ ego. That seemed to please Serena immensely, for she beamed with pride and put her arm around Sania’s shoulder and pulled her towards her.

Watching the busty ebony goddess Serena Williams, her huge 36-D breasts bared and clad only in her black Nike tennis skirt and shoes, hugging the 23-year old fair Indian tennis diva, Sania Mirza, who too was topless and clad only in her white Adidas tennis skirt and shoes, gave me a kind of sexual high that no amount of drugs could. As everyone exchanged smiles at the sight of these fierce rivals on court hug each other, Venus exclaimed in a complaining voice “Heyy … don’t I get a hug …” As everyone laughed, Serena let go off Sania, and she turned towards Venus.

Momentarily forgetting about her semi-nude condition, Sania moved towards Venus and standing very close to the towering figure of Venus looked up at her face with a very serious expression. Biting her lips, she began “Um, Venus … I’d like to tell you now … in front of everyone … that I’m really very sorry for the way I behaved with you some time back …” As Venus began to say something, Sania cut her off “No … please … I am so sorry … I am so sorry … I never ever meant to demean you …” the words coming to her in a rush. Blinking her eyes rapidly, as tears threatened to rush to her eyes, Sania continued “I respect you and Serena so much … you’re my idols … I will never ever disrespect you …” her voice thick with emotion.

For a moment there was this awkward silence, as the Americans were not very comfortable with emotional behavior. Venus’ face was set in grim lines as she gazed at Sania, and then suddenly relaxed. “Oh my girl … it’s over and done with … ya’don’t have to …” she began to speak, allowing her trademark toothy smile to come on her wide mouth. “I mean it … please forgive me …” Sania said again, her gaze dropping to the grass and her voice breaking. Angrily wiping away a stray tear that had escaped her limpid eyes, Sania turned towards Serena and said “And I’d like to say the same thing to you too, Serena … I adore you two … I’d never ever …”
“Enough …” Venus exclaimed, cutting Sania off. Without a word, she reached out and pulled Sania towards her in a big hug, her tall lanky figure towering over the 5’7” Sania. Pulling Sania’s surprised face up towards her by the chin, she proceeded to press her lips to Sania’s stunned mouth, kissing her much to the amazement of all of us. As I watched the tall 6’1” ebony tennis goddess Venus Williams hold the relatively small busty Sania Mirza, her gleaming black body pressing against Sania’s lush fair body, and kiss her on the mouth with some force, I felt like my cock would explode inside my briefs itself.

“Let’s make love … not war …” Venus said with a little giggle, letting go off the stunned Sania, and throwing a proud smile at all of us who stood watching them. “Amen to that …” Jennifer seconded her, giving Sania a beautiful warm smile. With that, she too stepped towards Sania and embracing her, kissed her plush on the lips again. The sight of two girls kissing had always turned me on immensely, and here it was over the moon for me as I watched these tennis stars of contrasting races and colors kissing each other. “Yo …” Jake hooted, even as Steve and Jamal joined in the chorus, clapping and cheering the three girls who’d finally buried the hatchet.

“Let’s toast to that …” Jake announced, even as everybody cheered in assent. As the Champaign was poured out again, Sania approached me and taking me by my hand led me a little away from the others. I was holding my breath at this proximity of the semi-nude Sania Mirza, and I was doing my best to be cool and not stare at her bared breasts. Placing her glass of Champaign on the table top, she took both of my hands in hers, and looking into my eyes with a very serious expression on her face, said “Jignesh … I don’t know how to thank you for making this happen … I don’t know what to say …” her fair red cheeked pretty face looking so desirable to me.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Embarrassed at this sudden display of emotion towards me, and extremely conscious about the fact that her luscious breasts that I’d fantasized about ever since I was a teenager were right in front of me only a few inches away, I turned my head away to gaze at the sprawling lawn and said “Please don’t say that …” unable to think of anything else to tell her.

Even as I continued to look away avoiding looking at her, she shook my hand and said in a low whisper “Jignesh, look at me please …” her voice insistent. As I turned my gaze reluctantly to look at her face, she said “Say something …” her eyes boring into mine. “I don’t know what to say, Sania …” I replied, giving her a wry smile “… all I can tell you is that you’re embarrassing me by thanking me … I’ve just …” before she cut me off again.

Stepping closer to me till her lush ripe breasts were just inches away from my chest, she said “Everybody said something about me … you didn’t say anything …” the expression on her face intent and expectant. Tilting my head sideways, I finally glanced at her gorgeous breasts once before pulling my gaze up to her beautiful face, and said “What’s there that I can say to you, Sania … that you wouldn’t have heard before …” a wry smile on my face.

A hurt expression came to her face as she too tilted her head sideways, and said in a whisper “You don’t like me …” her tone questioning “... don’t you … don’t you even like my … breasts …” her voice a faint broken whisper as she uttered the word ‘breasts’. Before I could react, she let go off my hands which she was clutching, and turning her gaze away “I’m sorry … of course … you like Serena … and … Jennifer more … they’re … they’re so much more attractive than me …” her tone hurt and angry with herself, as she bit her lips and looked away.

“Sania …” I said sharply, my voice an emotional plea as I grabbed hold of her by her shoulders and shook her, causing her to turn to look at me sharply. “Don’t ever … ever … ever … say that …” I said to her fiercely, by hands squeezing her plumparms painfully. “Do you hear me … don’t ever say that again …” I continued “… you don’t know how much … what … who you are … to me …” my voice thick with emotion.

As she gazed at me, her eyes beginning to water, I said “Oh Sania … how can you even think that way … I’ve loved you from the time I first saw you on TV … in 2003 … from the time I was a 14-year old kid … I’ve dreamt of you … all my life I’d dreamt of meeting you in person some day … and today …” unable to continue, as I shook my head in exasperation.

“I didn’t come here for Serena … or Jennifer … or Venus … I came here for you …” I continued in exasperation, frustrated at how she’d misunderstood me. “Oh, can’t you see, Sania … can’t you see … how hopelessly I’m in love with you … you’re … you’re the most amazing girl … and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met in my life …” I finished in an helpless and frustrated tone, my eyes moving from her beautiful wet eyes to her incredibly delicious breasts. She blinked her wet eyes rapidly, gazing at me with an expression that was relieved, joyous, and sorry at the same time.

“Oh Jignesh …” she opened her mouth to speak, even as I cut her off by shaking my head “Shut up … shut up … please …before you saying something else to hurt me …” and pulled her by her shoulders towards me to embrace her.

As I embraced her and hugged her ripe young athletic body to me, those incredibly soft and fleshy breasts pressed to my chest, her body shook convulsively as she clung on to me tightly, her fingers biting into my back, even as she snuggled her face to my chest and breathed “Oh Jignesh ….” As I held this 23-year old girl of my dreams Sania Mirza in my arms, the emotions running high, I felt like I was the luckiest man on this planet.

My hard painfully erect cock inside the confines of my briefs was pressing against Sania’s firm fleshy belly, but I was past caring. I pushed my hips forward to press my hardness further into her belly and pelvis, just to remove all doubts and let her know how I really felt about her. Our moment of intimacy was suddenly interrupted by Serena, who’d approached us.

We were so engrossed within ourselves that I’d not heard her coming. “Ahem …” she cleared her throat, a wide smile on her face, as she said “… care for another drink …” pointing towards our empty glasses, as she stood their holding the recently opened bottle of Champagne.

“Yeah, sure …” I said quickly, even as Sania pulled away from me hastily. As Serena poured some more of the bubbly wine into our glasses, my eyes were drawn to the way her massive ebony breasts moved.

She caught my glance, and flashed me a knowing smile. To my relief, Sania was focused on holding her glass as Serena poured into it, and had not noticed me looking at Serena’s tits. “Umm … I’ll go catch up with Venus …” Sania said, clearly unsettled at being interrupted by Serena like this. “Do that, honey …” Serena said to her good naturedly, as Sania threw me a glance before walking off towards where Venus and the others were.

Taking a swig directly from the open bottle of Champaign, Serena came closer to me and said with a teasing smile “So what was that all about …” her tone almost annoyed. “Uh … what was what …” I said innocently. “You too seemed to be getting real cozy out here …” she said, a smile on her face, but her tone questioning. “Oh … well … she was just thanking me for getting her to meet the two of you …” I said dismissively.

Trying to read her face, I continued “I told her that she should be thanking the two of you … and not me …” putting on a pleasant smile on my face. “To be honest … I should be the one thanking you, Serena …” I said with all my earnestness, reaching out to clink my wine glass with hers.

Flashing a quick smile at me, she slid closer to me. Placing the glass on one of the numerous glass-topped round garden tables that lay around the lush green lawn, she lifted her right hand and rested her palm against the trunk of one the palm trees under which we stood.

With her left hand she began to push back her golden streaked braided hair, clearly putting on a show of her magnificent breasts which shook and moved with her movements. Once again as my eyes were drawn to her sweaty black breasts, she asked “Was that all …?” a hint of a smile on her lips, her tone still questioning. Taking a sip from my glass, I looked away before replying.

“Well … she was asking me … why I didn’t say anything nice about her … about her body … especially when all of you complimented her …” my tone embarrassed. “She did …?” Serena asked with a little chuckle, her eyes gleaming “… an’ what did’ya say …?” I threw a glance at her before replying “Umm … I told her that I liked her body and that she is very sexy, but …” letting my voice trail.

“But what …” Serena prompted, clearly interested by now. It never ceased to amaze me how girls all around the world were the same, always trying to get one up over one another, especially when it came to a getting a guy’s attention. “Uh … I said that what she’d said a while back was right … Serena has the most beautiful breasts that I’ve ever seen on this planet …” putting on an appropriately embarrassed tone to my voice.

“You did …” Serena asked, her face breaking into a pleased grin, as she slid really close to me now, and placed her left hand on my waist. “You really did …” she repeated, smiling happily now, and pressing her pelvis towards me, her magnificent breasts only a few inches away from my chin.

“You’ve been eying my tits ever since the day you met me … then why is it that you’ve not even said a word to me today … when I’ve had ‘em out in the open for more than an hour now …” she asked, shaking her head but still smiling. I had a sense of déjà vu as I heard the sizzling hot Serena Williams ask me almost the same question the glamorous Sania Mirza had asked me only a while back.

On an inspiration, I gave her the same line I’d given Sania a while back. Putting on a wry smile on my face, I said “What’s there that I can say about your breasts, Serena … that you haven’t heard already from others …?” tilting my head to one side and gazing into her eyes. Serena kept looking into my eyes for a few moments, and I could see that my response had clearly pleased her. “Still … I’d like to hear something from you …” she said, her tone persistent.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
“What can I tell you, Serena …” I said with some exasperation “… that I’ve been fascinated by your breasts ever since I first saw you on TV … and that I’ve been struggling to keep my eyes away from your breasts ever since I met you … and that I’ve been walking around with a painful hard-on all evening, looking at you … and that I’ve been burning with jealousy as I watched you let Steve enjoy your magnificent breasts tonight …” my words coming out rapidly, partly due to my frustration all evening.

“What do you want me to tell you, Serena …” I repeated, the frustration and angst evident in my voice. There was an amused and fond expression on her face as she heard the torrent of words from me, and she was silent for a moment. Discarding her teasing smile, she said to me softly “Come to me, ma’h darling … come feel ‘em …” reaching out to take my right hand in hers and placing it over her huge firm muscular breasts. “Ohh, Serena …” I whispered as I felt the hot sweaty flesh of her big ebony breasts almost burn into my palms.

“Yes, baby …” she whispered encouragingly, thrusting her chest out towards my hand, and pressing my hand to her breasts further. Maddened with arousal, I reached out to gingerly hold both of her beautiful ebony athletic breasts, and felt their heaviness. Sliding my hands under the curve of her hanging breasts, I hefted them in my palm, as if weighing them. My fingers roamed tenderly over the flesh of her breasts, running gingerly over the thick erect black nipples.
“They’re beautiful, Serena …” I whispered hoarsely, my mouth dry. “Suck on ‘em, baby …” she said with a little smile, her eyes looking into mine. “Now …” I asked incredulously, my eyes shifting towards where the others were chatting. “Yeah, now … don’t bother about them …” she said with urgency, pressing her hand over mine on her breasts once again in a squeezing motion.

At 5’9” she was a whole inch taller than me, and as a consequence, her magnificent breasts were almost at the level of my chin. With a soft groan, I moved my face forward, and closing my eyes, gently brushed my face against the firm fleshiness of her beautiful black breasts. As I felt her thick turgid nipples brush against my cheeks and lips, I felt the fullness of her breasts turn me on.

Cupping both her breasts, I brushed my parched lips against her nipples. “Yea … baby …” she said softly, caressing my hair. With another soft groan, I opened my mouth and began to lick on the hot sweaty skin of her full lush ebony breasts. “Yeah, suck on ‘em …” she repeated, applying some pressure on my head from the back. I began to flick my tongue across her erect nipples, even as I felt her wrap her other arm around me and pull me closer to her, causing my erect cock inside the confines of my tracks to press against her broad hips.

“Ohh, Serena …” I cried out softly again, as I opened my mouth and took one of her thick erect black nipples into my mouth. Clamping my mouth around her taut nipple, I tried to suck in as much of her firm heavy dark breasts into my mouth as possible, eliciting the first genuine groan of arousal from her. “Yesss …” she hissed, smothering my face with her breasts, even as her muscular hands slid between our bodies and squeezed my hardness through the thick fabric of my track pants.

“Serena …” I moaned, as her fingers closed around my hardness and squeezed, wrapping my own arms around her back and sliding them under her black Nike tennis skirt. As my fingers came in contact with the flesh of her huge butt and the fabric of her sports panties underneath, I felt my cock twitch with anticipation. “Yea …” Serena said fiercely, as she quickly slid her hand inside the elastic waistband of my track pants as well as my briefs inside in one quick surprising move.

“Sssss ….” I sighed audibly, as I felt her slide her thick muscular fingers inside my underwear almost roughly, and take hold of my painfully swollen cock in her thick and somewhat calloused hands. “Ooooohhhh … ma’h darling’s all hard an’ ready …” she crooned sexily, her fingers beginning to caress my cock inside the briefs rather roughly. Before I could react, she whispered into my ear fiercely “Take off my panties, baby …” “What …” I exclaimed incredulously, not sure if I’d heard it right. “Take off my panties …” she repeated, her face clouded with arousal.

Shaken, I complied quickly to obey her, and slid both my hands under her black tennis skirt. Sliding my hands up her huge heavy butt, I hooked my fingers into the elastic of her black Champion sports full-bottomed sports panties, and began to slide it down. As I pulled her tight fitting panties down her lush full ass, and those massive muscular thighs, she pressed her thighs together and bent her legs at the knees to allow me to slide it down easily. I’d barely managed to slide her panties down to her knees, when she reached down herself, and impatiently pulled it down her calves herself, stepping out of them.

Kicking the panties aside, she pulled me to her, and once again slid her hands into my loose tracks. I almost cried out aloud, as she yanked my tracks down with a swift motion midway down to my thighs. “Serena …” I whispered fiercely, trying to grab hold of my track pants, when she swatted my hand away and shut me up by hissing “Shhhh ….” I was frozen to the spot with shock, as she then proceeded to push down my white briefs to my thighs too, allowing my hard swollen cock to spring free.

As I felt the cool night air on my hot erect cock, she took hold of it almost gingerly and caressing it, said “Oh my … you have a lovely little cock, baby …” her big hands almost making my cock look small. In the company of these massively hung American tennis athletes, I was very conscious of my rather average 6” cock. As she fondled my quivering hard cock with her thick black fingers, her eyes were fixated on them as if seeing a non-American cock for the first time.

“Oh please, Serena … don’t make fun of me …” I said in a hurt whisper, in response to her flattering words about my cock. Her eyes flew to me when I said that, and in an earnest voice she said “No, baby … I mean it … you’ve a beautiful cock …” continuing to fondle my cock and my swollen balls, as she looked into my face with a dead earnest expression. I looked at her face, and decided that she was just being kind to me.

Caressing my cheek almost tenderly, she said “Ain’t ya’r cock dying to get a feel of ma’h pussy, baby …” her voice soft and almost girlish in a sing-song way. Before my stunned self could react, she quickly lifted her leg and placed it on one of the wrough-iron garden chairs. Lifting up her black tennis skirt, she pulled me to her, and guided her crotch to press against my painfully hard cock.

“Ohhhhh ….” I groaned, as I felt the hot Serena Williams press her black shaved cunt to my rock hard swollen cock. “Feel it, baby …” she asked huskily, holding my compact butt with her hand and grinding her hips to rub her thick black clean shaven cunt on my cock. I could feel a bit of the roughness from the shaved hair of her cunt, and I couldn’t decide whether the wetness I felt was from my own cock or her cunt.

“Feel me wet, baby …” she asked again in a husky whisper, as if reading my mind, even as she pressed her black pussy to my hard Indian cock. Her magnificent heavy breasts were mashed to my chest, and her lips were parted. With a groan, I pressed my mouth to her and kissed her passionately, feeling her slide her thick tongue into my mouth too.

As I closed my eyes and allowed her to tongue my mouth passionately, I imagined what this scene would look like to an external observer. The 28-year old 5’9” black American tennis player Serena Williams was topless except for her black Nike tennis skirt and shoes, and was kissing a regular Indian-guy-next-door like me, without her panties, and rubbing her thick wet cunt on his erect cock.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
As she finally pulled her lips away from mine, I glanced nervously in the direction of the others. Since we were a little distance away from where the pool was, it was relatively darker in this part of the lawns; and from there they hopefully couldn’t see what we were up to. But I was sure that Sania would be wondering what we were doing in the dark here. As if reading my thoughts once again, Serena gave me a teasing grin again, and said “Alright … that was just a primer … let’s get back to the gang now …” giving my erect cock one last squeeze.

“Uh … yes …” I managed to mumble, my heart still racing from the little secret teasing foreplay she’d just indulged in with me. With that, she took hold of my hand and led me towards the others, a spring in her step, causing her magnificent breasts to jiggle and shake as she walked. As we approached the group, I noticed to my utter surprise that Sania was getting a royal treatment from Venus and Jennifer.

She was stretched out on her belly on one of the wooden mattress-covered wooden recliners, which had been pushed down to create a flat bed of sorts, and was getting a rub-down from Venus and Jennifer. A transparent plastic bottle of what appeared to be some sort of massaging oil was placed on the grass next to the chair, and Jennifer was bending over Sania and massaging her bare back and shoulders with the oil.

Sania’s lush breasts were pressed flat against the mattress and were bulging out from the side; even as I admired the way Jennifer’s heavy breasts dangled and shook and she bent forward and massaged the muscles on Sania’s back and shoulders. Venus on the other hand, was on her knees on the grass between Sania’s outstretched legs and was massaging her calves with the oil. As we approached them, I couldn’t help but say “Wow … that’s some royal treatment you’re getting, Sania …” a cheerful smile on her face.

Sania gave me a shy smile from where she lay and replied “Oh … I just said that I was feeling a bit tired … and Venus insisted that I lie down …” as if embarrassed that she was being given a good rubdown like this by her own on-court rivals. “Lucky you …” I said with a laugh, to which Venus retorted with a big smile “You want one too …?”

I threw my head back and laughed before replying “Yeah, sure … provided you promise not to strangle me to death …” eliciting peals of laughter from the others. It was amazing to see the contrast between Venus’ dark ebony skin and Serena’s fair wheatish complexion, as she went about kneading the muscles on Sania’s calves and releasing the tension from the knotted muscles. Her pert firm tits quivered as she vigorously massaged Sania’s calves and then slid her hands upwards towards the hollow behind her knees.

My cock gave an appreciating twitch as I felt a tinge of envy, wishing I was in place of Sania, and being massaged by these two hot tennis players. Serena had gone up to Jamal, and was sitting in his lap, chatting away gaily, even as his big grubby palms roamed over Serena’s huge black breasts casually, teasing her erect nipples intermittently, as they sipped on their drinks. Jake and Steve, who’d both got a blowjob from Jennifer and Venus respectively, were stretched out on the nearby recliners and talking among them, seemingly not interested in what the girls were up to.

As I watched, Serena twisted around on Jake’s lap to face him, and thrusting out her huge breasts to him, said something in his ear. In response, I saw Jake throw his head back and laugh heartily, and then picking up a cube of ice from his drink, ran it over Serena’s bulging black breasts and thick nipples, eliciting a little squeal from her.

My cock was aching for a release now, and I envied Jake and Steve, who seemed to be totally relaxed now, having got their rocks off once already. With nothing better to do, and unable to watch Serena fool around with Jamal, I went and sat down on the chair next to where Sania lay, being given a thorough massage by Jennifer and Venus.

As I sat down, Sania turned her head on the soft mattress to face me, her eyes gazing into mine as if asking for something. On an impulse, I asked “Um, Sania … would you mind if I too …” letting my words hang, indicating with my hands if it was alright if I helped the girls massage her too. The look in Sania’s eyes suggested that that was exactly she was thinking too, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how well I’d connected with her already.

As she bit her lips, Jennifer answered before she could “Sure, why not … I’m sure Sania wouldn’t mind … will you, Sania …?” she asked with a smile, her eyes on me. “Uh, yes … I mean … no, I won’t mind …” Sania mumbled, her face turning crimson, even though her eyes conveyed that she loved me for saying aloud just she’d been thinking.

Before I could respond, Venus chirped from the foot of the recliner “Yeah … but remember that I’m next in line …” her face twisted in mock sternness. “Oh Venus … it’ll be my pleasure …” I said to her cheerfully. I was feeling a lot more cheerful now and I couldn’t decide whether it was the booze or the newly formed intimacy with the otherwise haughty Sania Mirza.

As I picked up the bottle of clear oil, Jennifer said “Start with her arm …” indicating that I should take over the other side opposite to Jennifer. Sania gazed at me fondly with her head cushioned by the mattress as I poured the oil into my cupped palm, and began to apply in gently on her plump arms just below her right shoulder. As I felt the firm yet soft skin of her fleshy upper arms, she caught my eye and mouthed silently “Thank you …” her eyes warm.

“You’re welcome …” I mouthed silently in response, giving her my ( ) warmest smile. Jennifer had caught this little silent exchange between us, and catching my eye, she gave me a broad knowing smile. Venus, who’d finished with Sania’s calves now, was beginning to massage the back of Sania’s thighs now.

She prised open Sania legs to get better access to the inside of her thighs, as she began to knead the fleshy plump flesh of Sania’s hamstrings. Sania’s fair plump body was glistening with the oil now, and as Venus began to rhythmically rub and massage the back of Sania’s thighs, Sania closed her eyes and buried her face in the soft white mattress.

Venus’ long black fingers had reached the hem of Sania’s white tennis skirt, and she quickly pushed up the skirt to bare Sania’s delectable round lush bottom, covered by a pair of full-bottom white Jockey sports-panties. As Sania’s sexy derriere came to view, I glanced at Venus who seemed to be fully engrossed in giving Sania a thorough rub-down.

She grunted as she began to massage Sania’s plump thighs, her long slender black fingers sliding between Sania’s thighs, touching her panty-covered ass and vaginal cleft frequently. I could bet that Sania was getting turned out Venus’ touch, as her palm which was resting on my knees as I sat beside her and massaged her fleshy arms, clasped by knees.

My eyes were drawn to the bulge of Sania’s tits which were visible from where she lay on her belly on the soft white mattress. Jennifer seemed to have read my mind, as she suddenly announced “Alright, girl … turn on to your back now …” the words said casually. Sania paused for a moment before answering “Um … ok …” her voice muffled by the soft mattress.

I watched with bated breath as Sania twisted herself around and lay down on her back, revealing her immensely desirable torso and those gorgeous breasts in all their naked glory. Her lips were slightly parted, and her face was still flushed red with embarrassment, as she lay there with her hands by her side, glancing nervously at me and Jennifer.

As if to put her at ease, Jennifer said with a smile “You’re gorgeous, Sania …” her eyelashes fluttering. “Oh …” was all that Sania managed to mumble, even as Jennifer took her hand in hers, and proceeding to sit down on a chair, placed Sania’s hand on her own shoulders for support. Seeing her, I decided to follow the same technique, and lifted Sania’s arm to place her hand on my shoulder too.

Once again, my eyes were drawn to how Sania’s breasts were looking in this position. They were stretched out on her chest in this position, but still managed to bulge upwards owing to the sheer girth and fleshiness of her lush ripe breasts, and also helped by the fact that she’d lifted both her arms to rest them on our shoulders, causing a mini-cleavage of sorts to form.

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RE: Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
I glanced at Venus who was now sitting on the long recliner on which Sania lay, with her butt resting in between Sania’s outstretched legs, while her legs were legs were stretched out on either side of Sania’s legs. Thanks to her incredibly long black ebony legs, Venus was able to sit across the chair in this position without any difficulty, and could rest her feet on the grass with her legs bent at the knees. In this legs spread out position, my eyes were drawn to how her white Champion sports-panties were stretched across her crotch, and I wondered to myself if she were clean shaven like her sister too.

Pouring out some more oil into her palm, she began to deftly knead Sania’s knee-cap, running her hands in circles around her plump dimpled knees. As she focused on massaging Sania, her pert firm dark breasts jiggled and shook, looking even more alluring in the position she sat, leaning forward towards slightly. Jennifer on the other hand, was squeezing Sania’s biceps, and I loved the way her lush heavy breasts too quivered and shook as she went about her task too.

Turning my eyes to Sania, as I slid my hand down from her forearms to her elbows, I saw that she was gazing at me once again. I raised my eyebrows in a silent question of “What …?” to her, but she just smiled and shook her head. By now, Venus had slid her hands up from Sania’s knees on to her thighs.

As Sania turned her gaze to look at Venus, Jennifer too hefted Sania’s hand from her shoulder gently and placed it on her side. With a smile, she began to massage Sania’s shoulder and chest, her bottom of her palm touching the upper slopes of Sania’s breasts, even as she looked at me and gave me a signal that I should start doing the same too. My mouth was dry as I gently removed Sania’s hand from my shoulder too, and placed it by her side.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that some day I’d be sitting like this by the side of a nearly naked Sania Mirza, and massaging her beautiful sexy body. Interrupting my reverie, Jennifer said “Jignesh, why don’t you go and sit there …” indicating towards the head of the pushed back flat recliner “… and get her to rest her head in your lap …” a warm smile on her face. “She’ll be a lot more comfortable that way …” she added by way of explanation, catching the look of incomprehension on my face.

“Ok …” I mumbled, and letting go off Sania’s hands, stood up. Sania glanced at Jennifer, who gave her a quick nod. As Sania lifted her head off the headrest of the flat mattress covered wooden pool-side reclining chair, I sat down on the chair with both my legs on one side, and gently placed her head in my lap. “That’s better …” Jennifer said with a smile. I glanced down at Sania who was now lying with her head in my lap, and I felt a rush of tenderness course through me.

Jennifer could have just rolled up a towel and placed it under Sania’s head for support, but I knew she was doing this just so that I could get closer to Sania. I looked at Jennifer, and gave her a look with my eye that conveyed my gratitude at her thoughtfulness. “Lift your arms, girl …” Jennifer instructed Sania with a smile. As Sania obeyed her instruction and raised both her arms above her head, I guided them on to my lap for support.

As her arms came to rest upwards in my lap, she clasped my left forearm which was resting on my knees just above her head. I was resting my right hand on my side, not sure of where I could touch her in this position, as the only logical place seemed to be her chest. Even as Sania lifted her eyes to gaze at my face, Jennifer proceeded to pour some oil directly from the bottle over Sania’s breasts.

As the oil dropped on Sania’s upward stretched fleshy breasts, she shuddered involuntarily and screwed her eyes shut. I could see her bosom heaving now as she was beginning to breathe faster, even as Jennifer put the bottle aside, and placing both her white oily palms on Sania’s beautifully outstretched breasts, began to rub her palms over them in gentle circles. Sania let out a soft sigh and kept her eyes shut as the sexy Jennifer began to leisurely rub her plump hands over Sania’s breasts, and her fingers clasped my left fore arm harder.

It was a hugely erotic to sight to see one girl massaging another girl’s breasts like this, and I felt my cock shudder inside my briefs again. My eyes were drawn to Venus, who had by now pushed up Sania’s hip-hugging white tennis skirt and was almost teasingly massaging the insides and front of Sania’s stocky and muscular thighs.

From my position at the head of the chair, I could clearly see how Sania’s thick vagina bulged upwards slightly through those conservatively cut white Jockey sports panties. Venus looked at my face and gave me a wide toothy knowing smile, as she went about massaging Sania’s inner thighs almost teasingly.

She was no longer applying the kind of pressure she was using when massaging Sania’s calves, and it was evident that she was just trying to arouse Sania now. Each time she massaged Sania’s thick thighs with her long ebony fingers, she was making sure her thumbs brushed against the bulge of Sania’s vagina through the panties on each upward rotating movement.

That combined with the manner in which Jennifer was kneading Sania’s lovely breasts was beginning to have its desired effect; Sania’s breathing becoming shallower and her fingers clasping my forearm harder. This was unfolding into an incredibly erotic scene, and as I glanced down at Sania’s flushed face and those sexily parted lips, I felt a current of lust course through my veins too.

With my right hand which was free, I gently wiped the beads of sweat off Sania’s forehead and gently caressed her cheeks. Her eyes flew open at my touch, and there was an inflamed look in them as she gazed at me. Turning her face sideways, she trapped my hand in between her cheek and her raised shoulders, as if wanting to feel my touch on her. Her eyes closed again as her bosom heaved and her breathing quickened through her slightly parted lips.

That’s when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulders from behind. Turning to look around, I saw to my surprise that Serena was standing there right next to me. Her eyes had a wild sort of look in them as she smiled at me, and then glanced at the sexy Sania Mirza lying on the chair, getting turned on with the manipulations that Jennifer and Venus were subjecting her to.

Without a word, she picked up the bottle of oil that was lying on the grass. Pouring the oil into her palm, she to my utter amazement, proceeded to rub the oil all over magnificent huge ebony breasts. I watched in arousal, as Serena smiled and rubbed the oil all over her tits, cupping and squeezing them in circular outward motions.

After ensuring that her tits were well covered with the slippery oil, she then proceeded to do the most incredibly erotic thing that I’d seen one girl do to another. Giving a silent eye signal to Jennifer, she got down on her knees on the grass on the other side to Jennifer, and bending forward over Sania, began to rub her huge voluptuous 36-D breasts over Sania’s.

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