Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
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As she straightened on the chair and stretched out her legs, I glanced at them admiringly. Though muscular, her legs had that kind of fleshiness to it that made them look incredibly sexy to me. As she straightened her back and lifted her arms above her head, my eyes were drawn to the way her sexy heavy 34-C breasts strained against the fabric of her yellow Adidas tennis t-shirt. Afraid that she might notice me staring at her breasts, I pulled my eyes away hastily.

That’s when Jake announced from the other side of the pool “Yo folks … the bar’s open …” to which the gang responded with hoots and claps. Getting up from her chair, Sania extended her hand to me, and said “Come on … let’s get drunk tonight …” a kind of determination in her voice, that seemed to convey that she’d decided to quit worrying and enjoy the moment. As I took her hand and stood up, she hooked her arm under mine the way couples do, and walked with me towards the make-shift bar. Walking like this, with the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza holding on to my arm like this, I felt like I was on the moon!

Jake, as it turned out was a bartender by profession, and not surprisingly Jamal turned out to be professional DJ. As Jake handed out one his Malibu special Jamaican rum-based cocktail to all of us, Serena and Williams raised to toast to me. “To Jiggs …” they announced in chorus. “And to Sania …” added Jennifer from the side, bringing a smile to Sania’s face. “To Sania …” I said softly, turning to her, to which she just pursed her lips and gave me a wry smile, nodding her head in acknowledgment at me.

As we all took a sip of the cool refreshing cocktail that Jake had stirred up, Jamal began to play some exotic reggae music that seemed to be much in favor with Afro Americans here. Over the last few years, I’d too developed a taste for their music. Sania was chatting with Jake and Jamal, complimenting him over his drink-making skills, and listening to Jamal with attention, as he explained the nuances of how to handle a DJ’s turn-table. Seeing that she seemed to be at ease with the folks around now, I sauntered across the lawn to enjoy the cool night air. Jennifer joined me in a few minutes, and sat down on the plastic-taped recliner next to mine.

“You like her, don’t you …?” she asked, a smile on her face. “Who …” I asked instinctively, though knowing fully well who she was referring to. “You know who I’m talkin’ about …” she replied, her smile broadening and her eyes on me. Looking her in the eye, I replied “It’s strange, you know … she asked me the same thing about you …” a smile on my lips too. She let out a contented sort of sigh on hearing this, and replied “Well … then I guess she’s taken a liking to you too …” her eyes teasing, her big white teeth shining in the moonlight. We were both silent for a few moments.

As I turned my head to look at her lying back in the lawn chair, her hands behind her head, her heavy breasts stretched out across her chest under her white tennis t-shirt, and her plump muscular legs stretched out straight from under her pleated white tennis skirt, I felt an urge to reach out and caress her plump smooth thighs. Instead, I said to her “The fact of the matter is … that I feel like I’ve known you all my life … and her … I’ve just met her yesterday …” my voice soft as I sat up in my chair and turned to face her. She looked at me for a few seconds as if deciding how to respond to that.

Instead, she too sat up on the chair, and leaning forward towards me, just kissed me softly on my lips. Before I could respond, she pulled away and getting up from the chair, said “Come on … let’s get a refill …” As we approached the counter, I saw that Steve and Venus were busy setting up the barbecue grill, while Serena and Sania were deeply engrossed in a conversation. As we took the fresh cocktails from Jake, Jennifer said “Come on … let’s see what the two girls are up to …” referring to Serena and Sania.

As I approached them, Sania smiled at me brightly. “Can I get you ladies a refill …” I asked pleasantly, noticing that their glasses were empty. “I’d love that, Jignesh …” Sania said brightly, her eyes shining. From her tone, I could make out that she’d loosened up already with just her first drink. “Me too, da’hling …” Serena added with a laugh. “At once, m’ladies …” I said, bowing with a flourish and turning to walk towards the make-shirt bar, much to the amusement of the three girls.

As I returned with refills for Serena and Sania, Sania said “Um … Serena … I’d got something for you and Venus … I’d like to give it you now …” a bright smile on her face. “What’re ya’ waitin’ for girl …” Serena responded immediately with a laugh “… I love surprises …” With that Sania got up from her chair and jogged over to where she’d left her kit bag. As she returned clutching two small beautifully wrapped boxes, Serena called out to her sister “Hey sissie … come on over … there’s something here for ya …”

Serena waited as Venus and Steve walked over, Venus’ ebony face curious. “Um … I’m not sure if you’ll like it … but it’s something I got for you from India …” she said with some awkwardness, handing the little boxes to both of them. Venus was the first to rip open her present, and as she extracted what was inside, she exclaimed “Wow … this is so cool …” her eyes gleaming at the sight of the beautiful pearl choker with a red ruby on it that Sania had got for her. By that time, Serena had also opened hers, and as her eyes took in an elaborate pearl necklace with a shining green emerald on it, she gushed “This is so sexy … gee thanks, girl …” stepping forward to give Sania a friendly hug.

Sania’s face flushed with pleasure as both Serena and Venus drooled over the beautiful pearl ornaments. “This is from the city I belong to … Hyderabad …” she added bashfully, her eyes moving from Serena to Venus. “It’s lovely …” Venus gushed, ambling forward to give Sania a hug too, even as Serena added “I love it …” As I watched these two black American tennis legends gush over the pearls that Sania had so thoughtfully got for them like a pair of teenage girls, I couldn’t help but think how girls all around the planet, irrespective of race or nationality, had one common love – jewels.

“Um … I looked up your birthdays …” Sania continued “… and chose the stones are supposed to go with your Zodiac …” her face still lit by her beautiful smile. “Hey … what about me …” Steve said good naturedly, a mock frown on his face. Caught off guard momentarily, Sania recovered well before answering “Uh … I didn’t know what to get for you and Jennifer, Steve …” before adding “… but I promise I’ll make up for it … for now … can I …” she left her words hanging as she turned around and opened her arms to Steve for a hug.

“Oh yeah …” Steve replied with a laugh, responding by opening his own arms, his 6-1 frame towering over the diminutive Sania. As Sania rose on her toes to hug Steve, he wrapped his arms around her back and hugged her with gusto, pressing her ripe young body to his own massive torso. I felt a pang of jealousy course through me, even as the girls crooned “Ooooooo …” teasing Steve. As Steve held her pressed against his body, her lush ripe breasts pressed to his torso, I said “There are a billion Indians out there, Steve … who’d willingly trade all the pearls in this world for that …” laughing more to cover the jealousy I felt at the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza hugging him.

“Yeah …” he laughed “… who needs pearls “… when I got an Indian diamond right here …” and to my utter surprise, playfully squeezing Sania’s delectable round butt. To her credit, Sania did not yelp or react to this flirtatious gesture, laughing as Steve let go off her. “You lucky bastard …” I thought to myself as I felt another pang of jealousy at him so casually having been able to squeeze her ass.
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Unable to meet Sania’s eyes, I walked over to the barbecue pit, to which Venus and Steve had returned. After the two cocktails, I was beginning to feel rather lightheaded, and not wanting to lose my senses, switched over to good old beer. Everyone was beginning to loosen up, and there was plenty of laughter all around. Serena and Venus were beginning to grind to the music, even as Jake and Jamal joined them. Even though I pretended to be busy helping Steve and Venus with the barbecue, my eyes kept straying toward Sania who was now engrossed in some deep conversation with Jennifer.

Sania was saying something intently to Jennifer, who kept nodding her head and listened patiently. My curiosity was piqued when I saw Jennifer reach out to Sania and wrap her arms around her shoulders, as if reassuring her about something. Suddenly Serena clapped her hands and called out aloud “Alright folks … time to take off ya’r tops now …” This was met by encouraging hoots and calls of “Yo … “from the two hulking Jamaicans. Glancing towards Sania, I noticed that her eyes had widened in surprise. As if on some instinct, she glanced towards me, her gaze nervous and apprehensive. Jennifer, who’d noticed Sania’s look, immediately put her arm on Sania’s shoulder and whispered something into her ear.

At the distance that I was from them, I could not hear what Jennifer had said, but I saw Sania say something in response and nod her head. Turning to gaze towards me, Jennifer smiled at me reassuringly as if telling me that she’d take care of Sania. Relieved by the warm Jennifer’s silent reassurance, I turned to look at the Williams sisters. Serena was laughing and saying to the two Negroes “Come on boys … let us girls see what you boys got under your shirts …” beckoning to them with her fingers.

“And pants too …” Venus cried out from behind them, giggling like some silly school girl, and prancing around on her long legs like an excited cat. The two Jamaican hunks, eager to flaunt their muscular bodies in front of these girls, began to pull off their t-shirts in a slow strip-teasing manner. As the girls clapped and egged them on, they pulled their t-shirts over their heads to bare their chiseled ebony obscenely muscled torsos. I cringed as I gazed at their bared chests. Those two looked like they spent every living minute in the gym, and their chest muscles rippled menacingly as they flexed their arms and posed for the girls.

The lights from all around the pool area glistened on their shimmering ebony skins. Their bulging biceps were probably larger than my thighs, and I almost felt like a deer among elephants. “Ooooh … look at ‘em …” Serena cooed, walking up to them and running her fingers along their hard muscular chests. “An’ look at him …” Venus called out, as she began to forcibly pull off Steve’s t-shirt. Steve, while nowhere like the hulking Negro giants, was still a big man in his own right. As Venus pulled his t-shirt off his body, he too laughed and said ‘Yeah … look at me …” jokingly looking at the two Jamaicans.

His barrel chest was covered with abundant hair, and he seemed to be blessed with a naturally well-built body. “Ooooohh …” Venus crooned, as she ran her long slender black fingers over Steve’s chest, even as Jennifer clapped on proudly. She whispered something into Sania’s ear, causing Sania to smile nervously, though I could see that she seemed awed by the raw physiques on display by the two Jamaican hunks. As if in unison, all of them turned to look at me, even as Serena said with a laugh “Come on da’hling … what’re ya waitin’ for …” “Yeah … come on …” Venus joined in, giggling in her trademark silly manner.

“Oh no … no, no, no …” I cried out, beginning to back off from where I stood. “Not a chance …” yelled Venus as she began to walk of me. “No way …” I said, and began to run towards the open sprawling lawn surrounding the pool area. “Go get’im sis …” Serena called to Venus, beginning to jog towards me. The gang began to laugh again as the tall Venus sprinted after me, and grabbed hold of me from behind. In no time, she had wrestled me to the ground and was squatting over me, holding my hands pinned up ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) above my head. “I need help here …” she called out giggling, even as Serena joined her and between the two of them, forcibly pulled off my t-shirt, even as I struggled in vain.

Standing up, Venus waved my t-shirt in the air proudly, much to the amusement of the rest of the gang. In the company of these fantastic athletes, I felt like a midget. Except for Sania, any one of them would’ve beaten me hands down in a freestyle wrestling bout, and I was almost blushing when I stood up bare-chested. “Hmm … not bad …” Serena said with a laugh, glancing at my bared chest. I had been working out ever since school, and though not even remotely in the league of these people, I had a reasonably toned and muscular body.

Venus slid behind me and wrapping her long black arms around me, teasingly caressed by chest and belly, cooing “Ummm … look at this abs, sis … ain’t he cute …” her fingers teasing the muscles on my abdomen. I’d been focusing on developing my abdominal muscles in the last one year, and though nowhere close to a six-pack, had developed a reasonable four-pack. I was flushed red with embarrassment, and as I felt Venus press her firm 36-B breasts to my shoulders from behind as she held me, I glanced apprehensively at Sania.

She was looking at me intently, and as Jennifer leant towards her and whispered something into her ear again, she bit her lips and smiled shyly, her eyes still on mine. “Look … he’s blushing …” called out Venus to the others, much to the amusement of the others, as she gushed “He’s so cute ….”even as she ruffled my hair from behind. Even the two otherwise scowling Negroes smiled and laughed at that, and I couldn’t help but feel like some pet that Venus had found to play with. Not that I minded it one bit, as I was getting turned on by the feel of Venus Williams’ hot sweaty body pressing against mine from behind.

As Venus let go off me, Serena called out “Time to pop the Champaign …” clapping her hands together. With a chorus of cheers, the cork was popped, and the bubbly wine poured into glasses. As we all toasted and raised the glasses to our lips, Steven announced “Alright girls … time for you to take off your tops now …” grinning widely. This was met by hoots of encouragement from the two Jamaicans too, who by now were really beginning to grind to the music in the way only people of African origins could.

“But I don’t have a top …” said Venus with a giggle, to groans of protest from the others. “Too bad, sis … it’ll hafta be ya’r dress then …” said Serena to her sister with a laugh, even as the others joined in with “Yea …” Venus made a face, and grumbled “Not fair …” However, she still went ahead and grabbing hold of the hem of her frock-like single piece tennis dress, yanked it off her head in one single move. Giggling, she pirouetted on her feet, thrusting her hips to one side and posing for everyone.

I watched dry mouthed as I gazed at the athletic yet awkwardly tall Venus Williams pose in front of us in a pair of white 36-B Champion PowerSleek wire-free sports bra and matching white Hi-Cut briefs from the same brand. Her shoulders had a natural hunch to them usually associated with awkwardly tall people, and her glistening black body shimmered in the light. The white color of her sports bra and panties contrasted sharply with the ebony black of her skin, accentuating the shape of her breasts and hips. Even though nowhere near as bulky as Serena, her long arms were muscular and the muscles of her thighs and calves rippled as she posed.

The comfort of these people in these states of undress never ceased to amaze me, as Venus giggled, and the rest of the crowd clapped and cheered to appreciate her. To me she looked like a black panther – tall, athletic, and looking like a dark goddess, in spite of her rather ungainly and awkwardly structured face with the pronounced forehead and protruding ape-like jaws. There was a raw sexuality to her that was hard to ignore, and I could see the way Sania gazed at her in amazement, even as she stood there posing like a school girl clad only in her white sports bra, panties, and white Nike tennis shoes.
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Even before I had my fill of ogling at the towering lanky Venus, Serena began to pull off her pink Nike tank-top. As she dropped her top on the grass, I swallowed instinctively. The shimmering lights that were reflected off the blue water in the pool, bounced off the incredibly muscular torso of the 28-year old 5’9” American tennis star, Serena Williams. She was wearing a black Champion Action-Shape Full Figure sports bra that matched with the black pleat-less tennis skirt she wore. Looking at her full heavy breasts straining inside the shapely sports bra, there was no doubt to the fact that she indeed was a 36-D. Her shoulders were incredibly muscular, and her biceps would’ve put most Indian guys to shame.

Her broad heavily muscled torso, though not sensuous in the traditional curvy sort of way, exuded the same raw muscular sensuality that her sister’s did. I instinctively licked my lips, even as Steve whistled and exclaimed “Hooo baby … look at that …” “Yeaaaa … look at that …” the two Negroes echoed, nodding their heads in appreciation as if checking out some livestock. Serena swayed her hips from side to side, swaying sexily to the music, and glancing at me winked and gave me a smooching gesture with her lips. Embarrassed, I smiled meekly and turned to gaze at Sania, who seemed mesmerized by the ebony Serena’s body on display.

“Come on, baby … we wanna see some white skin now …” called out Jamal, gesturing with his hands towards Jennifer. “Go sister … go …” Steven joined in, clapping his hands. In spite of hearing the lewd talk between Steve and the two Jamaicans about Jennifer earlier in the evening, I still couldn’t come to terms with how open and sexual he was when it came to his own sister. “Yeah … go Jenny, go …” Serena echoed, clapping her hands together, even as the others joined in. “Alright ... alright ...” Jennifer laughed, and began to pull her own regular white tennis t-shirt over her head.

Retired from active tennis, the 33-year old Jennifer Capriati had put on some weight, and her plump body had filled in beautifully now, giving her a sexy womanly body. Her 36-B breasts were covered by a white Anita Light Activity sports bra that had a deeper neck than those worn by Venus and Serena, thus giving a glimpse of her generous cleavage. Though by no means as massive as those of Serena, they were much fuller and rounder than that of Venus’. Her belly though still relatively flat, had a hint of fleshiness on it that added to her sexiness.

Jennifer Capriati was by no ways a beautiful woman, but she had that earthy sexiness to her that aroused me immensely. As she stood there smiling, her big teeth showing, I ran my tongue over my dry lips, admiring the way she looked in that white sports bra, the matching white tennis skirt and tennis shoes. Laughing, she too began to gyrate her hips and joined Serena in moving to the music, even as Jake and Jamal clapped their hands and said “Yea, baby … nice …” “Like what you see, boys …” Jennifer laughed and asked, even as the two Jamaicans nodded their head approvingly, and chorused “Oh yeah …”

Throwing her head back to laugh heartily, causing her heavy breasts to shake in their comfort-sports bra, she exclaimed “Wait till ya’ see her …” tilting her head towards a visibly embarrassed and shaken Sania Mirza. “Come on, Sania … your turn now …” Jennifer said to her with a smile. Shaking her head, her eyes wide in denial, Sania managed to mumble “Oh no … I can’t … I’m not …” her voice failing her. “Awww … come on, girl …” called out Steve, beginning to walk up to her, even as Sania turned to look at me in helplessness.

Reaching close to her, Steven Capriati said good naturedly “Hey … you promised me a gift … I’ve seen all of ‘em before …” throwing his head in the direction of Serena and Venus “… it’s you I’ve been waiting for …” continuing to smile at her all the time. I admired Steve at that moment for the ease with which he spoke, his voice friendly and reassuring. Throwing me a glance with her big round eyes, Sania looked at Steve and said “Steven … I’m … I’m not …” Laughing, Steve put his arm around her shoulder, and said to her “Hey gorgeous … you’re sexy … an’ you’re among friends here … what d’ya say, boy …?” turning towards me and smiling. “Um … yes …” I managed to mumble, my glance flying from his to Sania’s.

Serena was watching Sania’s embarrassment with a smile, even as Venus stood there with her hip cocked to one side, an unreadable expression on her face. With an expression of intense shyness and reluctance, Sania took a step backward, and dropping her gaze to the ground, slowly hooked her fingers under the hem of her yellow Adidas t-shirt, and began to pull it up. As she lifted her t-shirt to reveal her fleshy yet sexy belly, she paused for a moment and glanced at me. I nodded my head imperceptibly, my eyes closing and opening, conveying to her that it was alright to go ahead.

With a sigh, she pulled up her t-shirt in one swift motion, and stood there, her arms hanging limply by her side, her fingers still clutching the removed t-shirt. I’d been holding my breath, and as she took off her t-shirt, I let out a long exhale of breath. Never in my life had I imagined that I’d get to see the sexy 23-year old Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, standing like this stripped off her t-shirt, clad only in a pair of white 34-C Jockey Minimize Bounce Soft Cup sports bra, and her white pleat-less tennis skirt with matching white Adidas tennis shoes.

There was silence for a moment all around as all of us gazed at Sania Mirza standing there shyly, her head hung low. In the company of these other American athletes, she almost looked petite. Her 5’8” frame was not in the athletic chiseled mould of the American girls, but was more like that of the somewhat plump next door neighborhood girl. Unlike them, she was curvy and voluptuous. Her arms, which hung limply by her side as she stood there, were fleshy and soft. Those beautiful ripe full 34-C breasts of her sat heavily inside the conservatively cut soft-cup Jockey sports bra, and I noticed to my arousal that her nipples were erect and were showing through the white soft fabric of her sports bra.

Her plump shoulders tapered to well shaped hips, and the hint of fleshiness around her belly and hips added immensely to her sexiness. Her short white tennis skirt could not hide the curviness of her hips and ass, which looked ripe and fresh. Her muscular thighs, which still seemed to retain some of the baby-fat from her teenage years, began from where her skirt ended, tapering to dimpled knees, rounded muscular calves, and ending in her size 8 Adidas tennis shoes. As she stood there, not lifting her head, Jennifer walked up to her and placing her arms on her shoulder, said to everyone in general “Isn’t she really sexy, guys …?” her tone warm and friendly.

“Oh yes …” said Steven, his eyes riveted on Sania’s slightly heaving breasts under her bra. He too walked up to Sania and standing on the other side as Jennifer, placed his hand on her back and rubbed her back gently as if trying to reaffirm what he’d just said. Sania raised her eyes, and throwing a grateful look at Jennifer, smiled for the first time since she’d been asked to remove her top. Smiling her thanks at the affable Steve too, she then turned her gaze to look at me.
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As her eyes caught mine, I smiled at her, trying my best to seem as normal as possible, though my heart was now racing at the sight of her like this. She returned my smile, instinctively reaching up to touch her hair and push a stray strand away from her face. For some reason, that gesture turned me on; as it made me feel that in some way my approving look had mattered to her, and made her conscious of herself. I noticed Venus throw a somewhat triumphant smile at Serena, before she herself said “Ya look hot, baby …” nodding her head, and turning to Serena as if prompting her to add something too.

Taking the hint, Serena too smiled pleasantly and said “Yeah … she’s hot … but not as hot as me …” laughing as she said that, and then to my utter amazement, dropping her shoulders and jiggling her heavy 36-D bra-clad breasts invitingly, as if daring everyone to look at those magnificent specimen of mammary glory. As I watched her heavy full ebony breasts shake, I swallowed again, my already stiffening cock, hardening inside my underwear.

That little boob-shaking act by Serena lightened up the mood suddenly, and everyone laughed. Sania, relieved to be not under scrutiny anymore, too smiled albeit still reservedly. As everyone chased Jake to make them some more drinks, the air which was thick with anticipation, suddenly lightened. Jennifer went along with Steve to tend to the barbecue on which the juicy steaks were beginning to sizzle now, and Sania joined them too. Venus started to do her gangling grinding dance, almost sandwiched in between the two Jamaicans, who though were not touching her with their hands, were rubbing their huge muscular glistening bodies against her.

While Jake was behind Venus and grinding his pelvis to her jiggling full blossomed round butt on one side, Jamal was in front of her and was thrusting his gyrating hips towards her, pressing his crotch to her hips and pelvis in general. Watching these scantily clad Afro Americans do the grind to their typically Caribbean influenced music, turned me on immensely. There was a raw sexuality to it that could perhaps be beaten only by the Brazilian samba.

As I watched Venus lose herself in between the two Negro hunks, Serena walked up to my side, and pressing herself to me, said softly “Like what you see, da’hling …” “Uh … yes …” I mumbled in reply, conscious of her huge heavy tits under the black sports bra pressing against my arms, even though my eyes remained on Venus and her hulking escorts. “Not there … here …” Serena said with a little chuckle, purposely rubbing her heavy breasts on my left arm, even as her hand slid around my back and squeezed my buttocks. Stunned, and yet aroused, I turned to look at her teasing smiling face, and clearing my throat, said “Um … yes, Serena …”

“Yes what …” she taunted, her big pearly white teeth gleaming in stark contrast to her ebony-hued face “… you haven’t even looke at ‘em properly …” moving her shoulder from side to side to brush her heavy firm breasts against my arm again. “Serena …” I whispered hoarsely, my eyes flying to look at the deep sweaty cleavage between her bra. Turning my eyes away from her tantalizing black breasts inside the black sports bra, I looked into her eyes, my cheeks flushed with blood. “It’s alright, baby … you can look at ‘em … don’t you like ‘em …” she said in a teasing whisper, shaking her head in the direction of her magnificent bosom.

At this distance, I could clearly see the thick outline of her erect nipples protruding through the black fabric of her sports bra, and taking a hasty sip of my drink to wet my parched throat, I said in a hoarse whisper “Serena … you know how much I love them … they’re … they’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen …” my lips quivering. A slow smile creased Serena’s broad ebony face, and there was a glint in her eyes as she looked at me. “Lemee see if ya’ really mean that …” she said with a little chuckle, and to my utter mortification, reached out with her hand to feel my crotch.

As her strong fingers closed around the bulge of my already erect cock inside the track pants and underwear, she let out a satisfied sigh and said “Hmm … now I know …” squeezing my bulge through my tracks. I shivered involuntarily and hastily looked around, mortified that someone would spot us. However, Venus was in a zone of sorts, her eyes closed and gyrating to the music with Jake and Jamal, while Sania was engrossed in the process of grilling the steaks on the barbecue along with Steve and Jennifer.

Letting go off my cock, Serena slid in front of me and throwing her head back, said with a laugh “Now hold me here …” taking hold of my hands and placing it on her firm sweaty muscular waist from behind. As I placed my hands on her waist, she too began to gyrate her hips to the music, pushing her buttocks back and rubbing her huge muscular ass under her black skirt against my hardness which was now beginning to visibly protrude through my tracks. Laughing softly, she turned to look at me even as she continued to grind her ass against my hardness, and said “You like my booty, baby …”

“Oh yes, Serena …” I hissed back, tempted to slide my hands up from above her hips and grabbing her heavy swaying breasts under that sexy black sports bra. As if reading my mind, she took hold of my hand again, and slid it up her torso, sliding it up along her belly, while continuing to dance, till it came to rest on the heavy swaying mass of her delicious full ripe muscular breasts. To my utter dismay, that’s when Venus opened her eyes and spotted us. When her eyes registered what Serena was making me do, her face creased into a big toothy grin.

Making a face like a growling animal, she grabbed hold of Jamal’s hand who was behind her, and pulled it to her own smaller though equally firm breasts, while at the same time, reaching out behind her to squeeze Jake’s cock through his baggy shorts. She made a rather lascivious gesture of opening her wide mouth and licking her lips, smiling at me at the same time. As if on cue, Serena to let go off one of my hands which she was pressing to her breasts, and quickly slid it between us to clutch my almost fully rigid shaft again.

Squeezing it again through the thick fabric of my track pants, she said huskily “Time to get our hands on that li’l Indian bitch of yours …” a little laugh accompanying her statement. Before I could respond, turned around swiftly and grabbing hold of my head, pulled my mouth to hers. Plunging her tongue into my surprised mouth, she kissed me with ferocity, and hissed “Just watch and enjoy the ride da’hling …” before pulling away from me with a teasing smile on her dark ebony face.
Leaving a stunned me, she beckoned to Venus with her fingers, and walked up to where Sania was tending to the barbecue grill along with Jennifer and Steve. “Hey baby …” she said jauntily to Sania “… let’s dance …” reaching out to pull Sania towards where Venus was swaying away with Jake and Jamal. Before a surprised Sania could respond, Serena had pulled her towards them, and holding her hips from behind, began to grind and sway to the music. More pushed than guided by Serena, Sania also began to move her sexy hips to the music, a pleased smile on her face as Venus, Jake and Jamal clapped and encouraged her own.

I felt my already stiff cock give a little shudder, as I watched these two immensely desirable tennis players dance so sexily to the sensuous African music. Sania’s heavy bra-clad breasts shook and jiggled as she rocked and gyrated her hips, catching on the moves quickly. Very soon, another round of drinks were handed out, and Venus to joined Serena and Sania. Sania who’d downed her drink in a couple of long gulps, seemed to be loosening up well, and was beginning to get comfortable with the fact that she was stripped of her top. It gave me a lot of pleasure to see her laugh a couple of times, as she stepped on the toes of Serena and Venus, who were dancing behind and in front of her respectively.

Jake and Jamal, too were dancing next to the three girls, and soon Steven joined them too. Sania glanced at me a couple of times as she began to get comfortable with the whole set up, and smiled when I smiled at her warmly. The alcohol had really loosened her up, and she wasn’t even aware of the way Jake, Jamal, and Steve were eyeing her lush ripe body as they danced alongside them. Gratefully that I’d been left out of this at least for the time being, I picked up a fresh can of beer and headed towards where Jennifer was leaning back against the bar counter, watching the six of them dance and groove to the music.

We exchanged a silent knowing smile, as I stood by her side, with my back towards the bar table. As we stood there silently sipping on our drinks watching them, she asked “Wishing you were someplace else …” a wry tone to her voice. “Yeah …” I said hoarsely, my eyes still on the group dancing near the pool “… in your arms …” I added, suddenly feeling an overwhelming desire to be held by the 33-year old warm friendly Jennifer Capriati. Her eyes registered first surprise and then pleasure, as the meaning of my words dawned upon her. Placing her glass on the counter, she said with a smile “You know that my arms are always open for you …” the words coming out softly.

Without a word, I slid towards her, and leant towards her as she wrapped her arms around my waist. With my back towards her, she pulled me towards her, pressing my back to those plump heavy breasts of hers. Holding me with her arms on my belly, she asked softly “Why do you like me so much …?” her tone curious, yet loving. This was something I’d been asking myself too, ever since I met Jennifer Capriati. She was by no means beautiful or for that matter sexy. Yet, for some strange reason, I felt myself drawn to her like a bee to honey. “Wish I knew that …” I replied softly, resting my head against her shoulder, even as I felt her cheeks touch mine, with her chin resting on my shoulder.

She just sighed, and refrained from questioning me further. “Hold on …” she said suddenly, and then proceeded to hoist herself up on the wooden table that was serving as a bar. Sitting on the table with her legs dangling below, she pulled me between her legs once again with my back against her. “This is better …” she said with a smile, pressing herself to me. As I looked down at her bare muscular and plum thighs, which were visible to me, I reached out to touch them. As I ran my palm on her bare thigh, she sighed contently.

As we watched at the group dancing, I noticed that they’d split up into two groups now. Serena and Venus had somehow moved away from Sania, and they were now grooving with Jennifer’s brother, Steven Capriati. Serena was thrusting her voluptuous butt backwards towards Steve’s gyrating hips, undoubtedly rubbing against his manhood under his tennis shorts, while his hands were roving all over Serena’s gleaming ebony body from behind, including those magnificent bra-clad breasts. Venus on the other hand was almost clinging on to Steve from behind, pressing her lithe tall body to him, moving herself along with his gyrations.

Once again, at that moment I felt a surge of arousal course through me, thinking to myself that what Jennifer had said about wanting to be someplace else was actually true. Sania, on the other hand, seemed to be quite high now, and she was shaking and grooving herself, as if not caring a damn about who was watching her. The two Jamaican hunks almost had her sandwiched between them, with Jake who was behind her, intent on grinding his crotch on to Sania’s sexy ass, his hands holding her by ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) her bare waist; while Jamal was facing Sania and doing the same from the front, with his huge muscular hands holding her by her Sania’s rather slender shoulders.

The sweat was glistening off Sania’s body, and her diamond nose stud glittered in the lighting that surrounded the pool. As I watched Sania’s heavy breasts shake and move as she grooved to the music, I felt Jennifer begin to run her tongue along my ear, causing goose bumps to form on my forearm. “Like that …” she whispered into my ear, even as her hands began to caress my bare chest and play with the sparse hair on my chest. “Umm …” I sighed contently, wriggling in her arms as she continued to tease my earlobes with her tongue.

She then gradually slid her right hand down my belly to my crotch, and began to caress the lump that had formed inside my tracks through the thick cloth. “Ummm … you’re turned on already …” she whispered softly, as she gently rubbed my stiff cock through the tracks with her fingers. “Can’t help it Jenny … when you’re around …” I replied softly, enjoying the feel of her fingers on my hardness. Without a word, she pulled my head backward so that my face was uplifted towards her, and kissed me on my lips. Thrusting out her tongue, she began to kiss me with passion, her fingers tightening around my hardness through the tracks.

As she pulled her face away, I heard Serena call out to Jennifer “Jenny … come on over …” With a laugh, Jenny jumped down from the table top and jogged over to where Serena and Venus were jiving away. “Time for some shots …” Jake announced, heading towards the bar. The Tequila was poured out into six shot glasses, and handed out to each of us. I, Steve, Jake, and Jamal were the first to down our shots, even as the girls cheered. Then to chants of “Go, go, go …” Serena, Venus, Jennifer, and Sania also downed their shots in a single gulp. I watched as Sania grimaced at the liquor burn down her throat, and her plump face reddened.

With a gasp, she put down the glass, and looking at me smiled, exhaling her breath loudly. “Wow …” she gasped, shaking her head as if to clear it. I could see that she was hit now, and her cheeks were flushed red. I squeezed out a couple of limes into a tall glass with ice, and pouring some soda with salt over it, handed it to Sania. “Drink this …” I said to her with a smile “… it’ll help …” She gratefully took the glass of lemonade from me, and gulped it down thirstily. Returning the glass to me with a smile, she said “Thanks, Jignesh … you’re a sweetheart …” the dimples on her plump cheeks looking very alluring.
Jennifer had now taken Sania’s place in between the two Negroes, and was beginning to let her hair loose. The two Jamaicans too were a lot more adventurous with Jennifer than they had been with Sania, and there hands were all over Jennifer. While Jake had his thick black palms on Jennifer’s thighs as he danced and ground his hips on her butt from behind, Jamal had his hands running all over Jennifer’s heaving breasts under her sports-bra even as he too ground his pelvis against Jennifer’s bared belly.

The entire scene was beginning to take on decidedly sexual overtones, and Sania seemed to be both shocked and awed by the raw sexuality on display. Her eyes kept alternating from the trio of Serena, Steve, and Venus to Jake, Jennifer, and Jamal. I was hoping that she’d loosened up enough to ask me to accompany her to dance with her, as she kept tapping her feet on the grass to the tune of the music. As I watched her standing there by my side, rocking gently to the music, her toned yet plump body glistening with sweat, her beautiful 34-C bra-clad breasts shaking ever so gently with her movements, I realized how badly I wanted her.

Steve, who was sandwiched between the Williams’ sisters, was looking aroused as he seemed to be lost in enjoying the sensation of these two black girls giving him a liberal feel of their ebony contrasting bodies. While Sania’s eyes were riveted to the trio of Jake, Jennifer, and Jamal, Serena caught my eye and smiled. She glanced at her sister and their eyes seemed to convey something to each other. All three of them sweating profusely, and Serena and Venus made for an erotic sight, stripped as they were to their sports bras.

They stopped dancing and with Serena throwing me a wink, all three of them walked unobtrusively towards the pool-side reclining chairs which had soft white cotton mattresses draped across them. Between them, they pushed together three of the chairs and settled down to recline on the chairs; Steve in the middle with Serena and Venus on either side of him. As I watched with my breath caught in my throat, what I’d been waiting for all this while, started.

Serena turned to her side and sliding upwards on the recliner, took Steve’s face in her hands and began to kiss him, even as Venus also turned towards him from the other side and began to run her long dark hands on his broad hairy chest. As I watched dry mouthed, my cock twitched at the sight of these two black American tennis stars indulging in some passionate foreplay with the white all-American Steven Capriati. As my heartbeat rose, I turned to glance at Sania to see her reaction. To my surprise, she’d not even noticed Steve and the Williams’ sisters move away, as her eyes were riveted to Jennifer being groped and felt by the two Jamaican hulks, even as they continued to grind to the music.

Serena was practically leaning over Steve now, her huge ebony breasts clad in the black Champion sports-bra, pressing against Steve’s chest, even as she tongued his mouth passionately. I saw Steve wrap his hands round Serena’s back, as his hands slid down to her butt under her black tennis skirt. Venus, on the other hand, hand draped her long dark legs over Steve’s legs, and had begun to kiss his hairy chest. Her tongue was darting in and out of her wide mouth, teasing Steve’s nipples.

Suddenly, Jennifer who’d been dancing with Jake and Jamal, spotted them, and as she said something to the two Jamaicans, they stopped their dancing. It was only when all three of them stopped and looked in the direction of the Williams’ sisters that Sania realized what was happening. As Sania turned to look in the direction that they were looking, she gasped “Ohhh …” her hands flying to her mouth instinctively. Her eyes widened in shock as she took in the sight of Serena and Venus simultaneously pleasuring the tall broad shouldered Steven.

Her hands grabbed hold of my forehand involuntarily, and her fingers closed around my wrist painfully, as she went rock still at the sight unfolding in front of her. Jennifer looked in our direction and smiled, and then taking Jake and Jamal by their hands, led them towards the other chairs lying around the pool. At that gesture from Jennifer, Sania turned to look at me, her fair pretty face red with embarrassment. Her lips were parted and she seemed to be having difficulty in breathing. On an instinct, I asked “Do you want to leave now …?” my voice hoarse. “No …” she replied, her voice a whisper “… no …” repeating that for effect, shaking her head.

As we watched, Jennifer lay back on another one of the reclining chairs with the soft mattress on it, even as Jake and Jamal positioned themselves on either side of her on their feet. Suddenly we heard Steve groan “Oh boy …” Turning our eyes to them, I saw that Serena had opened her bra from the back to bare her huge ebony breasts to Steve. Propping herself up on her side on her elbow, she was dangling them in front of Steve’s face, shaking her shoulders to jiggle them. One has to see Serena Williams’ breasts to believe them.

Free of the encumbrances of her sports bra, they hung heavily like a pair of ebony water filled balloons. Though they did not look as huge as they seemed under her padded bra, there was no denying that her 36-D racks were big. The tan lines under her bra were clearly visible, as the skin was of a lighter shade on her breasts and a strip on her shoulders. Those natural wonders were not at all like the firm silicon breasts of porn stars, but were heavy and fleshy. Almost perfectly rounded, they kind of hung heavily from her immensely muscular and broad shoulders, capped by a pair of large black areolas and surprising small nipples.

As she laughed and hefted one of her dangling tits in her hand to shake them teasingly in front of Steve’s husky face, my mouth went dry. I felt Sania move instinctively towards me, as if afraid of what was going on, her shoulders touching mine. Deciding to be bold, I slid my arm around her back and gently pulled her in front of me in such a way that I was holding her from behind. I felt her body shiver involuntarily as she gazed at the sight of the hugely sexy ebony goddess Serena Williams begin to sex up the night. With a sigh, I wrapped my arms around Sania from behind, holding her to me, and pulling her towards my chest.

As her hot sweaty back came in contact with my bare chest and my forearms felt the softness of her belly, I closed my eyes in disbelief. I hadn’t imagined even in my wildest fantasies that I’d be in this sort of a position with the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza. My cock which was painfully stiff inside my tracks, was touching against Sania’s round well-formed butt under her short white tennis skirt, and from the top of her shoulders I could see the cleavage formed at the neck of her white Jockey sports bra, accentuated by the fact that she too was standing with her hands folded and holding on to my fore arms.

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