Mixed Doubles - Sania Mirza's Sex Ordeal
Things moved very fast after that. I called up Serena to update her about my conversation with Sania, and she seemed surprised to know that Sania had agreed to this perverted proposition. I could sense the gloating in her voice when she said “Oooh baby … Venus’s had this itch for that pesky little bitch for a while now … a’m sure she’s gonna love diggin’ her fingers into that tasty piece of ass …” Though I more or less knew the answer, I still had to make sure if Serena had me in the picture anywhere. “Um … I guess I’ll put you on to her in that case, Serena … you can take it up from here …” I said to her uncertainly.

“Aaha ... no way you’re gonna try and stay outta this baby ... no you … no her … that’s the deal …” she replied with a laugh. When I was silent, she continued “Aw c’mon da’hling … don’t ya wanna dip ya’r wick in her twat …” laughing mischievously. “Ain’t ya’r dick itchin’ to get into her skirt …” she continued, her voice teasing. My cock twitched when I heard Serena say this utterly dirty things about Sania, and I gulped instinctively. “Or is it that ya’r dicky flutters only for ya’r darling Jenny …” she added with another chuckle, her words making me squirm. While Jennifer’s affection for me was evident to all of them, this was the first time Serena was teasing me about it.

Deciding that I’d had enough of her ribbing me, I replied “Um … well … Jenny and Sania are fine … but I’d choose you over them anyday, Serena …” my voice purposely shy. “Ha, ha, ha …” Serena laughed “… a’h know that baby … I bet ya can’t keep ya’r eyes from my titties … ain’t that so da’hling …” replied Serena immediately, her voice pleased and yet teasing. “But don’t ya dare say this in front of my sissie …” she said, referring to Venus “… or she’s gonna eat ya alive … she’s made it amply clear that she ain’t in no mood to share ya with anyone else … after all ya’r her cutie pie …” a throaty laugh accompanying her words.

I was enjoying this raunchy conversation with the lusty Serena, though I was a bit apprehensive about Venus’s obvious fancy for me. Though I had no clue why they found me desirable, I had no intention of refusing a tasty dish like Serena being served on a platter for me. What added to my arousal was the fact that I was going to be a spectator to the humiliation that my precious Sania was going to be subjected to at the hands of the awesome Williams sisters.

Breaking into my thoughts, Venus said “An’ by the way … I’ve invited your precious Jenny too … just so that you don’t feel lonely …” once again chuckling at her own words. “Aw Serena … now you’re embarrassing me …” I replied with put on shyness. I’d realized a while back that my inherent shyness was what drew these girls to me, and I had every intent of exploiting that. I guess there was no point in fighting the ‘nice boy’ tag that stuck to me any more; especially when it was getting me all the sex I wanted. Content with her teasing of me, Serena said ‘Alright dearie … won’t take ya’r trip anymore … just tell ya’r girl that …” proceeding to instruct me and where and how to get Sania to meet them.

Serena’s plan was to invite Sania over to her sprawling mansion on the outskirts of the city today evening to ‘hit a few balls’ as she called it, followed by drinks and dinner. It was a plausible enough pretext, since Serena had a well equipped hard court within her property, and even if some paparazzi were to spot Sania’s visit to Serena’s house, it would seem like the visit was for a practice session. I relayed this news to Sania on the phone, and she agreed to it readily enough. I was to pick her up from her hotel towards the later part of the afternoon the next day, and drive her over to Serena’s newly acquired farm house.

The next day, I reached Sania’s hotel at the appointed hour. We’d agreed to meet in the basement car park of the hotel to avoid being spotted by anyone hanging around the hotel. In spite of having rather intimate moments with her, I was still left breathless when I saw the sexy 23-year old Sania Mirza that day. She’d come prepared a practice session, and was dressed in her trademark tennis outfit comprising of a short white tennis skirt, with yellow Adidas t-shirt and white tennis shoes.

She was wearing a yellow & white Adidas windcheater over her t-shirt, and a duffel bag carrying her racquets and other paraphernalia was slung across her shoulder. She was sporting her trademark oversized dark-brown glares, and her brown-streaked hair was tied in the ubiquitous pony. She greeted me with a polite smile when she spotted me, and quickly ran across the deserted parking lot to get into my car. As she settled into the red & black leather seats of my prized Mustang, she said “That’s a lovely car, Jignesh … what model is it …” I then proceeded to tell her details of my ’67 Shelby GT, and she seemed genuinely impressed to know that an unassuming guy like me had such a craze for vintage cars.

Sania seemed uptight on the drive to Serena’s farm house, and kept looking out of the window, her fingers fiddling with the hem of her short tennis skirt. On my part, I had a tough time keeping my eyes away from her fleshy muscular thighs which were visible to me since her skirt had ridden up her thigh. As I wondered about what kind of panties she’d be wearing under her skirt, I felt my cock stiffen inside the confines of my underwear. I was rather shy of my hairy legs, and had therefore had chosen to wear a pair of navy blue tracks, a white polo-neck t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers.

As we drove in silence, the enormity of what was happening suddenly hit me. I was actually driving the 23-year old Indian tennis diva, Sania Mirza, to Serena & Venus Williams’ house, where she was to subject herself to the sexual whims of the Williams’ sisters; all for the sake of salvaging Sania’s flagging career! I felt like a butcher leading a lamb to the slaughterhouse. By some strange connection, both of us turned to glance at each other at the same time. Sania’s cherubic face covered with the large oversized dark glares was clouded with apprehension. On an instinct, I pulled over at the side of the deserted country road that led to Serena’s farm house.

Without a word, I got out of the car, and went and stood at the edge of the scenic road that overlooked the bay of Manhattan. I lit a smoke even as I heard Sania too get out of the car. She came and stood by my side, and both of us gazed at the scenic view in silence. My mind was in turmoil as my conscience plagued me, questioning the appropriateness of what I was about to do. With a sigh of exasperation, I turned towards Sania and asked “Are we doing the right thing?”

Sania pushed up her glares and squinting at me through the setting sun, just looked right through my eyes as if reading my mind. Silently, she stretched out her hand, and signaled to me to hand her my lit cigarette. Taking it from my proffered hand, she took a couple of quick drags on it, exhaling immediately the way non-smokers typically did. Clearing her throat, she handed the cigarette back to me. Folding her hands across her front, she said “You’re very kind, Jignesh … for saying ‘we’ …” her voice serious. As I glanced at her unable to comprehend her, she smiled and said again “You said ‘we’ … and not ‘you’ …”

I was so involved in the matters on hand that I hadn’t even thought of that. Even though I was racked by pangs of guilt, the fact that she’d noticed such a small thing lifted my spirits. I just smiled wryly and looked away, unable to meet her gaze. Pushing her glares back over her eyes, she let out an audible sigh. Reaching out to touch me on my arm, she said softly “You don’t have to think so much … it’s my decision … you’re just helping me …” as if trying to pacify me. I just gave her a grim glance, and turned my face away.

“But I appreciate your thoughtfulness … really …” she added in her soft girlish voice, sliding closer to me and shaking me by my arm, forcing me to look at her. I glanced at her round rather plump face, and smiled back at her. Tugging at my arm, she said “Come on … let’s get moving … I don’t want anybody spotting me here …” beginning to walk towards the car, dragging me along. We got into the car the drove the rest of the way in silence, each lost in our own respective thoughts.

Taking a diversion from the highway, we drove through a heavily wooded path till we reached an imposing looking gate. A closed circuit camera monitored the arrival of my car, and as I slowed down, a metallic voice from a loudspeaker asked me to step out of the car and identify myself. I got out of the car and looked up at the camera, which swung around to follow my movements. After a few moments, the gates swung open slowly, with the metallic voice announcing “You may proceed …”

As I drove through the beautifully landscaped property, I saw Sania look at the premises with awe. I bet this was the kind of lavishness she wished she had too. Between them, Serena and Venus had already amassed the kind of wealth that even the likes of Sania could perhaps only dream of. As I approached the imposing looking stone-walled mansion, I noticed the bevy of cars that were parked at the porch. I immediately recognized the blazing red Nissan 370Z of Serena that she’d been driving the night she’d crashed into my car. In addition, there was a silver BMW X5, and two imposing black SUVs that looked to be Land Rovers.
As we both got out of the car, a voice called out from behind us “Hiya Jignesh …” Turning around, I saw Capriati walking from the other side of the huge lawn that lay spread in front of the mansion. That’s when I noticed the tall wire fence covering the tennis courts that were there in the property, on the other side of the lawn. Jennifer was attired in a simple yet elegant tennis outfit comprising of a white short pleated skirt and a matching collared white t-shirt similar to the one Sania was wearing. As she jogged across the lawn to where we stood, I couldn’t help but notice the way her ample heavy breasts bounced and shook under her t-shirt.

She slowed down as she neared us, and even at that distance I could see the big smile on her face, those big pearly white teeth gleaming in the rays of the setting sun. “Hi Jenny …” I said warmly. She had the kind of warm personality that cheered up anyone in her presence, and I noticed that Sania was smiling too. “It’s good to see you again, Jiggy …” she said, even as she embraced me warmly and kissed me on both my cheeks. I smiled, awkward at her open exhibition of affection in front of Sania, even as I felt those huge soft round breasts under her t-shirt press against my chest. Relieving me of her embrace, she held me at arm’s length, her hands ruffling my hair, and repeated “It’s good to see you …” her eyes gazing at my face fondly.

I turned to look at Sania who was watching both of us with a slightly surprised and awkward smile on her cherubic face. “Um … Jenny, this is …” I began to speak to introduce Sania. “Of course I know who she is ...” Jennifer cut me off with a laugh. Turning to Sania, she gave Sania her trademark cheerful smile, her big slightly protruding front teeth gleaming. “Hey Sania … nice to see you …” Jennifer said, extending her hand. “Hello … hello, Jennifer …” Sania said, pleased at Jennifer’s friendly demeanor.

There was a moment of awkward silence, and breaking that, Jennifer said “Come on … we’re hitting a few balls over at the court there …” pointing to the tennis court on the far side of the lawn “… and we were all waiting for you …” turning to look at Sania with a smile again. “The sisters were running me and Steve ragged … an’ I’ll be glad to have some reinforcements …” she said with a laugh. As Sania turned to reach inside the car to extract her kit bag, I said to her “I’ll get that, Sania …” Sania gave me a grateful smile as I reached inside the car and hefted the heavy kit bag on to my shoulders.

“Ever the gentleman isn’t he …” Jennifer said to Sania with a smile, shaking her head fondly and much to my embarrassment, reaching out to ruffle my hair once again. Sania just smiled, and said softly “Yeah … that he is …” That’s when Jennifer noticed the crepe bandage around Sania’s wrist and enquired about her injury. Sania responded with a grimace “It still pains, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it …” her face conveying the rest. As we walked across the lush green lawn towards the tennis court, Jennifer noticed the rather apprehensive look on Sania’s face. She turned to look at me questioningly, and I mouthed to her silently that Sania was scared about what was in store for her.

The wonderful person that Jenny was, she put an arm around Sania’s shoulder and said “I know you’re probably a little scared about this … this whole thing, I mean … but you really need not worry … Serena’s a nice girl …” giving Sania a reassuring smile. Sania was clearly surprised that Jennifer was taking the effort to make her feel at ease, and immediately warmed to her. “Oh I don’t know … I never knew Venus was so mad at me …” she said in a rather subdued voice. “Oh don’t ya worry about Venus … she’s quick with her anger … and she cools down equally fast too … you’ll be fine …” Jennifer said in a soothing voice. “Just … just be open … don’t have any inhibitions … you are among friends here …” she finished with a smile.

That seemed to somewhat soothe Sania’s frayed nerves, and she returned Jennifer’s smile with a nervous smile of her own. I just quietly followed the two girls, carrying Sania’s heavy kit, and admiring their lovely athletic bodies from behind. As Jenny walked ahead, Sania slowed down to walk with me. “You … and Jennifer … are quite close, isn’t it …” she asked me in a low voice. Surprised, I looked at her before I replied “Um … well, yes … Jenny’s a wonderful person …” I’d noticed a tinge of what seemed like jealousy in Sania’s voice, and that thrilled me immensely.

She just looked at me with new found respect, and flashed a smile at me, as if conveying that she understood perfectly well the camaraderie I shared with the 33-year old Jennifer. “Yes … I think she’s very fond of you …” Sania said enigmatically, refusing to elaborate and looking elsewhere as we walked. I chose not to respond to that, and just walked silently by her side. Both of us were silent as we walked towards the practice court, a bit wary of how the first meeting with the Williams sisters would turn out to be.

As we approached the court, I saw that Venus was hitting a few balls with Jennifer Capriati’s brother Steven, while Serena was reclining in the shade on what looked like a pool-side chair, chatting away with the two black Jamaican guys I’d met earlier. As we opened the chain-fence gate, Serena spotted us and jumped up from the chair. She was dressed in her usual colorful tennis outfit comprising of a pink Nike sleeveless tank top and black pleat less skirt. As she jogged towards us, I couldn’t help but admire the way her massive 36-D racks heaved under her tight tank top.

Sports-bra or no, it was near impossible to contain those massive breasts of Serena in any tennis attire. Her muscular ebony biceps, which certainly put me to shame, were sweaty and gleamed in the sun. “Hiya Jiggy …” she called out to me, a big smile on her face that showed off all of her pearly white teeth that contrasted with the ebony shade of her dark skin. Embarrassed at being called this ridiculously funny nickname in front of Sania, I just managed an awkward “Hi Serena …” Sania was a couple of steps behind me, and as Serena approached me, she threw her arms around me in a big bear hug. The odor of sweat from her hot muscular body aroused me, in addition to the fact that her uninhibited hug was giving me a great feel of her firm muscular breasts encased tightly inside her top and the struggling sports-bra.

“I have half a mind to bite ya’r ear off …” she said with a frown “… why the fuck did’ya not call b’fore ya left ya’r place …” tweaking my ear good naturedly. Jennifer laughed at this, and added “Yeah … wait till Venus gets her hands on you … she’s prob’ly gonna bite your head off …” smiling teasingly at me. “Um … I’m sorry Serena … I …” I began to mumble, before she cut me off. “Yeah ... you better be ... now drop that bag an’ gimme a good hug ...” she said good naturedly, helping me hoist Sania’s kit bag off my shoulder.

Displaying her immense strength, she effortlessly pulled the bag off my shoulder with one hand, and dropped it on the ground. Stepping back, she opened her arms wide, a big toothy smile on her face, and said “Yeah … that’s better … now gimme a good hug …” Throwing an embarrassed glance at Sania, who was standing discretely behind us, I reluctantly hugged Serena. She proceeded to wrap her thick muscular arms around my once again, and kissed me the old-fashioned way on both my cheeks, rubbing my back fondly as she did that. As she let go off me, I stepped back and said “Uh, Serena … I wanted you to meet Sania Mirza …” I said, waving my hand in the direction of where Sania stood, feeling distinctly out of place.

“Yeah … of course … the red hot Sania Mirza …” Serena laughed, looking in the direction of Sania. “Serena, please …” I said in a barely audible whisper, pleading to her with my eyes, begging her not to be antagonistic towards the beleaguered Sania. She caught my look, and made a face at me, before turning to take a few steps towards where Sania stood with her arms folded and absent mindedly fidgeting with the crepe bandage around her wrist. “Good to see ya again, gal …” Serena said with a polite smile, extending her hand to Sania. “Uh … hi, Serena …” said Sania nervously, taking Serena’s hand and shaking it.

The two opponents on the tennis arena, one a 28-year old World No. 1, and the other a brash young 23-year old ranked 92nd in the world, appraised each other silently. Sania, though uncomfortable, had a look of fierce determination on her face, while Serena looked at her coldly. I guess it was difficult for them to see each other as human beings outside of the tennis court. Though there were no fireworks, this meeting was turning out to be a really awkward one for both of them. In an attempt to break the ice, Sania said “Um … thanks for inviting me over …” her voice faltering. “I didn’t …” Serena cut her off rather brusquely “… it’s he who asked for it …” throwing her head in the direction of where I stood.

Partly expecting this, but still taken aback, Sania just pursed her lips and looked down at her shoes. As Serena glanced at me, her face drawn in a grim mask, I just shook my head at her, my eyes expressing my helplessness and deep disappointment at the totally cold behavior being exhibited by Serena. Sania too looked at me, a plaintive look in her eyes, as if telling me that she should have expected this, and was a fool to come here. Her fair cheeks had flushed red, as she dropped her gaze again. Serena must have seen the pained look in my eyes, for suddenly I saw her features soften. Letting out a deep sigh as if mentally taking a decision, she looked at Sania and said “Alright … guess that was rather rude of me … I’m sorry …” her words coming out with some reluctance.

Seeing Sania’s hurt look, she took a step forward, and extending her hand with a forced but genuine smile, said “Friends …” Sania looked at Serena’s face as if trying to read her thoughts, and then glanced at me. Seeing me nod at her, Sania quickly took Serena’s extended hand and said softly “Serena … I’m sorry for what I had said earlier …” her eyes wide as she tried her best to convince Serena of her intent to reconcile. Serena let out a small laugh, and replied “Save that for her …” throwing her head in the direction of Venus, who was still on court and exchanging forehands with Steve.
Jennifer, who’d been watching all this silently, said “Ok girls … I guess it’s time for the two of you to kiss and make up …” a bright smile on her face that seemed to suddenly elevate the grim mood. Sania too smiled, a dimple forming on her cheeks, relieved that the awkward moment was over. As Sania let go off Serena’s hand, Serena hugged her warmly. It was a truly remarkable sight to see these two hot tennis players hug each other. The 5’9” Serena though only an inch taller than the 5’8” Sania, still seemed to dwarf her as they hugged, and exchanged the customary peck on the cheek.

As she hugged Sania, Serena looked at me and winked. I responded with a smile of my own that conveyed my gratitude. Suddenly, somebody whacked me so hard on my back that I went stumbling forward. Stunned, I turned around to see who had hit me so hard on my back. The 29 year-old 6 feet 1 inch tall Venus Williams stood there like some angry black goddess, glaring at me. She was attired in a single piece white tennis dress, her never ending long black legs shiny with sweat. With her hands on her hips in an angry stance, she exclaimed “Where the fuck have ya been …” giving me a look that threatened to eat me alive.

“Uh … Venus …” I began even as Serena and Jennifer began to laugh. “Shut the fuck up …” she raved, taking a few threatening steps at me; even as Serena clutched her stomach and began to laugh uncontrollably. “Now you’ve had it da’hling …” she gasped through her laughter, even as Jennifer stood there holding her mouth trying to stifle her laughter. “Venus … I’m sorry …” I mumbled even as she continued to glare at me. Figuring it was impossible to placate her with words, I just walked up to her and hugged her. Praying feverishly that Munnabhai’s jaadoo ki jhappi would work, I wrapped my arms around her lithe catlike body, my head coming to rest on her firm perky bosom.

On her towering frame, her breasts looked small and perky, but in reality she was a 36-B. Her firm wiry body seemed like a tightly wound coiled spring, ready to explode. She too was taken aback by this totally unexpected gesture of mine, and began to speak “What the …” Holding her like a small boy clinging to his mother, I looked up at her, and said again with my most charming smile “I’m sorry …” tilting my head to one side. Shaking her head in exasperation, as her face creased into a big smile, her upper teeth protruding, she exclaimed in her squeaky girlish voice “This is why I can never ever stay angry for long with this guy … ain’t he cute …”

I groaned inwardly as she referred to me yet again as ‘cute’, but refrained my saying anything. Her fury subsided just as quickly as it had began, and with a little giggle, she hugged me hard and lifted me clean off my feet to swing me around like a child. Serena and Jennifer burst out laughing once again, and as I caught Sania’s eye, she too had a rather amused smile on her face. As she let go off me, she grabbed me by both my ears and tweaking them painfully, hissed through a mock stern expression “You do this vanishing act once again … an’ I swear I’m gonna chew ya alive …” eliciting further laughter from her sister.

“I promise I won’t, ma’am …” I said in a contrite schoolboy’s voice. She laughed her trademark hearty laugh upon hearing this, and dragged me towards her to hug me again. As she towered over my rather average 5’8” frame, my face was pressed to her firm tight breasts inside that white tennis dress of hers, and my lips inadvertently tasted the sweat on her cleavage. As she let go off me, she turned her gaze to Sania who stood there waiting expectantly. “Um, Venus … this is Sania …” I began by way of introductions. “I know who she is …” Venus snapped, giving Sania a cold look.

This time, Sania took the initiative and stepped forward. Holding her hands clutched in front of her skirt, she said in her young girly voice “Venus … I … I came here to apologize …” a plaintive expression on her sexy cherubic face. “Apologize … for what …” snapped Venus, cutting her off “… you should’ve done that a long time ago …” the anger evident in her voice. “I know … I’m …” Sania began, only to be cut off by Venus again. “I can’t believe you have the nerve to come here …” she said with anger. Stunned and hurt by these harsh words, Sania stopped dead in her tracks as the color rushed to her cheeks. I saw a gleam of anger flash in her eyes momentarily, her fiercely competitive nature coming to the surface.

But it vanished as quickly as is it came, and she turned her gaze to me helplessly. I too stood watching Venus, amazed at the totally unpredictable temperament of this elder Williams’ sister. Sania, who was dazed, hung her head low, and I saw a tear trickle down her cheek. It was the ever dependable Jennifer who came to Sania’s rescue at that moment. Taking hold of Venus’ arm in a firm grip, she snapped “Oh come on, Venus … what the hell is wrong with you … can’t you see the poor girl is here to make up …” Turning to glance at Sania, she shook Venus hard by her arm, and said with some irritation “Gimme a break, Venus … you’re making the poor girl cry …” as she noted Sania crying silently, and hastily wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Shaking her head in disgust, Jennifer let go off Venus and walked up to Sania. Wrapping her arms around Sania’s shoulders, she pulled Sania to herself and hugged her from the side, glaring at Venus with a look of disgust. At that moment, my respect for the lovely human being that the 33-year old Jennifer Capriati was, went up a hundred notches. When Jennifer took hold of her, Sania too seemed to lose her control, and burying her head in Jennifer’s wide shoulders, let out a deep heart-tugging sob, her body shaking with the sob. Venus turned to look at each of us in turn, starting with me and then turning to her sister.

Seeing the look of disapproval in our eyes, she threw her head back in exasperation. Clenching her fists, she muttered something to herself, like she has done so many times on court, when she’s begun to lose her temper. With an audible sigh, she exhaled deeply, and walked up towards Sania, who by now had gotten herself under control and was wiping her tears in an embarrassed manner. “Uh listen …” she began, her voice mellowed now “… um … I’m sorry ok … now stop crying …” her lips pursed. “No … it’s alright … I’m ok …” Sania mumbled, avoiding looking at Venus, as she angrily wiped the tears from her eyes.

My heart went out to Sania, as I’d never imagined a feisty girl like her reduced to tears like this. As Jennifer stepped back, Venus took hold of Sania’s slender shoulders with both her hands and looking down into her wide teary eyes, said without malice “Look … I’m not too good with words ok … so let’s just forget this, alright …” her face creased into a reconciliatory smile. “Thanks …” Sania managed to say, looking up at Venus’s dark sweaty face “… I’m really …” her words failing her. “Like I said …” Venus cut her off “… let’s just forget this …” her smile widening. With that, they exchanged a polite but friendly hug, much to everybody’s relief.

The tall Venus had to bend forward to hug the relatively diminutive Sania, and I felt a strange sort of arousal on watching this towering ebony goddess embracing the plump busty Sania. As they separated, Venus said to Sania with a mock stern expression on her face “But ya better thank this fella here …” nodding her head towards me. “Yes … I know …” Sania said in a low voice, turning to look at me with an expression that more than conveyed her gratitude. That’s when Jennifer interrupted again, and said “Alright … now that you girls have buried the hatchet … may I introduce Sania to Steve …” pointing to her brother, who’d been standing silently watching this little drama unfold.
As Sania was introduced to Steve, and as he enquired about her wrist injury, I walked up towards the two hulking Jamaicans, Jake and Jamal, who were sitting there on the wooden chairs, feeling rather out of place. “Hey guys …” I greeted them cheerfully. “Yo dude …” Jamal said getting up from the chair, even as both of them exchanged fist-butts with me. That’s when Steve walked up towards us, with Sania following him. “Jake … Jamal … this is Sania …” he said cheerfully introducing Sania to them. As the two negros turned their attention to Sania, I noticed the way they looked at her appraisingly, as if checking her figure out.

“Hi …” Sania said, flashing her trademark sexy smile, even though her eyes were apprehensive as she took in the huge size of the two Jamaicans. “Hey …” Jake responded, thrusting out one big bear like paw. As he took Sania’s hand in his, one couldn’t help but be amazed by how small and fragile Sania looked in front of these massively built 6’ 4” African brutes. Sania’s face was flushed with apprehension, as she inadvertently glanced at those bulging muscles rippling under the tight t-shirts that Jake and Jamal wore. They looked like the type of guys who spent most of their waking hours in the gym. A shiver of excitement ran down my spine as images of them naked with Sania flashed before my eyes.

“Alright guys … let’s have a few beers …” Steve announced, picking up a few cans of beer from an ice-box, and tossing it to me and the Jamaicans. “Sania …” called out Jennifer from where the girls were hanging around “… come on … let’s hit a few balls …” Relieved to be called, Sania flashed another smile at the two Jamaicans and said “… it’s good to meet you …” before she walked back. As we guys sat back on the wooden pool-side reclining chairs and popped open our beers, I watched Sania as she unzipped her wind-cheater and took it off.

As she bent forward to take out her racquets from her kit bag, I couldn’t help but stare at her fleshy muscular legs. Venus paired up with Sania, as Jennifer and Serena took the other side of the court. Watching these four tennis divas on court from such close quarters, clad in their sexy tennis outfits, was like a dream come true for me. My eyes were riveted to their busts, watching and comparing the way these varied sizes of tits shook, jiggled, and swung as they moved around on the court.

Venus was the most effective mover on the court, covering the far end of the court in long effortless strides with those incredibly long legs of hers. Her relatively compact 36-B breasts hardly shook, encased as they were in a sports bra under that tight figure-hugging flared single-piece white tennis dress of hers. Serena’s movements on the other hand, were in stark contrast to her elder sister. Stockily built, her massive powerful thunder thighs seemed to move like pistons, as she moved about on the court, her muscles gleaming in the setting sun. Her massive 36-D racks heaved and shook freely as if with a mind of their own, and I began to get a hard-on by just watching them.

Jennifer was perhaps the most elegant mover on court. Her heavy 36-C breasts just wobbled under her simple white collared t-shirt, each time she jogged across the court to retrieve a ball. Even at this distance, I could make out her erect nipples poking through the knitted fabric of her white t-shirt. Sania seemed almost dwarfed by these powerfully built girls on court. On the same side as Venus, they made for an incredibly contrasting pair, the milky white fleshy thighs of Sania against the lithe never ending muscular legs of Venus. Sania had to scamper across her side of the court, as Serena sent down blistering forehands.

However, Sania’s trademark powerful forehands ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) were soon on display, as she too got into the groove. Jennifer applauded her each time Sania sent down one of her powerful cross-court forehands, which went abegging. Sania’s ripe young 34-C did not swing heavily they way Serena’s and Jennifer’s did, but they jiggled under her sports bra in a manner that I found incredibly erotic.

“She’s got a good pair of tits …” Jake said with a smile “… never seen such a good pair on any Indian chick …” his tone lusty, as he gazed at Sania playing on the court. Turning his thick dark face towards me, he asked “You been bonin’ her good, bro …” a lascivious smile on his thick negroid lips. “Yea …” chimed Jamal, laughing and turning to look at me “… she’s a good piece of ass … ya’been getting’ it off wit’ her …” he asked, his eyes glittering. “Um … no … I don’t even know her … I just …” I managed to mumble, the color rushing to my cheeks as I squirmed with embarrassment at this blatantly lusty questions.

“Hey come on guys … give the boy a break … he’s just met her couple of days back …” said Jake with a laugh, mercifully coming to my rescue. As I threw him a grateful glance, he winked at me. “Yo, dude … “shot back Jamal with a throaty chuckle “… I got ma’ eyes on ya’r sissy’s boobies … they’re good man … really good … look at ‘em move …” he said to Steve, referring to his sister Jennifer’s breasts. I watched with bated breath to see how Steve would react to these two black hunks making these ribald comments about his own sister.

To my utter surprise, Steve threw his head back and laughed. “Yeah … ain’t she hot …” he said with a laugh “… you sure you can handle her, dude … she’s a wild one in bed …” chuckling as he looked at Jamal good naturedly. This kind of openly sexual culture was still alien to me, and I watched them exchange this banter. As Jamal laughed, Steve added “But she’s got her eyes on our Indian boy here …” nodding his head in my direction with a wink “… you guys are gonna have to wait to stick it into her …” he finished to my total shock. “Aah man … wait till she sees my cock … and Jake’s 8-incher here …” Jamal responded with another laugh, nodding his head in the direction of Jake.

“Yeah … bet she’s gonna forget all about ya … once she’s tasted my sausage …” added Jake, giving me a good natured laugh, and lewdly clutching his cock inside his loose cargos, which even in this limp state, seemed to lie inside like a thick snake. That’s when Sania let out one of her trademark squeaky grunts as she hit a double-handed backhand. Hearing that shriek, Jake commented “Betcha she’s gonna scream louder when I stick it up her Indian pussy …” the lust evident in his voice. Even before I could register that utterly depraved comment, Jamal chimed in “Yeah … an’ when I stick it up her pretty Indian ass …” Both of them burst out laughing and exchanged high fives, even as I flinched and looked away.
[Image: 6512dsohsg.jpg]
Mercifully, I was spared the torture of having to hear more of this lewd talk, as the girls wound up their practice session, and walked towards where we were seated. Sweat glistening off their ebony bodies, the Williams sisters looked immensely desirable to me. Sania walked up towards where I was seated, and dropped her racquet on the grass near the chair. Wiping her brow with a towel she’d pulled out of her kit bag, she looked up at me and smiled. As she was wiping her face, I noticed how her nipples had also become erect, and were showing through the knitted fabric of her yellow Adidas tennis t-shirt.

As she began to silently untie the crepe bandage around her wrist, I said “You looked good out there, Sania …” a warm smile on my face. Turning to look at me, she smiled and said “Thanks, but I know I didn’t …” giving me a look that seemed to convey that she knew I was saying this just to please her. Keeping my gaze on her, I replied “Well, to me … you’ll always look good …” Hearing this, she looked at me in a fond sort of way. Sitting on the chair, hunched forward with her elbows resting on her knees, her thighs covered by the towel, she dropped her gaze to the ground and said in a low voice “Thank you for doing all this for me, Jignesh … I don’t know how to thank you …”

When I didn’t reply, she turned her face to look at me. Looking at her with warmth, I said carefully “It’s too early to thank me, Sania … let the exhibition match series get over first … only then we’ll know if they do live up to their promise …” jerking my head in the direction of where Serena and Venus sat on another bench a few feet away from us. My mind was still in a tizzy from what I’d heard Jake and Jamal say regarding Sania, and even though I was aroused in a perverted sort of way, I was still afraid of what they’d do to Sania. Clearing my throat, I said to her in a low voice “And I don’t know what all Venus and Serena have in mind … with you … I mean …” my voice faltering “… I mean, they’re a little on the wild side …” unable to meet her gaze any more.

Shaking her head, Sania said in a little girl’s voice “Come on Jignesh, they’re girls after all … aren’t they …” pausing for a moment. “Aren’t they …?” she repeated her question, when I didn’t reply. “Uh … yes …” I replied awkwardly, glancing towards her grim set face. “And you and I both know very well what’s that girls can do with each other … don’t we …” she asked in a challenging tone. Embarrassed at the matter of fact way she was asking this question, I just mumbled “Uh … yes …” “So then, there’s nothing to worry about, ok … I can take it … I mean … it’s going to be something I’ve never done before … but I know I can handle it, ok …” she said with conviction, her face set in determined lines.

“I’ve been through worse, Jignesh …” she added, turning her gaze away again “… so it’s alright …” she finished in a low voice. I wondered what was the ‘worse’ thing that she was referring to, but didn’t think it appropriate to ask about that at that moment. That’s when Jake and Jamal sauntered past us, and Jake said to Sania “Hey … good game …” giving her a thumb up sign. “Thanks …” Sania replied, smiling politely at them, as they walked past us towards the direction of the house. As Sania’s gazed followed them, she said in a low voice “It’s those two guys that I’m worried about …”

“Me too …” I intoned, watching them as they swaggered across the lawn, their muscular buttocks shifting inside their baggy shorts. Turning her attention to me, Sania slid towards me on the bench, and placing her palm on my thigh said “But I know that you’ll take care of me, if things get out of hand … won’t you, Jignesh …” her hand squeezing my thigh. “Oh Sania … is that something you have to ask?” I replied, giving her a hurt look. “I know …” she replied, warmly, gently rubbing her hand on my thigh, ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) sending shivers of excitement down my spine. “And Jenny and Steve are wonderful people too …” I added, trying to assuage Sania’s fears.

At the mention of Jennifer, Sania looked at me with that unreadable enigmatic look, and said “Can I ask you something …?” “Yeah, sure …” I replied instantly. “Are you in love with Jennifer?” she asked, a totally unreadable expression on her face. “What … no … I mean, she’s a nice person … I like her … but no …” I blurted. As she tried to read my face, I said “Why did you ask something like that …” my eyes on hers. “Nothing … just like that …” she said with a smile that seemed to convey a deep knowing look.

Giving me that strangely enticing enigmatic look again, she absent mindedly fingered her diamond nose-stud. “Sorry … I guess I shouldn’t have said that …” she replied, her face breaking into a lovely seductive smile that showed dimples on her cheeks that I never knew existed. Our little chat was interrupted by Serena who’d packed her kit and walked up to us. “Hey … can I steal him from you for a moment …” she asked Sania with a laugh. “Oh sure … we were just …” Sania replied hastily, as if embarrassed. As Sania packed her kit hastily, Serena said “Thanks, baby …” winking at me as she said that. I just gave her a shy smile.

As Sania was about to pick up her kit bag, I said “Let it be, Sania … I’ll get it …” reaching out to touch her hand. “No, it’s alright … I can …” she protested, surprised and pleased at the same time. “I’ll get it …” I repeated, looking her in the eye with a smile, and gently touching her wrist where she’d just removed the crepe bandage. She opened her mouth as if to say something, and then deciding against it, gave me a genuine smile of fondness that I’d have died for. As she walked off to join Jennifer and Venus who were waiting at the edge of the lawn, she gave me a parting wave, as if conveying her thanks for my little gesture.

The sun was already setting, and the court was basked in a shimmering golden glow, the orange hew of the sun filtering through the thick woods that surrounded the Williams’ property. As Serena sat down by my side on the bench-like wooden pool-chair, I said “You have a beautiful house, Serena … I’ve never seen anything quite like this …” Sighing, Serena glanced around at the property with pride, and said “Yeah … this makes it seem like it’s all worth it … this was what I spent my first million on …” letting out a contented sigh. We sat there silently for a while, lost in our own thoughts.
[Image: 395004C2.jpg]
After a while, Serena turned to me and said “You told her everything right …” a questioning look on her face. As my face registered incomprehension, she continued “She knows what she’s in for, right …” Realizing what she was referring to, I replied “Yes, I told her everything …” turning to look away. “How’d she take it …” Serena asked her voice curious. “Uh … she was shocked in the beginning … but she’s ok with it now …” I replied, gazing at the red orb of the setting sun. Turning to look at Serena, I said in a serious voice “She’s in bad shape, Serena … her body’s not holding up … her sponsor’s are backing off … and on top of it … her personal life’s in a mess too …” my voice forlorn.

“Yeah … I heard …” Serena intoned, looking intently into my eyes. “What’s in it for you …” she asked, her tone piercing “… I mean … why’re you doing all this for her …” her eyes boring into mine. “What kind of question is that, Serena …” I replied with some indignation “… I told you I met her just day before … and we somehow got talking … and …” unable to form my sentence. Exhaling, I continued “She’s a big star in India … I mean like a billion others in my country … I’m a huge fan of hers too … and … I just thought it was the right thing to try to help her … if I could that’s all …”

Serena nodded her head, as if trying to digest whatever I’d just said, and replied calmly “That bit I know … but what’s in it for you …” she said touching me with her finger. “You two seemed to be real cozy … is she letting you fuck her in return for doing this …” she asked pointedly. Even though I had a hint of where this questioning was headed, I was still unprepared for Serena asking this so blatantly. “Of course not, Serena … how can you even say that …” I replied, my voice showing my angst. She kept a straight face, and replied “Come on … don’t ya bullshit me … don’t tell me you don’t fancy her … and you don’t wanna fuck her …” her face set in grim lines, and her eyes fixed on mine.

“Oh come on, Serena … gimme a break … of course I find her attractive … and yeah, I’ve dreamt of screwing her … like a million others … I mean, who wouldn’t …” I exclaimed, throwing my head back in exasperation. “But I’m not doing this to get her into bed with me, alright …” I said with indignation, my voice rising “… and frankly, it hurts me to hear that you think so …” turning my head away in hurt and disgust. My thoughts were in turmoil now, because I was fighting my conscience here. Would I have taken all this trouble if it were just some other girl? I don’t know. Part of me lusted for Sania, and I was doing this all in the hope that it’d in some way get me what I wanted … which to be frank, was to fuck her.

I was angry with myself, and with Serena, for stating the truth, however much I may try to deny it. Serena was watching me with an amused look on her face, a smile playing on her lips, which further annoyed me. Turning to look her in the eye, I said with finality “Serena, you’ve been incredibly kind to me … had it not been for you … I couldn’t have even offered to help her … and that’s why I can never ever exploit her situation … do you understand?” As Serena nodded her head, I continued “I mean, what am I doing here … just because I happened to know you and Venus … I came to you … and asked you for a favor … had I not known you … do you think she’d even have bothered to know someone like me …” my voice thick with emotion.

“You’re all big shots … who the hell am I … why would someone like her even bother about some guy on the street like me … there are a million others out there like me …” I continued in an angry tone. “You think I don’t know where I stand … she’s hanging on to me because she knows she can use me to reach out to you … that’s what it is … you think she’ll give a shit about me once she’s got what she wants …” I finished, turning to look away.

Serena was silent after this tirade from me, and almost respectfully so. Shaking my head, I said in a calmer voice “Listen, Serena … I’ve know you for far longer than her … and to tell you the truth I don’t care about what she thinks … but you … and Venus and Jenny … you’re my friends … and you’re doing that girl a big favor all on account of me … and I can never ever thank you enough for that …” my voice husky now. “And what you think of me, matters to me … because … because …” I continued, only to be cut off by Serena.

“Shut up … shut up …” she whispered fiercely, grabbing me by my arm. Her big eyes seemed to glow like hot coals in the dusk, as she looked at me with her dark ebony face. With a groan, she pulled me towards her roughly, and pressed her thick ebony lips to mine. Stunned, I went stiff, as I felt her hot breath on mine and her luscious tongue trying to pry open my lips. “Serena …” I managed to gasp, as my mouth opened involuntarily and she thrust her hot tongue into my mouth, kissing me passionately. Her sweaty muscular body felt hot to my touch, and for a moment I felt like I was being kissed by a man. Such was the ferocity of her kiss that I shivered in spite of myself.

Pulling her lips away from mine, she held my face and looked at me with a dead earnest look on her face. Her muscular big body was pressed against mine, and her massive heavy breasts felt like a thick lump pressing against my shoulders. “What … you don’t like it …” she hissed, continuing to hold me pressed to her. “Oh Serena, please …” I whispered “… don’t …” my voice failing me. “Don’t what …” she challenged, pulling me closer to her, and thrusting her pelvis to my belly.

My cock, which was already stiff from watching them play, and the lewd talk between the guys, was almost fully erect now, and I was sure she could feel it pressing against her hard muscular hips. Being an inch taller than me, my face was at the level of her chest, and I could see the deep sweaty cleavage of her massive breasts, tightly encased in that pink tank top that she was wearing. “You don’t know what this is doing to me, Serena …” I managed to whisper, unable to take my eyes away from her deep black cleavage. Cupping my buttocks and pulling my hips closer to her, she said in a thick teasing voice “You like my titties … don’t you …” As I glanced up at her face, I saw that she had a smile of victory on her face, as if satisfied with having turned me on like this.

“Tell me … you like my titties, don’t you …” she repeated, continuing to gaze at me with a lusty smile. “Oh Serena …” I groaned “… I love them … I love them …” I gasped with arousal and shyness, even as she thrust her chest out to press her huge heavy breasts to me further. Sliding her muscular bulging biceps and arms between us, she rubbed my erection through my tracks, and said lustily “You’re all hard coz of me, ain’t ya …” “Yes …” I managed to gasp, as she rubbed my stiff cock with her palm over my tracks.

Letting go off teasing my cock, she took my hand in hers and pressing it to her incredibly firm and heavy breasts, asked hoarsely “You like mine more than hers?” referring to Sania. “Yes … yes …” I gasped, feeling her 36-D heavy rounded breasts in my palm. “More than Jenny’s …?” she asked, continuing to gaze at me with that lusty look. “Yes … more than Jenny’s …” I replied immediately, unable to think of anything else to say. “You’re different … ya know …” she said with a smile “… that’s why I love ya … and so does Venus …” I just gazed at her face, still coming to terms with the unpredictable nature of these two sisters.

Caressing my cheek as if she were dealing with a child, she said “And I’d love to have you fuck me anytime you like … you got that, you dork …” chuckling at my naivety. “And Venus’s got the hots for you from the day she saw you … so you better oblige her too … won’t ya da’hling …” she said seductively, grinding her hips to my rigid boner inside my pants. “Anything you say, Serena …” I whispered hoarsely. Satisfied, she replied “Now that’s ma’h boy …”

Taking a step back, much to my relief, she said in a flat voice “An’ before she leaves this place …I’ll make sure that bitch’s begging you to fuck her … that’s a promise …” her face displaying a look of malice. “No … please …” I began, only to be cut off by her. “I knew you’d say that …” she laughed, pulling my cheeks painfully, again treating me like some sort of a plaything. With an almost sisterly tone, she said “Don’t you let her mess with ya’r head, boy …” her face intent “… you tell her that if she messes around with ya … I’m gonna make it really miserable for her …” the last few words said in a dead earnest hissing voice.

These Afro Americans were known for their unpredictable temperament, and I was hoping Sania wouldn’t do anything to piss them off. Clapping me on the shoulder playfully, she said with a laugh “Now let’s get back before ya’r da’hling Jenny comes looking for ya …” her tone teasing. I just smiled at her, and said “I love you, Serena …” “And ah love ya too, Jiggy …” she said fondly “… and so does Venus …” she added as if to remind me.

“Yes … I’ll remember that …” I replied with a smile. “Do that … an’ I promise ya that before ya’ll leave this place … you’ll have that bitch eating out of your hands …” she said referring to Sania again with a smile that conveyed her intent. With that, she put her arms around my shoulder, and we walked back towards her sprawling mansion on the other side of the lawn.
[Image: 62524859547a.jpg]
As we approached the mansion, I saw that the group was gathered around the pool by the side of the house. The sparkling blue water shimmering in the dim concealed lighting around the pool looked enticing from the distance. There were a number of wooden poolside chairs spread around as well as a number of air-filled floating cushions. A few bean bags and a number of waterproof mattresses also lay strewn around.

The pool was surrounded by a patch of thick lush grass, the periphery rounded off by strategically placed palm trees. All-in-all, the ambiance had a Caribbean touch to it. The two Jamaicans, Jake and Jamal, were busy setting up a make-shift bar on a round table covered by an over sized beach umbrella. There were liquors of all types, ranging from crates of chilled beer, a variety of wines, a good collection of Caribbean rum and Swedish vodka accompanied by cocktail mixes of all hues & flavors, and a gleaming silver ice bucket holding three bottles of Champagne.

Steve and Venus were busy setting up a barbecue grill, even as Jennifer and Sania sat a little away from the others on the poolside chairs, appearing to be in some deep conversation, sipping on bottles of water. As we approached, Sania looked up and flashed me a beautiful smile. Even as I responded, Steve spotted us and exclaimed “Aha … there come the tigress and the lamb …” eliciting a good round of laughter from everyone.

Venus ambled towards us in that trademark awkward gangling style, and stopping a few feet short of us, said to Serena “Sissie … if you’re goin’ to be poachin’ on m’boy here …” throwing her head in my direction “… I’m gonna show everyone here who’s the real tigress …” dramatically placing her hands on her hips, and imitating a tiger’s growl. Venus’ already awkward appearance coupled with the mock bared-teeth-growling look she was giving her sister looked outright funny, and I burst out laughing. Even as the rest of the gang joined in the laughter, Venus exclaimed “So ya’ find it funny is it … lemme teach ya’ a lesson …” leaping upon me and grabbing hold of my arm, laughing at the same time.

Before I could react, she’d twisted my arm around painfully and began to push me on to the grass. I lost my footing and fell forward, Venus in tow. As I fell flat on the grass on my belly, Venus somehow managed to get on top of my back, and sat down on me with her long ebony legs on either side of me. As she sat down on my back resting all 73 kgs. of her weight on me, I let out a mock shriek of terror, exclaiming “Help … help … I’m being assaulted …” The gang roared with laughter at Venus’ antics, who didn’t seem in any mood to let go off me.

Trapping both my arms under her knees, she began to tickle me violently, muttering “Fool around with me … will ya’ … I’m gonna tickle ya’ to death …” using all her strength to control my violently squirming body. She was a strong girl, and I had to use all my strength to somehow free my hands from under her knees. Even as Jenny and the rest of the gang hooted, Venus again grabbed hold of both my hand with hers, and twisted it around my back, leaving me struggling helplessly. Since she had to hold my hands with both of hers, she couldn’t tickle me anymore, much to my relief.

I could feel the strong firm flesh of her round ass pressing against my lower back where she was sitting on me. Even as I struggled, Venus lent forward on my back, and began to lick and bite my ears. As I screamed with the ticklish sensation, Steve yelled “Go girl go …” egging her on. As I thrashed my head from side to side, trying my best to avoid her long tongue tickling my ears, I felt her firm muscular breasts press against my shoulder.

In spite of being tickled mercilessly, I still felt a surge of arousal course through me, as I smelt the musky odor of her sweaty body, and the feel of her firm muscular breasts. “Ok … ok … I give up …” I screamed, unable to take any more of this. I had gotten a first hand experience of how strong a girl she was, when in spite of using all my strength, I couldn’t get her off my back. “Say that again …” she taunted, laughing at the same time. “I give up, Venus the Tigress … you’re the lord of the jungle …” I gasped. “Yeah … that’s like a good boy …” she laughed, mercifully letting go off my painfully twisted arms, and getting up from my back.

As I turned around on my back and lay there in the grass, she stood there over me like some towering black goddess, laughing and smiling me at me through her big protruding pearly white teeth. Jennifer was squealing with laughter, clutching her stomach, even as Steve and the two black hunks roared with laughter at my expense. Sania too had clamped her hands to her mouth, and was giggling uncontrollably. As I groaned and got up from the grass, Venus offered me her hand and yanked me up in one clean jerk. As I dusted the blades of grass off my t-shirt and tracks, I made a face and said “Laugh … all of you … wait till I get my chance …” eliciting another round of laughter from all the girls. “Serena … save me …” I called out dramatically, turning in the direction of Serena who was watching me with a grin on her face.

“Ooh … come to mamma, baby …” she crooned in melodramatic fashion, opening her arms out wide for me. As I put on an act of a schoolboy who’d just been bulled by a bunch of bullies and walked meekly towards her, she took me into her embrace and wrapped her arms around me. Pressing her strong muscular body to me, giving me a feel of those huge 36-D racks in their tank top again, she cradled my head on her shoulder, and said playfully in a motherly voice “Dontcha worry, ma’baby … mamma will take good care of you …” “Umm …” I mumbled, playing along and snuggling up to her strong muscular shoulders like a small boy.

With that little drama, the gang whooped and clapped, as I stepped away from Serena and smiled in embarrassment. Turning to look at Sania, I saw that she was looking at me with a broad smile on her pretty face, her eyes shining. It looked as if for a moment, she’d forgotten all her worries and was genuinely enjoying the fun of the moment. “Hey Jiggsy … give Sania some company …” called out Jennifer to me, as she got up from the chair she was sitting on, and winked at me. As I walked towards Sania, and sat down on the wooden recliner next to hers, she watched me with a smile.

I sat down, and stretched my arms and legs, which were still aching from the little tumble in the grass with Venus. As Sania gazed at me, a smile on her lips, and that same enigmatic expression on her face, I looked at the glittering diamond stud on her nostril and said softly “You know … this is the first time since I met you … that I’ve seen you look happy …” turning my gaze to her large round eyes. She winked her eyelashes bashfully when I said that, the smile still on her face. Before she could respond, I added “And Sania … you look very beautiful when you seem to be happy from inside …” my voice soft.

My compliments that had come out of the blue, seemed to surprise her, and she blinked her long eyelashes rapidly. Her lips parted as if to say something, but then she checked herself. Thinking that I may have taken one step too far, I quickly said “I’m sorry … I didn’t mean to sound cheesy … you might be hearing these kind of lines from a hundred fans all the time … umm … I apologize …” Cutting me off, she shook her head and pursing her luscious pink lips, said “Please … don’t say that … I mean … don’t apologize …” reaching out to touch my arm.

“Don’t …” she repeated, letting her hand rest on my arm, and shaking her head at me. Relieved, I nodded and replied softly “Thanks …” lowering my gaze. “For what …” she exclaimed, smiling at me again “I should be the one saying thanks …” pausing before adding “… for everything … including what you just said …” Letting out a deep sigh, I just smiled at her warmly, deciding against saying anything because this talk was simply getting too sentimental even for a fool like me. The fact was that I lusted for the sexy Sania Mirza, but since the time I’d met her, I’d fallen in love with her too.

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