Mitch and Amber
What the hell was she thinking? Amber had done it she had agreed to go on a weekend trip with a man she hardly even knew; she hadn’t even met the man in person. They met six months ago online and after the first few conversations they had been intimate with one another. She still didn’t know if she should be ashamed of herself or just be accepting of her behavior. Her thoughts ran through her mind making her even more nervous than she already was. Mitchell was going to be there any minute and she still wasn’t done packing. The doorbell rang just as she thought about him. Amber rushed out of her room and to the front door. Taking a deep breath and slowly opening the door to the man whom she would be spending the next 72 hours with.

His dark wavy hair was shiny and neat and those chocolate brown eyes of his warmed as he took her in. He had come in a pair of faded jeans and a clean white t-shirt, which contrasted his slight olive complexion perfectly. She stood there staring at him not knowing what to do or say he was even better than his pictures.
He smiled as he continued to watch her and see the different thoughts go across her face. She was in a pair of hip hugger jeans that molded to her body and a soft gauzy feminine shirt that emphasized her breasts. He had had fantasies about those breasts for months now, and he was finally going to get to do what he wanted to them and the rest of her body. “Can I come in?” his voice was deep and meladonic. “Umm… yeah of course.” Her voice was soft and she sounded just a little short of breath. Something Mitchell planned on remedying as soon as possible. He wanted her gasping and moaning for him. Amber showed him into the living room and told him she would be right back. Mitch looked everything over and decided that he liked what he saw she had several little knick knacks on the shelves in random order but it made the room look inviting not cluttered. Mitch took a seat on the large black leather couch and leaned back waiting for Amber. Amber was in complete shock, what the hell was she thinking. She had no idea what he expected or wanted but she knew that his business would keep him occupied most of the time. He was here for a business trip and he wanted her to tag along to have someone to talk to on the long drive from the airport to San Francisco . She was folding up her lacey thongs when she felt his hands settle gently on her shoulders. “I got tired of waiting.” “I’m sorry, I just haven’t finished yet I’ll only be a few more minutes I promise.” She sounded a little panicky to his ears, not something he wanted her to feel. “Calm down we are not in a rush I just missed you.” His voice was soothing and she relaxed a little more under his hands. Mitch slowly turned her around taking the scraps of lace out of her hands and tossing them on the bed. His slightly calloused hands ran down her arms to her hands bringing them up to his lips while he continued to look in to her golden eyes. He slowly bent his head towards hers and brushed a soft whisper of a kiss along the edge of her lips, feeling her tense up a little under his hands he began to slowly explore the contours of her lips. They were soft and pliable moving to his every whim. Amber began to quicken under his hands and tried to squirm her way a little closer to him. She was making soft panting sounds already and he hadn’t even started to have his wicked way with her yet. Mitch finally deepened the kiss feeling her hands run up his arms and around his neck. She pushed closer to him trying to melt into his skin. He could feel her warm up and melt. Her lips became succulent fruit to sip and savor her fingers gripping his hair silently begging him for more. Mitch let his hands roam all over Amber’ s soft curvy body, she had had doubts about him liking her body but it only took one look and feel to know that it was perfect. Mitch’s hands finally found the soft underside curve of her breasts, and he groaned into her mouth even as she moaned into his. His hands rubbed and kneaded her soft firm breasts he had planned on waiting a little while before he got too carried away but her soft lips, melting body and kittenish moans were sending him over the edge. He began to tug at her shirt so he could feel that silky skin under his fingers. Sliding his hands around to her back and up to the bra clasp he jerked it free and slid his hands under it and around to her luscious breasts. The skin was soft as silk and her nipples where already hard and ready for his attention. Her sweet soft gasps and moans as he squeezed and gently tugged on her breasts was more arousing to him than anything she had ever said to him online. Mitch pushed Amber back till the bed hit her knees and he laid her back on the bed while he covered her soft form with his hard one. His erection pushed into her hip as he slid his mouth down her neck and finally sliding her shirt off her so he could see her lush breasts. Amber blushed and tried to cover her breasts, but Mitch was having none of that he pulled her hands away and held them to her sides while he looked at them and watched her nipples tighten even more under his scrutiny. A wicked grin passed across his face as he blew warm air over her large breasts, she shivered in his grip and his grin slowly spread across his face. Amber’s hips rose up to push against him silently begging for more attention. “Oh no not yet kitty, it’s my turn to torture you. You’ve teased me now it’s my turn. I am going to turn you on get you wet and hot for me and then we will leave. I’ll take care of you later if I do it now we won’t ever leave, and I want you all to myself.” Mitch’s voice was already thick with arousal. While he gave his little speech he continued to massage and hold Amber’s breasts. Soft moans came from her throat, he had heard them over the phone but to hear them in person was something else. They ran straight down his spine and into his groin making him groan in pleasure. She was soft under his hands and molded to him almost perfectly. He reached down to rub her soft spot between her legs, causing her to moan even louder and wiggle more enticingly under him. He pushed his thumb against the seam nub in her jeans and slowly moved it over her warmth; he could feel her getting damp even through her jeans. “Oh yeah kitty get nice and wet for me.” His voice was soft and thick as he whispered in her ear. In return she moaned even more unable to form a coherent word. Once he saw her eyes had glazed over and a blissful look had come across her face he slowly pulled his hand away from between her legs and slid it up her side to massage her other breast. Feeling her warm soft skin beneath his hands was a sweet torture and one he planned on drawing out for as long as possible, but not here. Quickly he stood up and handed her bra back to her and pulled her shirt from under the bed. Amber was still slightly dazed as she watched Mitch put her lacy thongs in to her suitcase. “Anything else need to go in here” Mitch’s voice was a little tight because he could see out the corner of his eye that she was sitting there topless and not even trying to hide her breasts. Seeing them all flushed and slightly swollen from his hands was a complete turn on, and it made his erection to swell even more in its tight restraint. “Amber honey, get dressed we need to go.” “Mitch did I do something wrong, you stopped I liked it didn’t you?” Her voice was soft and slightly filled with tears. “Baby, I loved it but I want you to think about that all the time we drive up to San Francisco , and when I get you there and we are in our hotel room, all alone, I am not going to turn you loose.” He softly kissed her lips and pulled away helping her to her feet. “Now get dressed before I loose my mind.” His eyes had a friendly gleam to them as he spoke. Amber slowly got dressed and grabbed a few items from her closet and carefully laid them in her suitcase. Mitch watched her move gracefully through her room and he saw the uncertainty on her face. He didn’t mind it being there for now he would remove it soon enough. Amber closed the lid and began to pick up her suitcase; Mitch took it from her and just smiled at her before grabbing her hand and walking out the door. Several hours later Amber sat in the passenger seat watching the scenery go by as Mitch drove his rental car down the highway. He hadn’t said much to her so far on the trip and she had been too lost in thought and feeling to really care. Her legs occasionally rubbed together and she could still feel his strong hand there stroking her and getting her wet all over again. Mitch continued to drive and observe Amber from the corner of his eye. He watched her fidget and moves her legs together. Just the thought of being able to touch her there again was enough to make him hard and aching. He kept thinking of those little lacy scrapes of fabric he put in to her suitcase, was she wearing one now? Just the idea turned him on even more. She tucked up one leg on the seat and leaned into the door. Her thoughts were all a jumble in her head nothing seemed to be working the way she had thought it would. She never thought they would begin their acquaintance in such an intimate fashion but now that they had what would happen? Amber was lost in thought when she looked down at her thigh and saw Mitch’s large hand sitting there, not rubbing or soothing but just sitting there. “Get used to it I plan on touching you all the time.” His voice had taken on that heavy meladonic tone again. Amber shivered at his words but just nodded her head in agreement. She knew he could be stubborn and for now it wasn’t the time to argue, besides the look in his eye was a little intimidating. Hours later and several stops, in small towns and gas stations to stretch and look around, Amber was resting with her eyes closed being in tune with the music and the man beside her. He had kept his promise he had continually touched her in the car and out in public, holding her hand, his fingers in her hair, his arm around her waist, just little touches that let her get used to being touched by him. His hands were always warm and gentle. The sun was now setting off to the left and casting the sky in pinks and purples that would soon fade in to the inky black of the night sky. Mitch continued to look over at Amber and watched her eyes absorb everything around her; she was like a kid in a candy store. He was glad that they were almost at their hotel he wasn’t sure he could take much more of this torture of being this close to her and being able to really touch her the way he wanted to, he hoped she felt the same. Thirty minutes later they arrived at a hotel that looked more like a palace than a hotel. The valet opened Amber’s door and assisted her out as another one opened Mitch’s door. Mitch tossed them the keys and ushered Amber into the gilt lined lobby. Once at the front desk a cheery looking blonde assisted them in getting their room keys. She handed both to Mitch and winked at Amber. A look of total confusion came over Ambers face at that and Mitch had to try not to laugh. The ride up to the suite was quick and quiet. Mitch opened the door and allowed Amber to enter first. She reached over and turned on the light switch. “Oh My God, this must be the wrong room.” Her voice was filled with a soft gasp that made Mitch want to hear her moan with the same kind of wonder as he brought her to pleasure. He watched her walk around the room like a woman in a trance, she touched all the fabrics with a soft and loving hand even slid her shoes off to feel the carpet on her bare feet. Her soft sigh at the slight luxury just tightened his groin even more. After giving her a few minutes to get used to her surroundings he walked up behind her and slid his arms around her and pulled her back to him. Amber’s hands rested on top of his and she continued to look out the massive window at the newly forming stars and moon in the night sky. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and let out a very contented sigh. Mitch began to rub tiny circles in to her tummy as he kissed the side of her neck just below her ear. She tilted her head to the side a little more to feel more of his touch. “Let’s go to bed Amber.” His voice was like whiskey to her system. Amber gently pulled from his arms and turned around to look at his face, she saw his passion and desire there just as she started to move back to him there was a loud knock on the door. “Dammit!” A few other choice words slipped out before Mitch made it to the door, and yanked it open. A young man of no more than twenty brought in their luggage and set it down in the bedroom on the bed. Mitch handed the bell hop a fifty and told him he wanted breakfast brought up at seven, a little of everything would be fine. The bell hop quickly left and the room was silent once more. Mitch turned and looked back at the window only to find that Amber wasn’t there. Mitch found her in the bedroom already going through their luggage and putting things away. He shook his head to himself and strode over to her and put his hands on her shoulders. She jumped under his hands and he laid a gentling kiss on to the nape of her neck. “Let that go, we’ll just sit them on the floor and go to bed.” His hands where massaging her shoulders, he knew she was nervous but he didn’t understand why she was so nervous with him. He moved her to the side and placed both suitcases on the floor before reaching for her again. Mitch’s hands slid over Amber’s shoulders and down her breasts gently massaging them as he dropped lower still. His hands warmed her through her clothes and made her breath catch in the back of her throat. His hands slid behind her and gripped her butt and rubbed the round orbs as he continued to kiss on her neck. Amber’s hands slid up his arms and around his neck letting her fingers dive into his thick hair. Mitch’s hands slid up her sleek sides under her shirt and he got to feel her silky skin all over again. His mind was swamped with the smell of her and the feel of her in his hands. She was soft and pliant in his hands. He began to slide her shirt up over head, pulling her arms away from him for just a second, and then dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were thrust up in her bra and just looking at them made his mouth water. It was a simple white satin bra nothing supremely sexy about it but it was the biggest turn on to him ever. His hands slid down to her waist band and he felt her tremble under his fingers, bringing a sly smile to his lips. He quickly unbuttoned her jeans and tucked his fingers under them and began to slowly expose her to his eyes. He noticed she wore a white lacey scrap for underwear which finally answered his initial question. He tugged her jeans all the way down and helped her to step out of them. A flush had covered her entire body. He was kneeling on the floor looking up her long lush body and his erection tightened and throbbed even more against his boxers and jeans. He was ready to come and he hadn’t even begun yet. Mitch gently stroked the inside of her legs and watched her part her thighs for him in invitation. His face was at the same level as her sex and he could smell her arousal. He darted his tongue out and licked at her scrap of lace. He could taste her already and he heard her soft moan as she leaned over a little and put her hands on his shoulders. His fingers gripped the lacy sides and slid them down her legs and helped her to step out of them before he tossed them over with her jeans. Still on his knees Mitch pushed Amber back to the bed and caused her to fall on to it with her legs hanging over the side. His hands gripped her ankles and spread her legs before placing them over his shoulders. Her sex was open to him and he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her lips were plump and she was already dewy with her arousal. He kissed the inside of her thigh and lightly pinched it with his teeth hearing her gasp. He pushed her thighs open as far as he could and began to slowly lick her from top to bottom. He felt her body shudder in pleasure and so he began to suckle on her clit feeling her squirm and wiggle in his hands as he held her at his mercy. He slipped one finger into her warmth and groaned against her clit because of her tightness. Slowly he introduced another finger in while still licking and suckling on her clit. He spread her wide and finally allowed his tongue to follow the path his fingers had already traveled. She was so wet and hot under his mouth and hands he thought that they both might combust at any minute. He wanted to taste her as she came but for this first time together he wanted to be able to share in that pleasure. Slowly Mitch stood up and grabbed Amber by the hips and pushed her back on to the bed. He stood there looking at her spread out on the bed and quickly ditched his clothes in a pile on the floor. He crawled up her body kissing random spots as he got closer to her mouth. He stopped at her lush soft breasts and kissed his way around her small nipples. He felt them harden in his mouth. Her soft moans and gasps of pleasure told him that she was enjoying this as well. His fingers slid back into her warm sheath while his thumb rubbed her clit. She was so wet and hot he just couldn’t wait anymore. He took hold of his erection and slid it in to her pushing past her slight resistance and seating himself as fully inside her as possible. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his hips as he began to thrust in and out of her. Amber gasped and moaned at the feeling of having him so deep and thick inside of her. She clung to him and begged him for more and more as he continued to thrust into her tight little sheath. His arms strained and sweat broke out over his body as he continued to love her with his body. He wanted her to explode in passion when he did so that he could feel her inner muscles gripping him even harder. He wanted her to milk him dry when he finally came. Mitch’s body began tensing up when he felt and heard Amber getting close to her release. Mitch felt the tingle at the base of his spine and knew he was close, he could feel Amber’s legs gripping him and her nails biting into his back. He felt her slip over the edge as her moans became keening cries of ecstasy. He pumped into her harder and faster feeling her grip him tightly as he felt the warm stream of his seed smack against her womb. His energy spent he lay down on top of her and kissed her neck before kissing her lips softly. He finally slips out of her and rolls to his side as she cuddles up next to him and closes her eyes. When Amber wakes up she is on her tummy and she can feel Mitch’s big hands on her back stroking and soothing in their caresses. His hands run down to her butt and rub and squeeze it as her breath becomes shallower. Mitch pulls Amber’s hips up and reaches under her with one hand to slide a finger inside her tightness. She is still wet and hot for him. He pulls her tighter to his thighs and kneels up behind her and pushes her upper body down on the bed while he holds her hips up. Mitch slowly slides his member inside her and feels the same heat and pleasure he did before. Amber groans at his invasion and wiggles a little trying to get more comfortable since he is in her a little deeper this time. Mitch groans with her wiggles as it sends tiny shock waves from his groin to his brain increasing his pleasure even more. He begins to slide in and out of her at a leisurely pace while reaching under her and stroking her clit with his fingers. If he moves his fingers just a little lower in her folds he can feel himself slide in and out of her warmth and this turns him on even more. Mitch hears Amber’s moans and grips her hips with both hands as he pushes into her a little harder making the bed move with them. His orgasm is quick coming and completely draining. He can feel his seed fill her up and he can feel her inner muscles grip him a little more. Mitch is completely spent and pulls her down with him on to the bed to sleep the rest of the night away. Seven o’clock came and went and with it so did the bell hop who delivered breakfast. Mitch was up and had his boxers on when he answered the door; he figured Amber was still tired from last night’s escapades. He enjoys his cup of coffee and a sweet roll while flipping through the paper. In the bedroom Amber wakes up and groans at the slight soreness between her legs. Shoving the blankets off her and slipping out of the bed, she wanders into the adjoining bathroom, figuring that Mitch has left already for his meeting; she planned on a nice long soak in the Jacuzzi tub she had noticed last night. She turns on the heater for the tub and the jets while she looks at herself in the mirror. She was expecting something to look different but nothing does. She’s still the same old Amber she always was. She trails her fingers in the tub and sees that the water is nice and warm for her to enjoy her bath. Mitch hears the splashing of water and his groin tightens as he imagines Amber naked in the tub. He’s never made love in a tub before but he plans on rectifying that error quickly. He sees Amber lounging in the tub with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face. Mitch drops his boxers and begins to climb into the tub with Amber. She opens her eyes and was very startled to see him there. “Aren’t you supposed to be at your meeting?” Her voice is tiny and soft. “I am at my meeting…now to deal with the business at hand.” He reaches for her and pulls her over to him as he proceeds to kiss her and run his hands up and down her arms, feeling the heat of her skin through the water. He tugs her on to his lap and begins to play with her breasts feeling her nipples get hard and he begins to slowly slip in to her moist wet flower. He groans in to her neck as he begins rapid thrusts in and out of her. Her breath is short and shallow as she feels him fill and empty her over and over. Her head leans down on to his shoulder and he kisses her neck pulling and tugging at the skin leaving a dark red mark on her skin. His orgasm overcomes him rapidly and he pours in to her warmth. His breathing is harsh and uneven. As his orgasm rips through him like a freight train. He sits Amber gently on the seat next to him and gets out of the tub and then reaches down for her and helps her out of the tub to take her back to bed. Several hours later night came and with it, came reality. Amber took her time repacking the few things she had removed from her suitcase as well as Mitch’s. He had gone down stairs to check them out so they could just leave when the time came. Amber had enjoyed the weekend but knew exactly what was coming. Mitch came up and got Amber from the room and held her hand down to the car. The valet took care of placing their suitcases in the trunk and Mitch opened the door for Amber to get in the car. Silently she put her seatbelt on and leaned back in the car for the long drive home. Mitch knew there was something wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on it Amber wasn’t normally this quiet but since he didn’t know what caused this he knew he couldn’t fix it either. They only made the necessary stops to get gas on the way back to her house. Once there he opened her door to let her out and grabbed her suitcase from the trunk. Mitch walked Amber to her door and took her in his arms as he kissed her cheek and rubbed her hair slowly. She didn’t melt into his hands like she had just hours earlier. He thought he knew the reason but decided not to say anything. Amber pulled away from him before saying thank you and turned to go in to her sanctuary. Mitch was left on the doorstep feeling like a heel and being confused at the same time he had been honest with her from the start so there shouldn’t be this uncomfortable ness between them. Mitch sighed and went back to his car with out another word or glance back. Amber watched him from her window and knew she was being silly but she also knew this had been a one time deal and that she would never see him a gain.

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