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Missy's time alone
07-15-2011, 04:35 AM
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Missy's time alone
Overprotected and watched constantly, Missy finds some time alone
Missy arrived home earlier than her brother or parents and this thrilled her. She opened the front door, threw her books to the bench beside the door and rushed to her room. Inside she walked to the large mirror covering her bathroom door and stopped. She admired her body in the mirror. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. She didn’t feel she was cocky in thinking this because it hadn’t always been so. At one time she had been odd looking. The daughter of mixed races, part Native American, part White, part African-American, and part Italian. All this mix had created a somewhat frizzy-headed, mocha-skinned, and gangly little girl. But now looking at her self in the mirror she could see the changes to her body and appearance had been like the ugly duckling becoming the swan.
Where she had been gangly and uncoordinated she had long well shaped legs and arms and where she had been flat-chested and boney she had large rounded breasts and full curved hips. Surrounded by white children she had grown into a beautiful woman with skin the color of creamy coffee and just as delicious looking to taste.
Missy didn’t think it at all vain of her to look at herself and be aroused. She was stunningly beautiful and she knew it. But her parents and brother watched over her like cats over a mouse. The slightest attention and they were ready to pounce. Because of this she found these small moments alone before they returned home from work and college classes for her brother so sensual and rewarding. She couldn’t be seduced by boys so she would seduce herself.
Watching her every movement in the large mirror she slowly unfastened the first button of her blouse. The top button did little but the second was more firmly held in place by the fabric being pulled apart. Her breasts had grown so much over the last couple of years that now when she unfastened the second and third buttons her top would spring open to reveal her soft and swollen cleavage. The last buttons revealed her decoratively designed French bra. Her eyes moved from the swell of her creamy cleavage to her face. Missy brought a finger to her lips and the other Missy did the same. The two looked at each other with teasing innocence before smiling and flinging back their long hair over their shoulder and pushing out their ample young bosom. With Missy’s breasts pressed forward she watched herself reach behind and unfasten the clasp of her expensive sheer bra. Missy held it in place with her other hand, not letting the soft fabric fall when it practically erupted of her chest. She could feel the line around her chest where the bra had been snug and too tight. She would already need to buy new ones and she had only purchased this bra last week! Missy smiled at the other. She loved the new growth of her lovely soft breasts.
Turning to the side like some burlesque show queen she teased herself as she dropped the bra to the ground and quickly covered her breasts with her arm. She pressed her legs together and leaned forward watching her soft red lips form into a delicate little O. Then with a snicker she turned and looked at her ass. Still covering the soft flesh of her breasts she peeked slyly over her shoulder and thrust her rear out. She was perfect. No, she didn’t feel conceited in saying so, she was perfect. Her round and smoothly shaped ass looked heavenly in her designer jeans. Her hips curved up into a small and tightly tucked waist. She was a perfect hourglass and she knew why it was a shape so desired. Yes, she was hot.
She turned back to the mirror and her hip poked out to the side while she bent one knee and teased herself by holding both arms up and squeezing the flesh of her bosom together. Her breasts threatened to spill from every spot around both arms. She had grown larger. She lowered her arms and her hands moved across the swell of her breasts. She revealed her dark and perfectly positioned nipples. They grew with the touch of her fingers brushing across them and Missy and the other in the mirror lingered there, touching lightly. This sensation sent shivers down her spine ending in her sex. Her dark nipples grew hard like pits in a peach and she brushed fingers around them slowly.
Missy giggled at the other thinking that she was so fucking hot she could see why boys waited for her at school and girls whispered behind her back. Missy didn’t think this was odd. She wasn’t trying to be stuck up. God had answered her prayers as a young girl. She felt blessed and now she celebrated that blessing by enjoying God’s great creation. And oh how she planned on enjoying it.
Missy popped open the two top buttons of her jeans and eyed the slightly lighter skin just where her soft little cotton pink and white panties began. She ran fingers over the flesh there and trailed across the delicate little ridges of cotton cut across the top of the little panties. She watched the other Missy unzip her jeans and open to reveal the little dots of pink and blue. She loved how cute it looked. Peeling the jeans off her round and perfect hips she smiled at herself and thought this is where it begins! Standing erect in front of the mirror she could see two things, the mound of pubic hair pressing out and creating a perfect triangle in her little soft panties and a small wet spot just where her pink little bud touched.
Missy turned from side to side to admire the shape and curve of her ass. She ran her hands down it and then back up to her soft creamy breasts. She lifted a breast up and the hard acorn nipple poked just at her mouth. She licked out and let her tongue touch it. This made her sex burn and her body begged to be touched down there. She lowered her hands and slowly opened her panties to look down inside. She had to thrust out her hips and peer over the swell of her large breasts to see the cream already sticky and clinging to the cotton. Looking back at herself they both slipped down the wet panties and then stood naked before each other. She ran her hands all around her soft skin and then let her fingers dig through the curly pubic hairs before lightly tapping at the soft little bud of pink flesh hiding within. Her middle finger caressed the little budding flower while her other hand moved over the ample flesh of her breasts. She loved to lift and watch her breasts fall, the flesh jiggling and rolling before settling back to its proper shape.
Missy knew time was short, her parents or brother could come home at any moment. Now was the time to give into desire and lust for the luscious little body in the mirror. She teased open the folds of the silky little flower and exposed the hidden little nub of flesh inside. She moved both hands down to her willing little cunt and with one she held open the delicate pink lips and with the other she teased and rolled the little nubby sensitive treasure inside. Juices clung to her fingers and she heard the wet sticky sound of her own hot body’s excitement. Inside the swollen pink folds of her pussy a small inner mouth of soft light pink flesh opened and closed with eager hunger. She fed the little mouth her finger and it sucked at it tenderly. One finger wasn’t enough for the little pink wet mouth so she fed it another. Two fingers sent warm sensations through her body and she moaned and shuddered. The soft folds of delicate tender flesh felt amazing as she fingered her own cunt. The more the sticky soft sounds of her juices grew the more Missy became aroused and the closer she moved to satisfied and loud orgasm. But Missy knew something else would come as an arch of clear fluid clung between her finger and thigh. She fingered her own sweet little cunt and more and more creamy sticky strings of juices clung and fell to the carpet.
Missy was close, she could feel her orgasm about to rapture her entire body and then IT would happen. She loved IT and knew that with just the right thrusts of her hips and the right application of her fingers to the little soft folds of the puckered pink mouth IT would come.

Jeffrey clung outside Missy’s window and his long and eager patience was rewarded. He had hung onto the branch nearly all day. He knew that the bus wouldn’t get him home in time and climbing the tree outside her window would most likely get him busted. Missy, his neighbor, would tell his parents again if he got busted. It would be worth it certainly but much better if no one caught him. All the aches and sore muscles were paying off because now Missy had just removed her undies! Fuck! Holy fucking hell! Missy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She was beyond hot and he could swear that those tits had grown 2 sizes in the last week! He rubbed his erection against the branch as he watched her push and roll around those soft giants. The best was when she leaned over and they hung down like two melons in sacks! Oh man, he had spurted some jelly many times just thinking about those babies rolling around.
Shit! Missy was playing with herself! She didn’t always have time to do this but the times that she had…oh fuck! His friends didn’t believe him when he told them about what happened. Oh god, she was fingering her hole! Jeffery tried rubbing against the branch harder but it was hurting and he would never be able to really feel right unless it was free.
Shit! She was close! He could see it by the way her large Egyptian looking eyes closed and her mouth opened wide. Then he heard her! She was starting the moans! Oh god! THE MOANS!
Get the fucking zipper! God damn it! Just…get…

Missy felt it. The tender young flesh of her hot pussy pressed around her fingers and Missy couldn’t hold back the sounds! She felt the first tight spasm of orgasm and then she forced her eyes open so she could see IT! Her delicate and beautiful flower released a gushing wave of spraying clear juices streaming toward the mirror.
“AHHH! OH! AH! FfffffffUCK..Kuh…kuh!” Missy screamed.
The next wave to hit her sent another stream of spraying clear cum that buckled her knees and shot up and out at the mirror! Missy screamed louder!
“OHHHH FFFFFUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” She exclaimed.
The last little spasms to rock her body and make her reach for the chair behind her only dribbled down her thighs and sank into the lush carpet.

Jeffery got his little dick out of his pants just as Missy was screaming her first moans. Scooting out of the safety of the covering leaves he inched his way closer so he could see the spraying cunt juices! Fuck! Why did no one believe him when he told them that she could literally cover the entire mirror in girl cum? He was out of the cover of the leaves and holding on with one hand while the other worked furiously at his hard little cock. When she started screaming ‘fuck’ he knew he was going to shoot some sperm all down below. Instead his hand slipped off the branch and he lost his hold with his feet and they went down first! He was just barely able to catch an extending branch with his jerk-off hand and next thing he knew he was hanging with his pants around his feet and legs dangling.

Missy heard the rustle and crack just as she was recovering from the orgasm. She didn’t even have to guess.
“JEFFERY!” She yelled.
Sure enough, Jeffery, her perverted neighbor hung outside with his pants down around his ankles. Missy rushed to the side of her window and threw it open hiding her nakedness behind the wall.
“Jeffery! You little fucking dick!”
“Help! Please Missy, HELP!” Jeffery pleaded.
“You SHOULD fall you fucking pervert!” Missy said.
“Missy!” Jeffery cried desperately, “PLEASE! I…It’s a long way! I’m going to DIE!”
“God damn it Jeffery! My parents will be home in a minute! Look, just try to pull up on that branch and I’ll grab your hand!”
“Listen, do you want to die or what?”
“Uhhh…ok.” Jeffery said.
Missy had no choice, she had to lean out the window and there was no time to put clothes on. Jeffery eyed her exposed breasts that flopped over the window as she leaned out to reach for his hand. She wasn’t sure what gave the little wimp the strength but he was able to reach her hand and she pulled.
“AHHHH!” Jeffery screamed like a girl as he fell from the branch. Missy held onto his hand jerking her forward but not letting go as he fell. She was able to reach out with her other hand and hook under Jeffery’s other arm.
A couple of tugs and Jeffery had died and gone to heaven! He found himself suddenly buried in soft creamy Missy breasts. She tugged him up and he went limp.
Jeffery grabbed the window and pulled himself as Missy pulled him under the arms and into her window. She had dropped to her knees and now she leaned back as she pulled him in. Jeffery’s legs slipped over the window sill and then Missy fell backward and Jeffery slid down onto her. For a moment Jeffery didn’t quite realize what had happened and then he felt flesh against flesh. His pants had been completely removed during the rescue and now he lay on top of Missy in nothing but a shirt. Missy wore nothing at all!

Missy was momentarily pinned by Jeffery as he slipped down on top of her. She fell slightly forward of him so that his face was on her upper chest but he was a shrimp and shorter so his hips rested on hers. Oh GOD, she felt it. Jeffery’s dick! They both looked at each other for a moment before Missy felt him push forward and try to slip it down into her! He was quite hard and she was still quite wet. It only took that little thrust and Jeffery was inside her!

Jeffery couldn’t believe it when his dick sank into her warm hole. He had never been inside a woman before and the idea, the dream of fucking Missy was unreal!
Jeffery came instantly!
It only lasted a moment before Missy pushed him off in disgust! Jeffery rolled to the side and he didn’t think that Missy knew he had cum. Several more jets of sperm erupted onto her carpet before Missy could stand and scream at him.
“Jeffery! Oh my god! I can’t…OH MY GOD! GET OUT NOW!” She screamed and ripped her little blouse from the bed. It did little to cover her voluptuous naked flesh but she didn’t have time to dress.
Then the door opened!
“Missy what’s…” Her father said and stopped.
“DAD!” Missy said. She covered the rest of her sex with her hand and tried to cover her breasts with the blouse. She turned around terrified that her father had just caught her naked with Jeffery. Dear GOD, Jeffery of all people! When she turned she saw Jeffery had ducked behind the bed. Had her father seen? She decided to go as if he hadn’t.
“Dad, I’m changing!” Missy said.
“I…I thought I heard voices. A boy’s voice!” Her father said. He had long ago removed the locks on her doors. Part of the imprisonment of overprotection and it gave her parents and her brother the ability to walk in her room at any time. Which they did, especially her brother.
“Dad, please. There aren’t any boys in here. I’m changing. Please.” She said.
Her father walked into the room and peered into the bathroom and then behind the bed. She nearly panicked before noticing that Jeffery had crawled under the bed. She now held her breath that her father might peer under the bed and catch him there!
“Ok but I still don’t understand the voices.” He said walking to the closet. He flung open the closet and looked in. Seeing no one there he turned and looked at Missy. She felt his eyes lingering on her nakedness and she looked down at the floor. She prayed he didn’t ask about the mirror. She hadn’t had time to clean it. This was all Jeffery’s fault. She was going to get him! That she swore. She would make him pay for this!
“What are you hiding?” Her father asked still standing there looking at her.
“Hiding?” She asked.
“Yes, you are covering yourself. Are you hiding something? Did you get a piercing or tattoo or something stupid like that?” He asked.
“God! No Daddy.” She said.
“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.” He said before adding, “Now open your arms and drop that shirt. I want to see you aren’t hiding anything.”
“DADDY!” She begged.
“Do it or I’m going to have your hide young lady!” He said.
Missy dropped the shirt and opened her arms to the side. Her father peered at her for a long time before making her turn around so he could see she was hiding nothing. Missy kept her eyes to the floor, her legs pressed together and turned slowly so he could see her. Even though she didn’t look at him she felt his gaze burning into her naked flesh. She stopped and hoped he hadn’t seen any of the wetness still drying on her skin. She also felt something very sticky slowly escaping from her little bud.
“God you have grown into a beautiful young lady. I hope you know I’m just looking out for you. My family came from nothing and I’ve worked hard to become a lawyer and a get you this house and live with white folk in rich neighborhoods. I just hope you appreciate all I’ve done for you and your brother?”
“I do Daddy.”
“Good.” He lingered looking at her, “Well good. You are something really…stunning. I’m just protecting you. Making sure you don’t hook up with the wrong type.”
“I know Daddy. Can I get dressed now?” She asked.
“Oh…uh…yeah. But keep this door open. I don’t like closed doors in this house!”
Then he walked over and hugged her. She felt his erection through his pants. She couldn’t really blame him because she knew she looked amazing naked. If she were her father she would probably want to look at her naked too! She hardly cared when he held her for far too long and pressed his bulging stiffness into her stomach. Finally he broke off and left the room.
Missy tried to figure out what she was going to do about Jeffery. That little geeky shrimp! She was going to kill him. Telling his parents wasn’t good enough this time. This time she would figure out something better. But he had put his thing inside her! Oh gross! Wait! Oh dear LORD!
Missy opened her legs after she put on her top with no bra and saw a glob of sticky white cum. This wasn’t her, this was Jeffery! Jeffery had cum inside her! OH GOD!
“Jeffery!” She spat between clinched teeth.
“SHHH! Don’t you dare speak! If my Dad comes back and catches you here you are dead! After they kill me, I’m killing you!” She said. From under the bed he nodded.
“You are going to have to stay under there until they go to bed. I have to go down and get your stupid pants you dropped! Also you came in me! I just want you to know that I’m going to get you. I don’t know how yet but I’m going to get you!”
Jeffery nodded, afraid to speak.
“Stay under the bed and don’t leave. I’ll be back.”

Jeffery’s heart was beating at nine million miles an hour. Missy’s Daddy scared the hell out of him! A big guy with a large booming voice, he was positive he would kill him if he knew he just sort of fucked his daughter. Jeffery’s dick sprung to life when he realized he had just sort of kinda fucked Missy. I mean he didn’t actually move but he was inside her. Wow! It felt GREAT! He couldn’t wait to tell his friends. They would never believe him.
Jeffery looked up and saw Missy’s naked round ass disappear into the bathroom with clothes in tow. Jeffery jerked himself off under the bed thinking about her and looking at the wetness still covering the mirror. He shot his sperm all over the carpet again and then relaxed satisfied until Missy returned. He had waited all day in a tree to see her naked, he could certainly wait all evening under the bed until she told him what to do next. He would do anything she said. Anything.

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