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Missy and Jeffery
07-15-2011, 04:59 AM
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Missy and Jeffery
Missy tries to keep her father from finding Jeffery and finds something about herself in the process
Missy stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. She turned slightly from side to side admiring the shape of her naked ass. Her tight shirt hugged her slender waist and accented the curve of her smooth booty. Half way across the small cheeks of her ass the color changed from coffee brown to creamy light latte. She couldn’t decide if she liked the tan lines left from her bikini but when would she ever be able to lay out naked with her father and brother watching her constantly?
Steam lifted in quickly dissipating clouds from the sink. Missy ran her washcloth under the warm water and parted her thighs. She scrubbed just above the knees and slowly worked her way to her soft warm pussy. She held the washcloth over her sticky little slit enjoying the warmth. She wiped and looked at the remnants of her odd adventure. Out of all the fucking insane things to have happen! Why would it be Jeffery that ended up in her room and cumming on her? At least she didn’t have to worry about catching anything, she was positive that Jeffery was a virgin. How could anyone that wasn’t a virgin cum in less than a second of contact?
Missy rinsed out the cloth before hanging it over the rail in the shower. She slipped on her panties and then a pair of jeans. She smoothed her hands over the jeans and decided not to worry about the bra. She needed to get outside and find Jeffery’s clothes before someone else did. Even if her father believed her, just finding some boy’s underwear and jeans outside her window would mean certain death!
The coast was clear as she darted down the stairs and to the front door. If her parents caught her now they would know something was up and start to question her. She raced outside and turned around the corner running for the spot under her window. A few leaves decorated the otherwise spotlessly manicured lawn but nothing else. Missy looked up in the tree to see if she could find any sign of that little fucker’s clothes!
“What are you looking for?” Her father’s voice boomed.
“Umm…I…was just looking.” She said.
“Missy…” Oh no, he used her name at the start of a sentence, she was doomed, “Missy, I have always raised my children to tell me the truth. I believe in honesty above all things. I work for the court and before that I was a military man as will be your brother as soon as he gets out of college. Hopefully after his service he will pick up where I left off and become a General…”
“And then President some day, yes I …”
“Do not interrupt me!” Her father said and waited for his voice to have its effect. He seemed pleased by Missy’s surprised reaction. He continued, “Because I take pride in my children, you can imagine how I would feel, what I would DO, if I found that one of my own, my precious little girl was lying to me.”
“Because it certainly seems that you are looking for something and by chance I walked around the house and found these just below your bedroom window.”
Her father brought his hand from behind his back and held the wrinkled jeans and white underwear that Jeffery had dropped below her window.
“So I’m going to ask you one more time, do you have something you need to tell me?”
“Daddy…” Missy said coming closer to her father. She straightened her back and shoved out her chest. Her thick full breasts pressed against the tight shirt and she was positive that her father could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the soft fabric. Satisfied that he was clearly staring at her breasts Missy continued, “Daddy I swear to you that I’ve never seen those before. But I was dishonest with you. I thought I heard someone outside, up in the tree. After you got so upset earlier I was afraid you would get mad at me if I told you that I thought I saw someone.”
“In the tree?” He asked looking up. Missy hugged him close and pushed her soft mounds into his chest before lifting up on her toes and looking into his eyes.
“If you saw someone in this tree you should have told me! So you are telling me these are some peeping Tom’s clothes?”
“Yes Daddy, and I think I know who it is.”
“I think it’s that little creep Jeffery.”
Her father smiled and wrapped his arm around her. He pushed forward and she felt the swell of his heated cock. It was growing. For a moment she swore he was leaning in to kiss her on the lips but he kissed her forehead and said, “That poor boy has been torturing you since you were children. Jeffery is harmless. But if these are his clothes then I’m worried he may be taking things too far. I’ll have a talk with his parents after I go inspect your room. I need to make sure that someone hasn’t been in there.”
“Wha…why? I told you.”
“I know what you told me but I’m sure that if you are as worried as you say, then inspecting your room will confirm that no one has invaded your room and violated your space. Trust me Missy, the world is filled with sick and strange people.”

She followed closely behind her father, trying to appear calm but inside terrified that he would find Jeffery hiding under the bed where she had asked him to stay. The little creep had been watching her from the tree and when he climbed too far out on a limb he nearly fell. She should have let him fall but instead helped him get into the room and the little fucker had been bottomless and worse yet, he had cum on her as soon as he landed in her room! She had told him to stay hidden thinking that she could make his life miserable before kicking him out. Now her father was entering her room and about to find him!
She stopped in the doorway and watched her father lifting the sheets and looking under the bed. Her knees felt weak. She thought she would pass out. He stood and turned to walk to her closet. What the hell? She bent over and looked quickly under her bed. No Jeffery!
Her father inspected every corner of her room before heading to the bathroom. She stood against the window by her bed as her father walked into the large bathroom and opened the doors under the sink. She couldn’t stand this. Where was the little shit? She slowly backed up and her legs hit the bed. Her father moved across the bathroom to the shower and Missy backed up between her bed and the other window. She moved her feet back in small steps. She watched her father rip open the shower curtains. He didn’t react. No one was there. Jeffery must have escaped the house. Missy let out a sigh of relief.
She looked out the window and saw nothing in the tree. The thin branch Jeffery had hung down from was now far out of reach having sprung back up to its original position. There was no way that he could have caught a limb from her room and made his way back down the tree.
Missy watched her father lift the wash cloth from the shower rod and bring it to his face. He sniffed the washcloth! He smelled the cloth she had just been using to clean her pussy! Missy backed up into the big heavy curtains her mother hung in every room, the ones that she hated and kept opened all the way because they blocked every bit of sunlight. Instead of hitting wall she hit Jeffery! She jumped back away from him. She was terrified that her father would find him hidden in the curtains. It was like a bad cliché. How could her father have missed looking behind the curtains? Probably because no normal size person could hide back there, only a little fart knocker like Jeffery!
She moved away from the bed and the curtains as naturally as possible. Best not to attract his attention and remind him that there was one place he hadn’t searched.
“I’m sorry I doubted you Missy. But I’m just trying to keep you safe. You are so beautiful Missy. So beautiful…” Her father seemed to drift off while looking at her. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her to him. She couldn’t breath. What was he going to do? Worse yet, did she want him to do anything?
He held her and moved his hands up and down her back. She felt the stiff shape of his dick pressing into her stomach. He grabbed her by the shoulders and held her just slightly away from him. For the second time he looked as if he would kiss her. She closed her eyes and waited for him to do whatever he wanted.
Then her father’s touch was gone and she opened her eyes to see him quickly leaving the room. Missy stood and waited for him to return or to call for her to come downstairs. Instead she heard the front door open and then slam shut. He was angry? Why was he angry? She ran out into the hallway and to the front window. His car backed down the drive and then with a skid he drove off!
“JEFFERY!” Missy yelled. No answer came.
“Jeffery, you can come out now. He’s gone.”
She walked back to the room to find Jeffery standing in only his shirt. His cock still stood at attention. She charged up in front of him. She felt like her father. Stern, fierce, and powerful, she was a force to be feared.
“Do you know what you’ve done!”
“” Jeffery whispered.
“Don’t just stand there looking stupid! You’ve ruined my entire life! What is your problem? Why do you have to be such a little pervert? All you think about is your dick and jerking off! Why can’t you be normal?”
“I don’t know.” Jeffery said.
Missy rolled her eyes. She backed away from him and looked down at his stiff little cock.

Jeffery felt horrible. He had heard her father coming up the stairs and knew he was coming back to the room. Under the bed he was a sitting duck. Missy said not to leave but he was dead meat if her father found her. He crawled out from the bed and looked around the room for a place to hide. He had actually considered the cabinets below the sink. Seemed like a good place and who would look under the sink? But there wasn’t time and as her father stepped into the room he ducked behind the curtain. He was so fucking scared when her father was pulling the room apart he nearly pissed himself. He was positive that he would pull back the curtain. If the curtain pulled back he was ready to fly! He’d run as hard as he could and never stop until he was locked in his room at home. But it never happened. He heard her father in the bathroom and then something wonderful happened. He felt a body press into him. He could tell by the round smooth curves pressing against his cock that it was Missy. Oh god. He knew he was going to blow. Oh please move. Please just rub. Do anything. He was so disappointed when she pulled away and left him there to suffer in agony.
Finally she had called to him and he came out from behind the curtain. He wasn’t proud of his body. He was small, thin, and boney. He wanted to stay hidden behind the curtain and feel the soft sweet smelling fabric against his dick. Instead he exposed himself before her and when she yelled at his cock just got stiffer. Just when you thought your dick couldn’t get any harder a really hot chick comes up yelling at you with her tits barely hidden behind a tight fucking shirt! Missy wasn’t wearing a bra! Better yet, the shirt she was wearing was pretty much transparent. Fuck! Her thick brown nipples were huge and erect! It wasn’t just that either, when she yelled at him and shook her finger, her boobs jiggled. God, Missy’s boobs were heaven. Missy was boobalicious. Missy was boobtastic. It was too much! He was so about to cum.

“Well you created your own punishment this time you little fuck. I don’t have your pants and underwear. My Dad has them. My guess is that he is on his way to your house right now! Since my Dad has your pants and underwear I’m going to keep your shirt. Take it off!” Missy yelled.
The little creep was hardly listening. All he could do was stare at her tits!
“Did you hear me? Give me your shirt, you are going home stark naked.” She enjoyed the effect it was having on him. His sleek hard dick was shiny and perfectly smooth. It pulsed in little bobs up and down as blood pumped through it. She fought the urge to touch it.
He pulled off his shirt and handed it to her. She balled it up and threw it in her closet.
“Now you are going to have to walk home naked! I hope my father is there waiting for you! I can’t wait to see how you are going to make your way across the yard with no clothes on. I can’t wait…” Missy poked him in the chest for effect. It had an effect all right. As soon as her finger touched his boney little chest he came! She couldn’t believe it! Not just a little either, this was the mother load. He shot a thick hot geyser of cum straight up in the air. It hit her just under the swell of her breasts and all down the front of her shirt. Before she could move out of the way another thick gooey string shot up and across the front of her blouse.
“Jeffery! What the fuck!” She yelled.
“I, oh god, I can’t help it!”
“God DAMN it! You are sick! What is wrong with you? You cum with just a fucking touch!?” She yelled.
“I…but its…I can’t…really Missy, I…I love you.” He said.
“Oh shut up! You don’t even know what love is. Jerking off isn’t love! What were you doing, jerking off behind my curtain and waiting for someone to touch you? You are so fucked up.”
“Not someone, you.” Jeffery pleaded.
“Oh yeah, right.” Missy said as she peeled off her shirt exposing her breasts to him. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t gone into the bathroom to take off her shirt. Something about him seeing her half naked excited her.
“Please Jeffery. You don’t love me. You are so weird.”
“No.” Jeffery said.
“No, I’m serious. Just ask my friends. I love you. I worship you. You are all I think about.”
“Oh god, creepy.” Missy said.
“I’m sorry.” Jeffery said.
“Just go home Jeffery!”
“Do you believe me?” He asked.

Jeffery left the house. She went to the window and laughed as she watched him running across the yard to his house. God, what a little pervert! So why is it that now that he is gone she felt like she was missing something? She knew she didn’t feel anything for the little worm but still it was really cool making him hard like that. Missy ran into the bathroom to masturbate.

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