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Missy Comes Home Early
07-16-2011, 12:58 AM
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Missy Comes Home Early
Missy comes home a little early to find things are a little different around home
Missy sat in class thinking of how Jeffery had acted and what he had done. She absolutely couldn’t believe he had cum by just touching her. He made her so angry! She wanted to slap him, right in the face! Stand in front of him like a drill sergeant and scream at him like she had heard her father do to his men. The thoughts of Jeffery cowering and pouting while she screamed at him made her face burn. Her fingers crept closer to her crotch. Heat burned there between her legs. She could feel the lips of her pussy tingle.
Missy looked around the room but all the students were heads down in their books. Mrs. Benson had that effect on the class. She liked Mrs. Benson.
Missy allowed herself just a touch right above her swollen clit. No one saw. She moved her finger slightly down to where she could feel her clit pressing against the fabric of her pants. She let her finger rest there. Pushed in and her clit responded. Released and felt the flush of warmth rush over her entire body.
Missy looked around the class again. The blond kid looked up and around and spied her. Her hand jumped away from her crotch. He smiled. Did he see anything? Shit. She shouldn’t be doing this in class. Missy scowled at him and his smile faded in confusion.
With both hands back on the table she thought of keeping Jeffery locked in her room like a prisoner. Just like her father had talked about in Vietnam. She could build a bamboo cage and lock him up. Make him sit in a small chair naked while she walked around him and hit him with a cane. She could just see him blubbering for release and this made her happy.
GOD! What was wrong with her? Her body burned with the absolute NEED to have sex. Her pussy was already wet and probably leaving a dark spot between her legs. Shit, should have worn jeans. She closed her legs but this only put more pressure on the sensitive swollen lips of her pussy. She felt them slip around inside her panties. She was soaked! God, God, God! Ok, ok, just stop thinking about this. Think about dead puppies.
The need for orgasm still clawed at her body. Her hand moved down again and she shoved it between her legs. She leaned over her book to make it look like she was just keeping to herself. Never mind me. Just thinking thoughts about torture and getting really, really excited!
Her finger moved over her clit in slow and non-obvious circles. Her puckered labia begged her fingers to sink down in their warm, moist embrace. Come inside and play. Oh god, now she was talking for her pussy! First you get horny over tying up Jeffery, JEFFERY of all people and now you’re talking for your cunt. Missy, my girl, you have got to get a hold on yourself, she thought.
Missy pressed a finger down into the sweet little depths of her soaking wet pussy. She had been right. Her tight dancer’s bottoms were soaked. She would need to change but right…after…Oh god! She could feel the orgasm closer. This wouldn’t be a little one. Oh no, this one would soak the room. She had to stop!
Missy looked up and saw Paula staring right at her. Paula’s eyes moved from crotch to face and back to crotch again. She saw!
Missy jerked her hand away and looked away from Paula. Damn! Damn that tomboy bitch all to hell! Missy pretended she was answering questions on the worksheet. The bell rang and she rushed out of the room holding her bag close from embarrassment and so no one would see the dark wet ring between her legs.

Lunch came and Missy sat alone at a table. She had managed to excuse herself from her last class and changed into shorts. It was far too cold for shorts and she shivered even in the lunch room. Goose bumps broke out across her legs. The shorts were all she had in her locker. The shorts were too small as well. All the guys had been watching her for the rest of the morning. She hated and loved the attention.
“Hi Missy.”
It was Paula! She slipped her tray down at the table and sat.
“What do you want?” Missy asked.
“Geesh, that’s a really nice ‘how do ya do’!” Paula said.
Missy glared over the table and held her fork in front of her like a weapon. She thought for a minute that if Paula said one word about what she saw her doing she was going to poke her eye out with the fork.
“Well anyway, I was just going to invite you to a party I’m having.”
“Party? Me? Why?” Missy asked.
“Cause you seem cool.” Paula said.
“I don’t…why?”
“It’s this weekend. I’ll get you my address. Really, come. It’s going to be pretty wild. I have the house to myself and my neighbor is bringing booze. Trust me. It’s going to be a wild ass shindig.”
Missy didn’t reply. Shindig. Really! Who did this little chick think she was anyway? Everyone knew she was a lesbian. Did Paula think that she was a fucking dyke too? God damn it! She did! Missy felt her face burning again. She watched the little skinny girl that looks like a boy walk away.

Missy walked in the front door of her house expecting no one to be home. She was eager to run up the stairs and masturbate before her father could come in and ruin it. Already her hands were clawing at her bottoms but she heard a noise. Missy’s face was crushed with disappointment when she heard her father’s voice. Damn it, why did the whole world not want her to fucking masturbate!? What was he doing home anyway?
“Daddy?” Missy called out to make sure it was really him.
“Missy! Oh Missy, come on in here.”
Missy walked into the kitchen and froze when she rounded the corner. Jeffery’s mom stood in the kitchen leaning against the counter and drinking a glass of water.
“Umm, uhh, hi.” Missy said.
“Well I’ll just be going.” Jeffery’s mom said.
“Nonsense. Let’s all sit down and talk for a moment. How was school today Missy?” Her Daddy asked.
“Uhh, great I guess. Why…I mean what’s going on?”
“I just came over for a visit, umm, to talk.” Jeffery’s mother said.
Jeffery’s mother was a beautiful woman. No seriously, the woman could be a model. She must have been amazing at one time before having Jeffery. A kid like that could bring anyone down. She had amazing blue eyes and wonderful naturally curly blonde hair. Not only did she look like she could have a sash across her chest but she was curved in all the right places with no evidence of sagging. Her mother looked good when she was dressed up nice but she had seen her take off her bra once and flop, out fell the boobs. Missy knew that would be her fate one day. Gravity hates big boobs, her mother had said.
“Ok cool. So Daddy, why are you home so early?” Missy asked. Her father had his military face on. He made it damn hard to tell when he was happy, sad, angry, or what.
“I needed to take care of some things around the house. I tell you what Missy, why don’t you head over to Jeffery’s place and see how he is doing? I think you both need to work out the issues between you. Give Mrs. Satie and me a chance to talk.”
Was her father insane? He was actually asking her to get lost and go hang out at Jeffery’s house? There was no fucking way she was going to be caught dead at that little shrimp’s place. Wasn’t he just ready to kill Jeffery the other day? “Mrs. Satie” was up to something. Missy hated the way her father used people’s first names as last names. Look at the woman! Her top was almost completely unbuttoned.
“Sure, sure. I’ll go help him with his Geometry.” Missy lied.
“Oh would you? That would be sweet. You are such a beautiful and intelligent little lady. Jeffery is so lucky to have you as his friend.” Jeffery’s mother said.
“Run along Missy, I’ll come check on you in a little bit!” her father commanded in his General’s voice.

Missy thought about sneaking back to the house. She wanted to know what was really going on. Why was “Mrs. Satie” over at her house? Where they talking about her? Even as she walked up the steps to Jeffery’s house and pressed the little glowing yellow doorbell button, Missy couldn’t believe her father wanted her out of the house and alone with Jeffery. Her father, the General, wanted her alone with a boy. He must think that Jeffery is harmless or know how much she despised the little runt.
“Missy!” Jeffery said as he opened the door.
“So do you know what the fuck is going on?” Missy asked.
“Uhh, no, just…Mom was at your house.”
“I know.” Missy pushed past Jeffery and stormed up the stairs. She knew exactly where Jeffery’s room was. No one would see her if she wasn’t downstairs and she had to have some time to think.
“So what’s going on?” Jeffery asked.
“I don’t know. I guess they are talking about us.”
“I don’t think so.” Jeffery said.
“What?” Missy asked sharply.
“Well your Dad was over here the other night and he wasn’t even pissed. Him and Mom just talked and talked. I tried to listen but your Dad scares the shit out of me.”
“That’s really weird.”
“I know. Wanna watch a movie?”
Missy turned and looked at Jeffery as if she had noticed him for the first time. Her thoughts steamed around Satie and her father. Was she trying to seduce her father? He was an attractive man and they did have more money than Jeffery’s family. It made sense she would want him. But her mother was far more intelligent and sophisticated.
“I don’t know Jeffery, what do you want to do?” Missy said distracted.
“Well I was watching a movie if you want to finish it.”
“Sure, whatever.”
Jeffery pointed the remote at the screen and hit the play button. The screen came alive with the image of a man tied down to a chair. His face was dirty and his lip was bleeding. Ropes bound him to the chair and some men walked around him asking questions. Missy couldn’t believe it!
“Why are you watching this?” She asked, already feeling her body tingle.
“This is Die Hard like two, or three, I can’t remember.”
“But…” Missy couldn’t say it. She just sat on the edge of Jeffery’s bed and let the scene play out on the screen. They slapped the man and Missy felt a rush of excitement. She looked down at Jeffery, he was on the floor and his hands were planted behind him. He looked up at her and smiled. She made a face at him and he frowned and looked back at the TV.

Jeffery couldn’t believe that Missy was over at his house and watching TV with him. Fuck man, he wished he could call his friends and tell them to come over and see. His dick started to react because he could feel her eyes on his back. He wanted to go sit next to her on the bed.
He looked back again and noticed that he could see her panties. Her shorts were so tight there was very little fabric to cover them. She glared at him and he tried not to be obvious. He had already seen the movie at least five times. He didn’t do much else besides watch movies.
Slowly he turned back again and tried to catch another peek at her panties. He turned slightly and there they were. Full glory! Blue with green print panties, Holy Jesus! He could swear he saw a pubic hair sticking out as well. Damn, damn and holy damn.
“Jeffery, what the fuck are you doing!” Missy yelled.
“What? I’m not doing anything.” He pleaded.
“You were, you were staring at my crotch, you little pervert.” Missy felt the rush of excitement as she yelled at him.
“No, seriously…I…”
“Don’t give me that shit! I saw you. That’s it. I’m going to get the information I need even if I have to beat it out of you.”
Jeffery couldn’t believe it. Missy sounded like she was playing with him, just like they had done when she had to babysit him even though she was only a year and a half older. She used to chase him around the room and threaten to beat him up if she caught him. They both ran around laughing and Jeffery always let her catch him. She had hit him but not hard and even though he didn’t understand it at the time, he loved the feelings he felt when she lay over him hitting him.
“Sit down in the chair!” She commanded shoving a chair into the middle of the room.
Jeffery sat in the chair. Missy reached over and grabbed the remote and turned off the movie. The room was suddenly quiet and Jeffery could swear he heard his heart beating. His dick was already stiff.
Missy grabbed a shirt off the floor and hit him with it.
“I think you are in with the enemy.” She said.
“You’ll never get anything out of me.” Jeffery said smiling.
Missy turned and slapped him sharply across his cheek. For a moment they both didn’t move. Missy seemed just as surprised by her action as Jeffery. He didn’t really feel the slap at first but then the burning outline of her palm scorched across his face. His dick grew more erect. He couldn’t believe it and he looked at Missy with a new respect.
“Don’t force me to gag you. If I have to gag you I won’t be able to get information. If I can’t get information then I’ll just have to beat you. Do you want that?” She asked.
Jeffery shook his head. But he did want that. He wanted to be gagged. Anything she wanted to do he wanted. He wanted her to tackle him again. He wanted her to lay on him and hit him again, make him surrender. Oh god, he wanted nothing more than to surrender.
“So what is your Mom doing at my house?”
“I don’t know.” Jeffery said.
Missy slapped him again. Jeffery recovered from the slap and looked back up. Wow, she was really getting into this. What did she want? He decided to make something up.
“I’m going to ask you again and if you don’t give me the answer I want then I’m going to tie you up and start cutting your clothes off.
“For real?” He asked.
“Yes and then, who knows…I might cut HIM off!” She smirked.
“Holy Shit Missy.”
“Call me M. You are my prisoner and prisoners don’t get to say anything unless I ask them to talk! Understand?”
“Yes M. Anything you want, just please don’t hurt me.” Jeffery was anything but scared. His body was anything but scared. He thought he would explode if she touched him again.

Jeffery really was pathetic but something about slapping him sent a rush that went straight to her pussy. She could see the red mark on his cheek and felt the excitement of playing with him again. She didn’t know why she had done it. It just came to her. Like all those years ago had just flooded back and fucking with Jeffery was always fun. She wanted to tie him up. She grabbed a towel and grabbed his hands and tied them loosely with the towel. It wasn’t real. He could get out of this easy but it still excited her.
“Why is your mother at my house with my Dad.”
“Buh…buh…because she…” Jeffery was thinking.
“You are playing with me now. Trying to think up another lie!” Missy grabbed the scissors off the desk in his room and snipped them fast in his face. Jeffery’s eyes went wide with alarm.
“Tell me or I start to cut.”
“She’s telling your father what happened. She knows everything.”
Missy snipped at Jeffery’s pants.
“No, don’t cut my pants!”
Missy thought about it and then she grabbed them and jerked them down. He was skinny, the jeans pulled off his waist and got stuck exposing his underwear. Missy pulled at the button and it popped open. She jerked again and the jeans came off. His dick was already hard and sticking out to the side. It wasn’t very big. Missy snipped the scissors again.
“Holy crap.” Jeffery said.
“Tell me or I cut off your underwear and stuff them in your mouth!”
“What? What! I don’t know.” Jeffery pleaded.
“Ok, then here we go.”
Missy grabbed the fabric of his white underwear and cut. Jeffery’s eyes got huge but he didn’t break free from the towel. He could easily have stopped her but he liked it. His dick obviously liked it. She cut a few more times and then she ripped the underwear up and the fabric tore. She jerked again and his dick jumped up to attention. She stared at it. It was hard, smooth and she wanted to touch it. God! It was Jeffery!
She snipped the band around his waist and the underwear came completely off. She balled up the torn and cut fabric and then Missy sat down across Jeffery’s lap. She felt his erection. He was stiff and his cock pushed against her crotch, pressing against her already burning and swollen pussy. She moved in closer, spreading her legs wide so she was as close as she could get and her pussy was positioned right over Jeffery’s cock.
“She knows everything huh? Then I have no choice but to kill her!” Missy said.
“NO!” Jeffery screamed.
“Shut up or I cut it off!” She snipped the scissors again. Jeffery didn’t move but his hips thrust forward a little.
“Oh, you would like to fuck me wouldn’t you?” She asked.
“Uhhh, yes.” He said.
“I know. I can tell. But…” Missy moved her crotch across his erection, “…you…” she moved down and back up, “aren’t ever.” She finished and he came.
Missy felt him cumming. She felt the movement of his cock up and down. She felt the thrusting of his hips and heard his moans.
“God damn it Jeffery!” She said jumping up.
“You can’t even last more than 2 seconds?” She asked.
“I was trying to feel it rubbing. Damn it. I hate you.” She said and stood up.
“I’m sorry.”
“You aren’t sorry enough. If you are going to be my prisoner you have to learn to do what I want, not just shoot off whenever you feel like it.”
“I couldn’t help it! I…”
“You need to get laid, like for real.” She said.
“Oh god, I would…any time you like.”
“Not with me! I wouldn’t fuck your stupid ass if you were the last guy on earth.” Missy spat. She walked out of the room.
“Hey wait! Untie me!” Jeffery yelled.
“Oh please, like you can’t get out of that.”

Back at her house she peeked into the garage and saw her father’s Jag. He was still home. Damn. She had really hoped to have time to run upstairs and molest herself. She opened the front door but didn’t hear anyone. She walked around the different rooms and went to the back and peeked out across the lawn, no one. She stood in the living room and then rushed upstairs quickly. In her room she ripped off her shorts and peeled up her top. She reached between her breasts and unsnapped the bra. Her breasts spilled out and her thick brown nipples were already hard. She caressed her soft breasts and ran her fingers over her body. She felt between her legs and she was already very wet.
Then she heard a noise. It sounded like someone talking. She listened and heard it again. It was coming from the vent. She knelt down and continued to play with herself but listened closely. She knew it was coming from the basement. Her vent was always a direct connection to the basement and even though that was two stories below her, she could hear everything people said down there.
“…that’s why.” Her father’s voice came up.
Missy leaned in closer, her fingers slowing.
“Because I like to see you naked and crawling. I like to see that white butt up in the air and your pink little pussy poking out ready for me to fuck.”
“Yes Sir.” A woman’s voice came up.
“I didn’t tell you to speak. Get back to sucking and don’t talk. I’m almost ready to open up that silly white cunt.” Her father said.
Missy couldn’t believe it! Her father! Her father was having sex with Jeffery’s mom! Not only that but he was ordering her around like a slave!
“You really are an amazing piece of ass, did you know that? I love watching my thick black cock disappear down your throat.”
Missy leaned back against the wall and her fingers sank down deep into her pussy. She spread her legs open wide and fucked herself while listening.
“Ok bitch, crawl over there and do what I like.”
“Yes Sir!”
“Good white girl. Now spread those legs a little. I want to spank your ass a few times before I stick my dick in there.”
“Yes Sir.”
“You want it don’t you? You want my thick black cock?”
“Yes, please Sir.”
Missy heard some fleshy smacking sounds and she felt her body tense. He was spanking Jeffery’s mom! Missy was very close and she knew this would be huge! She opened her legs wide and closed her eyes. Her hands moved over her big breasts and pulled them up and to her chin.
“I love how that ass gets nice and red. I’m going to put my big cock in that little pussy and you know what your Master likes?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Ok, as soon as it slides in, say it.”
“Oh Daddy! Oh God, Daddy fuck me! I’m your little slut! Fuck me Daddy!”
Missy came. She sprayed across the floor! She moaned and her legs trembled. She felt them closing and releasing. She left a flood of juices in front of her and when she was done she listened to the moaning and grunting of her father fucking Mrs. Satie.
“Holy shit.” She whispered.
Missy listened until it sounded like they stopped and then she heard the sound of the basement door opening. She ran to her bathroom, grabbed a towel and wiped the floor before starting to dress.
She had her pants on before she heard the footsteps on the stairs.
“Missy?” Her father called.
“Yeah, I’m here. Just changing.” She said.
Her father walked into the room because she wasn’t allowed any privacy. She was still topless and he was followed by Mrs. Satie. Missy tried to cover herself but her father said, “Don’t do that. Mrs. Satie has seen breasts before.”
Mrs. Satie stood subservient behind her father. He walked over and stood in front of her, staring at her breasts.
“Did you help the boy with his school work?”
“Yes.” Missy said.
“Good. So why back so soon?”
“I…I was ready to change.”
“Well go ahead and get dressed, your mother will be home soon. I’m going to walk Mrs. Satie home. Thought I would come get you but as you are already back, you can get started on dinner.”
“Ok.” Missy said.
They left the room and Mrs. Satie turned back again. Her eyes moved up and down Missy and then she walked away.
Missy sighed. She couldn’t believe how much hearing her father made her cum. Man, things were getting weird.

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