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Miss cartwright 3
07-14-2011, 10:20 AM
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Miss cartwright 3
To fully understand this story it is recommended that you read parts Miss Cartwright And Miss Cartwright 2.

I had not seen Miss Cartwright for more than 20 years, I was now a fully fledged Customs Officer working at a local Airport (which will remain nameless). I was on night shift and it was 2am the flight from Faro had just landed, I scanned the crowd as I always did and saw someone I thought was familiar, I quickly checked the flight manifest and yes there she was Miss Sarah Cartwright, I decided to put a pair of sunglasses on, that way it would be harder for anyone to recognise me, as I checked peoples passports I saw that she was moving towards the end of the queue, this is a classic sign of someone who is hiding something. I finally got to her and asked her why she had been moving in the queue, she did not answer to my satisfaction and so I asked her to come into the office. The door automatically locks and the camera switches on as soon as anyone enters the room. I asked her to hand over her bag and to open her suitcase, I searched and found a small wrap of cannabis bud in her hand luggage. I opened it and smelled it this was definitely cannabis .

I spoke' You are in serious trouble Madam'

"It is only a small amount and it is for my own private use that is legal"

'No it is not legal, the possession of Cannabis has never been LEGAL, it was for a while down graded from a class B to a Class C Controlled drug but that was changed back earlier on this year, even as a Class C it carried a possible prison sentence that could be up to 14 yeas dependant upon the amount in your possession'

"Are you Peter, I am Miss Cartwright your old Art Teacher"

I took off my glasses

'Oh yes I remember you now Yes I am Peter'

"Well can you remember how all those years ago I let you off, I didn't go to the Head Teacher when you drew that picture of me, also I gave you a glowing reference to enable you to get the job you are now in, can't you cut me some slack for old times sake?"

'Yes I can remember, but you didn't exactly let me off now did you, you were not as generous as you portray, I received a damn good hiding at your hand I seem to recall n both occasions'

"yes, but you didn't get in more trouble, it would have been much worse if I had stuck to the rules, so can't you bend the rules and let me go?"

'I tell you what I will do, I will retain this cannabis and your passport, according to the manifest you still live at the same address, what time is your husband in?'

"Oh he went years ago, I live alone"

' Right then I will come to your home tonight and let us see if we can resolve this matter'

"What time?"

'I don't know yet, so you will have to stay in all day from say 5pm, it will do you good not to know when I am coming'

I then released her and thought about her PUNISHMENT whilst I continued to work. At 7am I knocked off and went home to sleep, I woke at 4pm and showered, I went to the garden shed and collected a cane which I had been using to support a tomato plant, the plant no longer needed the cane, however Miss Cartwright certainly did need it. I remembered how I had been turned on when she spanked me and the thought of me spanking and caning her made me hard already and that was before I started.

I arrived at her home at 7pm and she opened the door for me, she was about 45 years old, the years had been kind to her she still had a great body around size 12 just how I liked it, she was wearing a jumper and trousers.

'Remember now Sarah, the tables are now turned so to speak, I am here to discuss and deliver a punishment to you for your attempt to illegally import a controlled drug into the UK, if you agree to do EVERYTHING that I tell you without question then the matter can end here tonight, if you do not agree then I will make a call and you will be arrested, I am sure that you will lose your job and maybe your pension too as well as the humiliation of having the case in the papers.'


'firstly I want you to go to change out of that outfit, I want you to return wearing a skirt, stockings and a blouse, I am going to check the house for bugs I don't want you to have trapped me here and record the events of tonight,'

" I would not do that"

Sarah came into the room she looked even better, she had put on a wonder bra that made her cleavage bigger and the short plaid skirt she wore made her look extremely fuck able.

'You are going across my knee, remember the drill, you object or don't do as you are told and you get busted, you do understand?'


She bent over my knee, I raised her skirt and pulled her knickers down.

'On the bare Sarah, always on the bare'

I started to lay my hand hard across your ass,

"Fuck, that's hard and painful, I never hit you that hard"

' For one, yes you did, for two this is just the start, the cane will hurt more and I guess your crime is far more serious than mine ever was'

I continued to rain blows down on her pink ass

SMACK !!!!!!

SMACK !!!!!!

SMACK !!!!!

I continued to spank her hard on her bare ass.

"Please she screamed give me a break let me have some respite, I will do anything just give me a break PLEEEEESE"

I stopped, after all my hand was stinging as I had hit her hard,


She got up from my knee, I stood up

'Right now kneel down, take my cock out, be gentle with it and use your mouth to make love to my cock'

"What ?"

'Suck my cock, give me a blow job, that is unless you want me to carry on without giving you a break?'

She took me in her mouth and sucked me, damn she was good very good in fact, I was not sure if that was due to her having gone without sex for so long or if it was that she thought that if she got me to come I may forget about the rest of her punishment.

Sarah continued to give me head she was good and she was talented at it, I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed the lot without stopping. I let her go to the loo and I went into the kitchen, I opened a cupboard and the strong smell of cannabis hit me, I soon found a block of resin which I took into the lounge.

'Right, what have you to say about this' pointing to the block

'This is a 9 bar and I don't think that if I caned you for a whole week it could possibly be in any way punishment for this amount you do know this is far more serious'

"It is for my Mum, she suffers from MS and I know it will relieve her pain"

'Using your Mum will not help you'

"It is the truth please call her"

I rang Sue and after a brief conversation in which she confirmed what her daughter had said I told her to be at her daughter house at 9am the next morning.

I then went to Sarah

'Right strip completely'

She obeyed without question

'bend over the dining room table'

I then brought the cane down hard on her arse

WACK !!!!!!!


WACK !!!!!!


WACK !!!!!!


I gave Sarah 20strokes on her bare arse and the wealds were almost breaking the skin, almost but not quite.

'Do you want me to stop'

"yes she cried"

'Okay BJ it is then'

She knelt again and sucked me, I was hard already but she got me harder.

'I would like to fuck you, but only if you want me to'

"Yes please my pussy is wet, please make love to me, will you come to my bed"

I took her to her bed and even though her arse was sore she lay with her legs apart and beckoned me to her pussy,

"Peter please come and fuck Teacher"

I slid my cock into a very wert pussy.

'Tell me about your Mum, you do know that she is as guilty as you'

"will you spank her like you did me?"


"Will you fuck her"


"she will like that, she is 61, she had me when she was 16, she has a good figure, I am sure that you will enjoy fucking her tomorrow, but for today do you want my ass ?"


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