Mike And Mandy
Mike stared ahead of him at the long ribbon of highway that stretched as far as he could see without a town in sight. He had been driving since early morning and it was now 5:50PM in the evening. His was getting tired and he needed a rest. The next town of any size was still forty miles away where he could check in at a hotel, and get some food and a good bed to sleep in. He still had two hundred miles to travel before he would be home and with his wife. He planned to stop and buy her a gift as a surprise for her, and it would really be nice to be with her again. He a been away for five days on a business trip in Chicago. He was a business man and he had to make these trips often which meant that he and his wife had to be apart quite a lot. That is why they enjoyed the time they were able to spend together.

The next sign he came across said fifteen miles to Hilo. Another one horse town he thought. He called his wife on his cell phone. "Honey I am less then two hundred miles from home now." I will be spending the night in Sheriden and I will be home early in the morning honey. The conversation concluded with the usual platitudes....I love you honey....I love you baby. The car had just rounded a curve, when he saw a young woman standing on the side of the road, holding out her thumb. "A female hitch Hiker he thought." "Very rare these days." As he came closer to her he observed how good looking she was. A road way Venus with long blonde hair and a sweet face, clad in a very low cut blouse and short pants , big tits sticking out, a slender waist, a fine round ass and long
slender legs. He started to pass her by. He never picked up hitch hikers. Then he thought that some harm might come to her, and if she was not going very far he would not mind driving her there. He stopped the car. "Where are you headed young lady." " Sheriden she said. "That happens to be where I am going." "Hop in and I will give you a lift." The young woman opened the door , stepped in, and then shut it. He then stepped on the gas and the car headed down the
road. "Hitch hiking can be mighty dangerous for a young lady." he said. "Just young, no lady," she said, turning a pretty smile at him. She was already starting to get to him. She was just a slut and he was married man. She shouldn't even be in his car, he was thinking, and he was trying to justify it by saying that he did not want any harm to come to her. She was giving seductive looks. He kept looking at her legs that she had cocked up on his dash board. Her perfume was
intoxicating him. He broke the silence. "Why are you going to Sheriden?" he enquired. "I just want a place to sleep, " she replied, smiling at him. "A girl has to have a place to sleep you know. " He could feel her eyes on him, devouring him with lust. He knew what she wanted. He tried to resist but he felt his cock getting hard and forming a bulge in his pants. "Why are you going to Sheriden ?" She enquired, turning her smile on him. "Oh I suppose for the same reason." "I am
headed...." He started to tell her that he was head home to his wife, but he could not bring himself to say it. "Well, I have been driving a long time and I need.... I need sleep....I mean I need a place to sleep....I mean...." He nearly choked on the words. He should not have used the word sleep he thought. "What is your name she ask?" "Mike," he replied. "Hmmmmmm....Mike could you please take me your hotel." "There is no sense in your having to find me a separate one." He knew what she was expecting and he could tell by her look and the tone of her voice that she wanted to seduce him. He felt she was winning,as his resistance was crumbing, and he was starting to want her more and more. "Mike will you take me to your hotel?" "I will not be trouble you know." She
had cornered him and he could not say no to her now. "Why yes of course he replied as long as we...." He started to say that as long as they slept in separate rooms, but he could not seem to get the words out. Yes it will be alright he said. "Thanks Mike," she said smiling at him.

For the next several minutes as they drove along the road, her eyes feasted on him. She wanted him he could tell, and even though he did not want to admit it to himself, he wanted her really badly. They made small talk. She told him about herself. She was married also but going through a divorce. She wanted to start a new life somewhere else. He told her about himself also but not that he was married. He was starting not just to want her but to like her. In fact they were starting to like each other. Mutual interest evolving, perhaps more. They passed the Sheriden city limits and down the main street. The pulled into a Holiday Inn parking lot. They got out of the car and she walked ahead of him. He watched the swing of her sexy ass as she kept looking back at him and smiling. They entered into the motel lobby and walked over to the front desk. "Can I help you?" the hotel clerk ask. Mike did not know what to say. "I want....a room....I want a room for...." He looked at the woman standing next to him and smiling at him. He knew this was wrong, but he could not help it. He looked back at the clerk and cleared his throat. "I want....I want a room for two." he said. He sent for a porter to bring his luggage up the elevator to room 28. This was done in short order. She suggested that they first get something to eat, which he agreed. They walked over to the restaurant and he opened the door for her. Mike was now so smitten with the young woman that he had completely forgotten about his wife. He felt like a teenager out on a first date. His rock hard cock pressed against his pants as his eyes kept feasting on her sexy body, with those big breast swelling over the top of her low cut blouse, and her well sculpted ass, with the cheeks sticking out from beneath her short pants, cut so high that some of her white nylon under panties were exposed. They walked up to a table. He pulled out a chair for her and she sat down. He sat next to her and she smiled at him sweetly. He smiled back at her as their eyes devoured each other. They moved closer to each other. His eyes travelled down to her breast, and then back up to her eyes again. The way they looked at each other said everything. He was about to lean over and kiss her pretty mouth, when the waiter came up and ask to take their order. They both ordered shrimp with cocktail sauce. As they sat there talking to each other, she moved so close that he could feel the heat of her. She rubbed her leg against his thigh. He put his arm around her. They kissed and fondled each other a bit before the waiter came with the bowls of shrimp that he placed on table. They sat very close to each other like lovers as they consumed the shrimp, dipping each one in cocktail sauce, before slipping it into each other's mouths, occasionally kissing each other and licking the shrimp sauce out of each others mouths with there tongues. They made it no secret now. She told him how much she had been wanting him and he told her much he wanted her. They could no longer wait. They got up from the table. He went and paid the bill. They then walked arm in arm to the elevator and stepped inside.

They were drawn to each other like two magnets. Their arms went around each other as their mouths crushed together, their tongues exploring the deepest recesses of each other's mouths and tangling with each other as the elevator moved upward. He pushed her lightly against the wall, and they ground their groins against each other as they kissed. One of his hands squeezed her breast as the other firmly gripped her ass cheeks. She moaned deeply into his mouth as she felt his rock hard tool pressing against her and she slid herself up and down on him, as he thrust forward with fucking motions, as though they were not wearing clothes. Finally the elevator stopped and the door opened. With their arms interlocked, they walked down the hall until they reached room 28. She stood next to him, as he took the key out of his pocket, inserted it in the lock, and turned the knob. The door opened and the couple walked into the room that contained a single bed, a dresser, and a plush carpet. As soon as the door was shut, they rushed inside and quickly resumed the deep kiss they had started in the elevator. They plastered their bodies together, as their tongues knocked on each other's tonsil and duelled together. They kissed for long minutes grinding themselves against each other, with their hands all over each other, stroking and caressing each other as though with familiarity. Finally she pushed him away from her and stood back from him. "Undress Mike!" she said. "I want you in me now," she said. "I am so hot so hot for you honey." "Fuck me with that big cock now!" They did not take their eyes off each other. He removed his shirt and flung it on a chair. She removed her blouse, then with a seductive smile on her face, she whirled it around teasingly, and then tossed it at him. She had worn nothing underneath, so that her mountains of delight stood out totally exposed. He quickly slipped out
of his pants and then his under pants and stood before her totally naked, his hard cock, sticking straight up and totally erect. "My you are well hung aren't you Mike." She then removed her panties so that she was now completely naked also. For a while Mike just stood their taking in her lovely naked form. She stood smiling at him, looking like the carved sculpture of a Greek goddess, every curve, from her prominent breast down to her thin waist and well rounded ass, and down along her shapely legs, in perfect proportion to each other. He walked over to her, then picked her up and placed her on a lamp table. She spread her legs wide apart. He then moved forward so that his long tool was pressed against the opening of her pussy. "Oh Mike baby." "Please get inside me now and fuck me." "I can't wait." "Please Mike, fuck me now honey!" Mike was not long in complying with her. With one hard thrust he was inside her to his balls. She deeply sighed as he entered her and she begin moaning loudly as he begin fucking her with long deep strokes. He fucked her harder and harder until he was going full throttle, his hips pumping in that age old pelvic thrust, as he slammed her relentlessly. She fucked him back just as hard, thrusting her ass forward and aching her body upward to meet each one of his thrust. They fucked so hard that their flesh beat against each other with a loud slapping sound, but still she was begging him to fuck her harder, and as her orgasm approached, her moans and yells grew louder. "Oh Please Mike, fuck me baby." "Please give it to me....Uhhhhhhhhhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...." "Oh God Mike." "Please fuck me Uhhhhhhhhhh...." Mike was fucking her like a wild man. In fact he fucked her so hard that the table she was sitting on nearly turned over. Mike bent over and kissed her hard, ramming his tongue as far into her mouth as he could. She kissed him back with the same
intensity, attacking his mouth with her tongue, and their tongues moved under, over, and around each other, in a wet, erotic tango. He lifted her off the table, so that she was pole vaulted on his cock. She locked her legs around him as he begin bouncing her up and down on his cock. She was right on the verge of her climax. She bounced wildly on him, her big breast jiggling in his face, her hair thrashing and falling around her face. She threw her head back and screamed out her orgasm. Mike was hoping the walls were sound proof, as she was getting really loud. He was now coming, releasing his loud inside her. As they came together, their moans and yells mingled in an erotic serenade. Mike then lowered her down to the floor and finished on top of her missionary style, pulling his cock all the way out of her several times and then ramming back in to the hilt, as he released the last of his load into her. When their orgasm subsided they stood up. She then told him that she wanted to go to the swimming pool and he agreed.

They walked down to the gift shop. She purchased a black string bikini and he bought a pair of swimming trunks. They then went out to the pool. It was getting quite late already and they were the only ones there. They went into the dressing rooms and changed. He came out. Then she came out smiling at him. His eyes feasted on her. She looked terrific in black he thought. He watched as she jumped into the water. "Come on in," she said, Its warm." He waisted no time getting in with her. They looked at each other as they moved closer together. She moved over to him and put her arms around him. "Mmmmmmmmm...your terrific," she said. "And your wonderful," he said. "I love your hardness inside me," she sighed. "And I love being inside you he replied." "Mmmmmmmm....fuck me now," she implored. Miked leaned over and kissed her and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She responded by deepening the kiss and thrusting her own tongue into his mouth. They then went under the water and held the kiss as long as they could before having to come up for air. They kissed for ten more minutes, their tongues exploring, darting and tangling together. As they kissed, he undid the strap on her bikini, and tossed it up by the pool. She then removed her bottom and tossed it together with her top. He then slipped out of his trunks
so that they were both totally naked. Mike was hoping that no one would come out and see them. They accomplished all this without breaking the kiss. She then wrapped her legs around him as he entered her and begin fucking her with short quick strokes. In less then five minutes, they both came in another terrific orgasm, as they tried their best to keep their noises down, so that no one would hear them. When he pulled out of her, she then went under the water, and took his cock into her mouth, sucking every last bit of come off the head. She then came up and kissed him long and hard, driving her tongue into his mouth, and letting him taste his own come. She then went
down again and took his whole member into her mouth and gave him head, coming up occasionally for air, then going back down and sucking him, until he came again in her mouth, this time releasing his full load into her mouth. She came up and kissed him deeply, as they pushed his load of come back and forth in their mouths with their tongues. He then entered her and fucked her again until she came in still another orgasm. They fucked each other for another hour before they finally put their swimsuits on and returned to the their hotel room. They then stripped naked and showered together. It was wonderful to hold her with the water dripping off their wet bodies with him inside her and fucking her, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. When they got out they dried themselves off with towels and then got into bed. He entered her again and fucked her missionary style, then turned her around and fucked her doggie style. They enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror and the expressions of ecstasy on each others faces as they came. They ordered some fruit and strawberries with cream. He then proceeded to wipe it around her breast, her thighs, and around her pussy, and then slowly licked it off, spending more time on her breast and pussy, making her yell loudly as she came. They then slowly consumed the fruit, tossing them around in each each other's mouths with their tongues before swallowing them. They watched a porn movie on satellite television. Throughout all the sex scenes, she would suck his cock, then kiss him deeply and drive her tongue into his mouth. They fucked all night long, and in so many positions that Mike lost count of them. They fucked in the bed. They fucked on the floor, and they fucked on all the furniture. They did not fall asleep until 8:00 am the next morning. When Mike awoke it was 10:00 am, and time that he should be heading back home, but he could not without getting more sleep. He then reached over and grabbed the phone to call his wife. "Honey, he said, I have been detained here in Shelden and I will not be home until later." "What do you mean later?" "Tell me when you will be home Mike." "Well honey, I really can't tell you now." "I will call you back later honey." "Mike this is not like you." "What is going on?" The woman was just waking up. She begin to lick and suck on Mike's ear. "What is that noise honey?" She then begin to giggle. "Honey who is that laughing?" "Oh honey it is just the secretary here." "Secretary !" "What are you talking about honey?" "Honey I have to go now." "I will explain every thing when I get home." "Mike don't hang up on me." "Who is that back there?" "I will call you back honey." Mike then put the receiver down. "Who is honey?" the woman enquired. Mike then told her that he was married and that he wanted his wife to know that he would be late. She told him that it did not bother her that he was married. She told him that she often had affairs behind her husband's back. She started licking him again, her tongue making a wet trail down along his face and neck. He was just thinking that he had never found out her name. "What is your name?" "Mandy," she said, continuing to lick now around his face and neck. "I love that name he replied." "Mike shut up and fuck me." So he promptly did.

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