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Mid-Air Enigma
07-15-2011, 04:46 AM
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Mid-Air Enigma
“Oh, wait! I almost forgot my driver’s license,” I yelled to the cabdriver, as I fumbled with my keys trying to unlock the door. I was practically running around the house like a mad woman, late as usual. Just when I thought I had packed everything, it dawned on me that I had forgotten to pack the most important thing…my identification! Then, once again, here I am running late. I was cutting it pretty close too, considering that my flight would be leaving in 1 1/2 hours. Thank God I checked into my flight online, otherwise I was sure to have to re-book my flight. Re-booking my flight meant that I would have to hear my mother’s mouth all weekend, because she made reservations for us at this exclusive restaurant in Los Angeles and afterwards we were going to an art party.

I absolutely loved art, and my mother did too. I have several paintings in my apartment in New York , and what better place for an aspiring artist to live than in New York City ? I moved to New York about six months ago, from Atlanta . Although Georgia was my hometown and I loved the people there, I had to make a business decision with my move to New York . Simply put, there were more opportunities there for me and I was offered a very attractive package from the company I’m currently working with. I can’t really say that I miss Atlanta too much. I’ve managed to make New York my new and permanent home; honestly, I loved everything about it. At times, the routine traffic jams were annoying; but aside from that, I was living it up out here. I had a really nice apartment, well equipped for entertaining, was making a lot of money, attending all sorts of crazy parties, and had several opportunities for freelance work.

The trip to the airport wasn’t too bad, with the exception of the cabdriver constantly glancing at me, as if he wanted to do more than just give me a ride to the airport. Because I did the advance check-in, there wasn’t a whole lot of waiting around. By the time I got past airport security, I still had about thirty minutes to spare. I figured I would go into one of the magazine shops and find a couple of magazines for the flight. The funny thing however, is that I would probably sleep through most of the flight as I normally did. At any rate, I bought two magazines just in case I decided to stay awake on this particular trip.

I was no stranger to being in an airport; or frequent flying for that matter, especially with my mother living in California . I made it a point to visit her at least once every three months. Oddly enough, she moved there to be with her then boyfriend and now five years later, husband. I’m very happy for my mother. She’s always been an inspiration to me, with her go-getter attitude. If she wants something, she’s going to get it.

Suddenly, I heard the first announcement being made that my flight would begin boarding soon. Today was a typical day at the airport…crowds…long lines…constant chatter…people hurriedly coming and going. As I approached my assigned gate to wait for boarding, I couldn’t help but to notice this extremely sexy guy who looked as if he just stepped out of a magazine. He looked flawless. He had to be about 6’2, well dressed, a beautiful complexion, and a gorgeous smile that I was able to spot from across the room. I almost wanted to pull out my camera and take a picture, which would probably be better than staring at him. He even appeared to be traveling solo; but where was he going? Damn…I decided to take this one as a loss. I wasn’t exactly the type to approach a man first. So, as with any piece of eye candy I notice, I carried on with my business and acted as if I had never seen him. Besides, I was about to get onto my plane and he was walking in the opposite direction.

Within ten minutes, I was finally boarding my plane. I couldn’t wait to get settled in so I could order myself a drink. Perhaps because I was flying on a Thursday, I noticed that my flight wasn’t too overcrowded. Not only were there quite a few empty seats on the plane, but for the first time, I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me. So, here I had three seats to choose from; and of course I chose the window seat. As the other passengers were getting settled, I started thinking about what would be the featured movie on our flight. I must admit, I’ve seen some pretty good movies during my travels.

Now that mostly everyone was in their seat, I decided to quickly use the restroom before they instructed us that we couldn’t do so, due to take-off. While returning back to my seat, I noticed that I was no longer alone in my row.

“Now that just sucks! I thought I was gonna have the entire row to myself; whether I needed it or not.”

As I got closer however, my attitude began to change. Oh my gosh…I couldn’t believe it! The sexy guy from the airport was sitting in my seat. When I reached my row, I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to move out of my window seat or keep his fine ass right where he was. I cleared my throat.

“Excuse me, but that’s where I was sitting,” I said in a friendly yet firm tone.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize anyone was sitting here,” he said sarcastically.

Because of his sarcasm, I had to make my point.

“Well, if you take a look at the back of the seat in front of you, you’ll notice my two magazines,” I replied, with my hands on my hips.

“I see. Well again, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take your seat.”

Deciding to soften up the tone I replied, “It’s no problem. If you really want to sit by the window, you can have my seat.”

I realize that for some, little things such as sitting next to a window, makes it easier for them to fly.

“Well I appreciate your offer; but it’s no problem, really.”

At this point, I couldn’t believe that I was going to be flying across the world with my “dream guy” sitting next to me. He was so pleasing to the eye; I couldn’t wait to see what he was really about. I guess this meant that I would have to talk to him, and this is one time where I would be willing to initiate things. After all, the ice had already been broken just a few minutes ago.

After switching seats and finally getting settled, we were in the air; off to our destination. It was already getting dark, but I wasn’t too concerned with that. I was more focused on the hottie sitting next to me. As the flight attendants made their way around, our conversation had already begun.

“So, do you fly often?” he asked.

“Yes, quite often to see my mother.”

“Well, this is only my second time flying. I would normally travel by train.”

“Are you afraid of flying or something?” I asked with concern.

“No, not really. I just don’t care for it too much.”

“I see. So, what’s your name?” If only he knew, I wanted to know his name long before our encounter on the plane.

“I’m Brian and you are?” He replied seductively.

“I’m Nia. Very nice to meet you,” I replied somewhat suggestively.

Brian and I continued with our conversation for another hour or so, and we were both on our second or third drink. Suddenly, the conversation began to shift. We had already spilled most of our life stories to one another; so what was next? Somehow our conversation became a bit intense and we were talking about sexual experiences with different partners we’ve had. Needless to say, Brian was the last person I imagined myself to be sitting next to on this flight, let alone candidly having this intimate conversation with him. The more we exchanged our sexy tales however, the more aroused I became.

“So, you mean to tell me that you’ve actually had sex with a chic in the bathroom of a grocery store,” I asked in astonishment?

“Sure, why not?” He replied, as if this were something ordinary.

“Well, it’s definitely spontaneous. I do admire you for that. The craziest place I’ve had sex was probably on the balcony of my apartment, which was facing a major highway and wide-open for any neighbor to see.”

“Oh, that sounds pretty hot! I wish I could’ve been one of your neighbors looking on,” he said with a flirty grin.

I found myself becoming more and more comfortable with Brian, and by this point, things had certainly heated up in our row. I could feel myself wanting to know how he would feel inside of me… or how sweet his kiss would be…or how his succulent lips would feel on me, on my back, between my legs! As my emotions began firing up and taking over me, I thought now would be the perfect time for me to tell Brian how I noticed him earlier at the airport, and how much he turned me on.

“You know Brian; I have a small confession to make.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

“What is it, he asked?”

“Well, I kinda spotted you earlier at the airport; before we even ended up on this plane together. I thought you were absolutely gorgeous. You just had this “thing” about you.”

“That’s interesting. Why didn’t you say something?”

“C’mon now; what was I supposed to do or say? Was I supposed to approach you and tell you how infatuated I was with you, so that you could shut me down and kill my self-esteem?”

Brian started to laugh, as if he actually had that happen to him before.

“Well,” I asked…anxiously wanting to know what would’ve happened.

After a brief moment of silence, Brian’s hand had made its way under the blanket that rested on my lap, and onto my thigh. I really wasn’t sure what to do next, but apparently he did. He started caressing my thigh, while applying just the right amount of pressure. I released a small sigh, as he continued caressing my thigh. He asked if I was okay, or did I want him to stop. All I could say was, “Mmmm.” He must’ve interpreted that as “don’t stop,” because within seconds he was gently massaging my pussy through my jeans.

It was fairly quiet on the plane, with the exception of the movie that was playing. Some people were sleeping, while others had there overhead light on reading. It was dark in the sky; perfect for what was going down in our row. Brian sure knew what he was doing; touching all the right places and applying the right amount of pressure where appropriate. At this point he was sitting in the middle seat, right next to me. Just when I thought this dry rub was feeling pretty good, Brian started undoing my jeans. He was truly working with one hand like a pro.

“Brian, I don’t know about this,” I whimpered.

“Why, what’s the problem?”

“Well, I’m not like you, remember? I just don’t know if I can…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Brian already had his finger inside of me. I almost lost my composure, as he caught me completely off guard. Instead, I just bit my lip; and I bit down even harder as his finger gently thrust in and out of my soaked pussy. I had already become wet from the earlier conversation we were having, but now I was beyond an ordinary wetness.

The fact that we were on a plane many miles high in the sky, more than likely contributed to my excitement. I moaned softly, and while continuing with the finger action, Brian leaned over and kissed me on the neck. I pulled him back in and slipped my tongue in his mouth. Meanwhile, he was tugging on my jeans; trying to pull them over my ass. Part of me was still in disbelief, but I wasn’t about to stop…not now.

“Can I taste you,” Brian asked, in a seductive tone?

I was wondering how he was going to pull this off, but without any hesitation, he put his head in my lap. With my jeans down slightly past my ass, he was able to open me up enough to slip his tongue around and over my clit. The next thing to happen was incredible. Brian somehow managed to penetrate my pussy with his tongue at least three times; he did it so swiftly and smooth, that I had released an explosion of cum that made me grab the back of my chair.

Although I don’t think anyone was really paying us any attention, I’m sure at some point that we had to have looked pretty suspicious. Brian sat up straight in his seat and wiped around his mouth. I swear, he was only in my lap for maybe three minutes; but I came so hard! It normally takes a while for me to cum when having oral sex. Damn, I was soaking wet over here. I needed to get up to use the restroom. I pulled up my panties and jeans, over my throbbing pussy.

“You taste pretty good,” Brian whispered, as I was getting up to use the restroom.

“Thanks, but I have to use the little girls room,” I playfully said.

Brian stood up from his seat to let me pass by. Of course, that was also used as an opportunity to closely brush past him, in hopes of feeling his dick up against me. Holding on to the back of seats as I walked by, I quickly made my way to the restroom. As the door was closing behind me, I felt a little resistance as I was pulling the door shut. I almost freaked when the door opened quickly, thinking a complete stranger had walked in on me. To my surprise however, it was Brian.

“Wait! You’re joking right,” I asked in a serious tone, while pushing Brian backwards?

“How does it look to you,” he asked?

“It looks like you’re trying to get us put off this plane,” I declared!

“Well, the way you rubbed your breasts against me back there, I thought you were inviting me to come with.”

By now, the door was closed and we were both in the bathroom on the plane. It really didn’t help that the bathroom was so compact and tight. Within seconds, Brian was using his tongue to play with my nipples. As he sucked on my tits one by one and made a trail with his tongue; I managed to pull down the zipper on Brian’s jeans. At last, I had my hand on his dick and groped it gently, while pulling it out of the hole where I had unzipped him.

While still feasting on my breasts, Brian was pulling down my panties and jeans at the same time. This was so crazy; yet amazing at the same time. Again, I felt his fingers penetrate me. Just when I thought my juices were all gone, I could hear my pussy gushing as he rhythmically moved his fingers in and out of me. I was starting to find it harder to restrain my moans, but I did.

As his fingers slipped out of me, I somehow managed to squat in front of him. With my hand on his package, I placed the tip of his dick inside my mouth. I’m sure I appeared to be a tease, as I slowly licked and sucked on the tip of his penis. At the sound of his groan, I let his dick slide all the way into my mouth until it disappeared. I could tell he was surprised by this. Nice and slippery, I sucked his dick slow then fast…fast then slow…even gagged a couple of times, trying to make sure not to leave any bit of it untouched. Believe it or not, he stopped me.

“Turn around,” he requested, while pulling his jeans down and bending me over the sink.

Brian rests his cock on my sweet and supple pussy. He teased me for a second; only allowing the tip to penetrate me. The feeling I had inside was indescribable. I winced with pleasure.

“Damn baby, give it to me. Fuck me…harder…harder!”

My head hit the mirror quite a few times and we were making enough noise to potentially raise some suspicion. I was trying to grab a firm hold onto the sink, while Brian gripped my ass and pumped me with short then long, slow then fast strokes. My pussy was dripping at this point. I had already released my juices all over his huge dick. Out of nowhere, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Shit! Brian, someone’s out there.”


“I know you heard that,” I said, feeling a little scared and nervous at the same time.

“Just a minute, I’m almost done,” Brian said loudly, for whoever was on the other side of the door.

At this point, I wasn’t quite sure what to think or do. So, I decided to seal the deal with Brian and finish what had already been started. Besides, you only live once and I wouldn’t exchange this crazy ass experience with Brian (on a plane) for anything. This had been one orgasmic experience!

His strokes came harder. His flesh and all that he had to give were pounding and slapping against my pussy. There could not have been much more left within me, but I had the urge to cum again. The strokes were coming really fast now and I could hear Brian trying to utter something out of his mouth. His clutch on my ass became stronger; I could feel him start to release.

“Fuck! Turn around…turn around,” Brian demanded.

I knew exactly what he wanted, and I wasn’t opposed to it. As I turned around and proceeded to kneel down in front of Brian, he began to explode. In a matter of seconds, his warm and thick cum had squirt all over my face. I figured I would blow his mind and really make this moment unforgettable for him. So once my mouth found its way to his cock, I sucked the remaining cum out of him. His body trembled. We quickly pulled ourselves together, and decided that we would leave the bathroom one at a time.

Brian had a good point. He suggested that whoever had been waiting to use the bathroom, had probably tried using the other one, or decided to sit down and wait. And he was right; there’s not going to be a line to use the bathroom on an airplane. After getting back to our seats, we had a strange yet interesting conversation. I began…

“I can’t believe what we just did. But I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Yeah, that was awesome,” Brian expressed.

“So, what now”?

“I’m not quite sure. But for now, why don’t we try to get some rest before we reach our destinations.”

“You know what, that sounds like a good idea.” I must admit, I was completely exhausted; so the idea of getting some rest wasn’t a bad one. Besides, I needed all the energy I could get, for a night out with my mother.

“Excuse me miss…Ma’m, excuse me.”

I opened my eyes to the sight of a flight attendant, who was instructing me to put my seatbelt on and prepare for landing. What time was it? Had we made it to California safely? It was now a little brighter outside, as California was three hours behind in time. I fastened my seatbelt just in time, as the plane was now landing. My body ached. I felt like I had been sleeping for hours. I quickly surveyed the plane to see what everyone else was up to.

Something felt strange. I was the only person sitting in my row. Where was Brian? I had been awake for a few minutes now, and the seats next to me remained empty. Where the fuck was Brian? The plane had landed; and soon, we would be getting off. More time passed by; still no Brian. I surveyed the plane for a second time; maybe he decided to move his seat. But still, there was no Brian. All the passengers began grabbing their carry-on luggage and exiting the plane.

I was in complete disbelief. I started feeling silly even, to think that I allowed a complete stranger to manipulate and use me. I almost let my feelings get the best of me, but then I thought about it. Here I was, getting ready to have a great weekend with my mother. I’ll just take my experience with Brian for what it was; and by tomorrow, he’ll be forgotten.

Just then, the strangest thing happened. I reached for my cell phone to call my mother and let her know I was at the airport. However, I had two incoming text messages. The messages were from my best friend in Dallas and they read: “Hey girl, I’m at the airport…on my way to Atlanta to visit my mother. Anyway, I’m psyched! I just met this sexy guy…6’2, well dressed, gorgeous smile! His name is Brian and he’s on my flight…well girl, gotta go! Call u when I touch down. -Love ya, Alley

My jaw dropped! I couldn’t fuckin believe this. I was speechless. I trembled for a moment, but then things became real clear. The flight I was on made a stop in Dallas , and that must be when Brian got off. I gathered my composure so I could call Alley. Just my luck; her phone had been turned off. I read Alley’s texts messages over and over again. Still in disbelief, all I could do was hope that she was talking about another Brian, that was 6’2, well-dressed, and had a gorgeous smile.

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