Meenakshi Bhabhi ki Chudai
I had just left my previous job and had joined a company in Delhi. I
was around 27. I am in my full youthfulness. I searched out a paying
guest accommodation there, as I did not need a separate house since
I was bachelor. I was living as a paying guest with one Mr. Sharma,
a retired person. They provided me a big room on the first floor.

Two other rooms on that floor were kept locked, as there were
several miscellaneous items in those rooms. They lived on the ground
floor. My room was well furnished with a double bed some chairs,
tables, almirah, etc. There was an attached bathroom. Earlier used
that room for their guests who visited there for few days from
outstations. They themselves lived on the ground floor. Mr. Sharma
had two sons and a daughter, all of whom were married. His elder son
was working in Meerut while his daughter was in Jaipur with her
husband. There were only four members left there in their family, as
the younger son lived with his father who worked as a sales
executive in a company. He was married for about five years and had
no issue by then. His wife generally used to be at home as she was a
not a workingwoman. Her name was Meenakshi Sharma. I called her as
Meenakshi Bhabhi. She used to prepare food and did other household
chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the
house. Her in-laws were free. They generally took rest at home or go
to their relatives for pastime. Many a times Meenakshi Bhabhi used
to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work.
She was a free and frank woman. And it was only Meenakshi Bhabhi who
used to serve me the tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner every thing. So I
had more communication and interaction with her than any one else in
the house. Meenakshi Bhabhi used to come to upstairs for hanging
their washed clothes or keeping there some other things for drying.

Meenakshi Bhabhi was a very young looking woman. She was in her late
twenties. She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and
attitude. She was fair enough and attractive looking. She had a
beautiful face. Her lips were very pouting. Meenakshi Bhabhi
resembled to a great extent with film actress Sadhna of yester
years. She looked quite buxom. She had an attractive, appealing and
inviting figure, and could easily termed as very sexy figure.
Meenakshi bhabhi's breasts were remarkably eye catching and were
well developed and fleshy. Her full sized breasts were in proper
shape. The look of her opulent breasts was such that no young man
could afford to resist from staring at them lustfully. Her hips were
quite heavy and sides of her pelvis were very wide that made them
look prominent. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked.
Ever since I got the paying guest accommodation with them I was too
much fascinated towards her. Since I was a bachelor I had some sort
of strange and weird desire especially for young women.
But I had to suppress my desire and in the case of Meenakshi Bhabhi
also my desire had no bounds. Very soon Meenakshi Bhabhi came close
to me. I observed that she started taking interest in me and
intentionally engaged me in talking all to me as long as possible
finding the suitable situation. I also wanted to be thus entertained
by her. She started talking me directly looking into my eyes. Step
by step Meenakshi Bhabhi came closer to me. She later started coming
to my room without any inhibition. I did her small works also that
she requested me from time to time, and in course of that she called
me to her room, particularly when no one else used to be there in
the house. In fact I felt pleasure in it. So I had also chances to
go to her room. Gradually I found her gestures progressively
transformed, perhaps in a well-intended way. There used to be a kind
of thirst in her eyes when she looked at me. It was clearly
That stirred and enticed me. She appeared to be bold in her talks.
She freely and frankly talked about films, heroes, heroines, models,
etc. She also started talking with intent about the provocative
dresses of actresses, adult films, TV programmes in which young
actresses expose generously, etc. I liked such talks by her. Her
talks made me hot more and more. That created some sort of lava
within me. Meenakshi Bhabi started coming to my room very frequently
with one pretext or the other. So for that reason I also used to be
in my room as much as possible except for going to my workplace
during the daytime, that was five days a week. On holidays I
generally preferred to stay back in my room only. I had found an
apparent change in Meenakshi Bhabhi with regard to her clothes and
dresses. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the
upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari-blouse, or
in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in
my room Meenakshi Bhabhi intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of
her sari or her chinni fall down from her shoulder. She very shrewd
to let it fell down regularly and remained on her fore arms, that
gave me a glimpse of the exposed and peeping out curves of her
fleshy voluptuous breasts and also an overall idea of their
roundness, shape and size. That way I was able to have a glimpse of
her deep valley like cleavage.

So I also wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there
as long as possible. Even at other places also she used to expose
her cleavage and breasts when only I used to be there before her.
Those gestures of her had too much of arousing effects on me. I
liked such Bhabhis who smartly exposed their breasts. I had many
times fantasized in my bed about having sex with her. I had
masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. Many a times I felt
like grabbing her in my arms and kiss her, press and squeeze her
voluptuous breasts. I noticed that Meenakshi Bhabhi became too bold
as she started exposing much of her breasts to me deliberately as
she leaned forward either standing, sitting or half lying in my bed.
She even started lying in my bed also while pretending to read some
magazines. She looked very sexy in those postures. Since I was a
young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again.

And Meenakshi Bhabhis gestures enhanced my stimulation too much.
Meenakshi Bhabhi used to borrow magazines from me. I was regularly
buying many magazines on computer, films, polity, general topics
like Computer Today, PC World, Star Dust, Filmfare, Sportstar, India
today, Sarita, Grih Shobha, etc. besides some adult magazines like
Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy, Fun, etc. But I never gave her those
adult magazines. One day when Meenakshi Bhabhi entered into my room
I was in the bathroom. She asked me about the last issue of the Star
Dust coming to its door. I told her that it might be on the table.
She searched for it, but could not found. She again asked me where
it was. Then I told her it might be under the bed. She searched for
it under the bed. In fact several magazines were kept there under
it, including the recent issues of Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy and
Fun. She took out all of them. ( )

When I came out after taking my bath I was a little embarrassed to
see that Meenakshi Bhabhi was sitting in the bed keeping those
magazines in her lap and was engrossed in looking at the nude
pictures of models in the magazine Chastity taking it in her hands.
The pallu of her sari was down resting on her hand. She was wearing
a blouse that had a wide and low cut neck. Thus the roundness of
Meenakshi Bhabhis fleshy breasts and deep cleavage were exposed to a
great extent. She leisurely and reluctantly closed the magazine. She
put down those magazines on the bed. She stood up on her feet in
front of me. I was still in my towel only. She looked into my eyes
and then to those adult magazines lying on the bed. Meenakshi Bhabhi
gave a meaningful and sexy smile at me. She was still exposing her
breasts. She did not take trouble to readjust her pallu. I was
getting excited. I had not put on the underwear to hold my cock well
and I was feeling some strain and tension in my cock. So it was a
difficult situation for me.
I got into the bathroom, put on my underwear and got out again. She
had gone by that time. From that day on Meenakshi Bhabhi used to
tease me very often by generously exposing her breasts. She also let
open the upper hooks or buttons of her blouse, kurti or her nighty
in her move to tease me. She also used to expose her body down her
blouse to her waist where she wrapped her sari. She always tried to
expose her sexy body as much as possible. Her boldness was much to
my likings. It developed me a strong urge to have her. I also
started eyeing her breasts in lust. And many a times Meenakshi
Bhabhi had deliberately rubbed and pressed her boobs against my
shoulder and arms while seeing some magazines sitting in the bed
with me. At that same time we were cautious also that no one should
watch us in that situation. On two occasions I saw Meenakshi Bhabhi
completely drenched also. Once when I had gone to her room to get
back the recent issue of India Today magazine that she had taken a
couple of days ago.

She was washing some clothes in the bathroom which was open. I asked
her about the said magazine. She asked me to wait a little. When she
came out she was completely drenched. Her nighty was fully wet. It
had clung to her sexy body. The material of her nighty was so thin
and light coloured that it had become transparent. It revealed her
sexy body fully except for the those linings only that were covered
by the netted cups of bra and its straps and her small panty. With
that the shape of her body had become clear and noticeable. Her
fully wet netted nylon bra was not able to conceal the roundness of
her breasts. Her pointed nipples were also looking distinctly. The
outline of her body had distinctly come to the fore. The roundness
of her breasts and hips were looking prominently opulent. The bulge
of her breasts was lucid and clear and their curvature was
observable. Her crotch and thighs were also distinctly visible. I
could not take my eyes off from her sexy body. She was looking too
sexy. I went on staring her in lust.

She saw me looking at her like that. She smiled sexily at me and
remained there in that condition only. She made some deliberate
movements that caused her breasts bounce and sing sexily. I could
easily guess that she might have poured water over her in order to
drench herself. I feeling hot lava within me and was getting excited
to see her in that condition. After getting back to my room I
immediately masturbated there. On the other occasion, she had called
me to her room for some help in her work. That day also no one was
there in the house except for us. As I went to her room I saw her
coming from the other room. She was in her sari and blouse. She was
hundred percent dripping wet. Her sari had clung to her in such a
way that it was revealing every curvatures of her voluptuous buxom
body. Her breasts and hips had come to its full prominence. She
deliberately slid her pallu down from her good-looking attractive
breasts. The blouse she wore was also of light coloured and had
become completely see-through.

The straps of her bra were revealed clearly. Since she had worn
netted bra the roundness of her plump fleshy breasts were distinct.
Her nipples were clearly visible through her wet netted bra and thin
fabric of her blouse that had badly stuck to her breasts. I was
feeling like taking her in my arms and do every thing that a young
man does with a woman in such situations, but I didnt do anything
except for staring at lustfully. Meenakshi Bhabhi again teased me by
her sexy smiles and expressions. She let her breasts be visible to
me more and more by leaning forward for one pretext or the other.
While I stared at her breasts balls, she time and again saw at her
exposed breasts and then looked into my eyes. She teased me too
much. It was a clear invitation from her, but I some how managed to
keep my cool. I very well knew that she had intentionally drenched
her fully that time also, just to exhibit her sexy young body to me.
I knew that she was trying to arouse me, again and again but could
muster courage in me to take a step forward.
So, each time I had to masturbate only. On a couple of occasions, on
holidays, when I had requested Meenakshi Bhabhi to awake me during
daytime as I had to go some where, she came to my room for that and
leaned on me coming to my bed so as to give full pressure of her
voluptuous breasts on my back or shoulder and awoke me. That way she
used to put full weight of her fleshy breasts. I liked it very much
and finding her pressing and slowly rubbing her breasts on my body,
I also intentionally took some time to get up to feel the softness
and sponginess of her squishy breasts for a longer period and also
sense the heat of her sexy smooth body. That made me fantasize about
fucking her and masturbate in my room later. One day while I was
engrossed looking at the nude photos of the models in those adult
magazines sitting in a chair in my room, she sneaked in and stood
right behind me.

She took the magazine from my hands and stood in front if me resting
with the table. Her legs were touching mine. The pallu of her sari
had fell down. She was wearing a very low cut blouse. The two upper
hooks were left open. She was looking very much tempting and
inviting. Much of the roundness and curvature of her breasts were
exposed. She was smiling very sexily looking into my eyes. She told
me showing those magazines �wow�.so eager to see nude women and
girls, my dear � engrossed with nude these nude photographs��
She gave a sexy gesture and asked �.my dear, only photographs, and
no reality��arent you interested in real things�.. She continued
�..oh my dear, would you like to see live�. I was flabbergasted. I
kept mum. I just some how gulped my saliva in utter confusion to see
boldness and audacity of Meenakshi Bhabhi. She looked dazzling and

Her words were enough to ignite me. She was taking the lead. In fact
I had just fantasized her to be vivacious and potent and forceful.
But she actually appeared to be so. She told me sexily ��.my dear,
wait for some time��I am just coming�..I will show what all you
desire�.I also do possess these assets my dear�.today you would be
seeing a young woman in her full nudity�.. And she stylishly giving
jerks to her boobs and hips went out of the room. I had enough time
to make myself prepared mentally for what was about to happen there
with me. Meanwhile I was I was too much excited to think if she
really did what she was telling me, I would be in the seventh
heaven. My cock had stiffened too much. Meenakshi Bhabhi came back
after about one hour. She was looking very sexy. Her pallu had again
fell down. Her breasts were being exposed generously. She came
closer to me. I was standing in front of her. She put her smooth
arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing
against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She
came further closer and kissed my lips. Ohhh, that was very
pleasant. That sent a current in me. She again put her lips on mine
and rubbed them. She kissed my lips for a bit longer that time.
I was getting aroused. I also held her by her waist. She told me
� Dewarjee, now be ready for the real show�.you might have seen
many blue films��.but today you would be seeing your Meenakshi
Bhabhi in her full nudity�.yess my dear devarjee��I will show you
every thing I possess�.. And she stared taking off her sari. In
utter confusion I told her �..Meenakshi Bhabhi what will happen if
some one comes here�� She replied ��I have more concern about it
than you dear�..I myself would not have done it if at all there is
any chance of any one coming over here��.every body has gone out,
and they would not come back before evening my dear�� So Meenakshi
Bhabhi was well determined to undress herself before me. She started
taking off her clothes one after another. She took off her sari.

Then she unhooked her blouse. She slowly took off her blouse in
style. She was now in her bra and petticoat. She unhooked her bra
also and took off in a very sexy manner. Her breasts were now set
free. They stood straight while her nipples were pointing me.
Finally she took off her last remaining cloth as she opened the
string of her petticoat and let it fell down. Now Meenakshi Bhabhi
was stark naked before me shamelessly and openly. It was for the
first time for me to have seen any young female in her full nudity.
She very elegantly and stylishly made sexy gestures and postures
like the young sexy models do in their full nudity in the magazines
Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy and Fun. She caressed her body here and
there. She stood there in all sorts of erotic postures before me. I
was dumbfounded.
I felt slight shiver also in by body. The more she exhibited her
vital parts in sexy and erotic manner the more I was getting hotter.
I was gulping down my saliva in the state of half bewilderment and
half excitement. She was looking much more sexier than ever.
Although I had many times fantasized about seeing her in that state
yet I did not expect Meenakshi Bhabhi to be so bold and daring. She
looked extraordinary. She gave exceedingly inviting gestures with
her sexy facial expressions. Her body language was making me
restless. I had only read the erotic stories of sexy Bhabhis, but
that day I was actually having a live show. Meenakshi Bhabhi asked
me in a very sexy manner my dear you have seen me
stark naked had many a times looked me semi-nudehow do I
look completely nude, my dearhow did you like me breasts.and
what about my hipsI had seen you staring at my breasts and hips in
desire.I had very well understood that you were always craving for
my breasts, thighs, crotch, hips, etc.dont you feel like taking my
breasts in your hands.oohh Dewarjee, I can very well understand
your desire for sucking my nipples And while she was telling me
about her breasts she exhibited her breasts in erotic way. Her
voluptuous breasts were looking outstanding. The curvature of her
breasts was still maintained even as they were free from the bra.
The shape was still remarkable. Although she possessed heavy breasts
but they were not so drooping.

That was a very exciting site for me. I had seen many nude photos of
young girls and women in magazines, or even I had seen girls or
women in XXX movies. But it was great to see her in that state. I
was getting aroused. Her uninhibited open sexy dialogue redoubled my
titillation and excitement. My cock had straightened too much. Its
size had remarkably increased. Meenakshi Bhabhi saw it. She noticed
the bulge on my pant. She was sure that I was aroused immensely. She
asked me to undress myself also right then. She said .ooo my
Dewarjeewill you stare me like that only or do some thing
alsowhy dont you disrobe yourself also.yess my lovely Devarjee,
please take off your clothes also.come on dear.undress
yourself.I know you are inexperienced .I will teach you how to
handle a young woman With that she kept on giving sexy and
inviting gestures. She especially showed her breasts, crotch,
thighs, hips, etc. in open and explicit manner. She showed me the
opulence and bulge of her breasts from different angles and sides.
Now I was looking at her nude body in lust. I was feeling like
taking her nude body in my arms and kiss all over. I was yearning
for fucking her. Meanwhile, Meenakshi Bhabhi stepped towards me. She
started opening my pant. She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down
the zip fastener and let my pant slid down.

I couldnt say any thing. Then she unbuttoned my Tee shirt and took
off. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Her nearness in
her nudity made me terribly stirred and enthused. But I couldnt do
anything except for holding her hands. Now her soft hands were
caressing my thing from over my underwear. She said sexily .dear
Dewarjeewhy are you hiding your asset from me.when I did not
hide any thing from you, you should also show me yoursyess
Dewarjee I am standing completely nude before you and you have see
every inch of my young please let me see your cockwow it
has become harder and longer. Her caressing of my manhood from
over the underwear sent too much of stimulation in my body. My cock
got more stiffness. It seems that it was trying to tear off my
underwear. Now it was impossible for me to keep it in. I asked her
.but Meenakshi Bhabhi, if some one comes right now, what will
happen She said sexily offfoohhhagain the same thingno body
will comecome on dear, when being a young woman I have shed all my
inhibition and shame, and stood completely nude before you, why do
you feel soafter all you are a young man.I am crazy about
you.please dear let me see your manhood. Saying that she pulled
down my remaining clothing. I was also in my nudity like her. She
held my cock and caressed it. I just held her by her arms. I said in
ecitement .oohhh Meenakshi Bhabhi

My manhood got more erection. It gained more thickness also. She
said .dear you have got very good manhoodI am craving for itit
also looks like willing to entering into me dear.please dear try
your manhood in me now.yess dear I want fucking from youI
believe you can fuck hardlook dear, I am thirsty.I want some one
manly.I want full penetration.come on dear, your Meenakshi
Bhabhi can not hold any more.I have become very hot She kept on
caressing my shaft to make it more and more long and stiff. She
asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over
her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for me.
In fact I had so many girls friends and also I had the opportunity
of coming near to so many young sexy looking Bhabhis. But I never
had such occasions. I pressed her breasts. My cock was brushing
against her thighs and crotch. It got stimulated further. She
caressed my hands. She also exerted some pressure on my hands. I
further increased pressure of my hands on her breasts. I started
squeezing them. She sighed sexily oooohhhh my dear
Dewarjee.oooohhhh yessthats fineI like itI like it very
muchgo on squeezing my breasts like thataaaahhhhh� She sighed.
She continued to say uuuufffff..dear squeeze them hard.yess
squeeze by breasts hard

That encouraged me. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I
could. Meenakshi Bhabhi asked me sighing sexily dear how are my
breastshow did you feel them. I said .Meenakshi Bhabhi your
breasts are very fleshythese are full sizedthese are very
spongyBhabhi your breasts are round and shapely alsoyour breasts
are still so firm and tight BhabhiI really liked have
got very good nipples also my sexy Bhabhi. She smiled in pleasure
closing her eyes. And I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard
and hard. She kept on sighing in contentment. Then she asked me to
mouth her fleshy breasts dear please mouth my breasts.dont you
feel like kissing my breastsoohhh please, suck my nipples will like it dear.please kiss and suck my
breasts.come on dearoohh do it .I want it dear . She was
uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I mouthed her
breasts one by one. I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of
her fleshy breasts. She sighed and moaned sexily aaaaaahhhhhhhh
dear� uuuuufffffffff�yesssthats fineI really like it. I
sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on
sucking her nipples. We were still standing.
Then Meenakshi Bhabhi told me to take her to bed dear Dewarjee,
let us go to bedlet us enjoy fullyfuck me in the bed.I will
give you all co-operation in the bed, dear. We came to bed. We
were entwined in each others arms and kissing each other hotly and
fervently. She was very lively. She asked me to again mouth her
breasts. I moved towards her succulent breasts. I kissed them. The
softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts made me more
fervent. Meenakshi Bhabhi seemed much more hotter and sexier that
want I had read in the stories about young sexy Bhabhis. Meenakshi
Bhabhi was caressing my face and head while I kept on kissinf,
licking and sucking her breasts. She was giving all sorts of
encouragements. I was enjoying too much. Meenakshi Bhabhi was
moaning and sighing heavily. She was tossing her body in excitement.
She asked me amidst her moans and sighs to kiss her thighs and
crotch also. I did kiss her silky shining smooth hairless thighs and
triangular crotch.

She was throwing her legs and was tossing her body in the state of
stimulation, thrill and vibrancy. Meenakshi Bhabhi was in complete
effervescence now. She started uttering fervently oooohhhh dear is too much stimulating to menow I am craving for
your manhood inside me.yess dear come on, fuck meI am longing
for it for quite some time.I cannt wait any more dear come on
fuck me.yess dear push your manhood right inside my hot cuntit
has become wet now.oooohhh, I am getting impatient. now I can
not hold myself anymoreI am dying.oooohhh come on, fuck me.
Meenakshi Bhabhi was now fully aroused. I came over her. She parted
her thighs, took my manhood in her hand and guided it to her love
zone. I dived right in side her hot valley. As there was already
much fluid inside her wet vagina I did not have any difficulty in
pushing my cock in. She said with her half closed eyes ooohh dear
fuck meyess, fuck me. I started making too and fro movement of my
torso. After few strokes Meenakshi Bhabhi raides her thighs up. That
gave me more room to enter. I pushed more into her. Initially I was
fucking her gently. I gradually increased my speed. She was just
sighing and moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. As I increased my speed
she encircled her thighs and legs around my waist. I pushed a little

Then coming up to my knees I held her soft sexy fleshy hips and
lifted a little more. I was finding it easier to push my cock into
her. Now I was able to push my cock fully into her. The more I
fucked her the more my cock was getting harder and longer. She was
feeling too much of excitement out of it. She sighed and moaned
heavily aaaahhhh.uuuuuffffffffaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
yessaaaaaahhhhye ss dear like thatfuck me like thatI like
itaaaaaahhhhhhh.I was really longing for it dear
Dewarjee.aaaaaaaaaahhhhhdear.yess.oooohhhh.fuck me like
thatuuuuuffffffff.mmmmaaaahhhhh uuuuffffff .
yessaaahhhhhdear that it fineoooohhhhhhh.go on fucking me
like thataaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I went on fuckin Meenakshi Bhabhi
like that. I was stroking her fast. She was encouraging me .yess
deargo on fucking like thatfast.aaaahhhhfastooohhhh yess that.aaaaaaaaahhhhhhfuck me .aaaahhhhhhfuck
melike that dear.. aaaahhhhh fast.oooohhhhhhfastmy dear
fast. And I was fucking Meenakshi Bhabhi with all my vigour and
strength. In fact I had read about fucking and also I had seen blue
films, but actually I did not know, fucking a woman would be so
pleasant and exciting. I was fucking Meenakshi Bhabhi and she was
encouraging me more and more. My piston was working well in her bore
and as if our engine were creating too much of compression. After
some time I ejaculated inside her valley. We both were spent fully.
We gasped heavily.

We rested there. Meenakshi Bhabhi said to me dear I never knew you
would be so was really fuck well.yess
dear you are vary manly.I like such personsAfter a long time I
had such fact my hubby is more engrossed in his
jobsso he had hardly any interest in it nowdear.I would like
to have many more fucking from you.I would come to you for fucking
as and when we get free time.yess dearI like the way you fucked
me I said her Meenakshi Bhabhi you have changed me completely.
Now I have tasted a young womanBhabhi I would also like to fuck
you again and again, if you really give me chancesyou are too good
in the bed fact I had fantasized about fucking you
earlier BhabhiI have been really yearning to fuck you Bhabhibut
I cloud not muster courage to advance even a little bit
Meenakshi Bhabhi I am really thankful to you for you have given me
chance to fuck youmany a times I have wished to fuck a young
Bhabhi like you.I have always been fantasizing about fucking
various young sexy looking Bhabhis.yess Meenakshi Bhabhi it is
true By then I was aroused again a s she was caressing my cock. I
fucked her from behind making her bend forward taking the help of
the table in the standing position. She gave me all co-operations by
throwing her hips back with my each stroke. I was stroking her fast
and she responded very well. My shaft was smoothly going in and
coming out. She was moaning and sighing heavily and was just
uttering aaaaaahhhhhI.uuuuuhhhhhthats fine
dear.aaaaaahhhhhhyou are greataaaaaahhhhhh.oooohhhh.yess
like that aaahhhhuuuuuuufffffffooooohhhhhgo
on.aaaaahhhhh.go on my dearyess fuck me like thatfast
aaaahhhhhhfast.uuuufffffff.yessslike that.uuuummmaaahhhhh
oooofffffyessfast.fastaaaaaaahhhhhh.y ess dear like that
.aaaaahhhhhyou have very good shaft.go onyess my
dear.aaaaahhhh. .you have real good shaft dear.fuck me like
thatuuuuuuffff.yessaaaaahhhhI really like it dearfuck
mefuck me.aaaaaaaahhhhhh.

That gave me too much of encouragement. I kept on fucking Meenakshi
Bhabhi holding her fleshy smooth sexy hips. We enjoyed fucking in
that posture for quite some time. Finally we again exhausted. We
took rest in the bed. She kissed me and put on her clothes. She
thanked me for the energy I spent for her. And then she went out of
my room. So that was my first experience of fucking. Since then I
fucked hot and sexy Meenakshi Bhabhi many times. Each time she
demanded vigorous fucking from me. I hope you would like the story.

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