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Me and the Taxi Driver
07-16-2011, 12:54 AM
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Me and the Taxi Driver
It was a Saturday night. I've just been out clubbing with some friends and having a few drinks, I was pretty drunk.

I wore a tight black dress; it clinged onto my body revealing everything, it even reveled my black thong mark and also my 34DD tits. I didn't wear a bra so you could faintly see my big nipples through my black dress. I wore some stockings and high heels. I had long black hair with red bright lips.

It was 4 am and the end of the night, my friends went home and I was alone in the street. I was drunk as hell. I caught a reflection of myself and saw that my dress was higher up my thigh than usual, in the reflection I also saw an available black taxi. I stopped it and got in.

- 'Victoria please'

- 'sure, you look like you had a good night'

- 'why would you say that?'

- 'well a girl leaving club at 4 am and drunk is usually a good night for her'

- 'well what makes you so sure i'm drunk?'

- 'your lips are smudged'

I took my compact mirror out and saw my lips smudged from my red lipstick. looked through my hand bag to look for my lipstick.

- 'well your right, was just snogging this guy back at the club.'

- 'oh lucky guy, i could do with a snog'

I opened my lips and reapplied my lipstick on, I looked at the rear view mirror of the taxi driver and saw him looking at me while I was putting my lipstick on.

- 'guess no one to snog while driving huh?'

I started to rub the top of my cleavage softly while talking to my taxi driver, he kept looking.

- 'no, just the wife back at home, but she barely satisfies me now'

- 'oh that's a pity'

I started rubbing my nipples through my dress, he was still looking

- 'how long has your wife not satisfied you?'

- 'about 5 months now'

My nipples were getting really hard now, I opened my legs a little and with my other hand started rubbing my inner thigh, he was still looking at me through the rear mirror.

- 'mmm, you must be so frustrated.'

- 'I am, especially while looking at you'

I saw his hand lower onto his lap while still looking at me.

- 'I like your stockings'

- 'really?'

i opened my legs wide

- 'it has lace at the top.'

I saw his arm moving up and down onto his lap

- 'nice wet knickers you got there too'

I started rubbing myself through them and moaning a little, I was getting really turned on by this middle aged taxi driver.

- 'mmm liking that huh? maybe you should stick some fingers into yourself.'

I parted my thong to the side and slowly slid my fingers into myself, it felt really good. I pulled out my soaked fingers and sucked them clean while looking at the taxi driver.

- 'we're in Victoria, how about you pay me now?'

- 'I have no money.'

He parked the taxi, got out of the driving seat and got into the back. He sat next to me. His jeans were unbuttoned and out of them was this big, monster, throbbing cock. I got more turned on.

- 'so, pay me now'.

With that he put his hand behind my neck and lowered my head onto his cock. I started to lick his throbbing cock, and then sucked the tip gently. He let out a soft moan. I felt some pre cum in my mouth and I could tell he was really frustrated. He pushed my head further down onto his 8 inch thick cock. I was half way and felt his cock at the back of my throat. I couldn't go deeper as I didn't know how to deep throat. All of a sudden i felt another bit of pre cum at the back of my throat and had to swallow, as I swallowed he pushed my head forcefully deeper onto his cock till my lips reached his swollen balls. I was gagging on his cock, i was pushing away but every time he pushed me back down onto it.

He was fucking my mouth. I loved it. Especially when he started to finger my pussy with his chunky fingers. I was soaking wet. He quickly let go of my hair and i pulled off his cock, he told me to kneel down in front of him. As I did he ripped my dress, revealing my tits with my large hard nipples. I started playing with them while he wanked his throbbing cock onto my tits. A massive load of cum shot onto my tits and even my lips, I licked the cum off my lips while i rubbed his cum onto my tits.

He was still throbbing hard, he pulled me up onto the sofa and fucked my pussy really hard. I was screaming, he was filling me up like no other, he stretched my pussy wide for his cock. I fucking loved it. He was really enjoying it, I could imagine what it would feel like to have a tight pussy wrapped tight around your frustrated cock. I wanted to please him. I needed him deep in me. I moaned to him 'deeper' into his ear. He then with hard long strokes fucked me much deeper. I felt him. I was cumin. I couldn't take it any more, I tensed up my pussy. I was cumin around his cock. This made it harder for him to push his cock into me. He was pounding me so fucking hard. He moaned loudly and with one massive release, he came in me. I felt his cock twitch in me. He came continuously, he left it in me for a minute or two. He took it out and his cum was still flowing from his cock, I quickly sucked on it hard. He moaned, called me a bitch and a whore, I loved tasting his cum, but he quickly came once more, it was a big heavy load. I choked on his cum.

I quickly left my card on the seat and went home before my neighbours saw me.

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