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Me and the Hockey Team Ch. 4
07-14-2011, 10:34 PM
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Me and the Hockey Team Ch. 4
It had been two months since I had last seen him and I was missing him like you wouldn't believe. Not just the sex either, I mean, that was amazing, but I missed the way he laughed the way he smiled whenever he looked at me, how he said "I love you" at the completely right moments. Sure, I had seen him enough during our short camera sessions when I was over at my friend's house, but seeing someone on camera and seeing someone in person is so different.

So of course I was waiting for him at the airport when his flight arrived December 24. Even though I wasn't his girlfriend at the moment because we agreed it was better to split up while he was visiting his grandparents for two months, I missed him so much! It felt like he took a part of me away when he left. When his plane finally landed and he called me I was practically bouncing up and down waiting to to see my Nicky again.

Now, I know this sounds like a scene straight out of some cheesy romance novel, but as soon as I saw him it was as if everything around us disappeared and it was only the two of us in our own world as i half walked half ran to kiss him deeply. when we stopped, i just leaned back a few inches and said "Hey you," and smiled like a fool. "Hey" he returned then leaned down to kiss me once more. OUr hands were tangled in each other's hair and we were still oblivious to everyone around us.

"Ahem" someone cleared their throat. As we broke apart, everything seemed to come rushing back around us. "sorry to interrupt, but there ARE children and other people to consider." It was an airport employee. We both giggled, made our apologies, and headed downstairs to baggage claim to pick up his stuff. "You only brought ONE bag? What, did wear, like the same thing every day?" I teased Nick. Okay, so it was one HUGE bag, but still only one. "Pretty much!" He joked back. I just looked at him. "I missed you so much Nicky, like you don't even know." I said as i wrapped my arms around his neck. We were by my car now, no other people around, so we were free to make out. He wrapped his arms around waist. "I know Emmy. I missed you too." And with that his lips were pressing hard against mine. I could feel his tongue tracing my lower lip as he backed me up against the car.

I opened my mouth and let his tongue explore my mouth and finally meet mine. I couldn't bear to close my eyes after not seeing him for this long, and neither could he. Our eyes locked as i brought my hands from around his neck to twist in his dirty blonde hair, to keep him secured to me. He tightened his grip on my waist and pulled me closer to him.

It seemed like we stayed there for hours when we finally broke apart we were both gasping for air. He was smiling. He leaned down and rested his forehead against mine, just staring into my eyes. "Emmy, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that." I giggled then answered the rhetorical question. "Yes i do! You've been waiting exactly one month and twenty two days, not that I was counting or anything."

"Alright smartass," he laughed at me. "Lets get going before my mom starts freaking out. I'm supposed to hep her finish the christmas tree. It IS Christmas Eve you know." He walked around to the driver's side of my car. "Oh, by the way, it was one month twenty two days, four hours and thirteen minutes that I've been waiting for that, not that I was counting or anything." I just stared openmouthed as he got in the car and started the engine. I snapped out of it and scrambled in after him.

Christmas day was somewhat uneventful for me. Being Jewish, I didn't go to church with Nick and his family that morning, I just stayed home and watched TV. Later, I was going to Nick's parent's house for a Christmas party; again, very uneventful. But I had my own Christmas gift to get him... for now he just had to be satisfied with the card that told him when and where.

I got to my friend's house that she was letting us use that night an hour early to set up my surprise. It was going to be romantic, sweet, and I would be sexy as hell. Just because I didn't celebrate Christmas didn't mean I couldn't dress as Santa's naughty little helper. A santa hat place carefully on my mid-back length curls, thigh high boots, a red bra, and to top it off, a red skirt underwear with the fluffy white trimming so short that it barely hid my pussy and did nothing to hide my ass from view. I lit candles everywhere, music was playing, I had even thought about roses, but decided not to. Nine o'clock was nearing so I put little signs up directing Nick to "Santa's Workshop." I chuckled to myself as I walked into the bedroom with the biggest bed. I laid down sexily on my said so he would see [almost] everything the moment he walked him.

I heard the front door open and a little laugh as he read the little signs I'd made to lead him to me. The minute he opened the door and saw me his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open. "Merry Christmas baby." All he could do is stare. I had carefully assembled the whole outfit on myself so he could not see my pussy when he first walked in, but the second I moved I knew he would definitely see it.

I watched him as he looked at me with hunger and lust in his eyes as they went up and down my body, devouring the sight. I saw as hi arousal grew, so did the dominance in his gaze. In turn, that made me wetter than ever as I lay there for his eyes to see. I also saw the moment when his control snapped and he could no longer take just staring at me. He had to touch, to feel me for himself. And he was on top of me in no time.

Laying me flat on my back, crushing his lips down on mine like he was a starving man and I was his food. His tongue forced its way into my mouth at the same time he roughly tore my bra off my chest and squeezed my breasts with his hands as he continued to kiss me.

And I wasn't complaining. I had wrapped my legs around his waist, forcing my underwear up to expose my wet, heated pussy. I pressed it up against his raging hard on and he groaned. I knew he could feel the heat of it through his jeans. Somehow he managed to summon up enough control to pull away from me. "Get these damn boots off Emily." He growled at me. He stood to shed his clothes while i hastily ditched my panties and unzipped the boots. As soon as I was done, he grabbed me and threw me down on the bed and laid down on top of me but supported his own weight on his arms.

He had gained some sense of control now, but the lust and love and little bit of the dominance was still there. I could see it in the way he was looking at me. He reached down with one hand and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy and he slowly pushed in. "Emily..." He dragged my name out and moaned as he pushed in some more. "Nicky, I love you so much. Yes! Oh god yes!" I moaned out. He pushed in and pulled out almost all the way. "Ohmygosh Nick." This was my first cock inside me for nearly two months and i was simply in heaven. The next time he started to push in, he didn't stop until I could feel his tight balls against my ass. He was all the way in me and it felt so good. "Emily, so tight on my cock. Fuck yes baby." I could feel the pleasure building up as he started pumping in and out of me. He went slowly at first, but he soon picked up speed. As he did, my moans grew louder and louder until they were almost screams of pleasure.

He was pumping in and out and i knew we were both on the verge of cumming. Suddenly he remembered that if he pressed on my clit and played with it a little i would cum immediately; so that's exactly what he did. He pressed his thumb down on my little pleasure button and the effect was immediate. My pussy started clenching his cock and I couldn't even breathe. My orgasm was so intense that the pulsating of it made HIM cum.

Feeling his cock twitch and the thick hot jets of cum shooting into my pussy only pushed me higher. I finally managed to moan out his name before I collapsed beneath him. Soon after I felt him lay on top of me, so I instinctively wrapped my arms around him to pull him closer to me. We were both panting as we lay there. I could still feel his cock inside me when I finally got my breath back and he was still as hard as a rock. "Want to go get something to eat?" I asked as he caught his breath also. "sure" he replied. "but give me a sec." I nodded as he pulle dout of me and rolled next to me. His cock was still standing at full attention. After a few minutes he sat up and said, "I'm hungry, let's go eat." So we got up and walked, still naked, to the kitchen for food.

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