Me and my sis Jiju
Hi friends, my name Anju, today I would like to write down my story. We are two sisters. My sister is recently married it is the real story about me, my sis and Jiju. My sister Durga and I are quite open. My sister and Jiju manish a noida in a two bedroom flat and my Jiju is working in a mnc and my sis is also working in a call center.

Now after her wedding I visited at her place, my Jiju came in evening and we chatted till late night. After 12 my Jiju and didi gone to there bed room and I had gone to separate room. At near about 3 a.m. Suddenly I got u with some kind of noise, I stood up and came inside from my room, and sounds were coming from Didi’s room. As I approach near to room, I realized that these are the sound of moans of my sister. I had gone close to the window that was partly open; I was shocked to watch out the seen inside the room. My Jiju was fucking Didi in doggy style heavily, and Didi was moaning very heavily. After fucking for two minuets in doggy style, Jiju changed his position. During changing his position I was able to see the monster cock. That was 10″ long and near about 2″ inches thick. Now didi was riding Jiju and Didi was giving a blow job. I was not able to withstand my emotions, I started feeling moisture in between my legs, and Jiju was a great fucker and fucking didi like a monster. Finally he exploded in didi cunt and moans were over from didi’s room. After that I came back to my room but was not able to sleep for whole night. In morning didi gone to there call center at job, Jiju used to go late at 10 a.m., I was not in a situation to face Jiju, because I was totally upset for the whole day and slept till Jiju had gone out for his job.

In evening didi came, we started chatting to me but I was disturbed, she had asked to me about the reason. I frankly told to her about the past night. Then didi shared her experiences with Jiju with me, and told to e how excellent fucker he was. During talks I had lost in some other world, didi realized the things, I do not know when didi lips are joined with my lips, we both sisters are in a deep kiss, with in a fractions of seconds didi made me nude and started licking my cunt, I was in the seventh world .she started giving blow jobs with her fingers, I was moaning heavily. Suddenly door bell rang, we both sisters wear there clothes, managed things properly and didi opened the door. It was Jiju back from job, I immediately rushed to the toilet; take a warm bath to stabilize things. I was little bit cool in night but my didi was giving a strange look,

Again it was the night time, didi and Jiju and gone in there bed room and me to there bed room. I was not able to control my emotions and tried my luck, I rushed towards my door and when I opened the door. Didi and Jiju was standing at my room door, I was surprised, I welcomed them, but Jiju giving no time give me a lip kiss, my lips joined with lips of Jiju and didi was watching, we Jiju picked me up in his strong arms and laid down on bed, and joined again with a lip kiss with me, didi closed the door and also joined us on bed. With in no time Jiju made me nude completely.

I was feeling ashamed and Jiju started licking my virgin vagina, I loosed all my controls and started producing loud moans, till the time didi also got nude her self and also started playing with my tits. My god my didi and Jiju was giving me blow job. I was shocked. Suddenly Jiju stopped licking my vagina and didi undressed Jiju and I was shocked to see the monster cock. Immediately Jiju inserted his cock in didi vagina and started giving strokes. Jiju was fucking didi in front of me, Jiju picked up Jiju in his arms and Jiju stand up, my god such a strong man, he was fucking didi in standing potion and didi was in her arms, I was shocked to see the horrible seen, Jiju then cam towards me and give me a tight hug and laid down me on bed and penetrated his dick in my vagina, my god it was too big for me to take all in my cunt, but I was already in seventh heaven, I was able to take it completely ,now Jiju started fucking my cunt, he started fucking like a hungry dog ,I was moaning like any things, I was sure that my moans can be heard out of flats also, he give me nice blow job for five minutes and then didi came towards me and laid on me now Jiju was fucking both of us at one by one ,and we both sisters are in a position of half dead condition ,after 30 minutes of fucking session Jiju exploded deep into didi cunt, and we all three laid down on bed and slept deep. On next day I have to go back to my home due to some problem.

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