Me and my friend camping...
One time me and about 6 other guys went camping. We we're all the same age except for one of my friends who was 2 years younger then me. Well it ended up that me and him tented together. It was late, the other guys had gone on a hike, and we were talking about sex and masturbation. He said he had only done it a few times, but from us talking so much he knew that I did it A LOT. A little while later, out of the blue, Taylor said, "I wanna watch you jack off so that I can learn how to do it better." I was just fine with it because i understood where he was coming from. So I said ok but he had to let me watch him when I was done. He said ok to that. So he turned over got comfortable, and watched. I slid down my pants and then my boxers, reveling my pretty large penis. I started rubbing to get it hard, and soon enough I found myself goin really fast at it! before I knew it I came all over my sleeping bag. I guess him watching me really turned me on! "WOW" he whispered loudly. He had never seen another boy naked and was surprised at the size of my penis and all the cum that i shot. I let my penis air out and turned over and said, "Now you." "OK" he said a little reluctantly. He did like me, off with his pants then the boxers. His penis was not nearly and big as mine nor did it have as much hair around it. But seeing it got me hard, even though I'm NOT gay. He began to pull his foreskin up and down over his tiny head. I got as hard as it could from what I could tell. He rubbed and rubbed but nothing happened. After about five minutes he turned to me and asked for help. I reached over and grabbed him at his base and ran his skin up his short shaft. Wow... his penis was small but really warm and nice feeling in your hand... I stroked for only a minute before he shot hot cum all over his sleeping bag too. He was panting soo hard after his orgasm. Just when I thought it was over he pulled his shirt off (I was never wearing one to begin with) so that he and I we're totally naked! I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to thank me. he jumped at my dick and started rubbing and rubbing it!!! OMG!! IT FELT GREAT!! I shot straight into his face after only like 45 seconds! He got the cum off his face and said Thank You! I couldn't believe what just happened! He rolled back onto his sleeping bas and said hope that was Okay... I told him of course and anytime he wanted to do it again that would be just fine! So there we were two naked guys laying on our sleeping bags in a tent in the middle of the woods with our heads resting on our hands resting on our pillows. I looked over at him and say just how young he was. He barely had any armpit hair, leg hair, and like I said pubic hair, but his short soft dick was resting over his sagging balls as was my bigger soft dick. He rolled over again and put his arm over me and slid his hand down to my balls and starting rubbing them. I thought it would only be nice to do the same. So as we lay there rubbing each other's balls we resumed our talk about sex and hot girls we knew. And since then we stayed in the tent together and did the same old same old! It never GOT old though! ha ha!

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