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Me and My Brother
07-14-2011, 10:24 AM
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Me and My Brother
One day as I was coming home from work, I felt really horny, knowing that i would be on my own for a few hours, i felt relieved, I rushed home and went into the back garden, stripping off and sitting on the side of the pool, i lifted a leg up and started rubbing my erect clit, it felt so good.
I was in a world of my own, I didn't hear my brother, Matt's car door slam, he came round the back seeing the gate was open. I had my eyes closed, so I didn't know he was there, I moaned his name, thinking of him giving me an orgasm, I squirted then all I heard was 'Wow'.

I opened my eyes to see Matt standing there, I was so embarrassed, I couldn't say or do anything, I was just sat there in shock. He started walking over to me and I could see his obvious excitement, that got me horny again, just before he got to me, he undid his jeans and took them off along with his boxers, I had never seen him in this light before, he had always joked about how big he was when i was with him and his mates, but this was no joke, he was big!

He laid me down on the grass and teased my pussy lips with this index finger, I squirmed about, loving it, not knowing what to do, then in one swift motion, he put his bulging cock inside my soaking wet pussy. I screamed, thank we lived in the country side, or I would have died from the shame. He started going faster and deeper, putting my arms over my head, holding me down, he put a nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it. My whole body shook as I had the most amazing orgasm of my life, I must have squirted at least 3 times, Matt came in me, and we collapsed kissing on the floor.

We got dressed and wet inside, I headed up the stairs for a shower, but Matt stopped me on the stairs and started kissing me again, he picked me up and took me to his room, I had never been in there, it was the biggest room in the house, with a bigger bed then mine, he laid me down and took off my skirt and thong, which was now soaking wet, he laid his head on my left inner-thigh.

I moaned as I felt his breath tickle my clit, I closed my eyes as he gently started to lick it, I moaned more and wrapped my legs round his head, he then entered to fingers into my wet hole, I moaned more, well practically, screamed, I started fucking his hand, I came all on his hand and arm, then he put his long hard cock in my yet again, wet pussy, banging me hard, then he put me on my hands and knees and did me doggie style, I cant tell you how good it felt.

I needed more, and I think Matt could tell that too, he went deeper, faster and harder with every thrust, in no time at all, I came, but he wanted more from me, we had been going at it at least 30 minutes, and that's when I squirted, he tipped his load into me and feel on his bed, both of us covered in sweat and breathing heavily, he got is camera out, and we did it all over again, he showed his mates, and they all want to get their hands on me, but I'm only letting Matt touch, now he knows my weaknesses.

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