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Me and My Aunt
07-16-2011, 03:05 AM
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Me and My Aunt
Every family has one: the relative that lives really close to the airport, and they end up being the ones where people sleep over, or they end up being the ones that pick people up and drop them off.

My aunt and uncle were two such people. Judy and Max lived in a flat-roofed rambler, less than a mile from the terminal. In the 1960s, it was the cutting edge of modern. Today, it looks like a museum piece to the "mod" era. I was getting an early flight to San Francisco, and my aunt immediately suggested that I sleep over. "You can leave your car with us, too," she added. "You don't want to spend money on airport parking, and it's safer in our driveway than it is in the terminal." Gladly accepted.

The evening of my arrival, I showed up with luggage in hand, and Judy announced that she and Max were having a barbecue in the back yard. As I followed her through the house, I couldn't help my eyes going down to her shapely ass and legs. Aunt Judy was a professional dancer for years, and then she retired to start her own dance studio, mainly tap and jazz with a little ballet on the side. Aunt Judy doesn't tell her age, but one of her sons is 35 which is two years older than I am. However old she was, there was no denying that she kept her body trim and in fantastic shape.

I went out to the flagstone patio to see that my three cousins were there as well. Gretchen followed her mother's footsteps and became a professional belly-dancer. After turning 30, she announced that she, too, was moving away from the performing side and putting more emphasis on teaching. Barry, the oldest, worked for a title insurance company and Mitch ("the baby" at 28) was a mechanical engineer.

Max was manning the barbecue grill, with the ever-present cigar clamped between his teeth and a gin-and-tonic in hand. Where aunt Judy had classic beauty, Max was the eternal hunk. He was six-four with the chest and arms of a weight lifter. I knew he had to be at least 70 years old, but his hair and moustache were black and dense. Uncle Max was drawing double federal retirement, after doing 20 years with the Navy and another 20 with the Federal Corrections system.

You can't go to my aunt and uncle's house and not drink. Max and Judy keep the alcohol flowing steady and they take pride in remembering what your favorite drink is. Judy pressed a large and potent whiskey sour into my hands, and then settled me into a chair and demanded to know all the latest news. Fortunately, I knew how to prepare for a visit to her house, and immediately pulled out the latest round of family pictures.

I probably stayed up later than I should have, considering how early my flight was. We all wolfed down improbably amounts of barbecue ribs and sides of cole slaw. I had at least five of those atom-bomb whiskey sours, and I wasn't the only one feeling no pain. As I watched my cousins say their good-nights, I noted with some amusement that they all arranged for rides home and Gretchen called a cab.

I don't smoke, but uncle Max insisted that I have a cigar with him while aunt Judy went to the task of fixing up the living room couch for me. The couch wasn't one of those fold-out kinds, so it was a little narrow but quite comfortable.

"Do you need a light or anything?" aunt Judy asked.

I laughed, "I'm not eight years old, you know!"

"Yes, but I don't want you getting up to use the bathroom and breaking your neck."

"Thanks, but I sleep better in a dark room."

"OK. I've set the alarm in plenty of time for you to get up and shower. When you're ready, I'll drive you to the terminal."

"Fine." I put my glasses and my wristwatch on the coffee table, took off my clothes, slipped under the flannel covers, and promptly fell asleep.

The next thing I new, I was aware of someone trying to get under the sheets with me. I opened my eyes, but couldn't see a thing. My aunt leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

"Good, you're awake," she whispered. "Make love to me."

I was confused, but I was also rapidly becoming aroused. My aunt's hand snaked down to grab my penis, and I felt her rub the head against her labia. She was amazingly wet.

"You're so hard," she said, almost too quiet to hear. "God, I need you."

"Don't you think th --"

"Shhhh ..." she kissed me again to quiet my mouth, then leaned in close to whisper in my ear. "Max and I haven't shared a bed for many years, now. It's OK. He isn't going to wake up."

"So, he knows?"

"He doesn't know and he isn't going to know." Her voice was like a shadow. "You and I are going to be very quiet and we're going to be very discrete." During all this, she was still rubbing my cock between her legs and she surprised me by suddenly sinking down on my cock. My dick was buried in my aunt up to the hilt, and she sucked in a hiss of air.

"God. So hard. Oh, I've missed this. Fuck me."

The overall effect was very disorienting. I was still on the fuzzy side of all that booze, and the near-total darkness made everything surreal. I wondered for a moment if I was dreaming, but it was no dream. My aunt was slowly grinding up and down on my cock, all the time whispering little endearments and talking non-stop about how hard I was.

I was worried that -- even at a whisper -- her conversation was going to get us found out, but I wasn't so worried that I quickly warmed to the occasion and started exploring her body with my hands. Her breasts were no bigger than tennis balls and had noticeably sagged with age, but there was no doubt that her nipples were full and erect. My hands swept down the curve of her graceful back to caress her fantastically firm asscheeks, and then continued the voyage to roam over her finely sculpted thighs.

My aunt's pussy was so wet, she was leaking sap all over my balls, and down between my legs. I could feel the sheet under me dampening and thanked God that it was a naughahyde couch. All evidence was going to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Her up-and-down humping on my prick became faster and more insistent. She leaned forward so that one breast collided with my face.

"Bite my tits." she hissed.

I dutifully guided one nipple into my mouth and started to suckle it.

"No!!" she almost whined. "Bite them! Hard!"

I applied a little more pressure with my teeth but it wasn't enough. The rhythm of my aunt's pelvis started accelerating as she slammed her soaking cunt up and down my prick.

"Harder!" she gasped. "I breast-fed three kids. You can't hurt me. Chew them hard!! Do it!!"

I immediately popped her nipple between my molars and ground on it, hard. I expected her to yelp and try to pull away, but she grunted "Yes! Like that!!" She started bounding on me even faster as I did all I could to hold her nipple in my mouth and give it repeated bitings and gnashings.

"The other one!" my aunt gasped. "So close ... Jesus ... so hard ..."

I moved my head over, found her other nipple, and proceed to bite it as hard as I dared.

"That's it! Shit! Yes!! Chew the goddamned things off! Oh, God ...."

She clapped a hand to her mouth and screamed into it silently as her pelvis slammed against the root of my cock. Hot liquid filled my lap and I thought "She's either a squirter or she just pissed herself."

My aunt lay atop me, trembling and gasping. She gave me little kisses and whispered a dozen thank-yous.

"Now," she said. "We have to do something for you. What do you like?"

"Well, I could ... "

"Don't be shy. Do you want me to give you oral? I will, you know."

"Actually, I'm pretty partial to doggie-style."

She chuckled and hugged me. "Oh, you'll have to let my poor pussy rest first. Can I suck you for a bit?" Without waiting for an answer, she lifted off my erection and replaced her pussy with her mouth. She laughed some more and said, "Don't worry about the mess. This will all be cleaned up and gone before your uncle ever wakes up."

Our whispers seemed like shouts in the stillness of the room, but my aunt didn't have any more words. She dropped her head down on my cock and started to throat me like a real pro.

If it weren't for my anxiety, I probably would have shot a load in her mouth in the first five seconds, she was that good. But I was still entertaining visions of my uncle bursting into the room and killing us both, and that was keeping the fire in my nuts at bay.

It's funny: you don't think of your relatives as sexual beings, and you usually dismiss older people as being sexually inactive. But there I was, flat on my back, and getting the cock-sucking of my life from my aunt, who was probably twice my age. I've had my dick sucked more times by more people than I'd care to count, but my aunt ate my cock like her life depended on it. Her hand would eagerly work my balls and occasionally dropped down to probe a tentative finger against the button of my anus.

"If you want to fuck me," I told her, "You're going to need some lube."

"Not necessary," she laughed. "Let's get back to what you wanted..."

My aunt moved her awesome dancer's body so that her arms were resting against the back of the couch, and her knees were planted against the seat. She spread her legs and arched her ass up to me so that her pussy was at the perfect height.

"Your turn ... " she said.

This time, there was no "oh-look-what-happened-to-me" bullshit. This time, it was me that was deliberately taking my cock and sticking it in my aunt's cunt. And I drove it in without hesitating.

"Ram it," she gasped.

"Oh, you're going to get rammed," I assured her. "I fuck hard in this position."

"Do it," she moaned. "Rattle my teeth."

I grabbed her hips, slickened by her own orgasm, and drove my cock in until my pelvis slammed painfully against her own. I didn't slow down. I didn't care how much noise I was making. I didn't give a fuck if I was splitting her in half with the force of our rutting. The only thing that mattered to me was dumping my nuts into her hungry pussy.

It didn't take long, I was plowing into her with a jackhammer pace for maybe two minutes, when I started to feel that familiar stirring in my nuts and I knew I was going to shoot off. I became aware of my nuts. They were hanging low and slamming against her swollen clit every time I fucked a stroke into her, but now they were drawing up tight and getting ready to spill.


"It's coming!"

"Shoot it inside me!"

"Get ready ..."

"Now!! Now!! Fuck me like your little bitch!"

"Oh, shit -- !!!"

The force of my orgasm almost made my knees buckle. If I wasn't holding on to my aunt's hips so tightly, I probably would have fallen over backward and smashed the coffee table. As it was, I snorted and grunted like a bull as my hot seed rocketed out of my cock and splashed into her leaking, twitching cunt.

My aunt pulled off of my cock, and turned around and started to milk my cock with her hands and mouth. She was eager to get the last few drops on her tongue, which she swallowed. When she released my prick, I fell back on the couch, exhausted.

"Try to get some sleep," she said, leaning forward and kissing me. I got a brief taste of my own nut-juice and thought about getting up to get a glass of water. I was still thinking about it when I fell back into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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