Me With My Sis
This is a true story which remained a secret between me and my elder sister since our adolescence and perhaps, this is going to be my last story as I didn’t like indecent remarks by few gentlemen on my previous stories. Now let’s come back to my true experience. I have only a faint idea of how those relations and longings developed between us and how we started enjoying the secrets of our life. We both are now married and have our children. My elder sister, Fazeelat is six years older than me. I remember she was probably 19 years old and I had just entered my teens. We used to share the same bed room but would sleep on single beds, separated by a center table. She would often come over my bed, lie beside me and before sleeping, we would have a lot of fun and talks about new computer games, swimming and friends. Let me admit that in my childhood, I was known to be a hard sleeper, due to lot of physical activities and sports I used to play. That night, my elder sis, Fazeelat was lying beside me, when I felt tired and very early went to a deep slumber. I was still halfway to my sleep, when I heard Fazeelat saying something. I didn’t respond as sleep was overpowering me. “Are you sleeping; little bro” I heard her shallow voice but remained quite as I wanted to sleep. After some time I felt her warm breathing close to my mouth. I didn’t move as I wanted to get rid off her. “Ooh my little bro has gone in his deep slumber” I heard her saying again but this time her voice felt more shallow. I felt her kiss at my cheeks which had been a normal practice even in the past. After some time, I felt her hand placed motionless at my leg. I felt sleepy so remained unmoved. She mumbled something and I felt her hand rolling along my leg, up down and inner side. I was still motionless when I felt her finger touching my pee . I felt a little uncomfortable but remained motionless. After a few seconds, she gripped my pee in her hand and gently started rubbing. I felt ashamed but since I wanted her to let me sleep, I kept mum. She was now rubbing my pee continuously and I felt a sensational feeling in my small limp shaft. I felt as if something good was happening to me and my pee pee was growing in size. “After all, she is my elder sis, she might be doing something nice to me, for my benefit” I thought.

Her continuous stroking felt so nice that I wanted her to continue doing it till I went to sleep, so I decided not to ask her what she was doing to me.After sometime, she pulled my shorts down with the help of her thumbs and took my naked pee in her hands. I could hear her hard breathing but didn’t understand the reason. Soon I felt her warm breathing close to my crotch. She was still rolling her hand around my small dick, when I felt something wet and slippery touching my pee pee. It felt so nice that I wanted to see what magic she was doing to please her little bro. However, I kept my eyes closed and kept snoring as I never wanted her to end what she was doing. She kept doing it for few minutes and then went to her bed. By morning I had forgotten the last night episode. A couple of days passed without happening anything like that. I too didn’t have the courage to ask my sister to do it again, until the weekend came. That night again, Fazeelat Baji stayed beside me till I went to deep sleep. “Is my little bro, sleeping” I heard a faint sound but kept quite. Soon she grabbed my pee pee and started rolling her hands around it. Again I felt my pee growing in size and becoming hard. The feeling was so nice that I let her continue without making any movement. Without wasting much time, she pulled my shorts down to my knees and again I felt something wet and slippery touching my pee and causing sensation in my body. I was curious and wanted to see what she was doing to me. I kept snoring and placed my arm at my forehead. Out of curiosity, I opened my eyes a bit and from the corner of my eye got a glimpse of

What sort of nice thing she was doing to me. I was surprised and mesmerized to see that she was licking and sucking my pee; the way, a baby suckles mom’s milk balloons. It felt so nice and amazing that I wished she continues it. However, soon she left sucking my pee and went off the bed. I looked from the corners of my eyes; wishing her to come back but I was shocked to see her removing her dress. Although I had seen her naked before also as we always changed our dresses in front of each other but this time it felt totally different. I wanted to watch each and every naked part of my elder sister. After undressing herself, she came back on the bed, took my cock in her hand and started licking and sucking it once again. I felt some drops of her saliva dribbling down my pee in to my ass crack and making my anus wet and sticky. I felt itching in my ass and scratched my anus hole with my finger. With my sudden move, she left my pee and immediately slipped out of my bed. I felt pity on me as I wanted her to continue what ever she was doing to me. My pee rod had swollen but there was no pain in it. After a pause of a minute or so, she again came back to my bed and adjusted herself in the same position. This time, she parted her legs and sat over my thighs without putting any weight on me. I didn’t know what was likely to happen to me. Soon I felt her hand, trying to keep my dick in upright position and I felt my penis entering in some wet, warm and slippery hole. “Ooh ”, I still remember, that feeling in entering a wet and slippery hole was amazing. The slippery and wet hole was moving up and down introducing to me a new avenue of pleasure. I wanted to move my ass up and down but I didn’t make any movement, fearing she might leave what she was doing to me. I again took some courage and saw from the corner of my eyes as to what was happening to me. “It is something between mine and her pee pees” I thought and closed my eyes. Soon I felt my sister breathing very hard and wriggling her pee against my pee. She was mumbling something and then she took my ass cheeks in her hands, pressed them against her haunch and planted a deep but gentle kiss at my lips.

I felt my penis squeezed in her pee hole and some sticky fluid dribbling along my pee rod, down to my ass crack and touching my anus. I didn’t know why she peed on my penis and why it was so sticky but the feeling was too delightful and amazing. She quietly slipped out of my bed, dressed herself and went to her bed. She continued doing that amazing thing to me many a times for the next six months until she went to Uk for her higher studies. She stayed there for five long years. During this period we always chatted on phone and net but never discussed what we had been doing when we were together. In the meanwhile I celebrated my eighteenth birthday and had known a lot about the sex. I had experienced oral and wet sex with two of my class fellows and was well familiar what my elder sis had done to me. And finally the day came when Baji Fazeelat returned from UK after completion of her studies. We had a good celebration on her arrival and chatted and gossiped a lot. Mom had prepared a separate bed room for her but at night Baji Fazeelat told mom that she would like to sleep with her little bro. At night we kept chatting till 1 O clock in the morning. “Is my little bro still a very hard sleeper?” Baji Fazeelat asked me while seeing me yawning. “Yes, you know because of the physical activities and sports” I replied. “Ooh my lovely little bro” she came and slipped in my bed. “Okay, you can sleep, my lovely little bro” She said while brushing her fingers in my hair and planting a small kiss at my cheeks. Soon I felt myself going in to slumber. “Is my little bro sleeping?” I heard her shallow voice and felt flying back to my past. “Is the past

Coming back?” I thought and started snoring intentionally. “Hey, little bro, hello” I heard her murmuring while planting a kiss at my cheeks. I kept quiet as my memories were flashing back to the past. She kept lying beside me and after a few minutes I heard her snoring. “Ooh nothing is likely to happen this night” I thought with despair. Soon I felt her leg touching my legs and her hand placed over my thigh. I remained motionless, still not sure of my dreams come true.After sometime, she started rolling her hand up and down my legs and thighs while breathing heavily. Many a times, I felt her fingers touching my limp and burly cock. Every time she touched my shaft, I felt a quiver down my spines, imagining my 23 years old sexy sister eating my love shaft. With mere imagination, I could explode any time but I wanted to hold my self till all the events would unfold systematically. To divert my attention, I kept thinking of the most difficult subjects of my class; physics, biology, chemistry and even the hell waiting for us. She was rolling her hands around my plump shaft hidden in my shorts, gently with her soft touch. Soon I felt her hand entering the elastic band of my shorts and she grabbed my naked cock in her hand. She remained motionless for sometime and then started rolling her hands around my shaft; up and down from crest to base. I felt my pre-cum dribbling down the hole of my cock. I saw her wriggling uncomfortably, and then found her sitting at the edge of the bed. She pulled my shot down to my knees and grappled my cock in her hand. She bent over my crotch and then mildly licked the head of my meatloaf. I controlled my body from shuddering violently and kept lying without making any movement. I could feel her heavy breathing around my crotch and could listen to the uneven beat of her heart. She swallowed my cock in her warm and wet mouth and started eating me passionately. Soon my cock was throbbing violently in her hand and I could feel my pre-cum dribbling in her steamy mouth. “Ooh my I withheld my screams. But soon I felt myself losing my control. I clenched my hands, curled my toes and tightened my ass crack. I felt my whole body shudder violently and my balls twitched.

I last my wits, got her face in my hands and spurted jet of my juice in the warm mouth of my elder sister. She got flabbergasted and moved back with a jerk. I pulled her back and shot jet of jet of my love load at her mouth, breasts and belly. “Ooh sis; I am sorry for all that mess I have created, but I couldn’t hold it” I could hardly utter these words and got up. “Its; its okay lil bro” she replied with sort of embarrassment. “But I suppose, it was my fault” she further added. “No sis, I wanted it since long” I said and she smiled wickedly. “You are a real little bastard, why didn’t you tell me before” she replied with a cheeky smile at her face.We became bold and she just jumped over, rode on my thighs and pouted her mouth for planting a kiss at my lips. I too opened my mouth and inserted my tongue in her steamy mouth. She started eating my tongue and we explored the depth and warmth of each other’s wet mouths passionately. I made her lie at her back and adjusted my position between her legs. My goodness, she had a perfect body with sensual curves and deep cleavages. Her flat tummy was as stiff as a rock, round belly button as deep as a well and her busty breasts as pulpy as mangoes. Her erected tits with pink areolas caused sensation in my whole body. I parted her legs and saw her clean shaved pubic mound which was throbbing in anticipation. “Oh my she had cleaned and prepared herself to please her little bro” I thought while looking at my bushy pubic region. I opened her pussy petals, licked my finger and inserted it in her wet vaginal canal. She started moaning and hopping her buttocks up and down. I

Inserted the second and third finger and started pumping her pussy canal. She started squealing, moaning and groaning in pleasure. I pulled my fingers out, smelled, licked and squished her juice from my fingers.My goodness” I murmured. The aroma of my sister’s pussy juice was amazing and the taste was a real feast and delight. I asked her to ride on my mouth. She parted her legs, put her weight on her knees spread around my neck and placed the center of her pubic mound at my mouth. I wrapped my hands around her waist, pressed her ass cheeks and started working on her pussy passionately. I licked her cervix and pinched her hard clit with my lips and teeth. I pouted my mouth, took her labia in my hand and started eating her pussy mound. She wriggled in pleasure and ecstasy. I opened her petals and inserted my tongue deep inside her vaginal tube. She was rubbing, swirling and rotating her pussy mound at my mouth ferociously. I wanted to give my sis the best of tongue fuck, but she reached her climax. She pressed her mound against my mouth and groaned in pleasure. I felt my faced squeezed between her legs. She squealed and spurted a jet of fluid in my mouth. “Oh my sis; you are shooting like a boy” I could hardly utter these words when another jet of fluid almost choked my throat. I immediately swallowed her cheesy cream but she squirted jet after jet in my mouth, until she collapsed beside me. I was feeling real horny and my strenuously erected peter was painfully waiting to release his pressure in the most lovely and deep pussy of my elder sister. I came between her legs, licked her pussy clean till she started hopping and humping her ass up and down. She got up, rode on my mouth in six nine position and started rolling her hands around my seven inches long throbbing cock. “Hey; you are no more a lil bro” she said while smiling cheekily. “Your member can tear any pussy apart” she further added, smiling wickedly.

Soon we were eating each other’s love organs like nature lovers. She was eating my meatloaf passionately and I opened her ass crack and started rolling my fleshy and flat tongue in her crack, licking her sphincter, clit and labia in one long stroke. We were moaning in extreme pleasure. She was gently playing with my balls while eating the head of my cock with true passion and love of a sister and I was eating her whole pussy mound with true passion and love of a brother. She was about to explode again, when I slipped on a side and made her lie at her back.She was facing up, with her legs apart and knees lifted. I parted her legs a little more, took my throbbing cock in my hands and opened her pussy lips with my fingers. Soon I was inserting and pushing my cock with a thrust in the deep and slippery pussy canal of my sister. My penis slid deep inside her pussy very easily. I felt like shooting immediately and pulled my penis out of my sister’s pussy to gain more time. She misunderstood and pulled me back. “Don’t worry my man, I am on protective pills. You can squirt the whole lot of your love load in your sister’s waiting pussy” she said, giving a wicked smile. The talk had already delayed my climax and I again pushed my burly cock in my sister’s deep, slippery, wet and warm pussy hole. We were rocking up and down ferociously and I was pumping her pussy with a missionary zeal. “Oh, why did you make it a forbidden fruit?” I moaned in extreme pleasure, while burying my cock deep down my sister’s pussy..My sister was getting mad like me and she raised and lifted her pussy mound fairly up; to get the maximum inside her. “Oooh, little bro, your forbidden fruit has always thrilled my pussy” she squealed in pleasure, while rocking her pussy up and down. “Same is with me sis, I had been dreaming of burying my burly

Cock in your deep pussy for the last five years” I replied, mustering up some courage for the first time. She smiled and inserted her hands under my haunch. She pulled my balls towards her ass crack while pressing her pussy mound further against my shaft. Suddenly I felt her legs contracting around my thighs. Her whole body shuddered violently. She squeezed my penis in her pussy walls and squirmed around me. I too felt my body spasm and we started gasping heavily. We were breathing unevenly and clenched together, entwined in each other’s legs. I felt my balls twitching and twitching and twitching. She moaned and splashed tons of her love load around my shaft and balls, making my crotch wet with her sisterly love. I too squirted gallons of my love load in her deep pussy canal with violent shots after shots. My ass cheeks were still stiffened and same was with her ass cheeks. We kept lying there for about ten minutes entwined in each other’s arms and planted deep and passionate kisses at each other’s lips. Soon we started eating each other clean till we felt our sex organs throbbing for the next round of a true sibling love in search of most delightful and amazing taste of a forbidden fruit. I will be waiting for decent and positive feed back on this last episode. What transpired between me and my sister after our marriages will remain a secret between us as we don’t want to destroy our lives by disclosing it.