Me And My Sister
That kiss spoke a million words. That kiss expressed all the desire, all the passion and all my love for her. She opened her mouth and our tongues fought and we did not realize how long we were kissing.
I was in a state of euphoria, and came back to my senses when I found my zipper was undone and my sister’s hand was trying to make my cock free. I got up and pushed my cargo and underwear down. My cock stood up. My cock is of average length, but it is thick, really thick. That is what all my girlfriends had said. Even Sabrina, who was such an experienced call girl had to lubricate her asshole with anesthetic spray before she took it in her butt hole.
“It is beautiful”, My sister said, as she lowered her head to it. She first kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with her tongue. She flicked its opening with the tip of her tongue and then slowly and slowly took it into her mouth.
I caught her head and started giving jerks wanted to push my cock down her throat. She patted my thigh hinting me to stop, and she started moving her head up and down. Every time she lifted her head and brought it down, more of my cock entered her mouth. She was sucking gently and at times, using her teeth and rubbing her teeth on my cock taking me to heaven. She alternated between licking and sucking hard on my dick. It was just heavenly and I was wondering how luck all those guys were whom my sister gives head. He took the balls in her hand and started squeezing it as she applied suction pressure on my cock head and her tongue was caressing the tip of my cock. Even very professional whores I have slept with were not as adept at giving head as my sister is.
“You are doing it great Didi” I said amidst pants,”You are the best. No one ever gave head like you do. It is incredible. You are fantastic.”
Hearing this, she increased her suction, and was now sucking me hard as her lips went concave. I tried to reach for the hem of her top and lifted it over her tits. She raised her head and in one swift movement took off the top. My cock was glistening from her saliva. Once she had her top off, her big firm, shapely and large breasts came into my full view. The nipples were medium-sized and erect. The areola was of a chocolate color and I could not resist my mouth from feasting on them. Like a man who has been craving for female flesh for long, I started squeezing them hard.
“Go slow, my sweet brother,” she cooed and I reached for the waist band of her tight lycra bicycle short. I pushed it down and was stunned to see the smallest panty ever designed underneath. It was just a string of cloth around her waist and another string went from her waist between her ass cheeks, and lost their visibility. A small almost transparent triangular piece of cloth just covered her pussy. If it is to be pushed even a millimeter one could see the upper part of her pussy lips. In any case, the almost transparent pink panties did not hide her treasure, and I could clearly see her bald pussy. There was a wet spot in her panties. I got up and got rid of all my clothes and threw them on the floor over her top and shorts. I bent sideways and caught her at her waist and lifted her turning around in such a way that her head was down and her legs were up. As I lifted her up she wrapped her legs around my neck bringing her cunt right on my mouth and she pulled me cock to reach it with her mouth. Holding her, I fell back on the cushioned sofa, and we were in a perfect sixty nine.
I pushed the panty aside and licked along the length of her cunt. I licked all around her cunt and then started slow sucking it. I pushed my tongue into her cunt, which was dripping with her juice.
She started moaning, “Aahhhh… aa hhh …mmm …aaa hhhh.. hhhmmmm….” As she increased her pressure on my cock. I started reciprocating her sucking by lifting my pelvis and fucking her mouth. I parted her cunt with my fingers and reached for her clit, it was already engorged. I flicked my tongue on it and started lapping it. I aws sucking, licking and tenderly biting her clit. My hand was roaming on her lovely butts, and caressing it gently, I started massaging her asshole. I took the mixture of my saliva and her pussy juice on my finger and started lubricating her asshole. I was applying my spit, saliva repeatedly on her asshole till it became slippery and then slowly and ever so gently pushed my index finger into her asshole. She was expecting it when I was massaging her asshole, so she relaxed her sphincter. With her sphincter relaxed I could now fuck her asshole with my finger quire easily.
I had my finger totally in her asshole, and was sucking her pussy hard as she started coming. She started pushing her pelvis as hard as she could on my face and I was sucking her as hard as I could – as if there would be no tomorrow. Meanwhile she bit me lightly on my cock and sucking its head, started jerking it from the base with one hand and with the other started doing what I was doing to her asshole. She licked her finger and pushed it in. I have never had anything in my ass, and it was a bit painful. But that state of excitement was too much to care for this. She started fingering my asshole as I did hers. But after her finger entered my asshole she found my prostate and started massaging it from inside my rectum.
Ohh,…. Yeahh,…. Didi…. Leena didi…. You are the best…. The best cocksucker in the world…… oh… didi… yes, I am coming…. I am coming…. Make me cum… didi, my darling didi … my sexy didi …. My lovely didi … make me cum in your mouth … I want to come in your sexy mouth……. Didi… oh… my Leena did…. Suck me … suck me harder my didi……
As my cock spurted out its jism, she started shivering, her thighs clasping my head tight and her cunt forcing itself on my mouth and I knew her time has reached too to reach the climax. I increased my speed of sucking and fingering her ass and continuously flicking her clit.
With my cock still in her mouth, she could not utter a word, but made throaty noise and her whole body tensed up. I while later she took her mouth off my cock and got off me and stood near the sofa near my head as I was on my back – my face inches from her pussy. The panty was still there, but pushed to a side. There was a look of pure ecstasy on her face.
You are the best didi – I complemented her.
You are great too. – she reciprocated “ So far I was giving head to give people pleasure, but this time, you gave me heavenly joy eating me. This was the best cunnilingus I ever had. No one made me cum like this.”
She sat by my side and started playfully jerking my limp cock. This is a beauty. She said. I am sure it will fit me fully and well. She was chuckling. She bent over again and took my cock in her hungry mouth and started sucking it. Her nude charm, her uninhibited sexuality and her open display of her sensuality and sex appeal made me hard again in no time.
“Let me ride you this time,” she said and without waiting for any response from me, climbed on me, placing her legs on either side of my waist. She caught my cock in one hand and slowly descended on my cock, make way into her love box by pushing her panty aside. My as she descended her pelvis – my cock entered the taboo passage, which was so warm, so slippery and so tight!! I felt as if it is meant for my cock alone. I screamed with joy as I entered her. “That is it didi, it feels so good, it feels so nice… I feel so great to be inside you … inside your warm pussy… your pussy is so tight …” I said as I started jerking my pelvis and giving strokes from below. She was riding me with equal speed, and was going up and down with her tits jiggling and moving. They looked like water-filled balloons, taut and firm. I reached for them and grabbed them, and she went on slowly increasing her speed. She undulated her pelvis and I could feel her cunt muscles contracting and gripping my cock like a viece.
“You not only have a tight pussy, you know how to use it,” I said panting.
“Your think cock fits it so well. It is just right for my pussy. I hate to have wicks in my pussy. I like to have such thick and hard cocks always.” She said and went humping me.
”Have you ever been gang banged?” I asked her as she went on fucking me,”Or have you ever tried threesomes or more?”
“No, never. But would not mind sometimes. I know it would feel great to have cocks stuffed in all your holes. But shall tell you the truth, I have not even tried anal sex ever.” She said as if she was giving her teacher her progress report.
“There will be plenty of time and opportunity for that.” I said as I went on increasing my speed. She was now bending forward letting me play with her mammary and also rubbing her clit as she bent forward. We went on like that for quite a while, and as I was pinching her nipples while shoving my dick deep into her from below, she announced she is coming. Her movements became faster and faster and she started moaning and throwing her head and then collapsed on me with my rock hard cock still in her pussy as her pussy flooded again with her nectar.
Beads of sweat was glistening on her forehead. Some streaks of her hair were plastered on her forehead because of sweat. But there was look of sheer joy and happiness on her face. Her lovely eyes were twinkling. I lifted her putting my hands under her ass and then slowly made her lie on the huge sofa by my side. I made her lie on her abdomen and went to her feet. I raised her hips and now, she had her head on the sofa lifting her ass, as she positioned herself o her shoulder and knees. I made her spread her legs. Her great posterior was thrust up, and her fantastic ass was facing the ceiling. The think strong of her panty was peeking out from between her fleshy ass cheeks. I pulled hard on it as it snapped off. The flimsy thin and small piece of cloth was torn and gone. I started licking her pussy kneeling right behind her. I fingered her clit and pushed in three fingers into her well lubricated pussy, which was gaping open after our fucking and reached her asshole with my mouth. She never expected my mouth on her asshole. I started licking and sucking her asshole. I pushed my tongue into her asshole and made sure it is well oiled for future action. Making sure her asshole is slippery, I started fingering her, and then pushed in two fingers. I alternated between my mouth and fingers on her asshole and after w while it was sopping wet. Knowing that it is time for me to take her anal cherry, I knelt right behind her and placed my cock head on her asshole. I reached for her clit to excite her further and take her mind off the possibility of pain as was about to bugger her. While massaging her clit, I pushed my cock slowly. It felt tremendous resistance. I stopped for w while, and started fingering her cunt. Then again, slowly and slowly asking her to relax, pushed my cock.
Aaaa hhhhh… it hurts….. it pains… your cock is…. Too thick….I cannot take it… my small asshole will be torn … you are tearing me apart…. No…. no… stop…. It….
But before she could finish it, I had my cock head inside her asshole. As my cockhead made the most glorious invasion of its lifetime, into my beautiful elder sister’s virgin asshole, I stopped for a while. I was feeling grand having been able to bugger my sister, my lovely didi. I slowly and tenderly massaged her pussy and suddenly felt her sphincter relax. As it relaxed, I pushed my cock deeper. It was the tightest hole my cock ever had entered. It caught my cock from all around and fitted it so very well that the pleasure from the friction was incredible. I started moving my cock in and out slowly. I took some of her pussy juice from her dripping pussy and rubbed on my cock when it came out. I went on applying spit and saliva on it in between. Now, we have started on a perfect rhythm and started moving in unison. I gained speed and started fucking her ass.
“It feels like I am in heaven…. “ I grunted….” I never could have imagined fucking your asshole would be so great…. It is the best piece of ass I have ever experienced. It is just meant for my cock…. Mmm…. Aaa…. Hhhmmm…” I went about fucking her tight asshole and now, she was cooperating by giving backward thrusts. I knew she was enjoying it as well. As I fucked her ass, I reached for her pussy and started fingering it.
I feel great too… – My sister was uttering,” It feels fantastic, I never knew taking it deep into ass will be so much joy… it feels different… I feel as if something is filling me completely, totally. I feel as if everything in my body has been filled up.. it feels out of the world… it feels sooooo goooooood…… yes, fuck me you fucker… drive that fat cock into your sisters ass…. Come on… fuck me… fuck me hard… still harder… yes, give it to me… give your cock… bury it deep in my ass….. do my ass… yes…. Take me… to heaven…..
Her entire body tensed up… I knew she will be coming again. I felt my balls tightening and I gave one last powerful thrust to bury my cock right unto its base into my sisters ass. As it started spurting the hot juice I gave the last strokes. She tightened her rectal muscled and as I was giving my final strokes, her rectal muscled and anal sphincter tightened around my cock as tight as a hand can hold. She milked my cock of the last drops of semen as I came gloriously in my sister’s asshole.
We collapsed on each other, and I took her in my arms as she kept her head on my broad chest. I held her to me, and she was caressing my chest with her nimble fingers and sucking on my nipples. With the other hand, she was caressing my balls and cock.
In few minutes, my sister’s manipulations brought my cock to life. Her expert hands which had given hand jobs to many people brought back life into my cock. This time, she lied down on her back, and I went between her legs in missionary position. We went on fucking each others brains out till we both climaxed.
A while later, as both were completely spent, we went up, had shower together as we washed each other. She brought out her clothes to show me,”Tell me my lover boy, which one do I wear?” I went through all her clothes, and chose a black net top, which will show her bra and cleavage to full glory and a ultra small shining latex skirt, which will show her ass cheeks and panties even if she bends slightly. She smiled, and picked them up and wore them over a black quarter cup strapless bra and black semi-transparent g-string.
I wore a pair of chinos and a T shirt and as feeling proud to be escorting a very sexy and beautiful lady, went with her to the disco.