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Masturbation in Public
07-15-2011, 05:35 AM
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Masturbation in Public
Katie, my sister, had now taken to helping Uncle Bert as I had too much work revising, she was pleased to be somewhere other than home, and I did wonder if my fate, ”The spanking” had befallen her at home with my father. She was happy to look after Aunty so that Uncle Bert could with his friends for a drink. It had developed into a regular event for him.

Katie must have told him on this particular night that I was going to the firework display in the village, I love watching all the spectacular patterns they make and it was a change from swatting, even though I was by myself.

About half way through the show a hand squeezed my arm and on turning around there he was, Uncle Bert, with a big grin on his face. It was strange how he affected me; I seemed to get wet as soon as he touched me. I felt very flattered that he had spent a lot of time finding me instead of drinking with his friends.

“Can you see there?” he asked.

“Not really” I replied.

At first I thought he was going to embarrass me by lifting me on his shoulders, which he could have done with ease, but he didn’t, leading the way out we went further back away from the main crowd. He lifted me onto a small wall, holding me by the elbow while his body shielded me from the cold wind.

I had on my long coat, gloves and wool hat making me quite warm, I wobbled a few times but he quickly steadied me. I was excited with the fireworks and now I could see the low level display silhouetted by the people just in front of us. I looked down on this huge man with black wavy hair, and smiled. A long scarf thrown twice round his neck haloed his face. He was enjoying the show just as much as I was on one of his rare nights out.

Suddenly he lifted my coat at the back and his hand pushed my knees apart, I could not believe he was doing this in public. Before I could say a word his hand was up between my legs touching my crotch, “No!” I whispered, “People will see” as I anxiously looking over my shoulder.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “It’s OK. It’s very dark, and there is nobody really close.”

I had another cautious look and could see only one person the other side of Bert, but he was quite some distance away.

The people just in front of us were enjoying the display and I was confident if they turned round I would look right as far as they were concerned, but I still tried to force his hand down.

He insisted, and suddenly, his fingers slipped past my panties and in between my lips. I was very wet, exceedingly wet, and he knew from my feeble “No” that he could do whatever he wanted now as he forced my legs even wider and listened to my murmurs of pleasure, his fingers played and I wanted to fly, or even die, thinking, "Please don’t stop.”

The fireworks exploded above us and I knew full well that I would feel the same very soon. Suddenly he put both hands up and quickly snapped my panties apart, both laughing as I wobbled and he steadied me again. He now had all the freedom he wanted, plus the reassurance of my moans, it was not long before I was very excited. His thumb was between my wet lips working in and out and when his fingers covered my mound to find my clit, I let out a loud “Arrrr !”

Two people in front turned round and smiled not knowing that my exclamation was not for the fireworks. He was exploring everywhere, my heart thumped as my breath was getting very short knowing I had started on that wonderful journey to orgasm. Wriggling his thumb inside me started the flood and then he replaced it with his fingers, pushing them right up to the knuckle, whilst his wet thumb sank deep into my ‘pink’, I was floating and was reaching the point of no return. Tonight he had me in a state of climax for ages, just doing enough, deliberately teasing me and making me gasp. His thumb was sliding in my pink and his teasing fingers rubbing my pearl, I was getting frantic, he was just keeping me on the edge. I wanted more and more. I wanted to explode. In my haze of my oncoming orgasm I bent down slowly, trying not to dislodge his fingers, putting my arms around his head I whispered, “Please, don’t tease me anymore, I want to die.”

Just at that moment I glanced over his shoulder to see a man who obviously had quietly sidled up behind us, as I straightened up slowly not wanting to dislodge Bert’s fingers I could see the man had his hand between two buttons of his fastened overcoat but I didn't care as Bert’s fingers finally made it happen, he pushed up all of them to the knuckles forced me even wider, then flicked his fingers inside in different directions, it was so wonderful. As I started to come I glanced behind again to look at the stranger as he masturbated under his coat, it excited me so much watching him come I lost all physical control as my orgasm overcame me. I jerked and shuddered, bending my knees and squatting on his fingers to get more, I needed more. With one last moan and exclamation I came, collapsing completely onto his wrist knowing full well he would support me.

He lifted me single handed from the wall with his fingers still inside, nummm! I was totally exhausted, not caring about anybody or how much noise I had made. Obviously the man had heard all of it but when I looked round, he had gone. I felt a little satisfaction that I could please two men at the same time!

The people in front turned round, praising the display and saying how much they had enjoyed it, Bert replied with a big smile on his face. “We too!”

People had started to leave the display and I can’t even remember the finale, but I could remember mine, and the man watching and hearing me brought a new dimension. I always felt safe with Bert’s huge presence. My gentle giant said, “I will have to go now.” putting an arm around me with a quick kiss on the cheek.

Laughingly, he said he was sorry about the panties but he would buy me lots more. I made a joke about his smelly fingers and he just laughed, putting them to his nose, approving of my musky scent. Ω

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