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Mamta's Sex Diary
01-06-2013, 02:41 PM
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Mamta's Sex Diary
This is Mamta a working lady, aged 26, and presently putting up in Kolkata. I got married last year. I have maintained a diary of my sex adventures ever since I lost my virginity.

To admit the truth I had used my sex power to further my career and in a span of 4 years I have been promoted twice. Sandeep, my boss, treated me well and I got all benefits. Our relationship was secret as in Kolkata he never had sex with me. But just before my marriage he got promoted and shifted his base to Mumbai.
Meanwhile, last year I got married to Rahul. He was Born and bought up in Delhi and his dad is high ranking official. After few months of marriage Rahul was promoted and transferred to Mumbai. He was not willing to go but I insisted that within few months I too would join him in Mumbai. I applied for transfer to Mumbai but the present boss on one ground or other delayed the matter.

Rahul was getting frustrated and said, Mamta you resign and come to Mumbai. I consoled him and said that within few months if I don't manage a transfer then I would resign and come. I was also under pressure from my in laws. Then suddenly one day my boss called me and asked my help. He mentioned Sandeep and said it was Sandeep who said I could help him out of a situation.

I got whiff of things but asked him to spell out. He nervously explained that our organisation can bag a big order and for that we need to please a person. I raised my eyebrows and asked him to elabrote. He hesitatingly told me that I would be going to Mumbai next evening and escort a person to our manufacturing facility abroad.

After two day staying abroad I will be back to Mumbai and our head has agreed to transfer me to Mumbai along with promotion. I was furious at his suggestion and blasted that bastard. That guy then apologised and said that it was Sandeep's suggestion and asked me to forgive him and forget it. I came out talking to myself " bastard, he thinks I am a whore."
I was so annoyed that I rang up Sandeep and blasted him as well. Sandeep was calm and listened to my babling. After I was done he said Mamta, I know you are a competent girl like so many around us and I in no way think otherwise regarding you and you would admit that shortcuts do have a price tag and you pay for shortcuts.

Sandeep advised me to think over it and indirectly told me that he is in position to get paid service for this job. I cried and later reasoned that if not me some other girl would oblige. Finally, I rang Sandeep and said yes. Within next few hours I received my promotion order to deputy head in Marketing and to be posted in Mumbai.

When I arrived in Mumbai I was picked up by company car and was booked in a five star hotel. I had not informed Rahul that I am in Mumbai. I freshened up and got rid of any traces of hair from my body. A lady came to my room and identified herself as secretary to chairman. I was surprised when she congratulated me for promotion.

After a while she said mam, I have got to make you ready. I did'nt understand. She smiled and said in another half hour the gentleman will come and winked at me. She then said he has a liking for choclates and consumes it in a special way. She took me to bed and asked me to open my gown. With suspense in heart I opened my gown. She complimented me for my great body.
She said," Mam you have got a lucious figure. " She asked me get naked and infact helped me. I lyed down and she started writing on my back. I asked her what she is writing and with what. I was told that it is with choclate and she wrote welcome. That secretary then told me that old man has multiple fetish. She then applied choclate on my inner thighs and a thick layer on my ass.

After she was done she asked me to see her work. My god ! My entire back was painted with choclate. She left the choclate paste on side table and instructed me that after he eats you then I should apply it on my boobs and then on his dick and suck it out. Finally before leaving she said old man is great fun, enjoy mam! He will be here in few minutes.

I again went back to same position. She left the room switching off lights with only night lamp on. I was feeling afraid and cursed myself for agreeing to this. As I kept on cursing myself I heard door opening slowly and some body entered. My heart was beating at rapid pace. I could hear him sitting next to bed and sound of undressing made me shiver.

I then felt his finger on my ass and it explored the contours of my ass. His hands then moved down to my foot and he tingled me. I felt a strange sensation and buried my face in those king sized pillows pulling my arms up to cover up my face from side. Soon I felt his fingers on my boobs. He was so delicately touching my boobs from side that soon I had goosebums there.

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01-06-2013, 02:41 PM
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RE: Mamta's Sex Diary
He then again contoured down and reached my foot. He lifted my foot and and started kissing it. I shivered again. Gradually his kisses turned into licks. I felt wetness of his tongue on my foot. A pleasure wave struck me and I stopped myself from moaning somehow. He then slowly parted my legs and I could feel his tongue over my entire leg.

The effect of tongue and his hot breath on my legs drove me crazy and I could not stop myself from moaning softly. he climbed up my body and I was beginning to think an old man can not be so good. As he reached my ass I could not resist myself and thrust my ass to his lapping tongue. I felt his teeths on my ass and he very mildly bit my ass as if he was nibbling chocolate.

I moaned heavily on this as the effect of teeth, tongue and saliva was awesome. He was encouraged by my moaning and continued with his work. I had already started getting wet and that man was making me horny. At a leisurely pace he continued to eat my ass and gradually he introduced his fingers to my pussy.
I had started moaning continuously and hissed bite meee pleasee ummmmghhh aaaahhhh pleaseee biteeee me in croaky voice.He did'nt oblige me and instead continued at his pace eating choclate from my ass. He then slid towards my inner thighs and gave me same treatment. I vented out a loud moan aaaaaanghhhh ufffffffff ooooohhhhooohhhhhh.

I wanted to feel his teeths digging deeper into my flesh but he would not listen and just nibbled softly. he was eating out my thighs and I knew the next stop will be my pussy. He kept me waiting for that and came to eat my back. He ate choclate from my back in slow agonising way and I was virtually now begging but his slow circular movement of tongue with very soft and gentle bites peeling away the dried chocolate but not digging into my flesh.

I tried to turn around and kiss him but he held me in that position itself. I tried to raise my head but he gently shoved it back to pillow. He came on top and I felt his throbbing cock over my ass cheeks.He started to lick my neck and massaged his cock against my pussy. My pussy was dripping wet and he soaked the wetness with his cock.

Over my neck I felt his hot breaths and warm tongue. Then he spread my legs with his legs and slided down. I raised my ass in anticipation, and he rubbed his cock and gave a mild push. My hungry pussy walls parted to allow him entry and I Gyrated my ass and he slowly thrust his cock inside me till he was fully inside me.
Beyond a point I felt my pussy walls stretching as that depth had not been explored by any man in my life. He then grabbed a pillow and folded it and inserted it between bed and my crotch, the end result being my ass getting lifted by almost a foot. I tried to lift my upper half and be on my four but he gently shoved me back with his body weight.

Amidst gentle thrust he came fully on my body with his hands cupping my breast and his face on my neck. The pillow beneath me gave my body arch shape with ass high enough to give him full penetration. He was breathing hot over my neck and licked it. He was not pumping me and was in deepest unexplored territory and I felt his dick pulsating against the walls of my pussy.

The thrill of getting fucked by a unknown person and his throbbing dick made me hot and horny and I started moaning aaaaaaahhhhhh doooooo itttttt pleeeeasssse. My voice was totally cracked due to pleasure. I wanted him to pump me hard and ravage me like a beast. I was getting restless and I wanted rapid movement of his dick.

I wanted to dive deep down in ocean of pleasure and so started gyrating and moving my pelvic at a franatic pace. He grunted ummm ummmmgghhhh ooooogghhh and slowly closed in and pinned me down to pillow. I was moaning ufffff aaaahhhhh dooooooo ittttt mannnn ummmmgghhhh doooooo and then he grunted and his voice sounded somewhat familiar.

He grunted thhaaaaank yooouuuu (and gave me a power packed thrust) letttt meeee aaahhhhh (another power packed thrust ) fulfill my fantasy and continued to ram me hard. I was riding pleasure wave and asked him oooohhhh aaaaaaahhhh whhhhoooo RRRrrrrrrrrrrr UUuuuuu faaaaannnnttiiiisisiiiiiing haaaaaannn doooooo ittttttttt.

Now he was pounding me regularly and was exploring my depths. He grunted ohhhhhhh and then he suddenly lifted me. He adjusted himself and I was sitting on his lap with his dick deep inside me. He started moving towards the edge of the bed such that his movement caused movement of his dick inside my pussy.

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01-06-2013, 02:50 PM
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RE: Mamta's Sex Diary
I closed my eyes in pleasure and he started licking my back and his palms were gently squeezing my boobs and fingers tweaking my nipples. I was continuously moaning and asked him again whoooo rrrrrr uuuuu thinkinggggg aaaaahhhhhhh. He grunted oooghhhh hhhhhhhuuuu. His continuous jerks was giving me pleasure and my juices were wetting his dick.

He again grunted sheee isss verrry seeeexy likeeee uuuuuu ohhhhhh aaaaaahhh. He gripped me hard and was giving me powerful thrust. I twisted my head to see his face but it was not possibe as he was licking my back. I was nearing peak and increased my pounding as well. At that time all I wanted was to have that orgasm. He then stood up keeping his dick inside me and grunted hooollld the bed.

I was half on bed and half standing and both of us were moaning when he gave me those final 9 to 10 jerks, pulling out almost entirely and then ramming with full force and almost shouting taaakeee thissssss huuuu. I would move almost a feet by his thrust and he would pull me back and give me another one. I shivered quivered and volcano erupted inside me.

My hot juices flowed like lava as I smiled to myself. He kept on ramming me. It was like he was punching me with his dick and soon I felt his hot dick squirting cum. He pulled out and rubbed his dick on my ass. It was after a very long time that I had orgasmed. As I lay still he pushed me back to bed. I climbed back to bed and I turned around. I was shocked.

My father in law was kneeling beside me holding his monstrous dick pointing towards my belly and jerking furiously. My jaw dropped so did his. He had started spurting out his cum. He stopped pumping his dick but now it was beyond his control. As we looked at each other his hot cum fell on my belly till it stopped on its own.

I was stark naked with my chest heaving up and down with firm boobs with swollen nipples and pussy dripping wet due to great fucking session by my father in law and he now with semi erect dick kneeling in front of his daughter in law who just had fulfilled his fantasy. After moments of silence I was amazed to see his dick again gaining erection rapidly.

He came beside me took my hands and kept over his dick and his face was barely inches away from my face. He whispered, Mamta there is no way we can undo what happened so let us accept it and both of us will keep it secret. He gently kissed me. I could not think any more. He probed my lips with his tongue and later moved down to my nipples.

He held my hands and kept it on his dick and started sucking my nipples and tingled it with his tongue. It did'nt take long when my blank mind started filling up with lust and I tightly gripped his tool. He asked me, Mamta do you know, in hindi, what u are holding. I moaned and said lund. He gently bit my swollen tits. I moaned loudly aaaaaaaaaaah uffffffffffff.

He took other nipple in mouth and flapped it with his tongue and asked again, and this ( he bit gently again), I moaned and said chuchiiiiiii ohhhhhhh babaaaaa (father) aaaaabbaaaaar korrrrrro ( please do it again ). He obliged me and bit me. I moaned loudly oooooooooohhhhhh myyyyyy ggggooooddddddddddddddddd. We came down speaking our language.

He said, toke protham dekhe hi aamaaaaar mone toke chudtay ichay korechilo ( when I first saw you I wanted to fuck you ) I moaned pppppleeeeeaseeeee aaaabbbbbaaaaaaar yesssssssss amniii kore ( please do it again yes like this ). He came on top of me and adjusted his lund and in a single thrust was all inside me.

He asked me, accha bol Rahul toke prothom baar kaymon kore chuday chilo. The old man was real pervert, he wanted comparison. But lust was so powerful and in greed of having another strong orgasm I played along. I n between my moans I said oooooneeekkk zore zore ( very fast and hard).

He started pounding me hard and grunted hhhhhmmm hhhuuuuuuuuhhhhh aaaaaaammmmnnnnniiiii kooooreeeeeee(like this like this). He took me to seventh heaven and to tease him I said haaaayyyyyyy bbbuuussssss ektoooooooo aaarrrroooo zoooooreeeeee ( yes but a little more harder). He increased the pace and was panting and moaning simultaneously aaaaaghhhhhhh uuunnnnmmmm oooooohhhhhhh.

I, too, moaned and said ooohhhhhhh baaaaabaaaaa ummmmmmm tuuuumiiiii ooooneeeeeeaakeeee bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaloooooo aaaaaaahhhhh eeeekkkkktooooo niiiiippppleeeeeee ta keeeee kamraoooooooo ( dad you are good please bite my nipples) and he obliged me I moaned aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffff.

I pulled him and kissed him hard and we exchanged saliva. He was grunting ooohhhhh mammmtaaaaa aaaammmaaaaar hooooobeeee and went to his maximum possible speed. I wriggled, gyrated to match his pace. His mouth was wide open and his saliva was falling on my boobs as he closed his eyes and gave me my second orgasm.

He came too immediately and filled me with his cum. He jerked his tool violently inside my pussy that shook me and fell on top of me. We both were breathing heavily and his dick shrunk and came out of my pussy. He rolled over me and said tumi satisfied aachoo to ( you are satisfied or not ). I could not help muttering you are the best.

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01-06-2013, 02:50 PM
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RE: Mamta's Sex Diary
I carried on with my father in law for another few days but it was mere repetition. I enjoyed a lot but here I wish to narrate my experience of losing virginity.

During those days my boobs were just beginning to seek attention of boys. Their appreciative looks used to make me feel good. When in crowded public places some stranger ( intentionally or unintentionally ) rubbed by boobs,it used to send shivers down the spine and would get me wet. I knew a little about sex and was terribly afraid to get pregnant.

Some intimate bedroom scenes of James bond movies and our own hindi and bangla films would give me sleepless nights and gradually I learned to finger myself. I used to fantasize about hrithik roshan doing sex with me and I kissing his magnificient body. It was at that time when perhaps my next door neighbour Biplab dada must have noticed my youthful exuberance.

I was a frequent visitor to their house and bowdi was like a friend to me. Mesho and maasi ma were very loving and treated me just like their family member. Dada was about 35 and bowdi around 30 and they had a son. I used to tell bowdi about what that boy commented and all sort of girlie talks. Bowdi, I remember once touched my boobs softly and said Mamta, aie dootow ke chale der chokh theke bachiye rakh ( hide your melons from eyes of boys ).

She advised me to concentrate on studies and forget about what boys are commenting. I nodded in agreement but mentally I kept on thinking about sex. Till that time I had not seen any porn stuff and was not aware of male genitials. One day Mesho, maasi, bowdi and Arnab (bowdi's son ) had gone to bowdi's parents house in neighbouring town, some 60 km away and as practice their key was with us.

I was at home only after appearing in my 12 board exams and was awaiting results. Biplab dada had gone out of station for some work. He had returned un announced and came to our house for keys. I gave him keys and my mother informed him that bowdi , along with everybody has been out of town since early morning. It was about 10 a.m in morning and dada told that he would join duty after getting fresh.

He then asked me, hey you, where are you going in such a fashionable dress. I was wearing a simple jeans and a waist length white shirt and was planning to go to my friend's house. I grabbed the opportunity and asked, " dada will you drop me on your way to your office ". He smiled and said of course, after I freshen up I will pick you up. As he went, my mother asked me to take breakfast for dada.

My mother cooked puri and aaloo and I happily took the tiffin box and went to his place. In the month of May that part of country is hot and almost all windows of all houses in the street were closed. To my surprise the main door was not locked and I entered straight away without knocking. As I was about to call him I heard a low, puffed female voice. I was surprised and silently went to the source of the sound (master bedroom).

As I peeped inside I was shocked to find Biplab dada stark naked and watching his laptop. The female voice coming from laptop was sucking a man's cock and making sound. Biplab dada was rubbing his large black cock and watching the porn that he did'nt notice me. Actually Biplab da was nowhere near Hrithik but it was for the first time that I saw a fully erect male organ.

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01-06-2013, 02:50 PM
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RE: Mamta's Sex Diary
I knew about cock but the enormosity of size was something I did'nt know. Biplab da's throbbing cock was pointing obliquely towards roof. I could not keep my mouth shut and in nervousness I exclaimed ' oh baba re '( oh my god ). He too, was shocked as he saw me. I could not come out of shock of the size and mumbled ' sorrryyy biplab daaa, oie dorjaa ta khola chiloo ( sorry biplab da, the door was open ).

He tried to cover his manhood but near the table there was no cloth so he started to walk towards bed where towel was lying. As he walked towards bed, I thought he was coming towards me and without moving my eyes from his cock I again mumbled my excuse. He covered himself with towel and I tried to turn and run but inertia took over me and I could'nt move a inch.

I could not take out my gaze from the tent in his towel. He must've realised this and in very soft voice called me inside the bedroom. When I did'nt move he moved towards me and held my hands and I walked with him, still shocked. My eyes drifted towards laptop where the male was now pumping the hell out that girl. Biplab da made me sit on bed and sat beside me.

He softly said, ' Mamta, every man and woman do this and one day you will also enjoy it. Some how I blurted out, ' baap re ekto boro kaymoon kore dhoke '( my god how come so big enters ). Biplab da smiled and said ' every man has this big and every women can take this '. He then took my hands and whispered, ' Mamta chooay dekhbe tumi (mamta you want to touch it ).

I kept mum, my heart was racing and I skipped breathing. I did'nt resist when Biplab da took my hands over his throbbing cock. In reflex action, I encircled his cock with my fingers. It was hot and I measured its girth. Biplab da left my hand and he just watched my hands as I nervously measured it. I explored his cock like a child getting a new toy.

After a while biplab da commented, ' mamta I think now you are not afraid '. I nodded in agreement. He then asked me you want to play more. I again nodded. He said 'dekh onek mojaa aashbe toke, chol aaram kore khel'. He lyed down reclining on back support of bed near me and made me sit near him such that my body rested on his chest.

As I played with his cock, I felt his fingers on my back caressing me sensously. He asked me play with his balls, it was so tight that I pressed it. He immediately said softly mamta softly. As I played with his cock I felt his hands over my shirt buttons and in process softly nudging my boobs and in no time masterfully unbuttoned all. I was totally wet down there in my panties.

He then asked me to remove my shirt. I despite being hot and horny was nervous, afraid also. He got up from the bed and said ' let me close the door '. He walked around naked and came back after locking. He stood in front of me, his cock barely inches away from my mouth and said softly, ' Mamta, daekh kichu bhoi pabar nai, jyodi mojaa nitay aache to bol, aymoon mojaa debo ki monay rakhbi, aar kayu jaante parbe naa( look mamta if you want to have fun then tell me, you will have fun and nobody will know) '.

I nodded. He took out my shirt and then my jeans and then he touched my pussy. He said ' you are wet down here and let me suck your juices '. His head vanished inside my thighs and I felt his hot tongue on the lips of my pussy. I shivered in pleasure and held his head with my thighs.

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01-06-2013, 02:51 PM
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RE: Mamta's Sex Diary
He continued to lick and I could not help and expressed my pleasure in long moan ooooooohhhhhh aaaah Biplabbbb daaaaaaaa ooooneeek moooojaaaaaaaaa aaaassssheeeee ( biplab da I am having fun). I flooded his face with my juice. He got up and I was squirting in bed out of pleasure breathing heavily. He came to suck my swollen nipples and that made me moan loudly and when he softly nibbled on them I was moaning uncontrollably.

I raised myself thrusting my asset in his mouth and he hungerily sucked them. I was oozing out gallons of juices. Biplab da then asked me to wait and got olive oil and condom. He asked me to put condom on his big dick and after initial fumbling I managed. He then poured oil on his dick covered with condom and asked me to massage it and applied oil on my pussy and fingered me.

I again fell back on bed as the pleasure was unbearable. He kept on finger fucking me soaking the inner walls of my chute with oil. Once satisfied with his work he soaked the condom with oil and spread my legs wide. In anticipation I stopped breathing. He positioned his lund and slowly I felt feeling of fullness in my chute. I felt as some rod is tearing the walls and smoothly gliding into me.

Strangely I did'nt feel much pain and soon I felt his balls hitting just above my anus. I breathed slowly and felt good. Biplab da remained still for quite some time. My lips were dry so I licked my lips with my tongue. The strange pleasure was inside me and I held the pillow and wriggled beneath Biplab da demanding action. Biplab da fully came on top of me pressing my entire top portion and started licking my lips.

It was also feeling heavenly and I instinctively thrust my tongue to him. He took my tongue and soon I was playing with his tongue. He kept on kissing me and slowly started to jerk his hips causing wave after wave of pleasure. I held his head and moaned loudly aaaahhhhh oooooouughhhh bipppplabbbb daaaaaa uuummmmnnnnn eeeeeesshhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh.

Biplab da grunted ' dekhliiii mamtaaaa aaitay kotttooo mooojaaaaaa (see mamta how much fun is there )' I was getting delirious and kept on moaning as he slowly and steadily kept on pumping me. Even his balls hitting my anus hole area was giving me pleasure. In nutshell my every part of the body was floating in ocean of pleasure with Biplab da gently rocking the boat.

I wanted it to continue but something inside me was building up and Biplab da was now pumping me at furious pace. Then I felt a volcano of pleasure inside me erupted. He must have felt it and he started sucking my nipples and was almost fully pulling out his dick and then ramming it in with full force.

I moaned loudly oooooooooooohhhhuuuuummmm uffffffffffffffff eeektuuuuuuu aaarooo khoooooobbbb bhaaaaloooooo lagcheeeeeeeeeee oooohhhh Biplabbbbb daaaaaaaa tumiiii oneeek bhaaaloooooo aaaahhhhh hayyyyyy koorrrooooo ppppleaseeee oooohhhhh maaaaaa kiiiiiii mojaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuummm ( do it please do it yes yes oh my god what a fun ).

I had fully squeezed my anus hole and lifted up my ass and biplab da was ramming it down to bed with full force. I felt calmness surrounding me as biplab da grabbed my ass, lifted it up and banged me and soon he grunted aaaaaahhhhhhhh kotto din poray tight maal pelaaam. He fell on my body and was panting like me.

After we gathered our breath he asked me Mamta amnee koree korate thakbe to ? I pulled him down and said daily korabo. After this incident we had sex intermittently only because I had shifted for doing graduation. I will remain obliged to him for making my first incident so pleasurable.

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