Making my landlord a Cuckold
I had moved to Jaipur for my new job on a very short notice so i had to settle on a very moderate accomodation in a not so very high class area. I was living on the ground floor and the landlord's family upstairs. Landlord (Rajesh), his wife (Geeta), his mother and their 1½ yr old son. I am a very introvert kind of person but i had to go upstairs for water daily, sometimes in the morning and sometimes after i returned back from work and i always saw Geeta in gown, mostly top button undone, and i had a feeling she is teasing me bending down, swirling her ass and all. I sometimes used to think i should make a move but i was reluctant as I can loose my accomodation.
Days passed and her teasing went on and on. I used to eat my lunch in cafetaria in my office, it was a holiday and i went up to enquire about a good affordable place to eat. Geeta was working in the kitchen and her son playing on the floor. I called Geeta Bhabhi, she asked me to come in kitchen and there she was in a satin gown which hugged her curves and her ass moving wildly as she was cleaning the kitchen counter. She said yes, i said i want to ask something and she told me to closer as her son is making a lot of noise and she cant hear me. i went closer and i find myself my crotch close to her swinging ass. i suddenly felt a tent going up in my shorts. my shorts were not designed to hide erections. i started talking, she said why do i have to eat outside, she'll cook for me and then she asked me to pull out a jar from the cupboard upwards, in the process i had to lean over her. She gave a smile when she felt my erection between her ass cheeks. If this wasn't a clear signal she said itz the wrong jar and asked me to get the one next to it. When I leaned again, she pushed her ass backward getting a full feel of my dick, i had my mind. i leaned back, put the jar on the counter and i pulled her gown up. The satin material was not helping, it was slipping down again n again, I tucked both the sides in her panty's band and my finger searched for her nether hole. She gasped as my finger invaded her pussy.

This was a green signal for me, but she moaned and told her MIL has gone nearby and can be back anytime soon. I said don't worry, i'll make it quick and as soon as she open the door we can recover. Her panty as still on and i shifted the her panty on her left ass cheek. zoom came down my shorts and my dick was touching her pussy. She was wet and hot as a lava cake when my dick entered her. I was surprised to see she was rather tight. She moaned again and leaned more on the counter. I struggled as she was short in height. I lifted her from her hips and now she was face down on counter. She said "dheere dheere karna, tumhara bahut bada hai" (do it slowly, u r big), i was now encouraged as she was going all the way. I pushed my 8 inch cock halfway in one stroke. She was now making aah aah sounds which worried me but i kept pumping her slowly n steadily, as soon as I felt she is now at ease i gave a big hard hump to push my dick all the way in her pussy and this time she let out a husky moan. Now I was going all guns blazing and she was going "chod mujhe" (fuck me), i reciprocated "tere aadmi ka lund hai itna bada"? (is ur hubby's dick as big as mine?). She said "agar hota to tujhse chudati kya"? (if that would have been the case, would you be here fucking me?). We were both in a trance wildly humping and abusing each other. The kitchen was filled with smell of fresh sex and that's when i heard her son, who was playing just besides us shouting "Papa".
The kitchen was filled with smell of fresh sex and that's when i heard her son, who was playing just besides us shouting "Papa".
I was madly humping Geeta and suddenly I came to my senses, I saw her son running towards the living area and there I saw Rajesh standing in disbelief and awe, his son was clinging to his leg. Geeta was still in trance and she asked “kya hua, ruk kyu gaya?” (what happened, why did u stop?) and hearing nothing from me she turned her head backwards to see why have I stopped. Her butt was arched outwards with my dick still encroached in her pussy, her juices running down her thigh and legs, her hair messed up and her right boob out of her gown naked on the kitchen counter. She saw her husband but didn’t tried to push me away or do anything. To my surprise my dick was still hard and I found her ass to and fro on my dick. “Is she fucking me in front of her husband?” I pulled myself back and my dick came out of her pussy “pop” , my dick was still very close to her pussy. I bent down to pull my shorts up, that’s when I felt her right hand on my butt trying to push me inside her back again. I had no clue what was going on. She was looking right into her husband’s eyes, seeing that I was not making enough effort to put my tool inside her again, this time she pushed her ass backwards with more force almost throwing me off balance and once again my pole was in her wet territory.

“Chod mujhe, ye kuch nahi karega” (fuck me, he won’t do anything). She was still looking shamelessly at her husband, I looked back at Rajesh and I noticed a small tent in his pants, I resumed my manly duties again and started humping Geeta slowly and picked rhythm. I was looking back time and again to check if he was still there watching us and he didn’t move an inch. Suddenly I heard Geeta, “ruk” (stop). Again the familiar sound “pop” was heard as my dick was dislodged from her pussy. She stood straight and I saw her chest and tummy were red. This kitchen counter wasn’t meant for a rough fucking. She pulled over her gown, next she dropped her panty, all covered in our combined juices on the floor. She now held my dick in her hand. My dick seemed to burst as her fair womanly hand roamed up and down on the length of my shaft. She sat down on the kitchen counter facing me and pulled me between her legs with my dick. I initiated all this but she was the party in control now, I had to regain control of the situation. She put my dick on her opening and was expecting I would push it in but this time I chose to wait and tease her. She leaned back on the wall in anticipation of my dick would be invading her cheating married pussy again but I took my dick in my hand and started rubbing it her on clitoris, pushing tip of my dick in, out and rubbing again. She was moaning in ecstasy. Her pussy was leaking again. My mouth found her right boob, she had a great rack as she recently had a child. I sucked hard onto her nipple and a stream of milk came gushing in my mouth. She was so hot, her hands on my butt were trying to push me in her but I was busy sucking the tasty milk out of her boobs. “Paani” (Water) screamed her son, who was back in the kitchen. We ignored it the first time but then he screamed again, this time Geeta looked over to her husband and said “Paani pila na ise” (fetch him water).

My dick was now deep in Geeta’s snatch and we were kissing passionately, our tongues entangled. Right then Rajesh stepped into kitchen and when he bent down to pick his son his eye level came parallel to the business, my shaft was like a piston in and out of his wife’s pussy in a good rhythm. He didn’t picked his son instead he started to stare, I don’t blame him as it was a really hot sight on offer. I looked at him and gave him a mean smirk, here I was inside his wife in front of him and she was moaning in pleasure. I picked up the pace and started pounding Geeta harder than ever. We both were covered in sweat there were all kinds of sounds generating when our bodies thumped against each other. I was close to orgasm but she was the first one to get off. She hugged me tightly and was bouncing fiercely up and down on my dick. I can feel her orgasm on my dick, suddenly the door bell rung. I was about to come, I shouted “bas 2 minute aur” (two more minutes). Rajesh, who was engrossed in the happenings rushed down the stairs. I started pounding Geeta with all the might I had and I came in her pussy. Her warm and wet pussy enveloped my dick more than before. I kissed Geeta full on the mouth, our tongues entangling. We heard Rajesh rushing upstairs, my dick surprisingly was still hard and in Geeta’s pussy. We were kissing each other and heard “Maa hai neeche, jaldi karo” (Mom is on the door, wrap it up).

Geeta’s mother in law was very dominant lady and none of us wanted her to get a hint of all this going on. I pulled my dick out of Geeta and our combined juices started to leak from her hole. Nothing was spoke, Rajesh handed over a cloth each to Geeta and me. She wiped her pussy and inner thighs and then she started working on the counter. But I was standing still, Rajesh was about to say something when his wife already got the idea and took my dick in her mouth, sucked it clean and pulled up my shorts. She was now in her gown and then she picked up her panties from the floor but I pulled them out of her hands, “ye mere paas nishani rahegi” (this will be a souvenir for me). She winked at me. I rushed out of the kitchen and downstairs into my room, luckily the main door was quite far from my room. I saw Rajesh opening the main door as I entered my room.

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