Make me feel good
You make me feel good.

In every way possible.

When you touch me its something special.

I quiver at the thought of your hands feeling my naked body.

Running them down my back, across my ass.

Down my thighs, squeezing them as you go to my feet.

Kissing my toes one by one. Licking around them.

You come up, kissing your way up my thighs.

You stop to visit the love between my legs with your tongue.

I shake and moan wildly as you aim to please.

You tease my clit with the tip of your strong tongue.

I cum. You love it.

You start kissing your way up to my breasts and suckle on my nipples.

I squeal in delight. You chuckle.

You kiss my neck, my chin, each cheek, then my fore head.

I love it when you give me kisses.

As you lay on top of me I can feel the head of your pole tease the lips of my love.

I get excited by that.

Im wet, your hard.

Our eyes meet and you kiss me deeply with all your love.

You know what I need.

What I want.

What I desire.

I yearn for you. I need to feel you.

Im so hot with passion.

Its getting hard for me to keep my composure.

I loose it and scream out " Just fuck me baby"

And then nothing more is said.

Nothing else has to be.

You comply with out hesitation and I am so grateful.

You move like the wind running through the trees.

Making sure you hit every spot I need you to.

As we gracefully make love I can feel my body tensing and I know what that means.

You are amazing in bed. You make me feel so good.

I cum. I shake. I shudder. Im wet.

You like it. You grow inside me. You cum.

Im wetter. Im happy. We are happy.

You made me feel good.

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