Madwari Bhabi Ka Maaza….
Hai friends! It’s me Vishal, back with my experience with a marvadi babe. She is my neighbor & both our houses were just behind each other. One can easily enter from my house to their or their house to mine with out notice of anybody. So, first let me explain about her. She was very equal to bollywood heroine rinkie kanna but, was more height than her. Her figure was very sexy with 36-26-34. Her age was about 25.

She was very close to me because i use to take her to her parents home when ever she asked. I always used to think about the I’d fuck her. But, never got a chance. One day i heard some noise from their house. She was asking her husband to fuck her & she was requesting him. But her husband disagreed & said that he has no mood. Though it was three years she got married she had no children. As i was very close to her i called her bhabhi. Once i thought of a plan. I asked her “bhabhi, it’s about three years u got married & still your like a fresh flower. What’s the secret?” as soon as i said this she started crying & said that in her three years she got fucked by her husband only twice.

I was surprised to here that. I asked the reason. She said that her husband is not intrested in sex & says we’ll get children from an anadha saranalay. I said her, ” agar mughay aap jaise khubsoorat biwi hoti to main har rat suhag rat manata” on hearing this she looked at me cunningly & said to me “bacchu! Mujhay satisfy karna etna aasan nahi hai, main teen sal say pyase hoon”. I asked her to give me a chance & she agreed. I said her to get ready & went away. Next day her husband went to his work by 9′o clock. I went to her house by 9:30 by wearing night dress. She was ready in black saree which she wore under her sexy navel & cut jacket. I straightly jumped on her, lifted her & took her to bedroom. I made her sleep & i slept on her & started kissing her on her rosy lips. In the mean while i was pressing her boobs which were very big & i can get the hotness of her boobs from her jacket itself.

Both of us were playing with our tounges & i really enjoyed it.then i took off her saree & started pressing her boobs really hard like flour & she was moaning “hhhaaaaaannnnn, aaaaahhhhhhh, uuuummmmmmm, eeeeesssssssssss, zoor say dabao, mujhsay raha nahin ja sakta”. Then i got some makkhan, kept it in her navel & started licking it with my toungue. By now she was in heavens & she was moaning loudly “mujhay chabajao,raju, mere boobs ko kanto, khajao, aaaaaaahhhhhhh. I then took off her jacket & bra & started sucking her boobs. Her boobs became very big & her pink nipples were rock hard. Then i took off her panties & to my surprise she was ready with shaved pussy. She also took off my dress & we both were completely nude in front of eachother.

Now we hugged eachother & started sucking eachother’s body. She took my lund & said “wah teen sal hogaye isay dekh kar” & started sucking it very hard. She was biting it & it was paining me a lot. But, i did’nt stop her because i knew that she is waiting for this from three years. After some time i cummed in her mouth & she drank it with a great curiocity. Then i made her sleep, parted her legs did finger fucking. Her pussy was some what tight because she was fucked only twice. She was moaning “aaaahhhhh, uuuuuuummmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhh, ooooofffffffff, raju, ab yeh sab bas karo. Mujhsay aur raha nahin ja sakta, bus asly kam shuru karo”.

Then i said “bus toda intezar kijiye ek aakri kam bakhi hai”. She said “kya hai”. I made her close her eyes & started licking her pussy by parting the lips of her pussy. She said, “wah! Aur ander karo, mujhay yah bahut pasand aaya”. I incer my complete tounge in her pussy & fucked her with my toungue. She was moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, uuuuuummmmmm, hhhhhaaaannnn, aur ander raju aur”. I drank all the juice that came out of her pussy. It was very tasty. Then i made her sleep took the condom & when i was wearing it she said ” mujhay bagair condom kay chodo. Kyonke mujhay tumhara beta chahiye” & i agreed. I slowly entered my rock hard tool in her pussy & fucked her slowly. Then i increased speed & she was moaning out of pain aaaahhhhhhhh, uuuuuuummmm, oooooooffffffffffff, aur zoor say hhhhhhhaaaaaannnnn, after 15 min. My cum entered her pussy. But, she is not satisfied she made me fuck her till 3′o clock. Then we both went to bathroom & had our bath together & she made me fuck her even there.

Then we went to hotel had our meals & returned home. It was paining me a lot still. I went home & slept. After some time i found someone taking off my clothes. It was bhabhi again. I said her “mujhay rest lene do ham phir kal karangay”. She said ” tum aaram karo aur mughay apna kam karnay do”. She undid her clothes & mine too & started fucking me really harder than me. I did not stop her as she didn’t have sex from 3 years.

She did it till 7:30 & then went home as her husband would return by 8:30. This incident happened on 18 feb, 2007 & now she is pregnent of 6 months. She took promise from me that i should fuck her when ever hse asks & i agreed for that. I fucked more than 12 times & she very happy with me. She once said “mere pathi tum hi ho aur main ek din apne pati se say talakh le kar tumhari keep ban kar rahoongi”. Oh! Sorry friends i forgot to tell u her name. Her name is Sneha.

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